Mar 29, 2020
Mackenzie's Legacy: Mackenzie's Mountain\Mackenzie's Mission
Posted by Linda Howard

Mackenzie s MountainMary Elizabeth Potter is a self appointed spinster with no illusions about love When she meets Wolf Mackenzie, a man with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming, she sets out to convince the whole town he s a man worth loving But Wolf s not sure he s for the taming of Wolf Mackenzie.Mackenzie s MissionNight Wing the revolutionary test plane with aMackenzie s MountainMary Elizabeth Potter is a self appointed spinster with no illusions about love When she meets Wolf Mackenzie, a man with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming, she sets out to convince the whole town he s a man worth loving But Wolf s not sure he s for the taming of Wolf Mackenzie.Mackenzie s MissionNight Wing the revolutionary test plane with a top secret weapons system is Colonel Joe Breed Mackenzie s number one priority and weapons expert Caroline Evans his number one distraction When someone on the inside sabotages Night Wing, Caroline s late hours and expertise come under suspicion, forcing Joe to choose between allegiance to his country and love for his prime suspect.

  • Title: Mackenzie's Legacy: Mackenzie's Mountain\Mackenzie's Mission
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9780373774296
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mackenzie s Legacy Mackenzie s Mountain Mackenzie s Mission Mackenzie s MountainMary Elizabeth Potter is a self appointed spinster with no illusions about love When she meets Wolf Mackenzie a man with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming she sets out t


    Wow, what a blast from the past At times it was hard for me to remember that this was a written as a contemporary Especially in the first story, Mackenzie s Mountain The extreme small town prejudice and the casual way the heroine said halfbreed once really felt historical to me But I just squinted past the Contemporary label and went with the flow of it.Older romances, written back in the 80 s and early 90 s, have a specific feel to the style If you ve ever read one I m sure you know what I m ta [...]


    MacKenzie s Mountain 5 Mary h was a sheltered child and grew up with her very proper Aunt Now she has come to a small town in Wyoming to be the new school teacher Being from Savanna she s a bit of a fish out of water but she s willing and ready to grab the bull by the horns and get to teaching As she s over seeing the charts of the students from the previous year, she notices that there was one who dropped out, not just any one but a boy who was at the top of his class This she couldn t understa [...]


    Linda Howard is one of the greats in the romance genre, and the Mackenzies series is supposed to be one of her best This re release contains the first two books in this category romance series Mackenzie s Mountain and Mackenzie s Mission I definitely enjoyed both stories and flew through them My favorite thing about couples Wolf and Mary and Joe and Caroline was how apparent throughout the stories their physical attraction was to each other It always makes me warm and happy whenever the author s [...]


    Mackenzie s Mountain 3.5 4 Fun and sexy Loved Wolf Mackenzie s Mission 3 This was a quick read and I enjoyed it overall The characters are too stereotyped and the plot was weak, but it has it s passionate moments.


    Mission was the better of the two.


    As a romance novel, it was everything you expected it to be At times the way characters acted seemed a little far fetched but with a little perspective and thinking how a little remote town could act about thirty years ago made it realistic.


    Mackenzie s Legacy is two books about the Mackenzies by Linda Howard The first is Mackenzie s Mountain and the second is Mackenzie s Mission.Mary Elizabeth Potter is a spinster who takes a job teaching in a small town in Wyoming She left the South to see if there was something better out in the world that her little town She is a dedicated teacher who was brought up by her Aunt who taught her to stand up for herself when necessary but to be a lady when she did Mary loves her teaching assignment [...]

    Nitzan Schwarz

    Mackenzie s Mountain September 19th 20th, 20144.5 starsOkay, Howard I m bought You ve managed to make me completely love and adore this story even though there is a form of insta love in here, and I m a tough cookie when it comes to Insta Love I ll be reading of your books, I can promise you that.Mackenzie s Mission November 23rd 24th, 20143.5 starsOkay, I liked in enough Definitely sweeping and addictive, just as much as the first book BUT, I did have a few issues with it view spoiler mostly, [...]


    Mackenzie s Mountain Mackenzie s Mission Mackenzie s Mountain The beginning felt like an historical, but it was good There were dated references hero was in Vietnam but unlike Joe s story see below for mini rant , it wasn t as obvious this was written in the 1980s except for the alpha hero, but even he wasn t that bad I liked the characters though I was afraid at the beginning that the heroine was going to be a TSTL type it s Wyoming, it s winter, there s snow You need boots Thankfully, it was o [...]


    This volume contains Books 1 and 2 in Linda Howard s Mackenzie family series 1 Makenzie s Mountain school teacher stands up for native American pupil, who later gets into Air Force Academy Meanwhile, she falls in love with his widowed dad Townspeople show racial prejudice and some violence Heroine makes one or two TSTL mistakes fortunately, it wasn t so annoying.2 Makenzie s Mission Native American Colonel is fighter plane test pilot Meets brilliant young scientist who skipped grades and who is [...]


    Mackenzie s Mountain Mary is a new schoolteacher in town and can t understand the animosity toward Wolf Mackenzie, just because he s a half breed Yeah, he was in jail but there were extenuating circumstances Mary helps his sixteen year old son get into a military academy, people who are helping the Mackenzie men start getting attacked, Wolf helps solve it all while falling in love with the petite school marm.Mackenzie s Mission Joe Wolf s son meets his own twu wuv in this story in the form of a [...]


    Written sometime in the late 80s early 90s, Mackenzie s Legacy books 1 and 2 are contemporary romance done right I m a Linda Howard fan and I consider the Mackenzie family series a classic They re better than a lot of what s out there today I m not sure, though, if half breed was is politically correct it bothered me, but Wolf and Joe s bi racial background was a factor in their stories Maybe that s acceptable nomenclature, but it felt wrong as opposed to American Indian However, the racism of s [...]


    Two of the MacKenzie Family books in one First is MacKenzie s Mountain, featuring Wolf MacKenzie and Mary, the schoolteacher, who comes to the mountain to persuade Wolf to get his son back in school.The second story is MacKenzie s Mission about Wolf s son, Joe, who is now a Colonel in the Air Force.I loved the first book and it is high on my favorites list The second one wasn t bad but it wasn t quite as spectacular as the first one.

    Judy Wise

    This book contained 2 complete books Mackenzie s Mountain and Mackenzie s Mission.This is a reprint of Linda s series I understand that she has many requests to keep this series going I can certainly understand why I loved reading both the stores The first is the story of Wolf and how he fights his half breed status and finds love and the second is the story of his son and his career in the Air Force Both are page turners.


    Wonderful Intense, emotional and filled with heady passion Sorry to be so blunt, but it was the best sex I ever read The emotional struggles of all the characters was so vivid I could taste it There was small town mentality, racism, a journey to fulfill a teenage dream of flying a jet fighter plane, a quest to find a hate filled rapist, defiance, fighting back, lust and love I cannot wait to read the next book in this series

    Mindy Altaqi

    This is one of my favorite series and I love Linda HOward Some of her recent books have been a little disappointing, but this is an older release and one I really enjoyed I personally preferred Wolf and Mary s story than I did Joe s, but they were both good I really like Wolf s character and also how Mary who is this tiny woman always stood up to him Overall, they are both great read and I definitely recommend.

    C K

    The Mackenzie s are a great series Mackenzie s Mountain, Mackenzie s Mission, A Game of Chance, and the one about the only daughter Maria sp This is an author that I have read a lot of and have added her books to my keeper book shelf Most I have read at least twice and some even than that.

    Monica Lombardi

    I bought this volume to read MacKenzie s mission because I had already read MacKenzie s Mountain and fell in love with it and all I can say is utterly delicious Joe rocked when he was 16 and he double rocks as an adult fighter pilot, with that hint of he tends to be very much the Colonel that makes him just the right degree of imperfect.Linda Howard IS a great writer.

    Ruth Becht

    OMGosh this was one of THOSE books you could not put it down and you will never forget it.I read a lot a lot and I can t tell you what makes it a book I LOVE vs one that I enjoyed but from the very start I loved this story Mary Wolf and Joeople you want to be happy.Linda has written many books Don t miss this one.


    These two books were okay, although afterward I felt like I read the same story twice with just a few variations Big alpha man, small, petite woman who is a virgin, instant lust, woman falls in love with man but doesn t think he loves herblah, blah, blahl these themes repeated in both books.


    5 stars for Mackenzie s Mountain one of my first romance novels read, years ago , 4 stars for Mackenzie s Mission


    I truly enjoyed this book It started with Wolf and his love of loyalty as determination The second book was also interesting with Joe and Caroline both into their careers, but realized their feelings in a crisis.


    WM F28 2015 Did NOT like 1st book, see her Lady of the West for a much better story with same base On the other hand, Mission is good because of Carolineenjoying this one so far p320 Mountain 2 Star Legacy 4 stars


    I really liked both stories Mary sure was a spirited little woman who wouldn t let the prejudicies of the people in Ruth, Montana sway her opinion of the man she loved Wolf didn t have a chance in not loving her I, also, enjoyed Joe and Caroline s story Caroline was almost as feisty as Mary.


    I have to say this is my all time favorite of Linda Howard s Wolf Mackenzie If you ve read it, then that s all I have to say Joe MacKenzie ain t too bad either lolThis has been reissued and EVERYONE should read this at least once.


    Haven t read much by this much appreciated author Not convinced yet Bit irksome the perennial young innocents and wild bad guys, although the high IQ heroine in Mackenzies mission wasn t too bad Not sure I ll pursue this series.

    Dr Rey West

    Mackenzies perfection Any Mackenzie novel is solid gold I ve never had fun reading any books in my life From Wolf to Joe to steamy Zane and to die for Chance, this is my favorite family BRING BACK THE MACKENZIES


    RING a ser enviado Flor Ana O.


    Loved wolf s book Loved Wolf Didn t like Joe s book so much tho Joe was kind of stupid for a smart successful man.



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