Sep 23, 2020
The Travels of A T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade
Posted by Pietra Rivoli

Praise for THE TRAVELS OF A T SHIRT IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Engrossing Rivoli goes wherever the T shirt goes, and there are surprises around every corner full of memorable characters and vivid scenes Time An engaging and illuminating saga Rivoli follows her T shirt along its route, but that is like saying that Melville follows his whale Her nPraise for THE TRAVELS OF A T SHIRT IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Engrossing Rivoli goes wherever the T shirt goes, and there are surprises around every corner full of memorable characters and vivid scenes Time An engaging and illuminating saga Rivoli follows her T shirt along its route, but that is like saying that Melville follows his whale Her nuanced and fair minded approach is all the powerful for eschewing the pretense of ideological absolutism, and her telescopic look through a single industry has all the makings of an economics classic The New York Times Rarely is a business book so well written that one would gladly stay up all night to finish it Pietra Rivoli s The Travels of a T Shirt in the Global Economy is just such a page turner CIO magazine Succeeds admirably T shirts may not have changed the world, but their story is a useful account of how free trade and protectionism certainly have Financial Times A fascinating exploration of the history, economics, and politics of world trade The Travels of a T Shirt in the Global Economy is a thought provoking yarn that exhibits the ugly, the bad, and the good of globalization, and points to the unintended positive consequences of the clash between proponents and opponents of free trade Star Telegram Fort Worth Part travelogue, part history, and part economics, The Travels of a T Shirt in the Global Economy is ALL storytelling, and in the grand style A must read Peter J Dougherty, Senior Economics Editor, Princeton University Press author of Who s Afraid of Adam Smith A readable and evenhanded treatment of the complexities of free trade As Rivoli repeatedly makes clear, there is absolutely nothing free about free trade except the slogan San Francisco Chronicle

  • Title: The Travels of A T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade
  • Author: Pietra Rivoli
  • ISBN: 9780471648499
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Travels of A T Shirt in the Global Economy An Economist Examines the Markets Power and Politics of World Trade Praise for THE TRAVELS OF A T SHIRT IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Engrossing Rivoli goes wherever the T shirt goes and there are surprises around every corner full of memorable characters and vivid scenes Ti


    Very interesting economics study A Georgetown U economics professor attended a protest demonstration and listened to one of her students speak from a bull horn deriding the plight of third world sweat shop workers She asked, Is that true and so she spent the better part of three years researching and documenting her studies Rivoli describes the history and application of cotton agriculture, trade with China and Southeast Asia and the evolution of the global textile industry Finally, we learn abo [...]


    Untuk orang yang sangat awam tentang ekonomi seperti saya, buku ini nyaman dibaca Isi dari buku ini mengupas tentang Ekonomi Global dan perdagangan bebas Metodenya sederhana Bercerita tentang perjalanan hidup T Shirt Latar belakang pencarian kisah hidup T Shirt tersebut diawali oleh kegusaran seorang profesor bisnis, Pietra Rivolli,terhadap celotehan aktifis yang menggugat perdagangan bebas Dari mana dia aktifis tau.Untuk membuktikan ocehan aktifs itu, si Prof pun menggali asal muasal T Shirt hi [...]


    4.5 Surprisingly good, though not surprisingly not much actually about the path of her T shirtIn depth investigation of the history and politics of the industries that touch T shirts cotton production, processing, apparel manufacturing, shipping, recycling She traces the history of each of these industries from their birth to today, then picks apart the current trends driving the industries today Particularly eye opening were the fights over tariffs and import quotas on apparelny parties changed [...]

    Garrett Burnett

    An economist follows the life of her t shirt in painful detail Rivoli starts in the cotton fields of Texas and ends up in Tanzania in the rag and second hand clothing market She spends plenty of time in Asia along the way, specifically China, and shares a somewhat dispassionate assessment of sweat shops Rivoli spends way too much time talking about the textile lobby in the United States Throughout, she presents her analysis in a narrative form, and therefore focuses on specific characters and co [...]


    Very interesting book Highly recommended for those in Textile industry, readers interested in global trade and economics or in general a curious soul like me Things I did not know before reading the book 1 Agriculture subsidies and technological revolutions in the seeds and farming area 2 Textile production Economies of scale in China and US south, social structures deciding workforce, and human rights 3 Voter blocks, lobbyist, politics of quota and relations between countries that drive import [...]


    Freakonomics A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything asks clever questions and explores them in clever ways It s a fun read But if you re going to read just one popularized economics book this year, I recommend The Travels of a T Shirt It breaks the major rule of economics qua science it is an extended anecdote with frequent detours into cultural history and popular biography As my scientist friends like to remind me, and as Rivoli herself is at pains to point out, the plural of [...]


    Pietra Rivoli bought a souvenir T shirt, and then she wrote a book about it Inspired to explore the lowly T shirt by an anti WTO rally, she determined to look at the issues related to cotton farming, to clothing manufacture, and ultimately to the used clothing trade.If there is one message in this book, it is that free trade in the world of cotton is myth With one exception, that is More about that later.First Rivoli traces the story of cotton as a critical commodity The preeminence of the US as [...]


    This is long, carefully researched and well written book about the history, geography, culture, politics and trade in cotton and cotton textiles in particular and trade in general The author gives an excellent overview of how politics, culture and money interact to create complex trade policies in US and around the world Although a cotton T shirt is the last thing you would expect governments and interest groups to fight over, it is surprising to find the number of lives it affects It is fascina [...]

    Cathy (cathepsut)

    There is a prologue and a lengthy prologue to the prologue, before we get into the details of Texas cotton farming and being thoroughly educated on the history of cotton farming in the US That is followed by a very brief chapter about China that focuses on sweatshops, giving the impression that there is nothing else there Then follows an over detailed and way too long chapter on trade policies, quotas and politics At that point I nearly tossed the book, because it was not only painfully boring, [...]


    There has been a lot written recently in blogs and traditional media about the environmental impact of a cotton T Shirt This book is the granddaddy of all of them.In a well written and succinct book, Prof Rivoli tells us about how this most ubiquitous item of western attire is created, used, and disposed of once, twice, and maybe a third time Using both objective facts and personal anecdotes, this book is both educational and enjoyable.Although I read it a little while back and the book itself i [...]

    Alvaro Berrios

    What a superb book Whether you re a free trade supporter, a staunch protectionist, or a fierce labor activist you need to read this book This is hands down the most unbiased book I have ever read from the perspective that all sides of the debate are tdiscussed or addressed And whatever your beliefs are, I guarantee that you will find something in this book that will cause you to stop, and possibly re think or tweak some of your own ideals The book is well written, immensely informative and treme [...]


    A textbook example of what Mark Fisher calls capitalist realism Rivoli begins by presenting herself as post ideological she claims the book was motivated by her observation of an anti sweat shop protest at her university Readers are supposed to think Rivoli had no opinions about globalisation or economics before her ostensibly objective investigation into the students concerns She pretends her inquiry was formative, not a pre baked reaffirmation of neoliberal, Uncle Sam economics it s just a coi [...]


    This book had so much promise I found the idea of tracing the history of a particular t shirt from source to end product compelling and I m not usually one to be that interested in economics There was a lot here to consider the complex interplay between politics and capitalism, the pros and cons of globalisation etc.Unfortunately, Rivoli spends a lot of time focusing on the US That s not to say that this isn t valid or interesting in and of itself, but it means that the sections which deal with [...]


    This book shows you a bit of the lives of several people along the supply chain and trade routes of T shirts, including American cotton farmers, Chinese factory girls, trade lobby etc This is the main contribution of the book and probably also what makes it appealing to many people However, I found many of the points made quite obvious American cotton farmers compete based on technology, machinery and generous subsidies, Chinese textile manufacturers on low wagesAnother weakness of the book is i [...]

    Bibhu Ashish

    It was wonderful to read the book and get so much insight into how the global trade works Though the book is all about the cotton and apparel industry, it can be applicable to any industry in this world of globalization It throws a lot of light on how politics affect the global trade Another interesting aspect which the book dealt with so nicely was that it is not the globalization which hampers the local economies, but it is the political reaction, political response and political involvement i [...]


    An engaging read and a good book even if you only have a layman s understanding of economics Very interesting to hear about the people she met along the way while researching.I disagree with some of the author s conclusions in the last section but there was a lot of good information in here to consider She believes that the path to world peace is the free market, and believes that it empowers everyone it comes in contact with I m unsure that she s in an unbiased position to make such broad state [...]


    I think this book should be required reading for schools from HS and up Many, many people only repeat the propaganda put out by activist groups ie anti trade without any real knowlege of what they are saying This book would help to clear up their incorrect thought processes and open their eyes to at least some as to what is really happening in the big picture of trade I learned so much from this book even having a financial background I told my friend it was like taking a college class without s [...]


    There was a horrifying moment when I was reading this book about economics and politics and boll weevils where I found myself laughing out loud Who am I.I did actually enjoy reading this book, even though the economic and political topics are not always my favorite But I m reading this for a sociology course and the class discussions definitely elevate the book And the voice of the author was compelling and engaging enough to keep me turning the pages without falling asleep and make me laugh, wh [...]

    Brian Keller

    An even handed look at globalization My views on protectionism and off shoring were, to say the least, uninformed prior to reading this book Now, through the lens of this industry, I can see of the complexity of interaction between the workers, the government regulation, business, and the customers I highly recommend this book to everyone The only weakness is also the book s strength, that is, the author s coverage of the topic is so thorough that it becomes tedious in spots.


    Thought it d give insight into the economics of globalism, but ended up with knowledge about cotton production than I ever really cared to know about.


    This book was painfully boring The only reason I read it was because I had an economics book report There were other choices but all the copies of Superfreakonomics the book that all my classmates wanted to read were taken at the library and I wasn t going to buy a book I knew I wouldn t be interested in I don t have enough money to buy books I will only read once I thought T shirts would be okay Why not learn about sweatshops It s a sad yet interesting topic I got anything but that The author s [...]

    Hadley Hurst

    This book is eye opening as to the breadth and quantity of resources that go into the production of a simple good a T shirt It s academic but readable to general audiences For those who have studied globalization, it may not bring new insights.I read this book years ago during my first year as an undergraduate It was a bit dry and hard to get through at points for a student who had limited understanding of macroeconomics or applied economics at the time However, this book, along with a great men [...]

    Vedrana Kopić

    Other governments enviously looking on have takennote of this fact Indian officials like to observe that their Chinesecounterparts don t have to worry about voters We haveto do many things that are politically popular but are foolish, said a senior member of the Indian government Theydepress our long term economic potential But politiciansneed votes in the short term China can take the long view.And while it doesn t do everything right, it makes manydecisions that are smart and far sighted This [...]


    A little too academic even for me in terms of the amount of detail in some places, but overall I learned a great deal from this book and it made me horrified and happy It takes the reader all the way from the cotton farmers in Texas embroiled in a complicated mix of inter relationships to serve to the sweat shops of China and the hukou practice that makes low wage labor possible to the free markets of Africa were the customer is truly king Nothing as straight forward as it may seem Really a fasc [...]


    This read like a dense textbook on history and globalization than the tale of the t shirt that I was expecting, but it was still a good read I had to skip chapters in the end to get through it, but learned a ton Recommend to those who are interested in labor rights, globalization, and international trade Not much in it on manufacturing though, which I had been hoping for.

    Max Billick

    I found this to be a mostly very interesting book, however I believe that the author spent too much time explaining the US politics of international trade a topic that has changed so much since 2005 in an especially tedious manner My recommendation is to by all means, read this book But skip the part on domestic US politics.

    Karen Leith

    Well written and researched Author is very readable and helps with awareness of the complexity of products and the role of politics in the marketplace Great background for discussions of trade agreements and policy.

    Laura Beth

    Assigned reading for a global markets class as part of my MBA program For assigned reading, not too bad The visual of a t shirt helps bring together all of the moving pieces of a global market Drives home how much politics and policies drive the way things happen.


    Agak lucu juga nemu buku ini Sekitar sebulan lalu aku dapat kaos oleh oleh dari bos di kantor yang baru pulang dari Belgia Seumur hidup sampai sekarang, baru kali ini aku dapat kaos dengan logo fair trade di belakangnya Ada logo Max Havelaar dan keterangan bahwa kaos itu diproduksi dengan menerapkan prinsip prinsip fair trade.Menurut organisasi fair trade sedunia International Federation of Alternative Trade IFAT , fair trade adalah perdagangan yang berdasarkan pada dialog, keterbukaan dan salin [...]


    By delving into the past of a single artifact a t shirt , digging deeper and deeper into its origin, this magnificent book forces all those facile judgements, explanations, and proscriptions that we have as liberals conservatives, socialist Democrats Republicans libertarians, rich poor, etc to just melt away in the face of such a complete picture of our world All my ideological conventional wisdom is not so much debunked as shown to be hopelessly inadequate given the intricate reality.I would re [...]

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