Sep 29, 2020
Daredevil / Echo: Vision Quest
Posted by David W. Mack

Maya Lopez, dubbed Echo by the press, is a young deaf woman capable of replicating any action she sees including an individual s fighting style She once nearly took down Daredevil, believing him to be the one who killed her father After learning that it was actually Wilson Fisk, her legal guardian, who was responsible, she shot him and left New York in an attempt to disMaya Lopez, dubbed Echo by the press, is a young deaf woman capable of replicating any action she sees including an individual s fighting style She once nearly took down Daredevil, believing him to be the one who killed her father After learning that it was actually Wilson Fisk, her legal guardian, who was responsible, she shot him and left New York in an attempt to discover herself Now, with her perceptions completely altered, can she make sense of the world Echo embarks on a Native American vision quest to pick up the pieces of her shattered life Written and illustrated by acclaimed Kabuki creator David Mack Combining innovative storytelling, painting techniques and page design, Mack has won nearly every major comic industry award, including the prestigious Eisner Award for Best Painter, and garnered praise from such luminaries as Jim Steranko and The Washington Times COLLECTING Daredevil 51 55

  • Title: Daredevil / Echo: Vision Quest
  • Author: David W. Mack
  • ISBN: 9780785145219
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Daredevil Echo Vision Quest Maya Lopez dubbed Echo by the press is a young deaf woman capable of replicating any action she sees including an individual s fighting style She once nearly took down Daredevil believing him to be

    Kayıp Rıhtım

    Daredevil 5 mgelem, her ne kadar 5 cilt olsa da tek ba na rahatl kla okunacak ve bence mutlaka okunmas gereken bir izgi roman Hatta size bir ey diyeyim mi, bu tek ba na bir izgi roman de il Bu bir psikanaliz O, daha nce g rmedi iniz bir g rsel tasar ve d nsel yolculuk harikas.Bu cildin hem lkemizde, hem de d nyada evet, d nyada da k y da k ede kalmas n n asl nda pek de pop ler olmayan bir karakteri ba karakter olarak almas Yani Echo yu K r Daredevil n sa r eski k z arkada olan, yar Amerikal yar [...]


    In a story break from DD s intense personal problems, the deaf mimic Echo first seen in Mack s Parts of a Hole returns to see about rekindling things with Matt, who tells her he s now involved with Milla Confused and aimless, Echo returns to the reservation of her father, setting out on a vision quest to find her place in the world Wolverine guest stars as Echo s spirit animal who also struggles with his inner nature.Mack s continued character study of Echo aka Maya Lopez is extremely personal a [...]


    I ve been away from the Marvel soap opera universe for a very long time This book in no way gave me the need to feel as if I had been missing out on anything.First of all, this is NOT a Daredevil book, Daredevil makes a brief appearance in the story ehll Wolverine makes an even bigger brief appearance, and I wouldn t qualify this as a Wolverine book either then again, doesn t Wolverine pretty much make appearances in EVERY Marvel book Sure as hell looks that way from the stories I been reading l [...]

    Gavin Abdollahi

    Story wise Not so good.Art wise VERY, VERY GOOD.If my rating was based on the story, I d give this a 2.5 But because of the art, the rating is now a big, fat 4.The story telling is also quite interesting, and is best compared to Bendis first take on DD You know, that really short arc a little before that terrible, terrible arc So, this is basically a filler arc, probably written so that Bendis could take a break from his spectacular run.It s about Echo deaf girl, Daredevil s ex girlfriend , who [...]


    See, here s the thing Echo spans across five issues of Daredevil, Issues 51 55 Right in the middle of the Volume 2 run of the Man Without Fear, right after a brilliant set of arcs by Brian Michael Bendis I ve got an itch to get into the life of Matt Murdock especially after Bendis previous story , and instead David Mack takes the helm and gives me something completely different.Okay, not completely, as Mr Mack also did a previous arc in the series, way back at the beginning of the run, right at [...]


    A very artsy book by David Mack, as usual, but in no way a Daredevil book Not even one little bit This is a Maya Lopez Echo book with an appearance by Daredevil The Daredevil label is intended to increase the book s exposure and generate sales To that end, Wolverine also shows up in the story anyone surprised The story itself has a message to it, and David Mack gets very creative in its delivery, but unless you re an art fan , or a Daredevil completist, borrowing it from the library is your bes [...]


    How can I not love a book that pushes aside superhero theatrics and focuses on the subtler work of defining the self I love all of David Mack s work, but Vision Quest will always be the story that hooked me into his collage and painter aesthetic Echo s statement that she exists between sound and silence resonated strongly with me, and Mack s artwork makes me feel my experience as a hard of hearing woman is than worth examining, it s beautiful, even preferred.

    Christian Smith

    I understand they were trying to do something new and artistic in this volume But it didn t work for me I hated it.


    It took me years to get my sister to read this comic, even though I knew she d love it, even though it was one of my favorites I talked it up, I tried to tell her that it illustrated everything that she d told me about being Deaf, does it accurately and beautifully She doesn t love the medium of comics, so it took some convincing, but she was shocked when she finally picked it up She saw exactly what I was trying, inadequately, to tell her.There are two levels on which this works, and the first, [...]

    Hazal Çamur

    Muazzam.Buna bir izgi roman diyemiyorum bu bamba ka bir ey.Echo diye an lan Maya Lopez sa r bir k z Kendisi yar K z lderili olmakla birlikte Daredevil n eski sevgilisi ve Echo diye an lmas na neden olan e siz bir yetene i var O bir kere g rd her eyi aynen taklit edebiliyor.Fakat bu bir kahraman maceras de il Bu, daha nce hi g rmedi im bir tarzla ortaya konmu bir sanat eseri Adeta Jungcu bir eser, nk bu bir kendini bulma eseri Aray n, hikayeler arac l yla kendini bulu un, yeniden do u un temsili [...]


    the echo of elektra


    David Mack s art in this volume matches Jo Quesada s from Daredevil The Man Without Fear , Vol 2 Parts of a Hole very well Both are absolutely unique and engaging.


    David Mack s masterpiece Daredevil Echo is a work like nothing you ve seen so far There is some vague resemblance to some of the flashback sequences in Sam Kieth s The Maxx, but this takes comics to a wildly fresh, avant garde and psychological place Each page is an explosion of color and imagery that strives to, and succeeds at, telling a story through emotions and feelings You get the narrative from inside Maya s head There is a stream of conscience that strips the reader to a state of bare vu [...]

    Tony Romine

    I liked Echo s story in Parts of a Hole, but this was just pure filler Boring and overlong, it s all about how Echo goes on a vision quest and meets Wolverine She repeats the story of her father s murder and her being born deaf in every single issue of this collection, as if we need to remember he was murdered and she is deaf It all leads up to a revelation by Wolverine in the final issue that literally no one cares about.The true fault of this storyline is that it implies you somehow thought Da [...]

    Matt Fox

    Proves that comic books and graphic novels can be extremely literary The author, David Mack, combines words, painting, and physical objects into a pastiche to create rich narrative Echo, a young woman who is born deaf, initially raised as retarded, only to discover she is in fact a prodigy able to mimic anything she see attempts to reclaim her life by learning the significance her native american heritage has on her identity When she first appeared in comics she was a hired assasin hired to kill [...]

    Sabra Embury

    Echo Maya Lopez is an Olympic level athlete possessing photographic reflexes the ability to perfectly copy other people s movements In Vision Quest Mack takes a look into Echo s early life as the deaf child of a single father assassin working for the evil Wilson Fisk who ultimately takes Maya in as her legal Guardian, after he has her father killed Eventually Fisk sends Echo after Daredevil, who she almost kills, but this was in a back issue somewhere, as well as the romantic shenanigans that we [...]


    After a show stopper in the last volume Daredevil declares himself Kingpin of Hell s Kitchen Mack s return to the book is a bit of a disappointment.The artwork is stunning and beautiful, except for the part that some of the same images get recycled over and over again Perhaps Mack is playing into the echo theme, but in a book that is filled with Mack s outstanding work, I d rather see new images instead of old ones recycled.The story focuses exclusively on the return of Echo She is back in town [...]


    This is the first of the recent Daredevil tpbs that I didn t like It was about Maya Lopez, a deaf woman who had previously been in Matt Murdock s life, going on a vision quest It ended up being five issues of character with no action, nothing to move the actual Daredevil storyline forward Maybe it should have been its own miniseries so people wanting to read about Daredevil wouldn t have to wade through this.The storytelling is actually pretty interesting Instead of normal inked comic pages, Dav [...]


    When people ask me which is my favorite comic book graphic novel, David Mack s Echo Vision Quest, is my answer and has been since I found a beat up copy of one of the middle issues of this story run on the floor of the periodicals closet in the bookstore where I work David Mack takes all the imagination and intricacy of McKean s collage work, and refines it so it appeals to both the left and right side of the brain In his artwork you ll find that every line and brushstroke carries with it some s [...]

    Michaela Priddy

    I m not familiar with Echo or her part of the Avengers, however through this book I ve learned so much about her character and I like her a lot David Mack s art itself is beautiful, weaving in and out with the story a part of the story itself It helps to show how Echo sees the world all through color and imagery, with very little words Though the art style can be a bit trippy, it still tells a mesmerizing, insightful, and melancholy story through the eyes of a deaf heroine as she conveys her ori [...]

    Fate"s Lady

    This was a nice little puff piece about the life and circumstances of Echo, but in terms of plot, it was incredibly sparse and the first half of the book is spent laying down the background of the character, which we already learned in Parts of a Hole The art is a sort of mixed media collage throughout the piece, which is unusual and interesting but not the most conducive to producing an actual, dynamic narrative The story both looked and felt like a scrapbook than a graphic novel.


    Daredevil s ex girlfriend Echo decides to go on a vision quest and her spirit guide turns out to be Wolverine Mack s artwork is amazing as always, but as we ve come to expect from Mack, plot once again takes a back seat to self help advise I m sure numerous creative writing teachers have told Mack this numerous times in the past, but it bears repeating Show, don t tell Don t simply tell us that seeking revenge is a bad thing, show us that it s bad through the actions of the characters.


    David Mack s artwork on this is absolutely stunning and poetic the way he interweaves the story along the illustration edges throughout the book is really incredible I haven t really followed much of the Daredevil story, and didn t know about the Maya Echo character until my husband handed me this and said you really should read this and he was absolutely right

    Trevor Dailey

    Should have been a miniseries, really breaks up Bendis run Not required reading for Daredevil fans.

    Mark CC

    Definitely atmospheric and introspective I like the take on the character but to be honest kind of resented the interruption of Bendis s narrative so I m probably being unfair to it.

    Adam Roob

    I m in awe of author artist David Mack A must read for ANY fan of the comic genre.


    A filler story originally published during the Bendis run on Daredevil Not much action or Daredevil but beautifully illustrated by David Mack.


    It s easy to see how someone wouldn t like it it s very nonstandard, both artistically and narratively I loved it.

    Ariana Deralte

    Gorgeous art with some lovely cameos I think it could have been a tad interesting, but the art makes up for a lot.


    I wasn t expecting this to be one of the best graphic novels I have ever read Echo takes over DD s mag for 5 issues and David Mack makes magic.

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