May 29, 2020
Blood Bonds
Posted by Adrienne Wilder

Living with Humans is never easy They don t do scent exchange, they don t lick palms, and they have this thing called personal space.As the first and only Kin Agent for the Center of Folk and Kin Relations, Haley Night s job is to help keep the public safe by helping keep the peace But after an interview with serial man eater Niles Fury goes terribly wrong, Haley findsLiving with Humans is never easy They don t do scent exchange, they don t lick palms, and they have this thing called personal space.As the first and only Kin Agent for the Center of Folk and Kin Relations, Haley Night s job is to help keep the public safe by helping keep the peace But after an interview with serial man eater Niles Fury goes terribly wrong, Haley finds herself face to face with a plot to destroy her species genocide.With the help from her best friend and partner Farley, she sets off on a race against time to stop a madman s plot to destroy Kin It s a journey that will put to the test everything she thought she knew Kin have no God, survive at all costs, and love is only a Human emotion.Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia City of Dragons

  • Title: Blood Bonds
  • Author: Adrienne Wilder
  • ISBN: 9781595787521
  • Page: 485
  • Format: ebook
  • Blood Bonds Official Hunt Showdown Wiki The Blood Bond Blood Bond Definition of Blood Bond by Merriam Webster Blood bond definition is the familial bond of common descent or of a similarly close relationship established by adoption or other ceremony. Blood Bonds Arrowverse Wiki Fandom Urban Dictionary Blood Bond A blood bond is when two people each make a small cut on their body, typically the hand or finger, and touch the cuts This makes them blood bound The scar it leaves is a reminder of their friendship.

    Blood Bonds Living with Humans is never easy They don t do scent exchange they don t lick palms and they have this thing called personal space As the first and only Kin Agent for the Center of Folk and Kin Rela


    BRILLIANTLY AND CREATIVELY WRITTEN What an amazing draconian world Adrienne Wilder has created The overpowering action scenes will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat with intense excitement This story is not your average dragon tale full of fun filling fantasy No however, it s a tale between the dragons and the humans force of survival of the viciousness and cruel inhumane side that these two dangerous species create towards each other as they struggle to coexist in today s world. [...]


    Violent cruel heartless shocking inhuman that s how I can describe the dragons in this world and that s why I love all of them so muchIn my view, 5 motives to give my full vote to this book1 The plot is amazingIn a world were humans and dragons coexist nothing can be easy and isn t.Kin are feral creatures They don t follow human aka Chetrah in their slang laws, they are dragons Proud of their heritage and wild nature no Kin, aka a full blood dragon, can be be bent can be normal be close to a hum [...]

    Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead

    I finally finished this book this morning I realized I was so close to the end that it would only take me an hour to finish If you read any of my updates I know, you all just sit around eagerly waiting my updatesNOT , you know I stopped and started this book over and over again This would seem to be a bad thing However, it wasn t I just was in a book funk this past week and books with intense world building, didn t hold my interest.And this book has very intense world building It has a glossary [...]


    I love dragons I love reading about them, watching movies, the works Obviously, I have a preconceived notion and expectations of what a dragon story will contain Having just finished another story by this very author, loving every minute of it might I add, I see there is a dragon series in the author s library Of course, I just had to read it Andl my preconceived notions have been tossed out the window because Blood Bonds is unlike any other dragon story I have read before Consider my mind compl [...]


    I had a hard time giving this only 4 stars This book was far better than I expected it to be The things I loved 1 World building was excellent in my opinion Wilder doesn t give you infodump after infodump and you just learn things along the way and this is the way I prefer it 2 Her Dragons are different interesting horrific, sexual and man eating 3 In this universe the Female Dragonsor Kin are the dominant That in itself is unusual to run across unless you re looking at specific erotica categori [...]


    There s a review on GR somewhere that said this book felt like it s about aliens than dragons, and that s exactly how I felt There s a lot of violence and gore flesh eating hatchling dragons, gang rape of M M, rough bleeding type of sexd here I thought I was reading a stock standard PNR The world building is quite heavy, it s set in an alternate world where dragons mix with the human race although they take human form Their behaviour is very reptilian, alien like not that I know how aliens are [...]


    Fantastic book Many original concepts, I love the world building The characters are complex and fascinating I really loved this book And the second one was even better The way the dragons are written is unlike any other book I ve read, which was a big draw for me as far as tis author goes.


    An absolutely fantastic book I rewarded myself 25 pages each time I finished a chore It made me want to get the housework done YES it is THAT good Can t wait to read from this author.

    Vanessa theJeepDiva

    This book both shocked and amazed me I LOVE the world that Wilder created for her Kin dragons This book is so different and so unique in everything that you are left craving of this complex world and all of its characters This book will suck any reader in from page 1 and leave you wanting at the words the end This book has some very graphic feeding scenes, erotically hot sex, mild male on male sexual moments and dragon tearing apart another dragon in some intense fighting The draconian culture [...]


    3.5 starsBlood Bonds focuses on Kin, or dragons Kin take a human form and must be fed regularly, in both a literal and metaphysical way Food and sex have blurry lines in this world Haley Night is a Kin that has been raised by humans and had impressed many human traits She doesn t feel 100 percent comfortable around Kin, yet she s not human, either She works for a government agency and is an agent who questions non human subjects Farley is another Kin that works with her as an informant He was no [...]


    This is Adrienne Wilder s first novel, and it will knock you out of your chair It s dark urban fantasy heavy on the dark with a generous serving of erotic on the side She makes it completely believable that there s a hidden part of Atlanta where dragons or Kin walk around in human form but without the personal and social boundaries of your average human The main character, Haley Night, is one of those Kin, and as an agent in the Center for Kin and Folk Relations she has her work cut out for her [...]


    The author of this book has a true gift for taking you into the world she s created and drawing you into it While it can be a frightening and unpredictable world at times, you won t want to leave it This world is just like the one we live in with one catch Major cities across the United States and hopefully across the world in the books to come have areas in them that have dens which house a dragon queen and her hatchery located in the seedy underbelly of the dens The star of the show is Haley, [...]


    I heard so many awesome reviews about this book and how different interesting it was, and it was different and interesting Yet I didnt really enjoy it, there was something missing for me, but I cant for the life of me say what it is I dont think I really identified with the main character much, she annoyed me, she was so naive and I kept waiting for her to do something epic and stop being a victim and the switching perspectives annoyed me too I dont think I actually liked any of the characters e [...]


    This book was surprisingly good I was a little sketchy about it, but I am super glad I read it Haley is a dragon, and it s one of those I m going to be super powerful and everyone fears me book, kinda Haley is soo outrageously normal She cries, she makes bad decisions, the whole bunch Now one thing to consider is that the dragons are relatively free with their bodies, this isn t a romance book, touch is extraordinarily important to them, you do the math I was really glad I read it, and plan to r [...]


    This book never disappointed me It held me and kept me wanting Kin are introduced and the action begins This author, Adrienne Wilder, has tricks up her sleeve than I ve seen in a long time, and thank goodness she has only just begun her career in this genre, though it seems she is a seasoned veteran I can t wait for books from her and will anxiously wait for what her nimble mind brings us.


    Amazing world building, but the characters and story just didn t grab me like the author s other books have I still plan to read book 2 in the series.

    Danielle Thomas

    Really good book Fantasy Great plot, characters, emotion Hot sex Excellent read.


    This is a whole new take on Dragons and I thought it was perfect Most of the dragonkin books I ve read the dragons seem domesticated but short tempered Adrienne Wilder takes a whole different spin on them though that was extremely interesting The dragons don t act, look or behave like humans Their way of greeting is by licking palms Since there are very few Females every Male that Haley comes across waits for permission to touch her and when it is granted they lick her palm and always try to kee [...]


    This book was mildly entertaining but I just didn t find it realistic enough There was too much woo woo magic crap used to explain everything Don t get me wrong, I like woo woo magic crap but only if it has boundaries, limitations and consequences In this book, the boundaries seemed to bounce all over the place and the reasons behind personal power dominance was a little wishy washy What made one Male stronger than another I have no idea I know age played a factor but not always For example, Far [...]

    Renee Rearden

    Dragons have always fallen into the fantasy realm for me, and I don t usually read straight fantasy books the whole sorcerers, wizards and magic rules are too restrictive for me So, I rarely choose a book with dragons.I am soooo glad I picked up Blood bonds I fell in love with Ms Wilder s voice I will read every paranormal book she writes and the characters she creates.Haley is a strong heroine Though she is a dragon, she was raised by a human woman By imprinting bonding with a human, Haley has [...]

    Tess Singh

    I liked it enough to get the second book in the series.Set in a world where dragons have lived among humans for centuries, the world building and dragon or Kin as they are called in the book lore and hierarchy are very well developed It is violent usually dragon on dragon and a fair amount of that being m m , so if they puts you off, give it a miss But I enjoyed the details, the sheer alien ness of Kin culture The main character, Haley Knight is a bit of a dark horse although she is a Kin LOL an [...]


    I am not completely sure how to rate this book I am torn I should start by saying this book is a little out of the norm for me, but I do like trying new things I will also say that the plot was well thought out and VERY interesting The characters were also fleshed out yes, a pun very well They struggled Human and Kin No one was really all good or badexcept the villain I guess I had a hard time being sympathetic towards the Kin are brutal violent sociopathic Also, their social s etiquette are so [...]


    I liked the role reversal in this one The male love interest was as far from an alpha male as he could get, but the romance was a good one, and it gave the heroine room to be the strong one and save the dragon y day.I m about to dive into the sequel There were layout errors in the e copy on my Kindle, so I m hoping those aren t so prevalent in this book.


    I liked the story It was well written and interesting with good characters, though there was only tiny bit of romance On the whole, it was too gory and bloody for my tastes limbs getting torn off everywhere, people being eaten left, right and centerIt is also a good thing there was a glossary at the beginning Keeping track of what all the special words meant was a bit difficult.


    3.5 I liked this book I already bought the next book in the series I like the highly original take on Dragons here these are definitely not warm fuzzy creatures, they are alien, different from humans and scary, very scary.


    In most books the sex is rather gratuitous here at least the author makes an attempt to make the sex not gratuitous, and it s an interesting take on dragons in modern times Good characters, although they can be a little stereotypical.


    3.5 Interesting read Female dominant Dragons MC is not a Mary sue, has her moments but overall not whiney I liked that it seemed to be several stories tied into one typos and missing words needs some editing


    I found this book to be to technical and felt like I was reading a medical book or the equivalent This is a Kindle book that I got for free on I managed to get through 25% of it before giving up City of Dragons just wasn t for me.


    I really enjoyed this book It s quite gritty and the take on dragons is definitely quite different to anything else I have read The book has a lot of steamy sex scenes in it but it s definitely not a romance, so if you are looking for a happily ever after then this probably isn t for you.


    I was disappointed with the story A lot of the writing dealt with the dragon sex but focused on the physiology which was alien than animal Anyway it wasn t interesting for me.

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