Apr 04, 2020
Amelia Peabody's Egypt
Posted by Elizabeth Peters Dennis Forbes Kristen Whitbread

The Egypt that so enticed and enchanted intrepid archaeologist sleuth Amelia Peabody in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries was a place of wonder, mystery, danger, and the lure of antiquity Now, with this monumental volume of Egyptian culture, history, and arcania, readers will be able to immerse themselves in the great lady s world completely than ever beforThe Egypt that so enticed and enchanted intrepid archaeologist sleuth Amelia Peabody in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries was a place of wonder, mystery, danger, and the lure of antiquity Now, with this monumental volume of Egyptian culture, history, and arcania, readers will be able to immerse themselves in the great lady s world completely than ever before Journey through the bustling streets and markets of Cairo a hundred years ago Surround yourself with the customs and color of a bygone time Explore ancient tombs and temples and marvel at the history of this remarkable land from the age of the pharaohs through the Napoleonic era to the First World War Also included in Amelia Peabody s Egypt are a hitherto unpublished journal entry and intimate biographies of the Emersons and their friends, which provide a uniquely personal view of the lives, relationships, opinions, politics, and delightful eccentricities of mystery s first family, as well as unforgettable pearls of wit and wisdom from everyone s favorite fictional Egyptologist herself.Containing nearly 600 black and white photographs and illustrations, and articles by numerous experts, Amelia Peabody s Egypt sparkles with unforgettable glimpses of the exotic and the bizarre, the unusual and the unfamiliar a treasure trove that overflows with Egyptological riches, along with wonderful insights into the culture and s of the Victorian era, including the prevalent attitudes on empire, fashion, feminism, tourists, servants, and much .A one of a kind collection that offers endless hours of pleasure for Peabodyphiles and Egypt aficionados alike, here is a tome to cherish a grand andglorious celebration of the life, the work, and the world of the incomparable Amelia Peabody.

  • Title: Amelia Peabody's Egypt
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters Dennis Forbes Kristen Whitbread
  • ISBN: 9781841199405
  • Page: 169
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  • Amelia Peabody s Egypt The Egypt that so enticed and enchanted intrepid archaeologist sleuth Amelia Peabody in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries was a place of wonder mystery danger and the lure of antiquity No


    Amelia Peabody s Egypt A Compendium Edited by Elizabeth Peters 2003 The concept of fiction set in a historical context has always received a certain appeal Elizabeth Peters takes the genre to the next level by inserting her fictionalized characters into what would others wise be a highly accurate, non fiction historical work The various contributors to the book paint an accurate portrayal of what life was like for a Victorian woman, living in colonial Egypt at the turn of the last century Elizab [...]


    Between visiting Egypt in the last couple of years and reading Nefertiti a few months ago, I ve become quite interested in all things Egypt I ve enjoyed the Amelia Peabody series, so I thought this would be fun It s what I would consider to be slightly fictionalized non fiction, as the Emersons are inserted into a quite real history Some parts were readable than others, and the ones I enjoyed most were A Splendid Overview of Egyptoloy Napoleon to World War I A Commanding Prospective The British [...]


    Amelia Peabody has become so real to me that I no longer can tell where fact stops and fiction starts, and this book was no help at all in that regard If anything, it made the Emersons seem less fictional than ever Still, it was a great help in bringing together a wealth of Egyptology information in a understandable way than getting it bit by bit in the novels, so it s well worth the read.

    Karen Keyte

    A fun companion for devoted fans of the Amelia Peabody mysteries Lots of background information on a variety of topics This isn t purely factual, the Peabody Emerson achievements are woven in to the actual history pieces.


    Lots of good info and fun fiction mixed with great period pictures.


    My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    Debbie Brown

    I really just looked at the pictures and skimmed the text a bit Too much information that I was not in the mood for A good coffee table book.


    If you are doing research on Victorian and Edwardian time Egypt, this is an interesting book for a general view of the eras IMPORTANT if you are not acquainted with the Peabody series of books, be very careful not to be confused by the constant references pictures to fictional characters such as Amelia, Emerson, their son Ramses, etc mixed with real Historical facts and people Subjects are not deeply researched, but will give a good idea where to start for beginners There is a meager bibliograph [...]


    Premise The book provides a background into the culture during which the fictional character Amelia Peabody lived and worked with her husband Emerson in Egypt This book, geared toward fans of the Amelia Peabody mysteries, contains several essays and illustrations that bring to life Amelia s world, both in Egypt and England Why I picked it up With only one Amelia Peabody mystery to go, I thought it would be fun to have a little background on the people, events, and culture described in the book [...]


    For any fan of Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody series, this is a wonderful compendium It s part factual history of Egypt combined with the characters of the books There are pictures and short bios of the characters, listed alongpt with actual historical figures Many of the historical events that take place during the novels are detailed here, enabling the reader of the series to get a greater sense of the culture and political events of the time It has certainly helped me to get a deeper enjoyme [...]

    Lady Knight

    I love the Amelia Peabody series, and so like any true fan, I immediately picked this up when I saw it It is full of great black and white photos, illustrations, glossaries, maps, bibliographies, a reader s digest style version of the Egyptian history that acts as a backdrop for the Emerson s excavations, selections of famous Amelia quotes, and even several pages from Emerson s journal from when he met Amelia up until the shortly before the final encounter with the mummy Absolutely great, and I [...]


    As an Amelia Peabody fan, I give this book 5 stars but as a non fiction book only 3 It s wonderful to look through and the book gives the reader an idealized vision of those days when archeology was considered an adventure instead of a science There are plenty of illustrations and photos of Egypt during the turn of the century but the factual information that is given is often times clouded with jounal entries from the fictitious Emerson and Amelia.Speaking from the point of view as an Elizabeth [...]


    I read a lot of non fiction medical journals, mostly but I can t say I find pleasure in that kind of reading This is a companion volume to the Amelia Peabody series, and is comprised of a series of chapters written mostly by other people, all of whom love Egypt and love the Amelia series Besides being highly informative, it was highly entertaining Like a little game of hide and seek, references to the fictional Peabody clan kept popping up among all the historical information Some day, I d like [...]


    Here is all you d want to know and then some about Amelia Peabody Emerson, her Victorian life, and the Egypt she and her husband dug around for decades I ve read a few of Peters mysteries and found that Amelia is best in small doses But I do appreciate the background conjured up from a very real time and place by Peters, a background fully explored in this compendium of articles by various writers of a range of special interests and illustrated with etchings and contemporaneous photogrphs.


    Re read Since I adore the setting of the Amelia Peabody series, Victorian Edwardian Egyptology, this was very enjoyable Brief essays, photos and engravings, and encyclopedia like sections give background knowledge on Egypt, British Imperialism, and even our Heroes and Heroines who are cleverly inserted into the text I love that Peters rooted the series in time because it makes the action much richer, and I m amazed at how much she used this kind of information to enrich the books Although the wh [...]


    This book creates humor in the spaces between its play on real Egyptian history, archeology, women s studies, historiography, and the fake history of Amelia Peabody a character from Elizabeth Peters mystery series Some of the humor is subtle but it gets me every time It is so easy to get caught up in the worlds Peters makes Her Amelia Peabody books certainly will bring out the geek in every reader.


    What great fun to see actual photos of Egypt at the time of Amelia Peabody stories I must admit that seeing photos of the characters did not match with my visual ideas of them But, I realize that the pictures show what actual people looked and dressed like in the time period.I love the context I love seeing the actual archaeologists mixed in the with fictional ones I enjoy reading this book whenever I read the books.


    Surprised I hadn t added this before It s an awesome sidekick to the Amelia Peabody books, combining real history with fictional people It explains a lot of things referenced in the novels, such as Egyptian archaeology, Victorian customs dress context, literary allusions, etc It has photographs, including stand ins for Amelia, Emerson and others as children still leaving their adulthood appearance to your imagination It s a really fun blend of fact and fiction.

    elizabeth • paper ghosts

    This is a wonderful companion to the Amelia Peabody series Elizabeth Peters has a way of writing fact that doesn t make it seem textbook or boring This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn about Egypt in the late 19th and early 20th century Not to mention all the fun details about characters from the novels even baby pictures of the Emersons This is a definite must have for any devotee of the series.


    This is a fun juxtaposition between the Amelia Peabody series, and the reality of what life in Egypt was like during the historical period in which Amelia s stories are set If you are an amateur anthropologist, or just find that period of Egypt s history interesting, you will find fascinating tidbits in this book.Things like what clothing people wore, how people interacted, that sort of thing.

    Elaine White

    I loved this I m a major fan of the Amelia Peabody series But not only that, it was a compendium about Egypt My favourite place in the world.It covers the fashion, culture, art and history of Egypt, as well as giving snippets of behind the scenes photos and events in the Amelia Peabody series, as well as an A Z of characters in the series Well worth it if you re a fan.


    I loved the detail that went into this And it s a fun narrative style while being historically informational I like it You can tell that she weaves her characters into history, and that makes it super fun Reading this made me wish they were all real Again I wish it every time I read the books.


    If you are an Amelia Peabody fan, Amelia Peabody s Egypt is worth taking a look at Even if you don t want to buy it, even if you don t want to read all the articles, just go to the library or the bookstore and peruse the glossary of people and places The pictures make it worth it Also good the hitherto unseen excerpt from Emerson s diary during Crocodile on the Sandbank.


    Book book full of fact and fiction It was interesting to read the background behind the Amelia Peabody books, but I would wait to read it if you haven t finished the series yet It definitely had spoilers I listed it as non fiction, but it crosses over to fiction as it tries to place Amelia in real life.


    3.5 stars A nice primer for the history of egyptology and a lovely compendium of all things Peabody I would have loved even chapters on ancient Egyptian history and daily life, though I admit any than a brief overview would not be relevant to the Peabody mysteries I appreciate the selected sources in the back so I can delve further into some of the topics introduced in the essays.

    Sarah Sammis

    Barbara Mertz Elizabeth Peters Barbara Michaels and yes there are articles by all three and her closest circle of kith and kin collaborated on a folio about the history of Egypt and Egyptology, inserting the Emersons and other fictional people places.


    An interesting and unique blend of actual historical facts combined with facts taken from Elizabeth Peters excellent Amelia Peabody mystery series If you love Emerson and Amelia you will love this book.


    Picked this up again as I listened to the Golden One on cd A perfect companion to the books with illustrations I go back to again and again The writing is pure delight and covers a wealth of topics The cherry on the cake for Amelia fans.

    Dayna Smith

    A look at the history and culture presented in the Amelia Peabody Mysteries Fictional information and characters from the novels are thrown in, but there is also a look at the Victorian Era and Ancient Egypt A must have for fans of the series.


    disappointing actual history, not enough Amelia.

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