Jan 25, 2020
The Story of God, the Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible
Posted by Sean Gladding

The ever present ache of exile rises above the comforting sounds of the river, as the image of the house of the LORD in ruins breaks the peace Despite the warmth of the fire, he feels a chill He wraps his cloak around him and looks into the eager faces of his people, then closes his eyes Picture this scene Before the Bible was a book, it was flesh and bl The ever present ache of exile rises above the comforting sounds of the river, as the image of the house of the LORD in ruins breaks the peace Despite the warmth of the fire, he feels a chill He wraps his cloak around him and looks into the eager faces of his people, then closes his eyes Picture this scene Before the Bible was a book, it was flesh and blood In this book, you can travel with Sean Gladding between the lines of the Scriptures to listen in on the conversations of people wrestling with the Story of God for the first time Whether sitting around a campfire in Babylon, reclining at table in Asia Minor or huddled together by candlelight in Rome, you ll encounter a tale that is at once familiar and surprising The Story of God, the Story of Us can be read alone but is especially rich shared with a group Sean Gladding presents an account of the Bible that pays attention to its audience as well as its message He introduces you to people who may remind you of yourself or your family, friends and coworkers As much as the Bible is a story about God, it s also a story about you and all of us as we encounter God in a new way.

  • Title: The Story of God, the Story of Us: Getting Lost and Found in the Bible
  • Author: Sean Gladding
  • ISBN: 9780830836321
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Story of God the Story of Us Getting Lost and Found in the Bible The ever present ache of exile rises above the comforting sounds of the river as the image of the house of the LORD in ruins breaks the peace Despite the warmth of the fire he feels a chill He wraps


    The Bible is a long, complex and confusing book, especially those who are coming to it for the first time Many books try to explain the big story of the Bible This book is unique because it is written in narrative form Rather than simply reading about the history of Israel, the reader is invited around a campfire in ancient Babylon where a group of Jews in exile tell their story from creation to the catastrophe of sin, the call of Abraham, the miracle of the Exodus, the conquest of the land all [...]


    This is an evocative, lovely exploration of the idea that the Bible is telling one story, not a lot of disconnected, separate stories This idea of metanarrative is not new to me, but this quasi fictional approach with individuals telling the Story as might have happened at different points in history is a great way to flesh out what exactly that means I did like the Old Testament sections much than the New Testament ones, maybe because I know less about how the Old Testament fits together Reall [...]


    Sean s written a masterful overview of the Story of the Bible Far from drudgery, this retelling makes the story come alive You feel like you enter into the story in the same way you do in a good theater production What I liked was that it engaged my mind and my heart at the same time Makes me have a renewed interest in the Bible s story This seems to be the way the Bible SHOULD be read Materfully done.

    Nathan Tofteland

    A beautiful retelling of a story that is both familiar and refreshing The last page summarizes much of the message of the story of God My prayer is that you will choose the Story of God, and that you will come to experience the fullness of life in the new creation the forgiveness of sins, a return from the alienation of exile, and the vocation of partnering in the mission of God to heal and restore shalom to all that is broken in God s beautiful world.

    Alex Parrish

    This book is worth reading for many reasons For me, the top of that list is joining believers from other times, receiving a completely different perspective on the Bible that I have on my own Jewish captives hearing the Old Testament An early church, struggling to stay alive, hearing this strange story for the first time It takes me out of my context and puts me in theirs, causing me to rethink the assumptions I usually bring to reading scripture.And then there s Revelation Joining first and sec [...]


    It is so very nice to see a Christian work, analyzing the Bible, that does not take it literally, out of context, or apply its words directly to the reader s lives The Story of God is a fascinating and inspired retelling of this sacred story that I would highly recommend to anyone exploring Christianity who has not the time or courage for the Bible itself.


    With this the old man stands to stretch, glancing briefly at the young musician to see a thoughtful expression on his face Have you ever considered that our observance of the Sabbath is an act of defiance A smile spreads across the young man s face He had indeed been thinking that very thing and it was a thought that pleased him The Babylonians would have us work every day, and they view our taking one day in seven to rest with scorn a waste of time, unproductive, rebellious even Yet it is an im [...]

    Tim Beck

    the Story of God, the Story of Us is really a magnificent telling of a magnificent story it s storytelling at its best plain and simple Sean Gladding has taken the meta narrative found in the Scriptures and has written that story within the context and probability of how that story was once told, shared and remembered the imagery found in this book really is compelling the Old Testament stories, the stories of God s chosen, the Israelites, their plight, their exodus, their worship and their wand [...]


    Tell me a story We are people who love stories, and I would contend live in stories, either those we tell of ourselves or those we embrace This is a wonderful telling of the big story of scripture and how we might find ourselves in that story For the Old Testament portion, Gladding uses an elderly teacher of Israel and a young firebrand who are exiles in Babylon to tell the story For the New Testament, he uses two narrators, a woman host of a house church and a merchant converted through this ch [...]

    Joel Wentz

    There is a recent wave of interest in the story of God or in theological terms, the meta narrative of the Bible This is a good thing, and The Story of God, The Story of Us is a solid entry into this movement It focuses on being a creative, interesting retelling of the narrative, though there are significant theological assertions throughout I particularly appreciated the prominence of God s covenant faithfulness If you are new to thinking of the Bible as the Story of God , this is probably the [...]

    Linda Tiessen-Wiebe

    A good look at the big story underneath the collection of 66 books of the bible God is ultimately for creation and calls humanity to participate with God in taking care of creation Told by two narrators, one an old elder of Israel during the exile Babylon and the other a Jewish woman hosting an early house church, before the fall of Jerusalem The book brings in historical research, but not at the expense of telling the story And minor characters in the story give voice to questions we all have a [...]


    Thank you, Sean and Rebecca Gladding, for sharing your experience and understanding of The Story of God, the Story of Us As a lifelong Christ follower, I especially appreciate the very personal, relational, community focused setting in which you chose to enfold the lively telling I began reading as one who has read scriptures many times, not really expecting to find anything new but inside hoping deeply to be touched, encouraged, even re ignited by the love of our God He is at work through your [...]

    Patrick Mulcahy

    While not a literary masterpiece, this book does a very good job of telling the story of the Bible from beginning to end It would be a great book for someone seeking an overview of the Bible, for someone wanting to get the big picture of the story It also does a good job of showing how the parts of the story connect, and in particular how the New Covenant is the fulfillment of everything promised in the Old, rather than a different story Even for those familiar with the story, Gladding has provi [...]

    C. Christopher

    erbngdomnow review the In a nutshell Gladding s delightful telling of the scriptural story here is effective for energizing followers of Christ whether new or old as well as those who may not yet claim to follow Christ However, I think its compelling power, drawing us into the scriptural story, will be most effective among youth or others who are new to the faith.


    Mostly just a paraphrase of scripture I wish the author had resisted the urge to answer difficult questions about God, because his answers felt very pat and tidy God s ways are not our ways My frustrations were probably theological in nature, since I am not sure we can draw conclusions from all the stories in the bible like the narrator wanted to do Recommended for maybe good for a teenager wanting to put the story of the bible in a little context and chronological order.


    This is by far one of the most accessible and well thought out presentations of the biblical metanarrative I have come across It combines a good and balanced combination of Scripture and theological reflection creatively depicted through story and character dialogue.

    Melody Harrison Hanson

    This style of storytelling doesn t appeal to me But I liked the idea of it that the implementation The idea of knowing the Big Story of the Bible Would like to find other books that attempt this, that aren t narrative made up.

    Jim Vaden

    An excellent retelling of the grand narrative of Scripture, with enough detail to provide clarity and depth Would make a wonderful introduction to the biblical story as it invites one to not only study and reflect deeper, but to also go and tell the Story to others

    Brian Hui

    This is a compelling read, not just a summary of the Bible It retells the STORY 1 of the Old Testament through eyes of a Jewish community in Exile, and 2 of the New Testament through eyes of a curious seeker in first century Rome.


    A great example of doing narrative theology.

    Shaun Brown

    An interesting popular level introduction to the narrative of Scripture I would give it to new Christians or to those interested in better understanding the narrative arch of the Bible.

    Chad Cook

    A very refreshing read I thoroughly enjoyed it


    This was a great historically accurate reading of Scripture It especially opened my eyes to the original language involving relationship between man woman.


    Really enjoying the overarching story of the Bible in this narrative form.

    Anthony Parrott

    Great overview of Scripture Must read for anyone looking to understand the Bible s Grand Narrative.


    Incredible I would suggest this book to anyone It is a beautiful piece of literature and paints a great picture of the Story of God, which is also the Story of me.

    Rob Yackley

    A nicely written narrative that unites the full scope of scriptures as they were meant to be read into a story that connects the dots in both solidifying and fresh ways.

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