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Magnum photographer Steve McCurry never set out to take portraits Critically acclaimed and recognized internationally for his classic reportage, over the last 20 years he has worked for the National Geographic and other publications on numerous assignments along the Afghan border, in Baghdad, Beirut and the Sahel McCurry s coverage of the monsoon won first prize in thMagnum photographer Steve McCurry never set out to take portraits Critically acclaimed and recognized internationally for his classic reportage, over the last 20 years he has worked for the National Geographic and other publications on numerous assignments along the Afghan border, in Baghdad, Beirut and the Sahel McCurry s coverage of the monsoon won first prize in the World Press Awards, and was part of his portfolio when he was named Magazine Photographer of the Year in 1984 In 1985, McCurry photographed an Afghan girl for the National Geographic The intensity of the subject s eyes and her compelling gaze made this one of contemporary photography s most celebrated and best known portraits McCurry is now equally famous for his other portrayals of memorable faces that he has encountered while travelling throughout the world Compelling, unforgettable and moving, McCurry s images are unique street portraits unstylized and unposed snapshots of people that reveal the universality of human emotion.

  • Title: Portraits
  • Author: Steve McCurry
  • ISBN: 9780714838397
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Portraits Magnum photographer Steve McCurry never set out to take portraits Critically acclaimed and recognized internationally for his classic reportage over the last years he has worked for the National G


    He d been in Brussels back in March, through June.Well, now he s in Oporto I can hardly wait to take a look I just had the chance for this snapshot.Alf ndega, where once men traded goods, now looks are traded.Well, I ve been there, in Alf ndega, on the 11th of November absolutely great Most of the iconic, color photographs by McCurry were there, in big format also, some photographs from his work in the 1970 s in black and white I just took some snapshots.On the back side of the building I could [...]

    Diana Ashkanani

    Beautiful book Very eye opening Totally recommend it specially if you re looking for diverse portraits for drawing practice references.


    McCurry s work is phenomenal, and some of his portraits rank among my favourite photographs No surprise, then, to find this chock full of arresting images.If a picture is worth a thousand words, there are volumes contained here although I am somewhat torn The absolute minimum text accompanies these photos city, country, year You can get an incredible amount from the pictures many of which look as though they could have been taken on movie sets , but I was also left with a lot of questions The ph [...]


    I can t get enough of these photos and I own the album for seven years now All the faces tell stories, the eyes of these people speak volumes I have my favourite ones but it s one of an Afghani boy that breaks my heart every single time I see his picture I m a huge fan of Steve McCurry, he is not only a photographer of people but also of souls and I don t care how pompous it sounds that s the truth.


    While the pages were smaller than I anticipated in the 5 x7 range , the volume of arresting photographs far exceeded what I had expected The photographs themselves are fascinating, the order in which they are presented is compelling, and the simplicity of the text place, year, that s it is perfect.


    Steve McCurry is one of my photography idols I love this book and it holds a very special place on my shelf.


    This is a book of portraits of many, many, MANY different kinds of people, from all over the world Some of them really touched my heart The artist really captures the essence of each person.

    Sharada Prasad CS

    people in asia and Africa have some of the most interesting faces on this planet




    My favorite photographerevemccurry


    Categories Genres for this class fulfilled by this book Photo book non fiction ArtEstimate of grade level of interest Kindergarten adultEstimate of reading level N ABrief description This is a beautiful book that is filled with some of photographer, Steve McCurry s best portraits Best known for the photo on the front cover, Steve has worked for National Geographic, as well as created his own books This book features pictures of a diverse popluation of people all over the world I must say that th [...]

    Two Readers in Love

    This book contains picture after picture of the human face, building to a cumulative effect Yeah, sure portraits of faces from around the world are the type of pop multi culti that is done and re done cf The Family of Man but in the hands of an expert, certain concepts bear repeating.I m not a very visual person, so perhaps direct narrative images work for my eye where they seem mawkish to others I find the Pre Raphaelites beautiful, so that tells you something about my tastes I can t help it si [...]


    An amazing book of vivid photographs that we use to discuss the amazing spectrum of people, culture, and dress around the world This is an open your eyes without leaving your home kind of book that provides a gentle way to introduce children to the idea that not all people are just like me and my family This is not a book to be read and discarded, but one to return to often Helpful in both a discussion of art example talk to me about why this is a good photograph , or have children draw a person [...]

    Kristīne Līcis

    Incredible portraits that draw you right in They are so eloquent that no descriptions are needed Also, this is the book that made me want to explore travel portraits, which in turn meant I had to go way out of my comfort zone and talk to people and get their permission to make a photo, because for an engaging portrait you need eye contact.Some of what I consider my decent tries are here.


    Close n personal Kumpulan foto yang diambil dari berbagai macam ras di berbagai belahan dunia dengan berbagai aktifitasnya tetapi lebih fokus kepada manusianya dengan atribut yang dipakainya Ada yang melankolis, ada yang membuat senyum senyum, ada yang bikin prihatin, ada yang bikin kita berpikir betapa beruntungnya kita dengan segala hal yang telah menimpa diri kita

    Vale (BooksAndTea58)

    Wonderful book filled with Steve McCurry s breath taking portraits which he captured around the world In all of the photos he was able to capture that person s soul, he did a fantastic job by choosing so many expressive eyes and faces in general those expressions could tell a story Wonderful, simply simply wonderful.


    I was lent this book by my art tutor, to base realistic portratis off of All I can say is, wow The faces, the personalities, and the coloration in all these pictures are simply fantastic Beautiful.

    Roy Silalahi

    Life of Earth Potrait of a Beautiful, Middle Aged, Stressed Out World


    It s a collection of one of the best photographers in the world The issue is that of you had his equipment and money and plane tickets you too may get some of these shots Talented man and great book but at some point you have to believe that these are rehearsed shots


    Very beautiful, captivating, raw, invasive, distant, real and unreal at the same time The author seems to have a major thing for the Indian subcontinent and SE Asia as evident in the majority of his photos.


    A 400 incredible, touching, and inspirational portraits from allover the world that reveal the beauty of human emotions by one of my favourite photographers Steve McCurry.


    The best collection of photographic portraits I ve seen The book is minimalist, which lets the photos do the talking, and comes across very well.


    Steve McCurry s portraits are unique They reveal the universality of human emotions

    Gina Baratono

    The first thing that will catch your eye is the cover of this book It is, quite possibly, the most recognizable portrait of all time It graced the cover of National Geographic Magazine The woman who had those incredible eyes has a face that is etched in our memory Less known, however, is the photographer.Steve McCurry has made quite a name for himself His portraits are mesmerizing and are proof that a photo speaks 1,000 words As a photographer myself, I have appreciated his work for years My fav [...]


    McCurry is my favorite photographer, and this is probably my favorite of his collections The vibrancy of his portraits no photoshopping do not pull me into an exotic and foreign world they thrust it at me He so humanizes images that should be bizarre to my western mindset that I feel I highly identify with these strangers I could go on forever They are so beautiful.


    A fascinating collection of portraits that you will never get bored of, even if you ve seen them many times before

    Rebecca Harrison

    His work is amazing.

    Margarite Baltruweit

    McCurry s images are unique street portraits.

    Marguerita Gomez

    without written words to describe each portrait, you get a personal sense of what the person being photographed is feeling thinking at the exact moment the portrait was shot


    AMAZING photography, one of my favorite books ever

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