Jun 04, 2020
Hostile Witness
Posted by Rebecca Forster

When sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather, the chief justice of the California Supreme court, her distraught mother turns to her old college roommate, Josie Baylor Bates, for help Josie, once a hot shot criminal defense attorney, left the fast track behind for a small practice in Hermosa Beach, California But Hannah SheratonWhen sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather, the chief justice of the California Supreme court, her distraught mother turns to her old college roommate, Josie Baylor Bates, for help Josie, once a hot shot criminal defense attorney, left the fast track behind for a small practice in Hermosa Beach, California But Hannah Sheraton intrigues her and, when the girl is charged as an adult, Josie cannot turn her back But the deeper she digs the Josie realizes that politics, the law and family relationships create a combustible and dangerous situation When the horrible truth is uncovered it can save Hannah Sheraton or destroy them both This story was inspired by a case my husband handled As a superior court judge he had to sentence a minor to life in prison It made me wonder how I felt about minors arrested for violent crimes Are they most vulnerable among us capable or horrible violence, perceived as adults and yet emotionally still children Rebecca Forster An enthralling read, with colorful, well developed characters and the unique atmosphere of the California beach communities Nancy Taylor Rosenberg Blending complex psychological character portraits with spot on accurage courtroom drmaa, Forster s riveting legal thriller keeps the plot twists coming until the last, satisfying page Alafair Burke

  • Title: Hostile Witness
  • Author: Rebecca Forster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hostile witness legal definition of hostile witness Hostile Witness A witness at a trial who is so adverse to the party that called him or her that he or she can be cross examined as though called to testify by the opposing party The Federal Rules of Evidence provide that witnesses who are hostile, or adverse, can Hostile witness Hostile Witness May , Hostile Witness is nothing great or profound by any means but makes for a good, old fashioned courtroom drama mystery of people found this Hostile Witness Definition, Examples, Cases, Processes Hostile Witness Definition of Hostile Witness by Merriam Hostile witness definition is witness in a legal case who supports the opposing side. HOSTILE WITNESS A Josie Bates Thriller The Witness Hostile Witness is a courtroom drama that follows Josie, a lawyer who is cntacted by her old college room mate, Linda for help with Linda s daughter, Hannah Hannah is a suspect in the case of her grandfather in law s murder He died in suspicious circumstances, with a head wound which someone had tried to cover up by starting a fire. Watch Hostile Witness Prime Video Like many courtroom thrillers, Hostile Witness features a defendant against whom there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and who seemingly has no chance of acquittal The twist in this movie is that the defendant is Crawford himself. Hostile Witness Witness, by Rebecca Forster Feb , HOSTILE WITNESS An adverse witness who is known to offer prejudicial evidence as a result of adverse interest or bias Blacks Law Dictionary When Judge Fritz Rayburn, California Supreme Court Justice, is suddenly killed in a fire at his home, the whole state was in mourning.

    Hostile Witness When sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather the chief justice of the California Supreme court her distraught mother turns to her old college roommate Jos


    I really enjoy legal thrillers and was looking forward to digging in to this novel After just a few pages, I almost put it away for good, but being a little OCD, I couldn t stand the thought of not finishing a book, so I continued It did start to get better about halfway through, but I don t think I will read any of the series I can not decide if I like her style of writing it seemed quite inconsistent to me some parts of the story line were well thought out and interesting while other parts me [...]


    This manuscript is an adequate first draft version of what could have become a good novel if the author had been willing to spend some time revising and editing There was actually a good nugget of a plot, and the characters were interesting and fairly complex The remainder of this review is a giant however The tone of the book was very inconsistent Some passages of dialogue and narration were written with clarity and facility, while other passages could have come from the pencil of a third grade [...]

    Debra Martin

    From the moment the book opened with 16 year old Hannah Sheraton being processed into the women s prison, I was hooked.When Hannah s mother begs her old college roommate, Josie Bates, to defend her daughter, Josie is caught up in a complicated legal situation Was this a simple case of a rebellious teenager acting out or was there an underlying reason for the girl s obsessive compulsive actions These are the issues that Josie must uncover if she is to mount a credible defense for Hannah.Throughou [...]

    Lewis Weinstein

    This is a terrific read, with a challenging premise and characters who are well developed, with than enough strengths and flaws to make them seem very real human beings Some GR reviewers said they figured out who done it early in the story I never try to do that, finding it enjoyable to let the author bring me along for the ride In a murder mystery, the pleasure for me is in the steps taken to work out the solution than in the solution itself And if I had guessed, I would have gotten it wrong [...]

    Robin Webster

    Josie Baylor Bates used to be a high profile lawyer, but resigned from her law firm after a female client she successfully defended killed her children after walking free Josie was racked with guilt and couldn t get it off of her mind She then wanted nothing than to work as a lawyer in a low profile law firm in Hermosa Beach, California However, all that was about to change when an old college roommate turns up at her door for help Her sixteen year old daughter has been arrested for the murder [...]

    Stephen Clynes

    Did Hannah Sheraton start the fire that killed her step grandfather Justice Fitz Rayburn Josie Baylor Bates, a friend of Hannah s mother, defends her daughter.This story slowly unfolds in the court and with Josie s investigations outside Very little is said between Hannah and Josie You are unsure of her guilt and Hannah believes her problems will blow away You do not develop an empathy for Hannah because she does not co operate fully with Josie This crime thriller is basically a court room drama [...]

    Shelagh Rice

    Anyone looking for a Courtroom Drama needs to go no further I really enjoyed this book, I received this free so decided to start it and see I was hooked It is not just a story of a crime, an investigation, a trial and a conviction, it is so much A sixteen year old girl with a lot of problems is accused of killing her grandfather A mother desperate to save her child begs an old school friend to help and defend her A defense attorney who has given up the bright light cases for peace and quiet But [...]

    Shawn Davis

    Josie is a lawyer, and a very good one So good, in fact, that she even managed to get a not guilty verdict for a guilty client who then murdered her own children.Josie decided not to practice criminal law ever again Until her best college friend showed up desperate, needing Josie to represent her daughter Hannah who has been accused of murdering her step grandfather And that step grandfather just happens to be a famous and politically active California judge.Hannah is not easy to represent she h [...]

    Lorraine Cobcroft

    When am esteemed Californian judge is murdered and his home burned, his troubled step granddaughter is the prime suspect Attorney Josie Baylor Bates has a hundred reasons not to take on this case, and her handling of it opens her to public condemnation and private torment, but for some reason she just can t let it go Lawyers are supposed to be detached For Josie, this is very personal I predicted the ending What was obviously intended to be a surprise twist was a little too obvious in my opinion [...]

    Karen Perkins

    Hannah is a tattooed, multi pierced 16 year old with OCD and a mother who does not understand the concept of love We meet her after she has been arrested for murder and thrown into prison Josie is a big shot defence lawyer who, after successfully defending a guilty woman who went on to kill again, has run away from her old life to practice law in a small town, where her toughest case is to defend a weenie wagger and convincing him to keep his trousers on when in public Josie is also Hannah s onl [...]


    I downloaded this free book and found myself immediately welcomed into Josie, Hannah, and Archer s world The characters become friends who I wanted to be in constant contact with just like family or neighbors The dust bunnies multiplied as I finished one book in the series and downloaded the next Rebecca s characters are very realistic and complicated, making then extremely life like The movie played vividly in my head as I turned the pages andI felt like I was on Hermosa Beach Definitely worth [...]

    Alan Cook

    The action and the suspense are non stop in this courtroom drama Sometimes you d like to get relief from the tension, but that never happens However, it s a difficult book to put down, and I was especially rooting for Hannah, the teenager accused of murder who was being treated badly by practically everybody, including her step grandfather, the man who is murdered.

    Kat Collins

    Usually when a book is free for Kindle on , I m a bit skeptical of how good it s going to be And some I ve read that were free have proven that point Yet, Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster reminded why I keep pursuing free books because every now and then, you ll find a gem I fell in love with this book It was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat Synopsis per , When sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather, the chief justice of the California S [...]

    Joe Kovacs

    I have also published this book review on my blog, writeplaceblog Please check it out and subscribe if you re interested in writing, or literary and horror fiction.There is a reason Josie Baylor Bates isn t a criminal defense attorney any And everything seems to be working out with her life just fine, thank you very much She s about to be made partner in a small, inconspicuous law firm serving no one controversial, and she s got her home and her dog to keep her company in Hermosa Beach, Californ [...]

    Christina (Ensconced in Lit)

    I got this as a free book off of.It s been a while since I ve read a page turner one that I had to stay up late reading just to race to the end This was one of those novels From the initial meeting of Linda, a past roommate with an intriguing proposal, to meeting her defendant, Hannah and to revealing the rest of the ragtag band of screwed up characters, they were all fascinating characters I loved the fast paced courtroom drama I definitely have a soft spot for those I loved the dramatic moment [...]

    Adele Symonds

    This is a well written book with an engaging plot It was clear to me from very early on that there were going to be some interesting twists and this was so The plot draws you in immediately and never let s go its grip of you.Hannah is a character who I immediately felt for and I was with her all the way through the novel Josie was also a very good character with her own unresolved issues which play an integral part in the plot Most of the other characters were people who I would not like if I me [...]


    I loved this story and was instantly intrigued from page 1 There is foul language through out not something I really enjoyed But I was way too interested in the story to stop reading or even to skip to the end I wanted every detail I like how the book is told in multiple points of view I felt like I got to know the characters much better, though some of them I really didn t like and eventually hated as things played out But the main three women, the accused 16 year old, her mother and the attorn [...]


    Better than your average legal thriller even though it is still fairly predictable Maybe it is because the main character is so likable or that the 16 year old girl she defends seems so messed up because of her mom I don t know.Forster isn t a great writer or anything In fact, I found a number of grammatical errors missing apostrophes mostly , but I never know if that is because I am reading a digital version or if the author and editor really missed them As I said the book is pretty predictable [...]

    Gregg Jamback

    I couldn t get past the author s motivation for her main character Josie In short, she made Josie a highly successful defense attorney who gave up defense work when she got off a woman who then, after gaining her freedom, killed her children The running theme throughout the book then became that Josie could only defend someone who she believed was innocent.No defense attorney I have ever met has had that attitude.And then, of course, yes, I m going to give away the ending Josie is proven right w [...]


    Another damned crime novel where the heroine lawyer is a beautiful, six foot, legendary sand volleyball champ, with a hot cop boyfriend who totally adores her The story is mundane and as predictable as rain The writing is pedestrian and boring The author keeps inserting romance novel dreck which is one of my pet peeves There are cliches than all the tea in china See what I did there Sorry, but this one is a loser.

    Thom Swennes

    HOSTILE WITNESS An adverse witness who is known to offer prejudicial evidence as a result of adverse interest or bias Black s Law Dictionary When Judge Fritz Rayburn, California Supreme Court Justice, is suddenly killed in a fire at his home, the whole state was in mourning Sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton, Judge Rayburn s step granddaughter, is arrested and charged with complicity in his tragic death She is charged with murder and the D.A is intending on trying her as an adult Hannah isn t a ty [...]


    This story blew me away I thought the first chapter or two was slow to start but after that then it is a page turner I started and could not stop If I had known this was a female sleuth legal thriller I would have torn through these books several years ago, instead of waiting.This review will be a little different I will answer thediscussion guidequestions with my opinions 1.Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults Should chronological age enter into the discussion given the [...]

    Margaret Wichorek

    Very good legal thriller about a 16 year old girl, who is accused of murdering her step grandfather, who just happens to be the Chief Justice of the Cal Supreme Court Her mother turns to Josie Bates, a lawyer, who used to be her roommate mate in college The girl has many mental problems Probably due to the awful childhood she went through with her highly erratic mother She is also a very talented artist Josie takes the case and discovers many very dark secrets in her family This is a very fast p [...]

    John S. Simcox

    Not good Unrealistic Misanthropic Did not like this novel Author paints an unrealistic picture of trial practice Lawyers don t investigate central case facts after trial has begun, but that s what Josie Bates does And in Josie s world all men are evil, manipulative, and sadistic Even seemingly respectable males serving as lawyers and judges cannot be trusted In Josie s reality such men actually prey on women and girls by slicing them with knives, burning them with hair dryers, breaking their tee [...]


    I enjoyed this one a lot More than the legal thriller I was expecting.

    Karen Taintor

    Fast read Too many clues left lying around Paced well Nice beach book Doesn t really require a lot Just a little fun in Hermosa


    A tightly woven plot, strong characterisation and a dramatic storyline combine to make HOSTILE WITNESS, by Rebecca Forster, a compelling, exciting read.Other reviewers have commented on this title s page turning qualities This was one novel that not only did I lose sleep for, but it accompanied me to the supermarket, car repairer and was propped on the kitchen bench while I supervised dinner preparation Its plot was well paced and did not get bogged down with unnecessary waffle, unlike other nov [...]


    Josie Baylor Bates has retreated from high profile criminal cases after successfully defending a woman who went on to kill her children after her acquittal When an old college friend arrives at her door begging her to defend her daughter Josie intends to pass the case on to someone else but finds herself intrigued by her beautiful but delicate client 16 year old Hannah is accused of killing her step grandfather, a supreme court chief justice Her mother and step father seem to accept her guilt an [...]


    This book was a frustrating read As a career criminal defense lawyer, and an aficionado of crime fiction, I like the genre However this wasn t much than an awkward first draft of a mystery novel, and the outcome was tediously predictable Our protagonist is a 40 year old lawyer, who feels guilty about winning a big case, after which time her client murders her children Therefore she refuses herself to a coastal California town, and sets up a safe practice dealing with mundane problems of ordinar [...]

    Max Read

    A legal thriller, crime mystery series Her marriage to a Superior Court Judge is no doubt helpful when writing legal thriller novels as Rebecca Forster does To her own credit, she holds a BA and MBA from Loyola University and teaches at UCLA writers program.Forster s legal thrillers star attorney Josie Baylor Bates and her love interest Archer, a retired cop In this novel, Hostile Witness , Josie is recruited by an old college roommate to represent her daughter who is accused of setting a fire t [...]

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