May 29, 2020
The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance
Posted by Gangaji

This book is meant for the rapidly growing number of spiritual seekers who are approaching the end of their seeking and who are ready for the undiluted truth The fact that you are reading these words means that it is your destiny to be an essential part of this great adventure of collective awakening From the foreword by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now With ThThis book is meant for the rapidly growing number of spiritual seekers who are approaching the end of their seeking and who are ready for the undiluted truth The fact that you are reading these words means that it is your destiny to be an essential part of this great adventure of collective awakening From the foreword by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now With The Diamond in Your Pocket, Gangaji describes our never ending search to find fulfillment, which, paradoxically, already exists if we will only stop long enough to discover its true source I have discovered that it is actually impossible to find happiness, she explains As long as you are seeking to find happiness somewhere, you are overlooking where happiness is in your true nature Gangaji, the American born teacher who has influenced the lives of thousands of people through her retreats and public events, helps us to reconcile the observations and questions that arise along the spiritual path Like a precious gem, The Diamond in Your Pocket cuts through what is false and illuminates what is true Here is a brilliant series of contemplations and insights you will want to hold dear and return to again and again Exploring a breadth of topics from how to let go of your need to control, to the trance of language, to despair s hidden treasure, The Diamond in Your Pocket helps you cultivate the courage to be vulnerable so that you can meet and deeply merge with the unknown Gangaji shows you thought by thought how to stop the endless activity of your mind, and experience the brilliance and radiance of who you really are in every present moment Unabridged, read by the author.

  • Title: The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance
  • Author: Gangaji
  • ISBN: 9781591795537
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Audio CD
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    The Diamond in Your Pocket Discovering Your True Radiance This book is meant for the rapidly growing number of spiritual seekers who are approaching the end of their seeking and who are ready for the undiluted truth The fact that you are reading these words


    It was interesting to read Gangaji and compare her to Eckhart Tolle Gangaji pursued spirituality by trying many different practices in hopes of finding the peace and awareness that she so longed to experience, then she met Papaji her final and true teacher Tolle, on the other hand, suffered from his personal agonies which resulted in his spiritual awakening, he then turned to spiritual teachers to help him understand what had happened to him Perhaps it is the difference in her journey that gives [...]


    This is a collection of short essays about self discovery, meditation, and truth I will often flip the book open to just read one chapter in the middle of the day or right before bed Each one is like a question and an answer at the same time I like to give this book to people I feel are also in the midst of a search.

    Mark Keane

    This is a truly wonderful book.For me this is the perfect counterpart to Eckhart Tolle s The Power of Now I like to think of it as a feminine approach to expressing the same message It is profound in its simplicity, however, the invitation is heart centred than Eckhart s approach Neither are better or worse, in my opinion, they are both masterpieces in inviting the reader into a direct experience of something that goes beyond the ability of words to describe, and yet words are used to provide [...]


    Good insightful stuff here about finding happiness within yourself and not by looking elsewhere Nothing new here for me, but a nice, almost practical approach to guide you to a spiritual path Almost returned it to the library without reading too much of it, but then found some appropriate chapters to copy and share with my sister to help her choose peace over problems.


    I wasn t sure about this at first, but since it was lent to me by a friend I thought I would try reading it Turns out it is just what I needed Spiritual but GROUNDED I especially love her embrace of our humanity.

    Edward Viljoen


    Gene Gold

    Another self searching book that makes you aware of your own capabilities.

    Ruaidri Baron

    I discuss how the Power of Now and Eckart Tolle type books impacted my thinking about crashing down old systems I stayed at a LOT of America coast to coast locations on my six year vision quest across America Lets get past all the old wounds and drama so our new age of owning 100% looking glass shattered healed can begin.This is really the BEST intervew i have ever done in over four years of doing talk shows Please watch and share the survival of humanity depends on this video This SHATTERING vi [...]


    There is something that made me feel that this book so far away Maybe because I already believe in self exploration and stop telling ourselves the stories we made up and face ourselves with the reality Or maybe because it is too advanced and needs me to be enlightened and conscious Maybe I am just not ready to understand this book now.

    Neelesh Marik

    A few quotes that summarize my takeaway At a certain point, you recognize that you don t understand a thing, and you experience a moment of surrender The paradox is that, as soon as you surrender the need to understand, you do understand and the moment you think you do understand, you don t understand.In your willingness right now, it this moment, to relinquish all understanding, all that you ever searched for through understanding is revealed If you are searching for a safe, comfortable life, t [...]


    A great read or in my case listening to the audiobook, narrated by Gangaji with clear, clean messages about life, spiritual pathways and the oh so human seeking of happiness in the far distance while holding it all the time in your closest pocket You might have read and studied other teachers with similar messages for you She doesn t offer anything new, but it is wisdom unfolding in front or inside of you in her style So for some of us it might not land as well as the words of Tolle or Ram Dass [...]


    Whether this is a good or a bad book depends on whether it works for you I had enjoyed cathartic moments when reading this book years ago and wish I could stay in those states permanently I enjoyed the book s instructions and how it says to now stop and do what it tells you.Many people seeking spiritual peace are mentally troubled, and a good psychologist is probably a better path to tread than religious and spiritual ones, because psychology is scientific and uses empirical evidence to help peo [...]


    So far I pick this book up every day and view a bit of it Gangaji is a follower of the guru of my choice, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and keeps me in understanding with his ideas I do not think I will ever be done with this book or the teachings of the Maharshi We are all already enlightened all we need to do is realize it Your duty is to Be, and not to be this or that.

    Del Zimmerman

    Reading this on the heels of Eckhart Tolle s A New Earth, I found this lackluster and dry in style without much to add in terms of content The parts I enjoyed, however, were her ideas about surrendering to death and fully meeting emotional charges in the moment instead of avoiding them Those two ideas were the real diamonds for me

    Paul Finch

    I didn t know much about Gangaji before reading it It had a forward by Eckhart Tolle, another popular Enlightment Teacher, like Byron Katie Her teachings like those of most enlightenment teacher s compilations, are designed to give you a taste, which she does.

    Pamela Moore

    The works of Gangaji are like reading words of Scripture to me I never quite finish or put down the book I read a little from time to time to recenter and find the words to stop and reconnect with what is always here and present.


    A cousin bought me this superb book Its simple message of Just being is challenging and stimulating and very certainly a large part of the personal achievement of happiness.Will continue to dip into this advice book for refreshment of spirit and emotional radiance

    Heather Delia

    3.75 stars Loved the first half and had a really great message But it began to drag on, become repetitive and lost my interest towards the ends.

    Georgina Lara

    You have to delve into the inquiries and really search, search, search if you want this book to be useful at all in your spiritual journey.


    this book didnt do much for me, couldnt connect to the author important for me in order to love a book, lots of mumbo jumbo, too guru focused, too abstract and obscure.


    definitely changed me I ve read parts of it over and over, and have listened to the audio Gangaji s message speaks to who I am.

    Alina Grace

    A constant self inquiry is needed to be free

    Jose Miranda

    Excelent book about our true nature.


    You you really are in simple terms

    Lucinda Winslow

    The most practical yet most profound guidance towards true Being.


    The one book with the most radical earthly honesty and the most sincere prayer for everyone to wake up to our diamond self Truly a spiritual gem of our time


    Audio Book that is excellent and different from others on related theme


    Read it 10 times and gain new insights each time.


    A book of penetrating truth, written with such great crystal clarity I don t know much about Gangaji, but her words are a great gift to the world.

    Frans Jansen

    Very lovely Clear and powerful woman.

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