Apr 04, 2020
A História do Tó Gatinho
Posted by Beatrix Potter Rita Vanez

O T Gatinho muito traquinas, e a Senhora Gata Malhada ter de ter muita paci ncia para as brincadeiras dos filhos

  • Title: A História do Tó Gatinho
  • Author: Beatrix Potter Rita Vanez
  • ISBN: 9789722628198
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Hist ria do T Gatinho O T Gatinho muito traquinas e a Senhora Gata Malhada ter de ter muita paci ncia para as brincadeiras dos filhos


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    I love the Beatrix Potter stories, and this is no different Tom Kitten and his siblings, Mittens and Moppet are sent outside to play until their mother s company comes for tea They get dirty and lose their clothes The kittens miss out on tea, and are sent to their rooms in punishment Naughty kittens


    Does someone remember the movie Despicable Me made by Disney One fine movie and it had an adorable scene of the 3 girls being read a book by their despicable and conniving adopted father The story that was read to them had three little kittens who were forced to go to bed by their mother Let me reproduce the little poem here 3 little kittens loved to play,They had fun in the sun all day,Then their mother came out and say,Time for kittens to go to bed.3 little kittens started to brawl, mummy we a [...]


    Traditionally I start the year with a Beatrix Potter, I believe this is my 7th story now so several to go As a child, although loving to read, I was not familiar with the Beatrix Potter books, so I m catching up.This is a sweet little story about three naughty little kittens up to mischief, helped by a couple of ducks, in short I admire Beatrix Potter for her career, her creativity and I love the cute little drawings 3.5 stars for me.


    Firstly, I love the names of Mittens, Tom Kitten, and Moppet I also like words like pinafores that take me back to author Potter s time As for the puddle ducks, well aren t they clever, only Mr Drake puddle duck is cheeky to put Tom s clothes on himself rather than on Tom Oh what fun to revisit these books that I loved as a girl


    His hat fell off, and the rest of his buttons burst Isn t that a great line


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    One of the books I will be teaching this year.


    This edition of Tom Kitten is different in that the illustrations are not by Beatrix Potter but have been created for the 1990s TV series The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends This does not detract from the tale or its visual appeal, for the illustrations have their own charm and suit the book perfectly.In this story there were three little kittens, Mittens, Moppet and Tom Kitten who used to roll about and play in the dust and dirt One day their mother, Mrs Tabitha Twitchit, was expecting friend [...]


    A cute story about the kids getting all messy while waiting for their mom to have friends over for a dinner party Very cute story Enjoyable.

    Leigha"s Little Library

    I decided to do some rereads of Beatrix Potter I loved them as a child, and still enjoy them as an adult.


    Ah, those silly kittens Serves them right, the ducks waddling off with their clothes

    Aldon Rau

    It is not always easy to find something to read at our house Reading material is plentiful, but oftentimes immediately after I settle upon a book, some family member discovers that he or she is in dire need of that exact volume Hence, I have been forced to adopt some stealthy methods of getting my fair share of literary diversion.For example, today my sister was sitting on the couch, having The Tale of Tom Kitten read to her by our mother These small volumes are favorites of my sister as she is [...]


    Those poor little kittens, expecting to walk on their hind legs in fancy clothes outdoors and stay clean More than they can handle.I chuckled when I realized what her explanation was for why ducks put their heads under the water with their tails up in the air.I love how Potter s different stories connect in unexpected ways, carrying characters from one to another, here and there, popping up like old friends where you don t expect them.

    Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)

    Trying to antropomorphize you cute kittens with clothes seems crazy, but then Tom s mother also beats him on a side note, I loved my Tom Kitten toy when I was little and was always taking his clothes off, because he just wanted to be a cat

    monica ♪

    Very cute story I own kittens too and one of them named Tom as well And they re all very naughty I always feel so exhausted every time I m done catsitting them.So I know how does it feel to be Mrs Tabitha Twitchit LOL


    A delightful journey back into childhood So innocent and funny


    Another sweet story of mischievous young disobeying mama The kittens lose their nice attire while playing outside and some ducks come along and don them Nicely illustrated and written.


    Classic Potter.

    Maria Carmo

    Reading Beatrix Potter because I saw the movie about her and was delighted by her sensible delicacy and mixture of imagination and pragmatism.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 2 February 2015.

    Kimberley doruyter

    if you know you naughty kittens don t let them out when they have to stay clean

    Octavia Cade

    Compared to its sequel and my all time favourite Beatrix Potter book The Tale of Samuel Whiskers this is perhaps a little bit disappointing, being nowhere near as creepily awesome Taken on its own, however, it s a perfectly charming little book, even if the kittens unsurprisingly behave exactly as kittens do when dressed, by which I mean they are total disasters I still remember my younger sister trying to stuff a cat into a doll s dress It did not turn out well for her she should have recalled [...]

    Rose English

    Book 89 of my ChallengeOf all the British Fashion Designer Collection this is my all time favourite the beautiful hardback cover is bright and reminds me of Mondrian The designer is The Rodnik Band here I need to delve a little deeper I feel another book purchase coming on LOLOh whilst the outside cover is by a British designer the internal images are still true to Beatrix, stunning I never tire of looking at them.


    Tom Kitten is one VERY naughty kitten who doesn t follow his mama s instructions and gets himself into all sorts of close calls with the farmer down the lane Cute story that had me pointing out all of the things that he shouldn t be doing when reading with my nephew.

    Đinh Mỹ hạnh

    D th ng d man may nh c M t s ch s confession khai s ng cho m nh v t c gi n y


    Fatty little kittens waddling around with their buttons bursting off What s not to love

    Indah Threez Lestari

    297 2017

    Jade Evans

    What a chunky little cutie Tom Kitten is.


    Adorable and the illustrations were super cute

    Miranda Malonka

    Another weird moral story.

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