Jun 05, 2020
A Dance of Sisters
Posted by Tracey Porter

I want to stretch to the moon, Delia thought Far, far away.Twelve year old Delia Ferri doesn t remember her mother, or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister, Pearl, and her father are fighting and Pearl is withdrawn and angry, so Delia vows not to give her father anything else to worry about.Delia loses herself to the rigorous worldI want to stretch to the moon, Delia thought Far, far away.Twelve year old Delia Ferri doesn t remember her mother, or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister, Pearl, and her father are fighting and Pearl is withdrawn and angry, so Delia vows not to give her father anything else to worry about.Delia loses herself to the rigorous world of ballet, and only when it has consumed her completely does she begin to understand how fiercely her sister had to fight for her own truth Delia discovers that the bond between two sisters can t be broken no matter where the dance of life takes them.

  • Title: A Dance of Sisters
  • Author: Tracey Porter
  • ISBN: 9780064407519
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
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    A Dance of Sisters I want to stretch to the moon Delia thought Far far away Twelve year old Delia Ferri doesn t remember her mother or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister Pearl and her


    oh my god this book is AMAZING its about a girl who loves ballet and her family is ging through a rough time she has to find her own way in her life and its so good i was actually moved to cry, which doesnt hapen much to me


    Rating s of a 3.5 I like to think of myself as a dancer I haven t been dancing for a long time but I love the art of it Ballet is hardly my strong suit but I appreciate the grace, the beauty, the discipline and strength it requires Since this book was about dancing and sisterhood, I knew I d love it.A Dance of Sisters is about Delia Ferri, a twelve year old ballet dancer Dance is her everything, and her Russian teacher Madame Elanova sings praises about her At home, though, her family life is s [...]


    I really liked this book I even cried at the last part of the book as it is so touching It talks about the life of a teenage girl taking ballet and how much she needs to do to become a ballerina This book have deep meanings in it I absolutely enjoyed reading this book.


    I was amazed at this book Ballet is one of my hobbies, so I could really relate to the need to be thin and beautiful Although I wouldn t go through such extreme measures to achieve that.

    Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Porter, Tracey A Dance of Sisters PG 276 Joanna Cotler Books Language PG, Sexual Content G, Violence G A Dance of Sisters is a story of two sisters and their struggles in life and how they were once close, but now distant from each other It is very well written and portrays the importance of family I love this book so much that I would read it again and will add it to my array of books MS, HS ESSENTIAL, Student Reviewer MPssthebook 2008


    Twelve year old Delia Ferri does not remember he mother who died when she was young, but what she does know is that her father and sister Pearl are fighting and Pearl, her sister, is still crestfallen over their mother s death, while their father tries to pretend it never happened Delia feels bad that she does not remember, and feels like a misfit Her sister is now involved in witchcraft because she is angry and withdrawing from society.Meanwhile to deal with all her family issues, Delia finds [...]


    Unsettling on the first read, even better on the second and third This book deals with a young girl s struggle in the ballet world, difficult family relationships, eating disorders, and witchcraft It is, above all, a story about self discovery As a ballet dancer myself, I thought this book was accurate The pressures and political environment portrayed in Delia s ballet school are similar to my own experience, although I do think that the environment portrayed in the book is typical of an older g [...]

    Kristin (Kritters Ramblings)

    A cute little book It was a find to fulfill one of the categories for my challenge I am doing for this quarter It was one of the harder categories books about dancing.A story of two sisters trying to find their way through the world with just their father due to their mother passing away One of the sisters turns to acting out and ends up at a boarding school where she finds training horses as a way to devote her energy and time The other sister turns to dance, but dance has the opportunity to le [...]


    Delia is the good daughter She keeps her grades up, focuses on her passion for ballet and generally stays out of trouble Her sister, Pearl, is troubled She used to be a good girl, into ballet and studies too Now she wears all black, paints her face white and has a bad attitude.When their mother died several years before both girls had a hard time and so did their father But is that any excuse for Pearl s behavior Eventually Pearl gets kicked out of her private school and sticking to an earlier a [...]


    A Dance of Sisters is another one of those dance books Delia doesn t remember how her family used to be,with a sister addicted to witchcraft and always arguing with her father The only time she feels special is when she is dancing in Elanova School of Dance But when she starts to push away her friends and schoolwork, along with her weight dropping drastically, Delia understands how hard her sister, Pearl, had to fight to find her own truth The only reason I REALLY enjoyed this book was because o [...]


    A ballerina and her nonconformist sister forge bonds as they struggle to find a place in a world that includes suppressed memories of their mother, dead for ten years The plot revolves primarily around dancer Delia and her hard work in an exclusive and competitive dance class Delia s sister Pearl is revealed through her conversations with Delia and later through letters mailed from the boarding school for troubled girls that she attends.Issues such as anorexia and dabbling with witchcraft blend [...]


    After their mother dies, 12 year old Delia and her older sister Pearl, go their separate ways in life Delia submerges herself in ballet it is the only time she feels important and alive Pearl is obsessed with witchcraft and her punky dress and hair As they are apart, lessons in life draw them back together This was a wonderful introduction into the world of young girls and their dreams to become ballerinas the competition and sacrifices that must be made in order to become the star Author Tracey [...]


    I love this book It added to my passion for dance The end was dissapointing, how Delia leaves the world of ballet, though I would love to have Madame as a teacher, because she could probably train me and my studio really well I love the poetry of the book, and how it describes the excitement of Nutcracker shows, the jealousy and heartbreak of most of the dancers, and Delia s struggle to overcome the hardships in her life I also liked how Pearl, Delia s sister, was interested in witchcraft, relig [...]


    This is about a talented ballet dancer named Delia who lives with her rebellious and emo sister and her grieving father Delia feels her only escape is through ballet and only when she completely loses herself to ballet does she realize how competitive and cutthroat the ballet world really is I would highly recommend this book to any dancer who wants to dance professionally The book really gives you good insight on how cruel the dance world is and shows you that changing who you are to please oth [...]


    This was a really good book I read for my english lit circles It is about 2 sisters, Pearl and Delia Ferri, who love eachother alot, but are complete opposites Their mom died when they were little Pearl remembers her very well, but Delia doesnt Their father tries to block all memories of her from his mind Pearl is the oldest and dresses completly in black and wear alot of makeup, she is obsessed with magic and stuff like that Delia is the little sister She loves ballet than anything in her life [...]

    Susan Bazzett-Griffith

    I read this book because one of my favorite books from childhood was the Sisters Impossible and this book was recommended as one that if you liked this, try It was ok It lacked the magic of the other YA book about sisters and dance, mostly because the voice of the protagonist did not seem true to her age, but that of an author trying to make it sound like a 12 year old and not being entirely successful The older sister s character was also somewhat unlikable and unrelatable Very blah, but kids w [...]


    II m unsure how I felt about this book I loved all the dancing and how you got to look inside another dancer s life A girl who really has a passion for dance I loved the steps and the pointe shoes, as I m obsessed with pointe shoes and am going on this summer I did not, however, really like the ending and to be honest, I didn t really finish it, I just skimmed the end But overall pretty good


    This book was pretty good If you are not a dancer, some terms in the book would be hard to understand It was actually a pretty depressing book although I did not want to put it down The main characters are Delia, her dance teacher Madame Elanova, Delia s sister Pearl and their father Delia is a very serious ballet dancer and ever since the sisters mother died Pearl has had bad grades and is very interested in weird things like witch craft.


    Hmmm Accurate and kept me very very intrigued Because of my background as a dancer, it was difficult to make it through without being stifled by emotion and past memories I could merely nod at the way Porter wrote about the life of the dancer classic and accurate But at the death of ending her career, there was also life Life in the casual, care free style that dance was intended to be.

    Jo Oehrlein

    Again, a situation where the author says she seriously studied ballet for years, but the book is mostly negative on ballet emphasis on blisters, overly critical teachers, weight control, etc Mixed in is an older sister who is very troubled, but finds what she needs at a boarding school working with horses and a father who isolates himself from his daughters Not recommended.

    Katti Lynn

    This book was simply amazing It combines ballet with the relationship of two very differet sisters that become one Althouhg i read this book nearly 2 years ago i still remember it as being a very good read I also enjoyed that, as being a ballet dancers myself, it brings the aura of dance to unite these to sisters.3 katti lynn


    Horrible An excess amount of minor unsolved conflicts, and the end was just bad It disgusted me that after going through this whole book it had to end like that I picked it up because I dance, but this only made me dislike dancing Liked it at first, the reason for 2 instead of 1, but the moral was giving up is the thing to do Don t waste your time on this.


    In my book the girl is a ballerina, she loves dancing and she at first only wants to do ballet But after about a year she isn t so sure about ballet any I loved the book I would read it so many times I liked that she was so passionate about something I didn t like how mean she became over ballet.

    Michelle Chase

    A decent book about ballet, but if you re reading it for the eating disorder aspect, don t, because there isn t much info on eating disorders in here Just a few bits and pieces about anorexia But, it is a good, easy read if you re at all interested in ballet, so give it a shot I liked it and read it in one day at work.

    M Kelm

    This book is about two sisters who are really different frome each other As the story goes on they learn alot about themselves and the relationships they have with other people The main charecter learns that not everyone can be trusted and that you cant allow people to make your choices for you.

    July Rahly

    I honestly didn t expect much from this, and I don t think it was a very interesting story I got it at my tiny local library, and I never expect much from there anyway, so all in all, it was a waste of my time.

    Heather Roberts

    I absolutely love this book I can relate to these two girls whose mother died when they where younggirls I love that Pearl is dark and mysterious and loves to wear black Her sister Delia loves balletand wants to be a professional ballerina A quick and easy read.

    Emma Lea

    Dance of sisters was a book that I had trouble putting down I really like it Tracey Porter really explained the troubles of a young dancer Delia There are a few french ballet words that a nonballet speaker might have trouble with But the book itself was great


    I ve wanted to become a ballerina since i was a small girl This book taught me much about ballet but it gave the impression that starving yourself was good This was the thing i didn t like about the book.


    I really liked this book I don t really think it is an eating disorder book, then it is a dance book becuase they focus on her dance then on her starving herself But it s still really a good book.

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