May 29, 2020
The Explorer
Posted by W. Somerset Maugham

Hamlyn s Purlieu, a palatial estate, had belonged to the Allertons for 300 years And with each generation the Allertons grew prouder But at length Purlieu came into the hands of Fred Allerton and the gods, blind for so long to the prosperity of this house, determined now, it seemed, to wreak their malice THE EXPLORER is the story of the Allertons, Fred and his childre Hamlyn s Purlieu, a palatial estate, had belonged to the Allertons for 300 years And with each generation the Allertons grew prouder But at length Purlieu came into the hands of Fred Allerton and the gods, blind for so long to the prosperity of this house, determined now, it seemed, to wreak their malice THE EXPLORER is the story of the Allertons, Fred and his children, as they deal with the loss of their birthright Fred squanders the family fortune and dishonors the family name His children, Lucy and George, try to pick up the pieces when what they assume is theirs is taken from them.

  • Title: The Explorer
  • Author: W. Somerset Maugham
  • ISBN: 9781607785606
  • Page: 300
  • Format: ebook
  • The Explorer by Katherine Rundell Aug , The Explorer is about four children, Fred, Lila, Con, and Max, who had an aircraft accident and got stranded in the Jungle And the book is telling a story about how these four kids survived in the jungle, despite all the challenges and troubles. The Explorer Rundell, Katherine The Explorer is a really good and exciting book because they are four children who are lost in the jungle called Lila, Max, Con and Fred They all want to go home and are so terribly hungry but one night Max wandered off and everyone was worried and noticed their food was gone. Home The Explorer Create a free account and submit your solution today Let The Explorer connect you with the world Potential buyer, looking to invest or just curious Create a free account and find reliable providers today Let The Explorer s algorithms uncover exactly what you need Subscribe to our monthly newsletter Enter your email address. The Explorer Katherine Rundell Bloomsbury Children s Books Oct , About The Explorer Go on an adventure with Katherine Rundell Winner of the Children s Book Prize Winner of the Costa Children s Book Award Winner of the London Book Fair Children s Travel Book of the Year I loved The Explorer Jacqueline Wilson Rundell is now unarguably in the FIRST RANK Philip Pullman Read everything she writes Daily Mail From his seat in the tiny Internet Explorer Downloads Windows Help May , To open Internet Explorer in Windows , in the search box on the taskbar, type Internet Explorer, and then s elect Internet Explorer in the list of results Learn about how to use Internet Explorer in Windows . Internet Explorer Microsoft Download Center Internet Explorer Release Preview also supports autocorrection or correction while you type Commonly misspelled words will be corrected immediately, making your review process faster Update for Internet Explorer for Windows . for x based systems KB This update applies to Internet Explorer with the following

    The Explorer Hamlyn s Purlieu a palatial estate had belonged to the Allertons for years And with each generation the Allertons grew prouder But at length Purlieu came into the hands of Fred Allerton and the


    This book was written by Maugham when he was 25, and it is obvious that the author was a very young man because his characters never change throughout time that is, at that time W.S.M did not know yet that a person when s he is 25 is different from when s he is 29 Two people passionately in love with each other separate for four years and when they meet again everything seems to be just like when they last saw each other Albeit they are fiercely in love we are told so , they have no problem sepa [...]

    Benjamin Duffy

    I have somewhat mixed feelings about this book It s cut from the same cloth as Mrs Craddock and Maugham s other pre Of Human Bondage novels in that the prose is a bit on the flowery side and the tone somewhat melodramatic compared to his later work If anything it feels even like a 19th Century novel than Mrs Craddock does, with so much of the plot centered on marriage proposals and such It s also unusual for a Maugham book in that it becomes obvious pretty early on what the main conflict is goi [...]

    Max Tomlinson

    The Explorer may not be Maugham s most memorable work but you ll still find his signature well drawn characters and elegant prose in this novel he penned when he was a mere 25 years old It s hard to believe someone so young could write so well And could anyone else make passive voice sound so stylish The story is strong if uneven, with the most compelling thread that of a young British woman named Lucy whose charismatic, corrupt father squanders the family fortune and leaves his children disgrac [...]

    Sofía (Софья)

    Randy Corn

    I consider Somerset Maugham as one of my favorite authors The Explorer was a nice diversion The story was classic, in that it bordered on melodramatic and the outcomes were somewhat predictable When something happened as a twist to the story, I generally nodded as if to say, Yes, I could see that coming There were passages that engaged the mind in reflection, which is what I value most about reading and often find in Maugham s writing This book was a good distraction, much like watching Downton [...]

    Everett Darling

    That dialogue bit of witticisms between Julia and Dick is stunning Maugham has a knack for writing dialogue that is funny and true, all while being perfectly clever Thought the ending a little trite and rushed, but the open ended happy ending or is it technique was sort of nice Not one of his strongest reads, but enough witty banter and engaging plot to make it worthy for any Maugham afficianado.

    Akd200 Martin

    It was no surprise, with W Somerset Maugham, background you know what you are getting into What I enjoyed is that it is a early book of his and even then he was a real wordsmith even at a younger age I thoroughly enjoyed the portrait he painted of Alec, and his stoic honorable, approach to life I picture this book as entertainment before tv s ruined the world and it does that very well It is always a pleasure to read his works


    I am dismayed by this book for being so mediocre The antiquated storyline is rather tedious and tiresome The tone shifted from righteous seriousness to outright flippancy without managing to be smooth The characters are quite simply archtypicals, without much depth and nunances.It is an English tragedy and a comedy and a romance thrown together, a salad with ill looking leaves and a few long dead shrimps, and a few surprisingly fresh looking grapes This is not an impressive work.


    Somehow, in The Explorer I sorely missed the cold ruthless analysis of love and emotions thats so typical of Maugham s works This one s a straight story of a daring British explorer in Africa whose reputation gets tarnished on his return, costing him the trust of his beloved The book also ends predictably Expected much much from one of my favourite writers The silver lining was the fact that the book was a 1969 edition, got at a throwaway price


    This book is not brilliant, but it s highly enjoyable Plus, the dialogues between Julia Crowley and Dick Lomas are really, really lovely

    David Waldron

    This is one of Maugham s earlier works The plot seems a bit contrived and the work sometimes feels melodramatic The themes and the prose, however, are unmistakably Maugham That is than enough to make the book a worthwhile read.

    Laura Leilani

    Somerset how could you This is the worst thing he ever wrote, that I have ever read The story is romantically cheesy The characters are one dimensional The plot is pointless Big waste of time.


    oof, this is not the Maugham I know and love sappy Victorian story and boring noble protagonists What is this Only secondary characters seem to have come from Maugham himself

    Tessa Candle

    Ahhhhh So good So exasperating.


    Absolutely excellent One cannot ignore that the book is of its time Maugham takes it as a matter of course that the British are entitled to colonize anywhere regardless of cost to the natives, and that British colonization is better than occupation by any other people He assumes the superiority of white men especially white British men over those of any other color These views are not surprising, though it would have been surprising had he held contrary views The purpose of the novel is not to [...]

    Dara Salley

    From what I ve read about Maugham it seems that he was a middling, prolific and popular author in the early 1900 s I imagine that this novel was his attempt to capitalize on the way that European explorers such as Joseph Banks and Mungo Park excited the imagination of the American and European public.I have to say that the central concept of the book has not aged well From a twenty first century perspective the idea of a heroic European man discovering parts of Africa that had been inhabited for [...]

    Sarah Booth

    I m a big fan of Maugham which is odd as he writes about very serious and dramatic things and I m of a reader of adventure with quite a bit of comedy in it This being said he manages to throw in all of these things within his serious things such as in this book we have the relationship of Dick Lomas and Mrs Carlyle to contrast the main characters of Lucy and Alex His heroes are never perfect and his questionable characters appealing but the most destitute of individual who end up being unredeem [...]


    I haven t read much Maugham This was one of his earlier novels 1907 , which he was churning out on his way to greatness It s a story of propriety, status, humiliation, loss, manners, and unrequited love There s a good murder in the middle, some very amusing banter, and the star crossed lovers get together in the end On to Of Human Bondage.

    Shardh Shah

    A classic and no doubt about thatThough I thought the explorer was in criticism by other characters in this plot for his qualities Expected this story to throw light on exploration and African challenge.

    Brian Reinhart

    A pretty good prose style and some gorgeous description work is burdened by casual racism, casual sexism, and characters acting bewilderingly because the writer s values are luckily no longer common today.


    A moral dilemma for the male protagonist that probably has little modern echo Personal honour seems to be a thing of the past At least it appears so many modern UK MPs for example or pseudo Doctors like Germany s zu Guttenberg A classic plot format nevertheless.

    Akash Malik

    Of pride, of character of valour.Loved the book.


    Maugham alati nii hea, et seda v ib nimetada kindla peale minekuks, nagu turuliidrist pesupulbri ostmine.Seekord k ll pisut erandlik, romantiline ja pisaratest n retav, aga v imas.

    Russell Traughber

    This is a great love story for those sappy romantics like me who prefer their love stories well written Good job William Somerset Maugham

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