Mar 29, 2020
Lord of the Silent
Posted by Elizabeth Peters

Irresistible.Amelia is still a joy New York Times Book Review The intrepid archeologist Amelia Peabody and her fearless family, the Emersons, are back in Egypt, and something very nasty is afoot in Lord of the Silent New York Times bestselling Grandmaster Elizabeth Peters s sparkling adventure with riddles than the Sphinx and close calls and stunning escapes Irresistible.Amelia is still a joy New York Times Book Review The intrepid archeologist Amelia Peabody and her fearless family, the Emersons, are back in Egypt, and something very nasty is afoot in Lord of the Silent New York Times bestselling Grandmaster Elizabeth Peters s sparkling adventure with riddles than the Sphinx and close calls and stunning escapes than an Indiana Jones movie Reviewers are simply agog over Lord of the Silent, calling it, Wonderfully entertaining Washington Times , Deeply satisfying Entertainment Weekly , and in the words of the Toronto Globe and Mail, The hype is true This is Peters s best book.

  • Title: Lord of the Silent
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380817146
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lord of the Silent Irresistible Amelia is still a joy New York Times Book Review The intrepid archeologist Amelia Peabody and her fearless family the Emersons are back in Egypt and something very nasty is afoot in Lo


    I wish I were Barbara Rosenblat.


    I am a latecomer to the Amelia Peabody mystery series Beginning my acquaintance with 13 in the series, I didn t feel lost at all I was soon enveloped in the bustling family and busy excavations of Amelia Peabody Emerson, her handsome and erudite archeologist husband Radcliffe Emerson, and their growing family and extended Egyptian family Set in Egypt around World War I, the books apparently always involve murders, thefts involving precious tomb artifacts, political intrigue, and even espionage A [...]

    Leanne (Booksandbabble)

    Could I give my dear Amelia Peabody any other rating D


    The Emersons are eager to return to their beloved Egypt, war or no war When British Intelligence comes calling on Ramses again, the entire family emphatically respond with a resounding no They head off to their dig site minus David, who is still recovering and needs to be at home with Lia and the baby, plus Sennia, her nurse, Horus and Gargery The Emersons are surprised to discover evidence of theft in the ancient ruins once again and Ramses surprises a would be attacker The elder Emersons, eage [...]

    BJ Rose

    This was a weak 4 for me, but how can you not enjoy Amelia s arrogant self assurance and acerbic wit I think I could learn to enjoy being growled at by Emerson even when he s not in one of his amorous moods And I m glad to see that the roles of Ramses Nefret continue to grow.


    I m in the process of re reading the entire Amelia Peabody series again, from start to finish in one go They are still some of my favorite books They must be read with tongue firmly inserted in cheek It also helps to have an interest in and some knowledge of Colonial era exploration narratives, fiction like that of H Rider Haggard, Orientalist studies, the competitive acquisitive zeal of western museums at the turn of the century, and the gentlemen archaeologists of the 19th century who brought [...]


    This is book 13 in the Amelia Peabody series, and the stories and the characters never get dull or disappoint I love this series as much now as I did when I read the very first book What s great about the stories now is that with Ramses and Nefret grown up and married to each other, there are now four formidable Emersons instead of just two in the elder couple of Amelia and Emerson The interplay between the four as they all adjust to the fact that the children are now grown and just as clever an [...]

    Jamie Collins

    More fun with the Emerson Peabodys another nice little murder mystery amid the scenic background of the tombs of ancient Egyptian royalty, which are still being doggedly explored despite the worries and inconveniences of a World War As long as you don t expect this book to be as amazing as the previous one, He Shall Thunder in the Sky, you should be entertained.I have never grown tired of what serves as romantic banter between Emerson and Peabody Peters has done a wonderful job depicting this lo [...]


    Will that guy never die It was over the top before, and now it s becoming absolutely ridiculous The mystery in this novel was extra confusing this time, as there were multiple things going on, and it was hard at times to unwrap which ones mattered and which ones didn t I loved seeing Ramses and Nefret start their life together, and figure out how to make their marriage work And I am glad Sethos came back, because I really do like him The only person I really don t like is Margaret Minton she s s [...]


    Too much padding in this one The plot gets bogged down, and Ramses and Nefret can be slightly nauseating when they re being romantic and calling each other darling But the return of Sethos plot is fun The best parts involve Emerson and the snarky, outrageous, exasperated, funny things that come out of his mouth That s never getting old.


    After the mighty awesomeness that was He Shall Thunder in the Sky, any book Elizabeth Peters might write would have its work cut out for it Thunder is so clear a culmination of the Ramses Nefret love story that in many ways it serves as an admirable stopping point for the series It would be somewhat unfair to Lord of the Silent and its immediately following book, Children of the Storm, to call them afterthoughts But Silent definitely takes the Emerson saga into a new phase, one that loses someth [...]


    I mean Is there a person out there who hates the dynamic duo of Ramses and Nefret


    Enjoyed it This is my second read of the entire series and it has only gotten better Peabody her family, their adventures, and their mishaps makes a good read.

    John Frankham

    I gave this 4 two years ago, and can just about do the same this time Perhaps the plot leaves a little to be desired, but the fun is in the usual cast of characters and their loving but acerbic interplay The G R blurb For archaeologist Amelia Peabody and her family, the allure of Egypt remains as powerful as ever, even in this tense time of World War But nowhere in this desert land is safe especially for Amelia s son Ramses and his beautiful new wife Nefret Treachery and peril are pursuing the t [...]


    I love to read these books during the school year They are lively, witty, and interesting but importantly easy reads Yes, it is part of a series but this series is unique in that it grows as do the main characters, who age and reflects events in history.The basic series follows an Egyptologist wife and husband Amelia Peabody and Radcliffe Emerson, their children Ramses and Nefret, and their extended family and friends Real events in Egyptological, Egyptian, and British history are interwoven wi [...]


    Another enjoyable book about the Emersons s old and young This time Ramses and Nefret are looking into their own mystery just as Emerson and Peabody are looking into one They don t realize that they are connected Of course there are dead bodies and new characters I really liked Senna she is almost like Ramses was when he was little The Master is back again, is he helping the Emerson s or up to his old tricks again It was great seeing Ramses and Nefret try is settle into to marriage and their liv [...]


    The saga of the Egyptological Emerson family continues Lord of the Silent begins with their return to Egypt as WWI threatens, yet again, to pull them into its midst.Even as they retreat to their beloved Luxor they are not immune to the effects of the war.When Amelia discovers a recently dead body in a tomb, which is then followed by the discovery of others, they are plunged right into the thick of things, as usual.Meanwhile, Amelia is busy trying to keep her son Ramses from being compelled to ac [...]


    I really liked this series The stories follow a fairly strait forward plot, but the characters make all the difference I love the fact that Ramses and Nefret are FINALLY married in this one.What woman can read this and now want to be as beautiful as Nefret or have a wild eyed husband as doting as Ramses Who can read these books and not long to see the fertile Nile shore, or the desolate Valley of the Kings These stories rekindled my old interest in ancient Egypt while fulfilling my all too girli [...]


    The war is raging, there may be spies everywhere, and all the family wants is a nice quiet winter dig The Emerson s never have a quiet winter dig do they Rumor says the Master has returned but Amelia knows that cannot be true and so plunges in head first to find the true criminal before anyone she loves is injured Ramses and Nefret are in it up to their necks and there is that nasty journalist to deal with They ve dealt with this sort of thing for years, but this year may be than even the Ameli [...]


    Maybe not fair of me to rate this book high just because I love the series so much These books are so enjoyable to me They never get old or disappoint I love that here we have Ramses ah, Ramses and Nefret honeymooning on the family dahabeeya how romantic is that Enabling them to have some separation from the folks, while yet remaining near enough to fully participate and abet in all of the exciting happenings that follow the Emerson family through their beloved Egypt Way to go, Gang


    For as entertaining as it was to read about Uncle Sethos being manhandled by the Emerson women and as joyous it was to have Ramses and Nefret finally together, this one was kind of a snore for me I do appreciate the additional perspective of Ramses and Nefret especially when it comes to Amelia We are so used to getting only her version that it is refreshing to see it through someone else s eyes.

    Lynne Tull

    Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody stories get better with each new book She keeps the story moving along with time Time changes all and characters change along with it There is always a new thread to follow and this one is no exception No spoiler here I will let you experience it yourself This is one of my favorites.


    Absolutely nothing of import plot wise happens in this book, and it is SO DELIGHTFUL I don t want mysteries from the Peabody Emersons I want 400 pages of overwrought feelings and ludicrous heroics That this chapter in their story comes with bonus relationship development saying they love each other growing respect for each others abilities is icing on the cake.

    Susan in NC

    Still a fun romp after so many years I am really enjoying revisiting the Emersons and Egypt Very entertaining, and I am still impressed that Peters managed to resolve major story arcs, and come back with yet another gripping, satisfying, fun adventure year after year Delightful

    Donna Castele

    I absolutely love this series These would make great films Amelia is a heroine for all times, and the archeological setting is delightful Mummies, sarcophogus, curses, male female role posturing.Mystery, humor, romance, these books have it all


    This was the best one so far


    Am just loving the series The I listen to these books the I love these characters The history and mystery are marvelous too.


    This 13th book in the Amelia Peabody series wasn t quite as good as most of the others, but it may have suffered from following immediately on from the last book which was probably the best in the whole series.Lord of the Silent sees the Emersons return to Egypt in 1915 World War I has changed things and not for the better, with little excavation going on and tomb robbers having a heyday Ramses is under pressure to resume his spying activities for the British which he actively resists, and David [...]


    If I don t give it 5 stars, it s because it s rather formulaic.but I sure do love the formula The fun is doubled since we now have 2 Emerson couples reporting on their adventures As an added bonus we have some accounts written by the determined journalist, Margaret Minton Consequently, the action is going on simultaneously and, at times, as far apart as Cairo and Luxor All of these folks, and , are competing to figure out who are the bad guys and where can we find archaeological treasures Still, [...]

    Travis Mueller

    An enjoyable enough book, but it continues a trend I ve noticed in the last several in the series of being like a family drama than a conventional mystery story This isn t really a bad thing it is perhaps one of the appeals of the series that it has enjoyable characters But this is interwoven with a sort of stagnation the characters always behave in certain ways, and while it can be entertaining on occasion, it is also a bit repetitive This isn t enough for me to dislike this book, nor turn me [...]

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