Feb 29, 2020
Rhyme Stew
Posted by Roald Dahl Quentin Blake

An irresistible, hilarious collection of ribald rhymes featuring characters from fairy tales, fables and nursery rhymes including Dick Whittington and his Cat , The Emperor s New Clothes and Hansel and Gretel The perfect treat for Dahl fans tall and small There is no end to the Dahl invention, and this will join all the other cherished favourites Quentin Blake isAn irresistible, hilarious collection of ribald rhymes featuring characters from fairy tales, fables and nursery rhymes including Dick Whittington and his Cat , The Emperor s New Clothes and Hansel and Gretel The perfect treat for Dahl fans tall and small There is no end to the Dahl invention, and this will join all the other cherished favourites Quentin Blake is his perfect illustrator Books.

  • Title: Rhyme Stew
  • Author: Roald Dahl Quentin Blake
  • ISBN: 9780140343656
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rhyme Stew An irresistible hilarious collection of ribald rhymes featuring characters from fairy tales fables and nursery rhymes including Dick Whittington and his Cat The Emperor s New Clothes and Hansel an

    Anna Kļaviņa

    Dick Whittington and His CatSt IvesA Hand in the BirdThe Tortoise and the HareThe Price of Debauchery Physical TrainingThe Emperor s New ClothesA Little Nut TreeThe Dentist and the CrocodileHot and ColdAli Baba and the Forty ThievesHey Diddle DiddleMary, MaryHansel and Gretel Aladdin and the Magic LampDahl didn t shy away from horror and violence in his stories for children, and in this collection of retold fairy tales he references to sexual harassment A Hand in the Bird, Physical Training, Hot [...]


    Review by my nine year old daughter This book is part of the reading challenge at my school This book s category is poetry.The very famous author Roald Dahl wrote Rhyme Stew Quentin Blake illustrated it.Roald Dahl is one of my all time favourite authors I ve read just about all his books like Matilda , BFG , Witches , and his boyhood autobiology And all the rest.This book is full of hilarious rhymes Roald Dahl has taken some well known fairy tales and made them rhyme as well as changing the punc [...]

    Sara WithoutAnH

    It was quite alright Just not my cup of tea

    Akhfhin Rahardhiyanto

    rated 3 5 starsSynopsis An illustrated collection of fifteen parodies ranging from skewered nursery rhymes to epic slapstick sagas.Review I ve never really enjoyed a book containing short stories but this one would probably be the one I like than others Rhyme Stew contains fifteen parodies of original short stories we know and love This is my first book by Roald Dahl and I can say that it wasn t a disappointment Mr Dahl has such a wild imagination when it comes to his stories.My favourite stori [...]

    Kayra Guven

    Growing up, Roald Dahl was one of my favourite authors and I loved all of his books I read this just for the fun of it and it made me feel quite nostalgic.


    I ve reached the point in my Year of Dahl that I m not even reading the backs to see what the book is about So I went into this one expecting a children s book of poetry, and suddenly I was reading about cannibalism and adultery and all kinds of themes that were handled with tact, but were of a slightly adult nature The back of the book does make it clear this is for older children and adults I absolutely loved this book It was so fun to read and I never knew what to expect in the next rhyme I [...]


    I remember having a copy of Roald Dahl s Revolting Rhymes when I was little but I ve never read this one.This one is aimed at older kids and adults It s laugh out loud funny and a bit dirty at times This is one that sounds great when read out loud Guaranteed to at least raise a smile.

    Shivani Sharma

    Okay so some of these are DEFINITELY NOT for children.


    Rhyme Stew is a collection of poems by Roald Dahl who has used a range of classic childrens stories and transformed them into short rhymes Such rhymes include the Emporors new clothes, Hansel and Gretel and the Hare and the Tortoise amongst many I enjoyed reading these rhymes because they tell a story whilst still keeping the reader interested I particularly enjoyed reading the rhyme based on the hare and the tortoise childrens story Although it has some similarities to the original story such [...]


    Not only did Roald Dahl write great short stories and children s books but his children s poetry is equally fun Rhyme Stew was one of the last things he published before he passed away in 1990 When compared to his fairy tale poems and dirty beasts, this collection is bawdy and ruder there s a poem of a woman taking off her clothes but, it s all in good fun The majority of the collection features retelling s of fairy tales my personal favourites being Aladdin and the tortoise and the Hare All ha [...]

    Hapsari Darmastuti

    This was so different from what I thought it would be This is a collection of Dahl s poems retelling fairy tales and I thought I was getting a children s poem I was wrong There s a LOT of dark themes discussed here like sexual harassment, adultery, sex, cannibalism, and a lot of other darker themes that children would not get The illustration by Quentin Blake is lovely as always and I find myself enjoying this than I would ever thought.


    Rhyme Stew is a collection of poems by Roald Dahl with illustrations by Quentin Blake The poems are humorous and imaginative The poems are based around a selection of children s stories This is a great book to introduce children to poems and rhyme in different forms and how they can be created from stories It will be a great resource when I am teaching my own class, especially in KS1 KS2.

    Matti Karjalainen

    Roald Dahl pist Riimih rk muusilla Art House, 2001 runoteoksessaan ranttaliksi Runojen aiheet vaihtelevat satujen uusiotulkinnoista mm Keisarin uudet vaatteet, Alladin, Hannu ja Kerttu pieniin kaksimielisiin tarinoihin Quentin Blaken kuvitus on riemukasta sekin Tuomas Nevanlinnan k nn kselle on nostettava hattua, ei ole varmaankaan ollut ihan helppoa py ritell Dahlin riimej suomeksi.


    I first came across Rhyme Stew when I was in year 2 I chose the longest poem in the book by my count then, it was the Tortoise and the Hare to present to my class for an assignment Over 13 years later, I still relish all of these poems with a lot insight into what they mean now than then as with many of his other books despite immensely enjoying it at the timeA testament to the diversity Roald Dahl s appeal

    Shreya Shreya

    Rhyme Stew might be labeled as a children s book, but this book is entertaining to people from all walks of life there are morals and there are evil twists and every work shows the unprecedented level of imagination Dahl had Poetry, to all those who believe need to rhyme, will have a perfect time reading it


    I loved this, I found it very funny my children were mildly amused This may have been in part the slightly old fashioned words and slang that they didn t understand and needed explaining The blurb on the back does suggest for older children as there was a bit of innuendo, and I would agree Long rhymes and short.


    Author Roald DahlIllustrator Quentin BlakeFirst published 1989A poetry collection with Dahl s nonsensical humour, taking well known children s fables, fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and twisting them They often include an adult twist Because the commentary on this book suggests adult concepts, I bought a kindle version for myself, and did not intend to read it aloud to the ankle biter I have since read a few selected poems to her.The kindle version is well formatted and includes all the black [...]


    I loved the story about the Tortoise and the Hare what a different, comical take on the story In this modernised version, neither the tortoise or the hare win The wise old businessman, The Rat, ends up being victorious in this version Aladdin and the Magic Lamp ends up with Aladdin asking to be djinn to make him into a djinn as well, as he would also like to travel the world and be able to grant people wishes A really different take on Aladdin, that makes you think as a child would, that grantin [...]

    Jantine Kampes

    Ik had dit boek als kind al, en mijn laatste herinnering dat ik het las was nog in het vorige huis van mijn ouders we verhuisden daar vandaan toen ik 9 was Ik heb het idee dat degene van wie ik het boek kreeg het niet eerst zelf gelezen heeft, anders had ik het waarschijnlijk nooit zo jong gelezen Na ef was ik natuurlijk ook nog, dus toen ik het net nog een keer las viel ik bijna van mijn stoel af Van verbazing, maar ook van het lachen want de dubbele bodem is wel heel erg duidelijk, en eigenlij [...]


    Runot on tosi hauskoja, mutta j ep selv ksi, mink ik isille kirja on tarkoitettu Mukana on ihan lasten satuja, mutta seassa on my s tosi pervoja tarinoita Kannessa on toki varoitus t st , mutta siit huolimatta ahdistelu tarinoita ei menisi oikeastaan mink n ik isille suosittelemaan.K nn s on t ss tosi hyv , yksi parhaita Kaikki runot oikeasti rimmaavat ja niiss on mukana Dahlin tyyliset sanak nteetkin Olisipa Dahlin toinenkin lasten nuorten runokirja k nnetty samalla laadulla.


    Not for kids



    Rumi Vd

    Read in dutch with my little girl, it was pourly translated, a couple fun rhymes but not enough Hope we like out next read better.


    Another fabulous quirky book written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake This book contains fifteen hysterically written, rhyming poems Roald Dahl has stamped his unique style and humor within each poem to create a lighthearted read whilst still enabling learning from each poem.Roald Dahl summaries previous told tales such as The Hare and the Tortoise and Hanzel and Gretel creating perfectly rhyming, funny poems although some of the subject matters in the poems may be slightly advance [...]

    Rumput Bergoyang

    Rhyme Stew merupakan kumpulan cerita sebagian besar berima dan dengan panjang variatif Bahkan sebagian mengategorikannya sebagai poetry Di bukunya ditulis buat teenage fiction, sih, memang ada beberapa yang nggak cocok buat anak anak Quentin Blake sebagai ilustrator juga berhasil menggambarkan cerita dengan bagus Saya familier dengan gambarnya karena buku Roald Dahl sebelumnya yang The Witches pun ilustratornya dia Jadi ini adalah buku kedua Roald Dahl yang saya baca, yay Seperti biasa, Roald Da [...]

    Nicholas Whyte

    nwhytevejournal 2780186mlA collection of poems by Dahl, ostensibly for children The longer poems, which are subversions of well known stories Dick Whittington, the Tortoise and the Hare, the Emperor s New Clothes, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Hansel and Gretel and Aladdin are generally much better than the short ones which seem too often to be doggerel encoding a club room joke, usually missing the mark of good taste let alone appeal to the target audience It is perhaps a product of a differe [...]

    Indah Threez Lestari

    711 2013Plesetan dongeng berima nya Mr Dahl kali ini termasuk cerita Dick Whittington dan kucingnya, Baju Baru Sang Kaisar, Ali Baba, Hansel Gretel, dan Aladdin.Kadang kadang masih ada jejak cerita asli dalam sajak sajaknya Mr Dahl ini, tapi lebih sering sih ceritanya menyimpang jauh banget.Ali Baba yang menggunakan kata ajaib Open Sesame untuk membuka semua pintu kamar di Hotel Ritz Aladdin yang minta dijadikan jin dan membantu seniman seperti Shakespeare dan Mozart If you re the djinn then whe [...]

    Selvianty Selvianty

    Apa buku ini udah diterjemahkan juga Taruhan, pasti lebih sulit nerjemahinnya daripada BFG Karena ini adalah kumpulan puisi yang berima Ada beberapa kisah2 legenda yg diceritakan ulang juga dalam bentuk puisi berima Makanya judul bukunya Rhyme Stew Rebusan berima Satu panci campur aduk ini merupakan salah satu kumpulan puisi Roald Dahl yang paling dikenal Dan ilustrasi Quentin Blake juga menyemarakkan buku ini.

    Holly Martin

    This collection of rhymes by Roald Dahl is suitable for the older reader, he puts a twist on some of the traditional tales such as Aladdin and Hansel and Grettel The rhymes included are quite humerous which children will find entertaining and also a great way to get children interested in poetry This is another good book to introduce to children when teaching poetry.Also a nice book to read to children at the end of the day as it is light hearted and fun.

    Leila Anani

    After Matilda I think Rhyme Stew was my favourite Roald Dahl as a child Revisiting it as an adult its actually quite risque in parts, but still bitingly funny Retold in rhyme we have Dick Whittington, The Hare and the Tortoise, the Emperor s New Clothes, Ali Baba, Aladdin and Hansel and Gretel as you ve never seen them before.Tremendous fun even now.

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