Feb 29, 2020
The Killing
Posted by Robert Muchamore

CHERUB agents are all seventeen and under They wear skate tees and hemp, and look like regular kids But they re not They are trained professionals who are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists and international drug dealers CHERUB agents hack into computers, bug entire houses, and download crucial documents It is a highly dangerous job For their safety, these ageCHERUB agents are all seventeen and under They wear skate tees and hemp, and look like regular kids But they re not They are trained professionals who are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists and international drug dealers CHERUB agents hack into computers, bug entire houses, and download crucial documents It is a highly dangerous job For their safety, these agents DO NOT EXIST.Leona is a small time crook with big money When the cops call in CHERUB, James s mission looks entirely routine make nice with Leon s kids, dig up some leads, and infiltrate his home But when James suddenly unravels a much larger plot, the mission becomes anything but ordinary Unfortunately, the only person who might know the truth is a reclusive eighteen year old boy who happens to have died than a year ago.

  • Title: The Killing
  • Author: Robert Muchamore
  • ISBN: 9781416924593
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Killing CHERUB agents are all seventeen and under They wear skate tees and hemp and look like regular kids But they re not They are trained professionals who are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists and

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    Always Reading

    Irgendwie bin ich ja ein bisschen entt uscht von Top Secret 04 der Auftrag In meinen Augen ist das der bisher schw chste Teil der Reihe Die Mission war jetzt nicht so der Knaller und irgendwo auch ein St ck weit vorhersehbar und die Charaktere scheinen nicht vom Fleck zu kommen.Ich wei , dass es sich um Kinder handelt aber ein bisschen Charakterentwicklung darf man ja trotzdem erwarten Vor allem Protagonist James dreht sich endlos im Kreis was seine Fehler und Bestrafungen angeht.Und Fehler bege [...]

    Llama"s rule (not Aaron Francis)

    This book was one of the best cherub books First of all I read this book in 2 days which meant I was totally addicted to it James Adams is sent in the find enough information to bust some criminals in a robbery However everything turns out wrong The police are the bad guys and the criminals are also bad The only person who might know of the robbery is a 18 year boy called Will The only problem is that Will had accidentally fell of a roof top and died around a year before the mission However what [...]


    It was hard for me to stay concentrated while reading this book Nothing memorable happenedOnce again I m annoyed by Kerry, she s the most annoying character, hopefully James will get his shit together and dump her for good soon I was hoping for something else, the mission wasn t that interesting, and it was mostly dealt by Dave or John and Millie, and then later by Lauren and Kerry, these last two weren t needed at all in my opinion annoying little brats


    I think that this book isn t as good as the other ones from the Cherub series On this one, there is much less actions then on the other ones And James the main character of the book has lost all of his friends because of his temper This time, the mission involves only him and a seventeen years old which is probably worried about his attractiveness then the mission But when the mission which is ranked Low Risk comes to a murder, the cherubs decide it s time to send backup


    not bad, but didn t produce the sort of adrenaline rush I got form reading maximum security and the nausea of reading about girls from a stereotypical guys p.o.v further killed the enjoyment factor.


    I like this book because it s got tension in it

    Mark Bluett

    Very entertaining and interesting learning how they managed to catch the criminals but not as exciting or as action packed as the first couple of books

    Ethan Cagney

    The Killing definitely was one of my favourite Cherub novels so far Right from the get go I was into it The story was exciting, fast paced and intense Like many of the other Cherub novels, it didn t fail to disappoint Sorry this review is so short but I truly don t have much to say about this novel It was probably my favourite out of the first 4 with the possible exception of Class A.

    Adam Towers

    I decided to read The Killing by Robert Mucha because I read the three books in the series before this one and they were great My friend said the whole series was awesome so I thought I better read this book This book fills in the category on the wide reading bingo board YOUR OWN CHOICE I love this category because it is super easy Also it is something that I will actually like to read Although it doesn t show much wide reading.My favourite character is James main character He is an orphan He no [...]

    Catherine Muldoon

    I must have enjoyed this book as this was finished within three days While I was reading the hours seem to pass very quickly and I was ready whole chunks and chapters and not feeling slightly tired I was very hooked on the whole storyline and I could not put the book down.I felt very involved within this book, further it made me question so much about the death and the robbery showing how it meets up to its genre Moreover, the author has yet again wrote another amazing piece of literature.This [...]

    Logan Barnett

    1 I decided to read this book because I started reading the other books in the CHERUB series over the 2013 Christmas holidays and got this book over the school holidays this year I also read it because it falls under the Three Written Responses column 2 I really liked the setting in this book at the bottom of the stairs near James s apartment block I liked it because this is where Will fell to his death a year earlier It is also where they get some evidence to jail some of the crooks 3 I really [...]

    Abdullah Faisal Chaudhry

    Two boys called Dave and James are sent on a mission, from the child division of the MI5 called Cherub They are sent off to some place in London, England called Palm Hill They meet an illegal car dealer called Leon Tarasov, who happens to be one of the most wanted men in England He is also suspected to be linked to a killing which happened a year ago about a boy called Will Wanting to find out info about what actually happened they get real close with his kids and try to fit into their family B [...]


    Okay I really like this books.I got to say that I envy this children a bit not the the whole orphan thing of course butI love CHERUB The campus is amazing and I love all the stuff that they learn there Self defense, fighting, and the training it must be hard but it sso awesome I wish I could learn to do all of those badass things.The parts in these books that I love the most is not the missions and all those adventures The apart thatI really love is when they are at the CHERUB Campus.I loved the [...]

    Nels Paulson

    Excellent series Take the time frame that Harry Potter books write in he ages from 12 18 over the series and instead of a world of Fantasy make it a world of Spy craft This Basically is children being James Bond or Jason Borne and based on each book everything seems fairly realistic The one thing I appreciated over the entirety of the series is the fact that the characters actually grow and deal with puberty It adds a layer that makes the series teen appropriate than the Harry potter series, bu [...]

    Astrid 1998

    Very, very good.I think it s the best Cherub story yet Keeps you on your toes, never sure what s coming next The ending really surprises you, especially Michael Patel being a bent cop and the way John Jones gets them to admit to their robbery is fantastic Just a simple sting operation And Patricia s car mysteriously returns to full working order and is in one piece, no cut and shut jobs for her


    James who is a agent wanted to win his intense training exercise with his team But he was going against one of the the best agents in his age group So he devised a strategy to win and not get a punishment for losing Then his planned backfired on him and his team almost got demolished Cherub is about courage, strength , and determination.I only read 90 pages

    Jack O"Reilly

    Fantastic, makes you want to read it again and again, and definitely realistic James Adams, at a rock bottom point in his life, goes on his fourth mission to uncover a small time crook for stealing lots of money After reading these books, you want to be a part of it, and that s when you know that the author has done it right.


    i thought that this book was good and that the series just get better and better, and i would really recommend it to all the teenage readers out there because this series is one not to miss Not only does it take you through it but it makes you want the series to be real A really great book.


    I really enjoyed reading this novel because of the action and suspense that Mucha created, it was a real page turner and left me wanting to read If you are a teenage boy, you will love this book


    Really good book but Dana was just plain old wierd


    M m cherubovsk kn ky r da 3

    Amos Lamb

    Hannah sensed something was wrong too She turned sharply, catching a fast moving object out of the corner of her eye a second before it smashed into the ground it hit the staircase in the exact spot where she d been sitting a minute earlier 5 10The Killingis a definite change of style for Robert Mucha when looking at the other three books in the Cherub series so far The previous books have had fairly standard plots James stops a terrorist group, James takes down a drug dealer, James breaks out o [...]

    Briennai Jackson

    James is in trouble When his girlfriend Kerry broke up with him, he took his anger out on a little 11 year old kid He didn t know that this kid had been going through a hard time in his life, but all the others in the complex knew and shunned him for his actions For a few weeks he is forced to do menial chores around the complex and stay home from vacation Now, he is finally able to take on a mission A man named Leon used to be a small time crook, but now he is making money than he had before a [...]

    Will S.

    The Killing, is an action and adventure novel by Robert Mucha, which tells the story about a small time crook named Leon Tarasov who starts spending big bucks and the cops start wondering where it came from CHERUB agents James and Dave have to become friends with Leon s kids to infiltrate his home and learn about the corrupt man who could have possible ties to a few of the biggest bank robberies in the city The two run into multiple situations where they must use their combat and detective skil [...]


    I really enjoyed reading this book and it made me want to continue reading the series I could understand everything that was going on even though I missed out one of the books in the series and I liked how the story line kept changing and developing throughout the book so you couldnt really know what was going to happen I also liked how there were lots of different charcters intoduced as the book went on, which kept it very interesting However, I did prefer the second book in the series, as I fo [...]

    Dirk Schut

    By far the best book in the series so far I m looking forward to seeing if the amazing work Robert Mucha has done in this book continues in book 5.What I enjoyed the most was the realistic way the relationship of young teens was presented as compared to the previous couple of books where the actions of the characters was on one hand much too mature for their age and on the other they acted like five year olds

    Rory Blakeley

    This book is a must read for people who love non stop action and loads of suspense I started the series a couple of weeks ago and couldn t stop reading it James Adams, the main character is a great and hilarious character but can be stubborn at times The killing is so suspenseful and the action comes straight around the corner I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did because I think it is a must read


    Good read But employing secret service to investigate a small time crook is a bit too much Other than that every thing is as it should be Special mention to treating the protagonist as a human being, not some special case If someone fucks up then they should be Punished Getting ostracized for bullying seems fair Loved it.

    Eloise Boyson

    This book was really good It s about a secret intelligence organisation that recruits kids This is the fourth book of the series It has some unexpected twists and darkish themes but is also funny and interesting A really good and gripping book.

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