Oct 01, 2020
Fully Engaged
Posted by Eve Gaddy

Their passion is one fire they can t put out.Nine years ago, he left her alone and pregnant Now he s back.When hotshot firefighter Callie Kilpatrick gets a new partner, he s the last man she ever wanted to meet again Rick Montana, the man she once loved and planned to marry, the man who left her without explanation Rick resurrects all the old, unresolved feelings she haTheir passion is one fire they can t put out.Nine years ago, he left her alone and pregnant Now he s back.When hotshot firefighter Callie Kilpatrick gets a new partner, he s the last man she ever wanted to meet again Rick Montana, the man she once loved and planned to marry, the man who left her without explanation Rick resurrects all the old, unresolved feelings she had for him Though she never told him about her pregnancy, she blames him for the loss of their child As for Rick, he s never forgotten Callie But as her anger singes him, he wonders if he ll ever be able to get past the walls she s built around her heart When they must work together to discover a murderer, they discover that passion still burns hot between them.

  • Title: Fully Engaged
  • Author: Eve Gaddy
  • ISBN: 9780373709625
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
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    Fully Engaged Their passion is one fire they can t put out Nine years ago he left her alone and pregnant Now he s back When hotshot firefighter Callie Kilpatrick gets a new partner he s the last man she ever want

    Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

    The mystery part of this was surprisingly strong for this kind of romance there wasn t a large pool of suspects, so complete surprise was off the table, but it still worked with different touches mysterious notes, red herrings, suspicious coincidences What didn t work was the romantic element Rick was irritating he constantly called her one of three things Darlin , Sugar, or Killer as an old nickname His attitude irritated me with his reasoning for leaving her without telling her, then jealousy [...]


    It s been two years since Callie watched her fiance die in a wildfire, but her heartache began long before then Now time has caught up with her, and her past looks sexier than ever in the form of her first love, Rick Montana Both of them are harboring secrets, but she won t listen to his reasons for ending their engagement all those years ago Rick wants a second chance with her, but with the rumor of a serial arsonist on the loose, one who may have been responsible for the death of her fiance, s [...]


    My problem with some romance is that the authors try to push too much toward some kind of fantasy we women have , according to same authors So we have books full of Seals, firefighters, special ops, special whatever you want I m not a fan, so I try to avoid some of them, but my pitfall are offers and so here we are.Why do I have a problem, you might ask Because the stories are never real enough to be believable Here we are presented the special ops of firefighters, the uber firefighter group, th [...]


    3 1 2 Stars After recovering from a knee injury that ended her ski career, Callie followed her brother s footsteps and became a hot shot firefighter, soon becoming a member of the elite wildfire fighter team, Los Lobos When her fiance dies in a fire set by an arson, Callie pushes for answers but now two years later it seems everyone just wants to sweep it all under the carpet Without the adrenalin rush from fighting fires and her obsession to find Johnny s killer, Callie had no purpose That is u [...]

    Nicci ☞ Hell Raisin Sugar☜

    First of all, I want to point out that this is not a new release This a re release of a book originally published back in 2001 by Harlequin Books You know that feeling you get sometimes reading an old Harlequin It feels stale and dated, a bit hokey Yeah, never got that here, so it was either well written to begin with or the author has done some updating.The premise is nothing new or earth shattering Boy meets girl, they fall in love, get engaged, misunderstandings arise, boy leaves girl in the [...]


    Loved the premise hotshot crews make for some good drama but wasn t thrilled with the story It s probably a style issue, but the various plot issues were too much I also felt like the tension between Rick and Callie was too, well, one dimensional There was a lot of Rick pushing her buttons, her yelling at him, he kisses her, she melts then freezes him out Over and over and over and over Finally, she tells him how much he hurt her and why Even then, Rick takes forever to spill his side of the sto [...]


    When a romantic suspense novel is written correctly, the reader doesn t fully grasp who the bad guy is until right before it s too late, neither do the good characters in the book Fully Engaged is definitely a prime example of what romantic suspense is supposed to look like.Callie lost her fianc two years ago in a fire It was arson and the case was never properly investigated Callie, her brother and Sean, her best friend were working on it behind the scenes, but weren t getting anywhere She got [...]


    As a daughter of a retired Fire Chief I have always like firefighters and romance When I was luck enough to read this title from NetGalley I was thrilled and started reading right away I feel in love with Callie right away a strong woman who had some issues but who wouldn t have her fianc e passed away in a fire Then Rick comes back into the picture after running off and canceling their weeding over 9 years ago How can Callie get through her grief and find out what Rick wants while having him as [...]

    Trish R.

    Just ok for meGood story but I wish they had resolved the death of Johnny much sooner Lordy, I got real sick of seeing his name on every other page And I was a lot tired of Callie s obsession with a man who d been dead for 2 years when Rick came back into her life AND he put off telling her the truth about why he left her 9 years age until almost 90% of the book As good as the story was it had a little too much angst for me, it just went on and on.I like the mystery that went on and the secondar [...]

    Claire Robinson

    Callie has been hurt in the past, has had her heart broken than once Firstly when Rick broke off their engagement 9 years ago, and now by the death of her fiance Johnny in a forest fire she was fighting with him and their team, the Los Lobos Hotshots.Rick after all this time decides to come looking for her, and after spending 3 years training in California, joins her team and is partnered with Callie Sparks fly, and Callie struggles to deny that she still has feelings for him She is also still [...]


    I felt there was a lot of blaming the victim going on in this story In order to make the hero sympathetic the heroine was thrown under the bus time and again for things that were not her fault The hero walked out on her yet whined about it as if he had no responsibility for his actions The heroine s friends play devil advocate time and again Well with friends and family like this, who need enemies I thought this book had an unsympathetic hero paired with a semi likable heroine, I would have lik [...]


    Not a proper review just an anecdote When I buy romance novels, I get them from secondhand shops I picked this one because, you know, firefighters, but not too far in the heroine started shouting at the hero Oh no, I thought with no small degree of dismay , she s going to be one of those heroines who is feisty and shouts a lot I was hoping for the strong, stoic, silent firefighter type.I thought about that for a second Oops, no, I was hoping for the strong, stoic, silent, lesbian firefighter typ [...]


    I genuinely enjoyed Fully Engaged There was just the right amount of twist and turns in the story to keep you guessing The h, Callie, lost her fiance in a fire 2 years ago In enters her first love,the one who broke things off with her, with no explanation, breaking her heart There was a good amount of antagonism between them for a good amount of the story There were a couple of times that I would have liked to tell Callie to get her act together, but just to help her move on with Rick faster All [...]

    Jenn Scranton

    Everyone knows my love of firemen but this Fully Engaged yeah, I have to say that the title is rather ironic You see, though I read the whole book, I never once felt engaged The characters seemed so distant that I couldn t get into it.I don t regret reading it, but I was bored Everytime I had to close the book to go back to work or bed my feeling was just, eh, whatever Meh.

    N. Kuhn

    Wow, this was a hot read Callie and Rick were engaged 9 years ago and he had walked out on her in the middle of the night Since then, she has been engaged again, but Johnny, her fiance was killed in a fire Thrown together as partners, Rick and Callie struggle with the secrets they both kept from each other Can they find an arsonist murderer and repair their broken relationship Oh man, was this book hot A thrilling story that kept me turning page after page I couldn t put it down It was just phen [...]

    Keris Shay

    Quick easy read Hot shot fire fighters, suspense, and romance Great combo I loved Rick, very macho, completely loyal and so in love Callie irked me some, I hated how long it took her to let go of Johnny, but I can understand in a way I didn t like how long she fought her feelings but get some of it ARC provided by NetGalley


    I normally read sci fi, fantasy and paranormal but I do like to throw a trashy romance novel in the mix This was a good book The story was interesting and the sex wasn t overly graphic If you re looking for an entertaining easy read with some mystery, thrills and romance then this is the book for you.


    I enjoyed this contemporary romance that was a second chance one Callie and Rick had a relationship that ended badly Their is much baggage, as well as some secrets between them When the firefighters are reunited as partners and then embroiled in a murder investigation, they will have the opportunity to resolve their past differences.

    Katherine Garbera

    This is one of my all time favorite Eve Gaddy books Rick is hotter than the fires they fight and Callie is feisty and so relatable I ve re read my paperback copy a bunch of times so getting on my Kindle was great

    Jenny Brightman Harris

    This book has love loss secrets and lies Just when u think it s over there s a twist This book will emotionally draw you in and have you hooked till the very end I would recommend this book to anyone


    Nice little romance Not too graphic, but enough to make it a romance.

    Jeanette montgomery

    It s my first time reading this author.I really enjoyed this book.I liked all the characters and the story.

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