Apr 04, 2020
The Golden One
Posted by Elizabeth Peters

A new year, 1917, is dawning, and the Great War that ravages the world shows no sign of abating In these perilous times, archaeologist Amelia Peabody and her extended family must confront shocking dangers But it is son Ramses who faces the most dire threat, answering a call that will carry him to the fabled seaport of Gaza on a mission as personal as it is perilous whA new year, 1917, is dawning, and the Great War that ravages the world shows no sign of abating In these perilous times, archaeologist Amelia Peabody and her extended family must confront shocking dangers But it is son Ramses who faces the most dire threat, answering a call that will carry him to the fabled seaport of Gaza on a mission as personal as it is perilous where death will be the certain consequence of exposure While far away, Ramses s beautiful wife, Nefret, guards a secret of her own

  • Title: The Golden One
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780380817153
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Golden One A new year is dawning and the Great War that ravages the world shows no sign of abating In these perilous times archaeologist Amelia Peabody and her extended family must confront shocking dan

    Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)

    Deir el Medina The God s Wives Let me just say that Elizabeth Peters aka Barbara Michaels Mertz is one of my all time favorite authors I absolutely love all of her books but this series is my most favorite because of its ancient Egypt and archaeology theme Plus I fell in love with Amelia Peabody and her family from book one It literally has some of everything that I enjoy exotic locales, mystery, espionage, war, suspense, adventure and travel, archaeology, Egyptology etcc It just resonates with [...]


    The Emersons are my favorite characters I have to remind myself they fictional one they are so real This book is really two books brought together in the third part The Emersons have returned to Egypt for the duration of the war and have settled in Luxor Jamal is back and has found another tomb which furnishings have sold Before they can do much Amelia decides to find him A number of events occur before the problem of Jamal is solved All wonder what it it is in the Hand of God Meanwhile, the mil [...]


    It s March as I finish this particular reread of the Amelia series and I think I m going to take a pause here He Shall Thunder in the Sky is arguably the best of the series and everything after that is somewhat downhill But here you really start to notice an uneveness in her writing The book is divided into three different actions, with a long and meandering denoument That said, it s still damned good The scene where Emerson declares that his son takes orders from no one but him, and he takes or [...]


    I love the early books in Elizabeth Peters series, but I enjoyed this one much less Much of the reason lies in Manuscript H The series is written by Amelia Peabody, the resourceful wife of an archaeologist working in Egypt in the early part of the 20th century She s a feisty, intelligent woman who s handy with a parasol in a tight spot, and she has a nice line in dry humour The problem for the author is that her accounts are written in the first person which works well in the early books, when A [...]


    I m unsure about this particular book I m reading listening to the series in order, and this isn t one of the best I think Peters falters when her books are crowded with characters, since her strengths as a writer are in her main characters The Amelia and Emerson we get, the better, IMO So these books that have many secondary characters are confusing and less entertaining Plus, the Albion s were annoying and never really made sense to me.The plot was very slow to get started I often felt I d be [...]


    On audiobook, these books are a delight, even though Amelia and Emerson are getting older and Ramses and Nefret are grown and married, there s still a lot of humor and fun in the books But alas, not as much as in the first few Still Barbara Rosenblat is fabulous doing the reading, none better She is Amelia Peabody Emerson To be honest, there really wasn t a whole lot to the plot that was very memorable WWI is still going on and the Emersons are all in Egypt for the season at their latest dig Eme [...]


    WWI continues, but having arrived in Egypt without being sunk, our intrepid and growing cast of characters is reading to seek out a new tomb, rich in the artifacts that are making their way to the antiquities dealers Peters juggles not just the large cast here, with Jumana, Sennia, Bertie, el Gharbi, no longer MC Sethos, Gargery, Cyrus, Catherine, and having entered the story in the last few books and here, no one is shunted off to school or war or anything else so many characters it seems Rose [...]

    Jamie Collins

    3.5 stars Another entertaining Amelia Peabody novel, although the plot is a slightly awkward mix of murder mystery and spy adventure.It s 1916 and the Emersons are back in Egypt to stay for a while, since ocean travel is growing dangerous due to German submarine attacks The usual murder mystery interrupts their archaeological digging, plus the British authorities continue to pursue a reluctant Ramses, trying to engage him yet again in the Great Game.I continue to be amused by Amelia, and while [...]


    Minor spoiler below, given what one character s fate seems to be in a previous book.I still enjoy the characters Emerson, Amelia, Ramses, Selim, and Sethos in particular but the plot didn t grab me enough to keep me from putting this aside several times to read other things.This quote is just one illustration of why I ve grown so fond of Emerson, though Just one thing, Bertie said, in his quiet voice Sebastian, take off your glasses and put up your hands Hopelessly, incorrigibly well bred, sai [...]

    Shala K.

    Again, using this book as a stand in for the entire series of Amelia Peabody mysteries Elizabeth Peters was my companion of choice in 2005 2006 for airplane trips If you want to read a lot of brain candy while pretending you re doing something literary, read the Amelia Peabody mysteries in the order in which Peters wrote them Peters develops a lot as a writer over the course of writing these novels, and it s fascinating to watch her gain mastery over the craft The first books can be grim reading [...]


    The Peabody family remains one of my favorite literary groups of people I love their personalities and their friends and their enemies Their adventures are good, and the history is supplementary I m interested in the family development than in the actual adventures, and I noticed that Emerson and Amelia are much less amorous in this installment I hope they get their groove back on, because it s one of my favorite parts of their relationship.

    Susan in NC

    Another grand romp with the Emerson clan I am really enjoying rereading these historical mysteries tomb robbers, spies, WWI in the Middle East and Egypt as a back drop, it s never a dull moment and still a blast even after my first read 15 years ago

    Stephanie Patterson

    Some years ago my husband recommended these mysteries both for Ms Peters deft characterizations and for her knowledge of Egypt and her accurate portrayal of the practice of archeology in the early 20th century I made the mistake of trying to read this book before any of the others It s important to read these books in order to see the development of the characters and the way in whichthe author moves them through this particular part of history.This book takes place during World War I So there i [...]


    After a slight slump with the last novel here the story and characters picked up the pace again Multiple plot lines including about the Great War in the Middle East were woven together and came to a satisfying conclusion.I have been listening to this series while driving but early into this one I received the news that due to increasing eye problems I am no longer permitted to drive until the issue is corrected As a result I elected to transfer this to my MP3 player and listen to it while waiti [...]


    This is the first Peters I d read, and it hooked me very early on Her books turn out to be like satisfying, multicourse meals They have complex plots and subplots The historical detail is fantastic The characters are generally not stereotypes or even archetypes My only quibble is that Fatima, the Egyptian housekeeper, has almost no role to play except to be worried, exclaim a lot, and push food on people She s a fairly boring stereotype of a woman, and Peters has disappointed me in that she hasn [...]

    Barbara ★

    What could I possibly say about this hilarious and often dangerous exciting excavation series Ramses and Nefret have surpassed my love of Amelia and Emerson The only bad thing I will say about this installmentI can t stand Jumana and hope she doesn t return in future books I love how there are always multiple dangers and multiple villains working separately as it really keeps you guessing Thrilling series


    Quite a bit shorter than the others in this series, but I quite liked it It did seem from time to time to jump a bit back and forth between story lines, but I didn t mind I m curious if the rest of the books will continue on in this style There were lots of hints that some big plot changes are coming in the future, and I imagine this book was almost an intermission between some of the dramatic story lines.I just can t get enough of these.

    Leanne (Booksandbabble)

    Could I rate my Amelia any less, I think not D

    Sheila Woofter

    What can I say This series does not get old There is enough new in each story to keep the reader interested This is the third book taking place during WWI I m ready for the next in the series

    Beverly Temporal

    Not my favorite book in the series but love the series And it was still entertaining.


    Second reading, December 2017


    This is a fun series with a quirky main character in Amelia Peabody I enjoy the author s dry sense of humor.


    My new audiobook in the car thiugh a week in was advised not to drive so moved onto MP3 player Rosenblat as always did a wonderful job.


    I do love these books about Egypt I traveled there a few years ago, but now it is difficult During my daily 1,5 hour brisk walks I listen with much pleasure to the series.

    dOnnabud lewis

    Set during The Great War era of 1917, this Peabody Emerson adventure features many of the elements Peters excels in incorporating into the series intrigue, humor, romance, historical insights, atmosphere, strong female characters and archaeological fervor It s a great read Favorite passages 2001 paperback large print edition Difficult as it is to believe of such a barren, rocky region, the wadis of the Western Desert were cut by water pouring down the cliffs of the high plateau to the plain belo [...]


    This reads like 2 novels which is fine But if you re unable to spend copious amounts of time reading chapters at a time, it can be difficult to navigate the numerous activities, characters, locations, events, sub plots, etc The novel opens with the reintroduction of Jamil and Jumana and in particular Jamil s criminal activities and role in illegal tomb robbing However, there s a large middle portion diverted to Ramses role in intelligence for the War Department Again great action, subplots and [...]


    The fourteenth in the Amelia Peabody series, and as fun as ever World War I is still raging, and so the Emerson family have decided to stay in Egypt for an extended period of time, to avoid the danger of travel But they still can t escape from the war, as every clandestine service wants to have Ramses, and his unique set of skills, working for them Now that he is happily married, he is not as quick to risk himself, but when they discover that his uncle may be captured in Gaza, he risks everythin [...]

    Beverly Clyde

    Amelia Peabody and Emerson are back in their beloved Egypt It is 1917 and World War I is affecting far than Flanders Field Emerson, Peabody and family must face not only tomb robbers but spies and German allies Emerson continues to bully and curse his way through trouble while Peabody handles miscreants with her parasol In this 14th book in the Amelia Peabody series you get two troublesome situations There is the normal battle with grave robbers and unscrupulous merchants plus a spy mission in [...]


    The reason I gave this book 14 in the Amelia Peabody series 5 stars is because it offered so much story much in fact that she divided it into 3 parts This provides ample opportunities for these wonderful characters to continue developing and to continue their many adventures These adventures take place not only in familiar settings like Cairo and Luxor, but there is also a road trip to Gaza This is especially adventurous because it takes place during a war.


    Just completed for the third time Love livingin Amelia s world

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