Sep 29, 2020
All the Names
Posted by José Saramago Margaret Jull Costa

The story of an ordinary life that takes on extraordinary dimensionsSenhor Jos is a low grade clerk in the city s Central Registry, where the living and the dead share the same shelf space A middle aged bachelor, he has no interest in anything beyond the certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, and death that are his daily preoccupations In the evenings, and on weekendThe story of an ordinary life that takes on extraordinary dimensionsSenhor Jos is a low grade clerk in the city s Central Registry, where the living and the dead share the same shelf space A middle aged bachelor, he has no interest in anything beyond the certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, and death that are his daily preoccupations In the evenings, and on weekends, he works on bringing up to date his clipping file of the famous, the rising stars, the notorious But when one day he comes across the birth certificate of an anonymous young woman, he decides that this cannot have been mere chance, he has to discover about her Under the increasingly mystified eye of the Registrar, a godlike figure whose name is spoken only in whispers, the now obsessed Senhor Jos sets off, in every moment he can steal from work, to follow the thread that leads him to the woman s school, to her godmother, to her father and mother but as he gets closer to a meeting with the unknown woman, he discovers about her, and about himself, than he would have wished The loneliness of people s lives, the effects of chance and moments of recognition, the discovery of love, however tentative.once again Jos Saramago has written a timeless story.

  • Title: All the Names
  • Author: José Saramago Margaret Jull Costa
  • ISBN: 9780151004218
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All the Names The story of an ordinary life that takes on extraordinary dimensionsSenhor Jos is a low grade clerk in the city s Central Registry where the living and the dead share the same shelf space A middle ag

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    Generally when I write a review, I do it straight off and don t edit much I start off with the idea of what I want to say about the book and it flows from there But not this time I also don t want to review the book s but just give my reactions to them These are books that will be easily spoiled if you know too much about them before you read them.Firstly it was by accident I read Death with Interruptions first and then this one That was fortuitious, as the other way round would have spoiled the [...]

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    Forward I m sorry Jos You didn t need to give up the will to live just because I didn t like your writing style Lots of people did like you More people liked you than like me Really You shouldn t have cared so much about what I thought Now I feel like an asshole for killing you Fine I guess I can live with that, but it was a real douche bag move, dying the week I write a bad review about you just to add to my excessive guilt complexes You know what, I m sorry that your dead and all, but fuck you [...]


    Registered RedemptionMost of Saramago s themes are found here death, the community of the living and the dead, the beautiful uncertainty and fluidity of language, the ultimately indecipherable complexity of human communication, identity, the search for meaning He would probably have reacted harshly to the suggestion that he had created perhaps outlined is a better verb, but then again perhaps there is no adequate word at all a sort of religion without a deity, the core of which is a humble irony [...]

    Luís C.

    Memory of a book read a few minutes ago Remnants of images, impressions Remembering a book called All the Names, by the Portuguese writer Jos Saramago.Resting then in memory, the smell of old paper breathes Mr Jos , employee of the National Conservatory of civil status, archive where all the names of the living and the dead are kept A word, an adjective is needed to read these pages Kafkaesque It seems inevitable that word, as soon as it comes to describe the administration in all its absurd org [...]


    simply gorgeous a story of timidity and how a tiny seed of imagination and curiosity can transform a person and his life.i adore this one because there s no love interest and because of saramago s unbelievable ability to effortlessly pop breathtaking statements about humanity at the ends of long paragraphs they seem like afterthoughts because of the way they re placed and articulated, but if everyone had a single thought like these in his or her lifetime, the world would be just fine.

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    You know the name you were given, you do not know the name that you have, reads the epigraph of All the Names, a gorgeously written and captivating allegorical tale of identity penned by the illustrious Jos Saramago, which concerns the seemingly mundane life of Senhor Jos , a lowly registry clerk in an unidentified metropolis, whose tedious and impersonal existence suddenly becomes full of intrigue and zeal when he finds himself compelled to, contrary to both bureaucratic regulation and establis [...]

    Fábio Martins

    H um sr Jos de quem tenho permanentes saudades,que criou um outro sr Jos que n o sabia estar no mundo de forma feliz Ambos ou o mesmo s o um universo de paradoxos que exercem um fasc nio tremendo nas minhas caracter sticas de leitor.O sr Jos demiurgo, na sua cl ssica vis o desesperan ada sobre a realidade, exerce uma esp cie de feiti aria sobre o banal, tornando o grotesco e sens vel, delicado e rude, agressivo na ac o,mas cuidadoso na reac o, que o elevam,muito frequentemente, condi o de par bo [...]


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    All The Names is the third book I have read by Jose Saramago Blindness and Seeing left strong lasting impressions on me, and I expected this novel to do the same Except I found myself having to take numerous breaks from this one While Saramago starts out with an interesting subject on which to base his book, A clerk at the Central Registry comes across a card for an unknown woman, and becomes obsessed with hunting her down and collecting as much information as he can about her , It would have do [...]

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    Ilustra o de Magritte s Golconde Todos os Nomes publicado em 1997 por Jos Saramago 1922 2010 foi o romance que antecedeu a atribui o do Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 1998.Em Todos os Nomes apenas o protagonista tem um nome, o nome pr prio, o Sr Jos um auxiliar de escrita que trabalha na Conservat ria Geral do Registo Civil, um homem com cerca de cinquenta anos, solit rio, sem familiares ou amigos, um funcion rio exemplar, dedicado, que nunca falta e que tem um hobby, faz uma colec o de recortes [...]

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    Bir reading slump n tam ortas nda bulunmamdan dolay kitap ne yaz k ki elimde bekledik e bekledi Tam yar s na kadar her ey g zel gidiyordu, heyecanla okuyordum ancak yar s ndan sonra kitaba de il de bana bir eyler oldu herhalde O sebeple ne bir t rl bitirebildim ne de kitaptan istedi im tad alamad m.


    Ler Jos Saramago toda uma experi ncia Depois de ter adorado Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira e de ter ficado um pouco menos impressionada com As Intermit ncias da Morte, voltei finalmente ao nico escritor portugu s at data que venceu o Pr mio Nobel da Literatura, amado por uns e odiado por outros E dito isto, um pequeno desabafo pode n o se gostar do estilo particular da sua escrita, mas da a dizer se, como li no outro dia, que Saramago n o sabia usar v rgulas, vai todo um mundo de imbecilidade Eu sou ap [...]

    the gift

    later addition i think this is the third time read, though i did not review it the second time i am reading this concurrently with Jealousy and In the labyrinth by robbe grillet i really like them both but they are opposite techniques, opposite worlds presented this is as all sarmago written in long, conversational descriptions and digressions, you are never not aware this is a human story, filtered through very human protagonist, ongoing authorial commentary, irony, comedy, make this an easy re [...]


    This book is just beautiful, lyrical and beautiful I had to read this book for a class I m not so sure I would have picked it up on my own, but it was one of those all time amazing reads The kind of read that I want with every book, but so rarely get It had resonance The prose was soft and inviting, even though the story itself revolved so heavily around a bleak, despairing center You just got wrapped up in the story and the imagery was so spatial that it basically felt like I had walked into th [...]

    João Fernandes

    O acaso n o escolhe, prop e Um dos mais importantes factores nas narrativas de Saramago o destino, o que surpreendente para um ateu c ptico como o Nobel portugu s O destino de Saramago n o o determinismo que manda nas vidas de todos os homens, mas o simples acaso uma s rie de coincid ncias, que guia a vida a um momento de escolha, em que qualquer um pode seguir dois rumos, e portanto livre.Vemos este acaso, um fio de Ariadne ao que orienta algu m ao cruzamento que poder mudar a sua vida, em quas [...]


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    This book will either strike you as brilliant or boring I ll admit I had some difficulties with it, although I m inclined to the brilliant end of the spectrum My first difficulty was in understanding Senhor Jose s motivation to track down an unknown woman I understood his impulse towards curiosity, especially given the banality of his job, but to lie, falsify documents, commit crimes and abandon his responsibilities That seemed harder to fathom when considering this character was middle aged, c [...]

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    Some nice passages, but otherwise wayyy too slow for how little was happening.Exactly the kind of book your pretentious friend would recommend that you read, because they know that as short as it is, it s still an endurance test, and your pain with it is nothing but proof that they have intellect and endurance beyond yours, which is the point in recommending it, Oh is it, I think so, But isn t it pretty, Sometimes, Don t you think his writing style is cool, Definitely, and I would further add th [...]





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    Todos os nomes , mais do que uma hist ria que conta a vida do Sr Jos com as respetivas aventuras e desventuras , pode ser visto como um ensaio sobre o absurdo da vida e da morte o in cio e o fim momentos sempre marcados naquela Conservat ria do Registo Civil sendo certo que, no intervalo entre esses dois momentos, vamos vivendo uma inevitabilidade mais ou menos mon tona.Mas, de quando em vez, h acasos que pontapeiam com pujan a essa monotonia e s o os principais respons veis por dar sentido a um [...]

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