May 29, 2020
No One in the World
Posted by E. Lynn Harris R.M. Johnson

E Lynn Harris and RM Johnson two powerful voices of a generation unite with an insightful and emotional project that tackles themes of family, loyalty and identity.The untimely passing of the beloved New York Times bestselling author E Lynn Harris has left fans pining for With this collaboration, fans are given the book they ve been clamoring to read and the bookE Lynn Harris and RM Johnson two powerful voices of a generation unite with an insightful and emotional project that tackles themes of family, loyalty and identity.The untimely passing of the beloved New York Times bestselling author E Lynn Harris has left fans pining for With this collaboration, fans are given the book they ve been clamoring to read and the book that Harris and Essence bestselling author RM Johnson long wanted to write.Cobi Winslow, a handsome, well educated district attorney, knows nothing about the life of his estranged twin brother, Eric Reed, a career criminal raised in the foster care system Following their parents death, Cobi searches for and finds his brother, hoping to regain lost years.Meanwhile, Cobi navigates the pressures of society as he lives life in the closet The stress comes to a head when he learns that in order to inherit the wealth of his father s estate and save the struggling family business, he must marry a woman before he turns thirty five The task becomes convoluted when Cobi s sister proposes to pay Austen Greer, a once successful and wealthy businesswoman who lost everything in the recession, to be Cobi s wife.Eric discovers Cobi is gay and promises to keep it a secret Instead, he entrusts the information to his former prison cellmate, Blac, who endears himself to Cobi in hopes of securing a 150,000 loan from him to pay back a debt racked up by cocaine sales As the clock runs down both on Blac s efforts to pay his deadly creditor and on Cobi s attempts to save the family company, rash moves are executed, family and friendship bonds are tested, and life altering sacrifices are made.

  • Title: No One in the World
  • Author: E. Lynn Harris R.M. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781439178096
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
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    No One in the World E Lynn Harris and RM Johnson two powerful voices of a generation unite with an insightful and emotional project that tackles themes of family loyalty and identity The untimely passing of the beloved

    Jessica Terry

    It was a few months ago when I first started reading this book, and just a few minutes ago when I finished it After I read the part in the beginning about what happened to the man and his son on the street, I seriously considered putting it down and leaving it there While I sadly know things like that happens, whenever I hear about or read something like that I can t help but think about my son And that kind of kills my desire to continue reading something that would bring me such thoughts But, [...]


    Cobi Winslow is a district attorney and one of the heirs to the successful Winslow Products hair care empire His decision not to go into the family business coupled with his sexuality has always been a sore spot in the relationship with his father Right before his parents are killed in a car crash, Cobi, who is adopted, learns that he has a twin brother he never knew about He now is compelled to search for him To make matters worse, his father s will states that Cobi will receive shares in the t [...]


    Cobi is really really rich and adopted and learns just before his parents die that he had a twin brother who was not adopted His adopted sister Sissy runs a black hair products company and will lose it if she can t get Cobi to inherit his shares In order to inherit his shares, Cobi must get married but he is gay Cobi meets his brother by accident in prison Cobi is a lawyer and when Eric gets out, he comes to live with Cobi Eric s best friend Blac, gets out of prison two days later than Eric but [...]

    Tracy Jones

    This book was exactly what I was expecting and hoping for E Lynn Harris was an amazing writer and I am extremely thrilled to have had this opportunity to read what may have been his very last work RM Johnson is also a very talented writer and thanks to his endearing friendship with E Lynn Harris, another wonderful book has been born For anyone who is familiar with Harris books, you will find that this one too will thrill you as much as all of his other books RM Johnson has definitely proved that [...]


    Just okay Was very predictable Not the usual E Lynn Harris book that I m used to However, my standards for his books may be a bit high I do realize that this was a collaboration.One pet peeve of mine is when there are several characters with similar or same names There were two Austins in this story one male, one female Perhaps the print version specifies a difference However, on the audio version, the narrator pronounced them both the same That annoyed me.Can t win them all


    This was an entertaining read, but not as thrilling or edge of your seat as a true E Lynn Harris novel The ending was hurried along, and the book would have definitely benefited from a prolouge I really want to know how Teresa and Blac s sister and nephew handled things and whether a certain character actually does go to prison for a crime he didn t commit don t want to give too much away I could even see a sequel to this book because so much was left unfinished at the end.


    This book was shit The ending was horrible I am sad this is the last book Ill read that E lynn was apart of He write complete books though and this was not complete The point of the book was never even answered which I thought was saving the family company I have never seen such a character like sissy that never changed throughout the entire book in an E Lynn book She lacked depth The end of this book left me filling unfulfilled.


    This book was a very well written page turner by both E Lynn Harris and RM Johnson I very much enjoyed the plot and the characters were well developed Reading this book made me sad because I know that E Lynn Harris is no longer alive, and we will no longer be able to enjoy his works I am grateful that I will continue to have the works of RM Johnson to keep me entertained This book is about twin brothers seperated at birth and a chance encounter that tested the bonds of brotherhood.

    Tonie Green

    First I need to say the book left me hanging No good book should leave a reader with so many questions The story built up but then ended left me wondering about the company and all the characters A epilogue would have helped wrap things up and probably answered those questions.

    Shelly Trotter

    Awesome last book by a great Writer you are truly missed.


    WAS , until the crappy ending You can tell its unfinished.


    No one in this World by E Lynn Harris final rating 5.5 its actually a must read I was pleased but, I have to admit the last few chapters were little boring besides that it was really enjoyable.


    This was definitely full of ridiculous drama, much like a soap opera I haven t read something like that in awhile so I enjoyed it However, I do not recommend the audio The narrator was pretty bad.

    Angel Barclay

    This book started out very slow for me so I had to put it down for a while When I started back reading it, I enjoyed it The book really picked up in the middle and the end wasn t what I expected over all good book.


    Completely ridiculous ending Trite writing style and dialogue I really thought it would go somewhere, but just irritated me.

    Anita Buckels

    This was an awesome read Thank you momma for allowing the publication I hope there s a sequel I can t wait Hey , you must read , this book

    Shayna Walenga

    story was all over the place voice actor for audio book was annoying never changed his voice felt very monotone


    couldn t but it down great read for a buck Dollar Tree store


    This book took me way too long to read I liked it though.


    This is a serious, rather literary tale that takes a concept that seems destined for a raunchy comedy, and plays it straight so to speak Drama is heaped upon drama here, with enough stories to fill several novels First, we have the drama of a gay man rejected by his father Second, we have the death bed discovery of a long lost twin brother Third, we have the convoluted family last will and testament that requires a traditional marriage in order to inherit Fourth, we have a career driven sister, [...]

    Diane Lund

    Publiceret 7 juni 2011 engelsk Efter Download af en h ndfuld short stories af Joshau Scribner har f et den opfattelse, at jeg er vild med horror Det er jeg ikke, slet ikke, s da der dumpede et nyhedsbrev ind, med nyudgivelser browsede jeg gr dig listen igennem P den m de blev No one in the world , den f rste bog jeg k bte, betalte for, p 2 tvillingebr dre m des efter at have v ret adskildt i over 30 r Den ene, opvokset hos sine rige, succesfulde adoptivfor ldre, er h jesteretssagf rer Den anden [...]

    Amanda King

    Let me first start off by saying I completely love and adore E Lynn Harris hopes he rest in peace Unfortunately, I did not start really reading his books until after his death but he has definitely left his mark as an accomplished author With that being said, as usual, I LOVED THIS BOOK There were just a couple of down times but this book was a true E Lynn Harris book My favorite characters were definitely Cobi, Eric Sissy Cobi was like many of us wanting to be loved, constantly making excuses f [...]

    Deni Aria

    E Lynn Harris is one of my favorite Afro American authors that has been always accompanying me to understand the life of being black in graceful way.All of his novels is always superbly fascinating, from the hardest life of ghetto to the extraordinarily success life of black climbing on the top with one uniquely peppered by the life of LGBT life I could have have imagining that being Black is hard enough in this racist country let alone Being Gay might be an enduring curse for this group of peop [...]

    Janette Ramos

    I was very hesitant about reading this book First I have a thing about reading collaborations I feel sometimes a famous author will lend their name to a book to bring out another author which is cool, but the effort is not there The second issue is that I have a problem with work of a artist being released after their passing I was convinced that for these reasons that this book would be worse that Michael Jackson s album Xcape I read it anyway I take back both theories.This book was amazing A g [...]

    Kristofer Clarke

    Like most of the E Lynn Harris novels I ve read, No One In The World did not fail to keep my attention or my interest, especially since I was curious to see how this one would end Co written by RM Johnson, this novel maintained the topics we have come to love and expect by E Lynn Harris betrayal, secrets, family crisis At the same time, RM introduces a criminal element we don t usually see Still, I enjoyed the marriage of the two These worlds collided to create one big mess, and i enjoyed watchi [...]

    DeTerrius Woods

    An Ok Collaboration I m a big fan of RM Johnson s Million Dollar series, and I have enjoyed the few books I have read by the late E Lynn Harris Them coming together was kind of a let down I think if the first half of the novel was cut down by 40%, the book would ve been much better.Although Sissy was loyal to her brother, Cobi, I disliked her from beginning to end Cobi irked my nerves He didn t have any control of his life The same for Austen Black washh He added a nice storyline to the story I [...]

    Johnnayea Edmond

    This book seemed pretty unrealistic to me The decisions made by the brothers were reckless and life changing Although I believe people can and do choose paths that may alter their lives in a negative fashion to protect or help another loved one, I find it hard to believe that the brothers, whom up to a short while ago did not even know each other existed, would have a bond that strong Now, I m not a twin so there may be something about that experience that I don t understand because I can t fath [...]

    Shari-lynn Pringle

    Read via audible_com RM_Novels Although the storyline was a little predictable, it was enjoyable and there were some twists that I didn t expect Definitely has the ELynnHarris stamp on it but RMJohnson is an excellent author as well, especially for this topic The characters were intriguing the sister, Austin, Eric, Colby and Black It wrapped up too fast though Just as it was really heating up, it ended and everything was tied up somewhat neatly I m hoping there s a sequel because there s still a [...]

    Shakeisha Williams

    Yes, this book was something completely differentfrom what Im used to reading, but it was sooo good With so many twists and turns, one could not figure out how that would end At times I wanted to curse out Eric child s mother, she was so wrong, and other times I was hoping that Eric wouldn t cross his brother and he proved me right Cobi sister was a mess and a down right an ass I am glad Cobi gave his brother that chance at life again May God bless the angel whose hands had a part in this novel [...]

    Jon O

    I enjoyed reading this book although I thought it was unfair that the bed scenes between male and female were described in details as compared to the bed scenes between the males Hello I thought this was supposed to be a book with gay plots Anyway, there is enough drama in the book to make Desperate Housewives series looked inferior The unfortunate part is that there is little romance, if one could feel any, in this book.Still, I think it is worth the time spent on reading it.

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