Feb 29, 2020
Charles Spurgeon : Une biographie
Posted by Arnold A. Dallimore

This book will meet the need of those completely ignorant of Spurgeon and his vast achievements, but will stir also the interest of all who value his unique ministry.

  • Title: Charles Spurgeon : Une biographie
  • Author: Arnold A. Dallimore
  • ISBN: 9782906287075
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charles Spurgeon Une biographie This book will meet the need of those completely ignorant of Spurgeon and his vast achievements but will stir also the interest of all who value his unique ministry

    Philip Mcduffie

    Dr Stevenson was the president of the Weslyeyan Conference during the days of Spurgeon He was allowed to privilege do be one of the speakers at Spurgeon s funeral As he gazed at the coffin that the body of the great Charles Haddon Spurgeon rested in he said, I venture to suggest to you in reference to our dear friend who has gonehe rendered a great service to his age, and to the coming age also, in that he upheld during so long a time the majesty of preaching Men say that preaching is played out [...]

    Brantley Rutz

    Incredible account of the life of Charles Spurgeon I cannot wait to read it again.


    Forgotten by the literati but not by Christians around the world, CH Spurgeon was the Billy Graham of Victorian England It saddens me when I realize the utter disregard paid the man by historians and literary critics I recently bought the Viking Victorian Reader and Spurgeon is nowhere to be found in that book Yet during his lifetime, his sermons were carried in many of the major daily newspapers throughout the English speaking world, and his books and pamphlets sold in the hundreds of thousands [...]

    Megan Zaubi

    Unlike any other biography I ve ever read I couldn t put it down Dalli writes in the very beginning that, although a plethora of biographies sprang into existence after the death of the famous preacher C.H Spurgeon, he thought they lacked certain aspects so he wrote his own He than makes up for what the others lack, especially considering that it reads like fiction, it s that entertaining.He uses first and secondhand accounts to weave together an image of Spurgeon s life that is complete and co [...]

    Alex Hannis

    Excellent book Spurgeon is rightly known as the Prince of Preachers, and indeed he was However, this book deals in depth with his everyday life and the functions of his church, The Metropolitan Tabernacle Dalli shows that Spurgeon was much than a preacher he was deeply pastoral as well I didn t think I could respect or appreciate Charles Spurgeon any , but this book proved me wrong I m sure there are longer and detailed accounts of his life and ministry, but this book does a great job for it [...]


    Basically, if Spurgeon was half as righteous or humble as Dalli made him out to be, he would burn this book All glory was given to Spurgeon and to his skill and impressive charisma was accredited every salvation under his time in the pulpit Dalli was clearly star struck and enad by this man and wrote with an ardent bias I felt that God was robbed of glory and honour and that Spurgeon, were he alive, would nod in agreement.


    Dalli Arnold Spurgeon A New Biography G 247pgs A great bio of spurgeon Easy to read and always exciting Spurgeon was used mightily by God and is an encouragement to many Christians today Is my favorite bio to date

    Scott Guillory

    Absolutely wonderful look at the life of this precious saint How he glorified God with his life and ministry This bio is a great introduction for those who know little or nothing about Spurgeon.

    Douglas Wilson



    Awesome biography of the prince of preachers.


    You d be hard pressed to find a inspiring bio Excellent read.

    Cedar Lea

    At first, I found Spurgeon a little hard to relate to He seemed like such an extraordinary person from the time he was a young child until he entered the ministry at age 17 and was able to follow God in an exceptional way It was amazing, though, to read the immense impact his ministry had on London and regions beyond It wasn t until closer to the end of the book that I started enjoying the book It explained of what some of Spurgeon s flaws were, his health struggles, and the criticism he recei [...]

    Gebriell Sierra

    I listened to this on audio Christian biography is one of the most soul stirring genres, and Spurgeon is a good man to mark out and follow in his example I feel acquainted with the man Spurgeon now through Arnold dalli, and am grateful I had the opportunity to listen to this book.

    Brandon Johnston

    My favorite biography on the life of C.H Spurgeon.


    Very good biography on the Prince of Preachers Not as thorough as some of the other Spurgeon biographies there are quite a few but it tells you of a man who truly lived for Christ The story of his ministries and his whole hearted following of Jesus also raises some conviction, because lets face it, very few live that way these days Thats something the best Christian biographies do, make you face yourself, and its something so few pastors and ministers do nowadays People are concerned with the b [...]

    Cody Cunningham

    Excellent I ve always been aware of how gifted Spurgeon was, but I was struck by his intense humility Makes me want to read everything Spurgeon wrote.

    Doug Payne

    A vey good and short biography.


    Short biography on the Prince of Preachers Dalli is familiar with his subject He discussed Spurgeon from his early spirituality to his final years riddled with gout and stress One will be challenged simply by the spiritual gifts God gave Charles Spurgeon The man could preach Spurgeon is certainly the greatest preacher in England in the 19th century and commanded crowds as large as the likes of Whitefield and D.L Moody He was a sought after speak the world over Dalli does justice to Spurgeon with [...]

    Nathan Moore

    Dalli s New Biography is a fast paced easy read It has a satisfying but non exciting flavor to it I am quite glad that I have started with this book It seemed like the 2 vol autobiography which I will certainly move onto next was too much of a commitment for a first biography and Ian Murray s Forgotten Spurgeon was too specific So Dalli s work certainly has a place among the many biographies of the Prince of Preachers I appreciated the even survey of the book He doesn t drill down too much into [...]

    David Shelton

    My wife and I read this aloud together I had read it before but for her it was a first time It s a little slow as a read aloud, but otherwise the book itself is incredible It paints an amazing picture of one of the greatest preachers of all time, describing his life and ministry While no one can question that Spurgeon was an amazing preacher, the book does a good job of doing deeper into this life and character, how he lived out the Gospel that he preached At the beginning of each chapter is a l [...]


    Arnold Dalli wrote this book as a concise narrative of Spurgeon s life It was intended largely for those who know little about Charles Spurgeon After reading the book, I can see how the life of such a busy, fruitful man would demand a much longer work for a full treatment That is not to say I am disappointed in this book This book delivers exactly what its author intends.Dalli writes well and this book is an enjoyable, easy read I thought the chapter on the controversy between Spurgeon and the B [...]

    Richie Valdes

    There s a huge number of biographies of Spurgeon out there and trying to decide on one is next to impossible This one by Dalli and the Banner of Truth is a great, short look at his life He researched from all of the multivolume biographies of him and references them well so you get a good feel for what they are saying without having to read 6 volumes What I thought I didn t like about how this book was written until I finished it, was that it wasn t written in quite the narrative form It jumped [...]


    Top three best books I have ever read in my life Great content and well chosen Charles H Spurgeon had unimaginable ministries and the author chose wisely on which ones to write about The author told the story of the man behind the cross , and this simply shows the power and the faithfulness of Christ when He said whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do and greater works than these will he do John 14 12 Charles Spurgeon indeed hide behind the cross, and for sure did great things [...]


    I am quickly becoming and of a fan of biographies and this was one of the recent ones that I read Charles H Spurgeon is one of the giants of the faith And this biography does a great job of giving a general view of his life and beliefs It starts from his early days where faith was on the grasp of grabbing hold of his heart and takes the reader through many years of faithfulness preaching the gospel to the masses And when I say masses, I mean tons of people crammed into tiny rooms just to hear [...]

    Beau Stanley

    Dalli s biography provides a good window into the ministry of this fascinating, gifted, and extremely busy man, and also provides some insight into Spurgeon s personality I found myself awed by the talent God bestowed on the prince of preachers, but wondered what his ministry would have looked like if he had been in better physical health.If you re looking for a portrayal of Spurgeon s weaknesses, this is not the biography to look at Dalli seems to fall victim to the innate tendency of biographe [...]


    Shamefully I knew nothing of Spurgeons life before reading this book I knew of his doctrine and a number of other small facts about him I wanted to learn about the man they call The Prince of Preachers , but I didn t want to read the multiple volumes of other biographies available After reading this biography, I am totally blown away What an amazing man and life I can only aspire to have a life which is merely one hundredth of who Spurgeon was.I highly recommend this book Learning of the life o [...]


    What a life Spurgeon had, he left an incredible impact on his community and the Christian world.I m curious about Charles theology and the affects it had on the church and evangelism I m guessing that many Christians nowadays would disagree with him on many of his Biblical understandings Interesting eh But he stood his ground and that s why I appreciate him so much Its interesting that his church mostly fell apart after his passing What exactly is God up to Its not what most religious people bl [...]

    Corey Hampton

    I loved this book I didn t finish the book with the attitude of, Spurgeon was such a great man Instead, I thought, God is so good I laughed, cried, and had my heart set on fire as I read through the story of C.H Spurgeon It was truly an encouraging read I had my wife read it as soon as I finished My biggest take homes are 1 God truly responds to prayer and 2 evangelism should be at the heart of my life and ministry.

    Rob Sumrall

    Arnold Dalli gives an excellent survey of the life of Charles H Spurgeon The Prince of Preachers was a giant figure in Christianity in the 1800s Dalli gives a great survey of his theology, insight into his methodology, and challenges the reader with the passion that drove Spurgeon to accomplish so much for the Kingdom of God At 240 pages, this is an easy read and will be encouraging to anyone interested in accomplishing much for the Lord Jesus Christ.


    I knew Spurgeon as the highly quotable London preacher, but was highly ignorant as to his life story This was a biography that I couldn t put down From his conversion experience, to his early ministry, to the expansive ministries undertaken, to his health struggles, Dalli captures the complete account of Spurgeon s life Truly a man of God and a faithful servant, this book is sure to be an inspiration to all who read it.

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