Dec 01, 2020
The Mystery of Cabin Island
Posted by Franklin W. Dixon

The Mystery of Cabin Island Hardy Boys, Book 8

  • Title: The Mystery of Cabin Island
  • Author: Franklin W. Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780448089089
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Mystery of Cabin Island The Mystery of Cabin Island Hardy Boys Book

    Michael Finocchiaro

    Another thrilling adventure for Frank and Joe with the friends Biff and Chet This time they are using an iceboat being a Southerner, I didn t even know they existed and camping in a cabin on Cabin Island with two mysteries to solve They have to fight off some rowdy no gooders in Ike and Nash and a pretty insistent bad guy Hanleigh as well as ghosts and ferocious snowstorms So far, one of my son and I d favorite Hardy Boy stories full of twists and excitement and Chet s pancakes Loved it


    This was the first Hardy Boy that I read, and I am glad I did because years ago when I tried to read one of these Hardy Boy books there was just too much action for me to believe what was happening, that is, every time they turned around something bad was happening to one of them So far, I have not found that to be true of the ones that McFarlane wrote, but I have not read them all The long cold snap had caused rejoicing in the hearts of the young folk of Bayport Although the ice in mid bay was [...]

    Kristine Hansen

    I loved this book and a lot of the reason was that I was lucky enough to read the 1929 version Lots of differences the first being that Frank and Joe are age 16 and 15 respectively in the older books, instead of the 18 17 age they are in newer reprints.The mystery is simple and honestly this book is a wintertime camping adventure, which I enjoyed too The clues kept one guessing, and ok some of it was a bit obvious, but the pacing was swift and we still got to spend a considerable amount of time [...]


    3.5 stars rounded up to four.This was my first adventure with the Hardy Boys, but first a side story Review for this book marked below in bold if you want to skip to it Mama was thinning out her books, so I snatched up the first two Hardy Boys mysteries because I had always wanted to try them again The Tower Treasure and The House on the Cliff I gave the first one a whirl when I was a kid, but it just didn t take for some reason Then I embarked on my own mystery adventure before I started readin [...]


    Didn t like this one as much as the other Hardy Boys mystery I read It was just really hard to follow the story and I don t know why I did love the one character s obsession with food and eatingd his hiding those sandwiches for a midnight snack but then he ended up sharing when the rest of their food was stolen hilarious


    One of the best Hardy Boys Books Great book for Christmas Lots of adventure for all mystery lovers.


    This one was great fun and now I have a strange desire to go ice sailing

    Emily V

    I think this is a fun wintery book for everyone and anyone to read

    Angela Watson

    The Mystery of Cabin Island by Franklin W Dixon is about two brothers Joe Hardy and Frank Hardy and their friends Chet and Biff It is Christmas time, and the boys are out for Christmas break and have been given permission to stay at a private island owned by Mr Jefferson While the boys and their friends head out to Cabin Island for the break they are looking for a lost medal collection of Mr Jefferson s, as well as for his missing grandson Johnny Jefferson But as they soon come to realize, Hanle [...]

    Ruthie Jones

    I read the Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew when I was a child The stories are old fashioned, but that s why I like them so much.


    Really intense and was really a mystery I m gonna stick with this seriesReally good my name is bunn Bob hook look noon diem dude many good have toot root foot are is


    I have no idea what I just listened to XD Honestly, I don t know Only read this well listened on audio for the Hunger Games challenge, so yeah no clue p I liked that view spoiler they always wanted to do the right thing, and that they weren t all perfect They weren t scared of nothing hide spoiler One thing I didn t like was how view spoiler they acted a little uppity at times hide spoiler I like how even though this one s 8 it still made sense I didn t know much about the characters, but I stil [...]


    Another fun mystery, with lots of inclement weather, ice boat attacks and Chet s excellent cooking The boys encounter a trespasser on Mr Jefferson s island and they get all fist a cuffs, but never use unnecessary force An Arab named Yussef is running around in the snow, a con man is running an international scam, and the Hardys crack the case again

    Gail Buckley

    Adorable I read all the Nancy Drew s when I was younger and only picked up this Hardy Boys because I was on vacation and I forgot to bring a book and this was in the house It was suspenseful and gave a sense of adventure for the youngsters just like I remember Nancy Drew It was a hark back to my childhood and I now may have to read some of the the Hardy s adventures.

    Dan Kelly

    Frank and Joe pull off another caper with The Mystery of Cabin Island, a not bad if meandering addition to the Hardy oeuvre If you re a fan of claustrophobic winter thrillers where no one gets murdered, but where ice boats are slightly damaged and groceries are scattered, you will enjoy this book.This installment in the Hardy saga spends most of its time describing Frank, Joe, Chet, their other friend not the Italian with the boat, the other guy Biff Tyrion , a ghost, a lost rich teenager, and t [...]

    Ethan Hulbert

    I love island mysteries This one has a ton of stuff I love, the prowlers, the warnings, the suspense Good story.


    A marvelous mystery for the student who likes adventure, but does not like to read.

    David Hardy

    Kids loved it Plenty of twists, turns, and drama.

    Lynn Hartter

    I re read this recently, as an adult collector, because I usually re read a book when I pick up a different edition, in this case, an original text volume One of the favorites of adult fans of the series, the original 25 chapter Cabin Island caused me to go huh a couple times the fact that several teens spend all of their Christmas holiday away from their home albeit a few miles across the bay, but still was the main cause for suspension of disbelief I remember reading the original 25 chapter bo [...]

    Aiden R

    The Mystery of Cabin IslandBy Franklin W DixonFranklin Dixon does a good job on his books.I never read something like this book with detail of the Mystery of Cabin Island I was not interested in a book that talks about mystery and then I started to read this book i m interested in mysteries now I wanted to read a book about mysteries and i found this one I want to read this one because i like cabins and i want to know what is going on the island that the cabin is on Know i like mystery books.I [...]

    Catherine Woodman

    The classic boy detectives by Frank Dixon I read ALL of them in my younger years, one I ran out of Nancy Drew books The Hardy Boys are brother amateur detectives, aspiring to follow in their famous father s footsteps Frank Hardy is the elder of the two and has dark hair Joe Hardy is the younger brother, and has blond hair and blue eyes The stories are an unaging series, in which Frank and Joe are always 18 and 17 years of age, respectively In the original series the brothers were a younger 16 an [...]


    Great book

    Alexander Dutra

    The Mystery of Cabin Island Hardy Boys, 8 by Franklin W Dixon was a very interesting and thrilling book At the point when the Hardy Boys get Mr Jefferson s stolen car, he awards the Hardy s with an island Cabin Island While there, the boys are to help capture two waiting mysteries The adventure starts for the Hardy boys after they ride their ice watercraft to Cabin Island when a stranger requests them to get off the island Harm to the Sea Gull, danger to themselves and a ghost doesn t scare Fran [...]


    It all started out from a well done crime case mystery when the boys got a vacation offer little knowing for a mystery The boys Frank and Joe called there friends Biff and Chet and asked if they wanted to go to a Cabin with them and of course they said yes Frank and Joe were so thrilled about there vacation So they went to look around before staying there was a man there without permission who yelled at them to leave So with one swift punch Biff hit him and the boys scrammed All they boys though [...]


    Frank and Joe Hardy and their chums are given permission to spend a week of the winter break after Christmas in a cabin on Cabin Island as a reward for the owner s car being recovered in a previous book The owner, Elroy Jefferson, asks them to look for clues regarding the owner s missing grandson and some missing medals that he owns The have two near accidents in the iceboat because of two delinquent teenagers, who have been helping a bad guy try to steal something from the island The boys have [...]

    David Hines

    I first read The Mystery of Cabin Island on a cold winter night about 35 years ago and on this cold winter night decided to relive my childhood re reading it The Hardy Boys are a little dated in dialouge and technology and vary considerably in quality from book to book, but this is one of the better ones and I daresay even a modern kid might still enjoy reading the Hardy s winter adventure in a cabin on an isolated island If you like the Hardy Boys you will enjoy this book I even plan to track d [...]

    David Ballesteros

    The book Mystery of Cabin Island is a great book The mystery starts when the Hardy s two teen boys and their friends Chet and Biff go on a winter vacation in a cabin When they enter, a scary man trys to get rid of the group of friends The Hardy s wonder why that man is there Soon, they figure out that the man is Hanliegh, a known criminal for stealing medals They also find out that the man was there to find hidden medals in the cabin The Hardy s capture the criminal and find the medals hidden in [...]


    After doing a favor for someone, the Hardy boys get offered a few weeks at a private cabin on a private island and of course they take Biff and Chet The funny thing is, the gift comes with a mystery attached, well actually two, one the owners medals are missing and so is his grandson.ey didn t go missing at the same time, so the grandfather figures the grandson is out trying to be a detective and find the medals which were stolen There is a ghost involved and several mysteries within mysteries.

    Edward Davies

    So the boys are told that they guy they have seen sneaking around on Cabin Island is wanted by the FBI, but they don t bother to report his presence And these kids are supposed to be super sleuths Fair enough when they re investigating a potential smuggler or whatever, but not when we re talking about a dangerous wanted criminal Maybe they should do the right thing and report these criminals when they know they ve already committed a crime Still, kids will like this story of kids overcoming adul [...]


    I have no business, as a 34 year old woman, reading a Hardy Boys mystery I used to be a huge Nancy Drew fan as a kid, and I think that s why, when I found this book during our great book purge, I decided to read it before getting rid of it I don t think I ll be picking up another Hardy Boys mystery any time soon I did enjoy, however, the fact that the boys friends were named Chet and Biff How dated and waspy

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