Apr 06, 2020
The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
Posted by Josh Berk

The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin

  • Title: The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
  • Author: Josh Berk
  • ISBN: 9780375856990
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin


    Somewhere around a quarter of the way in, I decided to switch from the audio to the print version of this book The narrator is actually very good, but hearing him tell me the story out loud just felt wrong However, I didn t really have another audiobook to hold my hand through the torture of morning exercise read I only had ten or eleven so I just kept listening to this one And, instead of fast forwarding, I felt compelled to re listen to all the words I had just read with a giant goofy grin on [...]


    Recently I was discussing YA literature with some of my GR friends and I decided to check out my YA shelf Don t let the low count on my read shelf fool you, I do read quite a bit, but as some of you might know and many of you don t I only rate and review books that I actually finished, the ones I do not finish I simply delete from my shelves Now, sometimes I will make myself finish a book even though it s a definite wall banger, that way I can really appreciate a well written or a great written [...]


    This book had an interesting perspective because it was about the life of a deaf, otherwise normal, teenage kid It s scary to go to a public school with some kind of disability because you never know what others will think of you There are things in this book that described difficulties that I never thought of A murder happens and the main character, Hamburger Halpin, and his new friend try to solve it The book was slow at times, however, and wasn t the most entertaining Other than that, the mur [...]

    Reading Sarah

    Will Halpin decides to opt out of the political issues at his deaf school and go mainstream At the mainstream school he will have to use his lipreading skills to get by, but he doesn t mind because his ability allows him to drop some eaves on other people s conversations In the first week he finds himself in love with the most popular girl in school, but on the bottom run of the social ladder By the second week a mysterious death of a student in the very coal mine where one of Will s long lost r [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooLooking for a wacky adventure Get your hands on a copy of THE DARK DAYS OF HAMBURGER HALPIN I ll admit I was attracted by the title, thinking it sounded like a good time read, and I wasn t disappointed.Will Halpin is embarking on a new and sort of terrifying journey Will is deaf and has spent his educational years attending a special school for the deaf He has recently made the decision to enroll in public high school In addition to his d [...]


    Does imagining a fat, deaf, sarcastic version of a Hardy Boy make you giggle on the inside Yeah, me too.Spoilers Meet Will Halpin, your overweight, hungry, smart mouthed deaf kid who is not playing the sympathy card and his new friend, Devon a k a Smileyman There has been a murder in the old coal mines of their town A Jerk Jock has been pushed Hamburger Halpin and Smiley are on the case sort of With the help of a few friends they are determined sort of, mostly Smiley to figure out who pushed thi [...]


    I loved this Will s decision to move from a deaf school to the local public high school is one that puts him at odds with many of his deaf friends, and leaves him quite adrift in a school that doesn t seem to be making much effort to help him cope So now he s the fat newcomer who s also the only deaf student than a lot to deal with But the book is funny, Will is a great character, and when he makes his first friend, the book veers into Hardy Boys mystery territory in a way I found delightfully [...]


    My reviews are intended for my own info as a language arts teacher they serve as notes and reflections for teaching and recommending to students Therefore, spoilers may be present but will be hidden SUMMARY Josh Berk s YA novel is a blend of mystery, realistic fiction, and awareness about what it is like to be hearing impaired Will Halpin, a recently main streamed deaf high school student, serves as the protagonist The first half of the book details Will s adjustment to a regular high school, af [...]


    Will Halpin is taking a serious leap from a Deaf School into a Mainstream School Because of his excellent lipreading skills as well as his detestation for his hearing aids, Will lives in a silent world This does NOT make it easy to fit into a gossip filled, loud and chaotic high school It also doesn t help that he s, uh, hefty Plumpish Big boned.But he does it He goes to class and is than a little bit observant of his peers his snarky and sometimes hilarious notebook slowly begins to fill with [...]


    This book gets a big plus for being different You often don t find a teen book about a very likeable overweight guy He is very jokey and I liked the side kick Devin It was a bit of a slog with all the texting and my daughter found it a bit too descriptive and slow so she put it down It seemed like something she might be able to relate to since her husband is hard of hearing I wonder how deaf students will react to the story It would be good to hear reviews from deaf kids that have been mainstrea [...]

    Kate Stericker

    In general, I was impressed with this book It s always great to see YA novels combine seemingly disparate plotlines in interesting ways in this case, the story of a Deaf boy transitioning into a mainstream high school and the story of the same boy solving the murder of a classmate combine to make a fascinating, multi layered novel However, an element that really grated on me was the way Will was handled as a fat character Will s narration has an irreverent, humorous tone, which is generally ente [...]

    Elaine Tolbert

    Eh That s about it Eh.

    Mai-lis Meehan

    I am utterly disappointed in The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, a young adult book where a deaf character who signs FINALLY has center stage And it s a murder mystery to boot Even better No Not better Awful.Unfortunately, Dark Days is culturally inaccurate and presents a hearing centric perspective through a deaf character Josh Berk s passing knowledge of sign language, Deaf Culture, the major contentions within this culture, and experiences of growing up deaf give him just enough material to be [...]


    A story of why i bought this book I was t a YA Festival in which I had not heard of any of the authors Josh Berk was there signing books and wearing what can only be described as a really quality jacket It was velvet, red and had a pocket in the front for a pipe which he only carried because his jacket had a pocket for it.I took one look at this guy and said to myself, he makes good life choices I then proceeded to buy his boo, to get it signed just so i could have a conversation with this man.H [...]


    Will Halpin, deaf and overweight, starts his year at a new, mainstream school without knowing what he s really getting into He s a good lip reader, but the teachers never remember to face him so he doesn t know what s going on in class, except that his sexy math teacher is flirting with the obnoxious football player who is holding party invitations over everyone s head like a mark of popularity The kids basically ignore Will except when they re laughing at him though he can t tell why , though c [...]

    Liza Gilbert

    Will Halpin is a deaf teenager who moves from a deaf only school to a public school He hopes to make it work through his gift for lip reading Halpin also believes he s overweight.Berk acknowledges having spent considerable effort on making sure the sections about deafness were politically correct and accurate to the real experience He was sensitive.However, his main character is a completely rude SOB who consistently makes fun of others, gives them horrible names, and makes fat jokes throughout [...]

    Amy Nielsen

    This book was not really what I thought it would be It s a mysteryI don t usually go down for mysteries But the reviews intrigued me and I needed a book on my phone to listen to as I fall asleep so I downloaded it.What I really liked was the main character, Will Hamburger Helpin s, humor Wry humor eventually gets so on my nerves but his wasn t too wry but rather felt authentic and a little snarky I don t normally like first person narration but this was very entertaining and not in the least ann [...]


    This story is about Will Hamburger Halpins journy into the general education school He previously attended the deaf school but he decided to swich because of the deaf hierocracy going on in the school Halpin soon figures out that new people are not always accepting as he is exiled from the rest of his peers The story soon starts to center around an incident that happened at the mining field trip where one of the class mates ends up dead I found this book completely absorbing and very hard to but [...]


    This is everything a young adult book should be While communicating moral issues and addressing uncomfortable topics of equality for special needs students the main character is very deaf , this book is incredibly cool, entertaining, and is written well The main character has that disconnected sarcastic tone that one might use after being shunned by mainstream society, but manages to find his niche in fit in well after some adjustments After some introductions of the main character Will along wi [...]


    Will Halpin is deaf and like The Curious Incident of a Dog in Night Time, Will is insistent he help solve a crime where his disability is supposed to help him It s an odd ish mystery and tongue in cheek that truly serious though the crime of murder is On a school visit to a coal mine, a boy whose father is accused of bad business, dies at the bottom of the mine shaft Told through his first person narration, his notebook ramblings, and his IM and texts to a friend, Will is navigating the hearing [...]


    Will Halpin has decided to leave his deaf school and attend the local high school It is a hard transition, but when one of his classmates is killed during a field trip to a coal mine, he and his friends may be the only possibility of finding the killer.I loved this book Will s voice is funny and refreshing I do love a smart protagonist with loads of wit and sarcasm And while Devon is definitely dorky, his is also both believable and charming Berk even makes the school bullies than just one dime [...]


    I found myself truly enjoying the main character Will Halpin and his observations of the high school hearing world around him Will, a large and congenial type of 16 yr old boy, has transferred to the public high school from his deaf school without benefit of an interpreter Enter Devon Smiley the only other kid who knows sign language and who is on the same popularity level as the new overweight deaf kid On a field trip to the local coal mine Pat Chambers, the most popular football player in scho [...]


    Since I like to know as little as possible before I start reading a book, I failed to read the back cover of the book before I started reading At first, I thought this book was going to be about kids with disabilities and bullying, and then around page 100 my idea of this book changed Turns out it is and it isn t Will Hamburger Halpin transfer to a mainstream high school from a deaf high school during his junior year As he tries to navigate the social and academic world of high school, he begins [...]


    Sometimes I wonder what it s like to be a guy I figure Nick Hornby is pretty authoritative on the subject of adult guys, so I look to him for insight Then I discovered Jeff Kinney s Wimpy Kid series, so now I have a pretty good idea what it s like to be a 12 year old boy.When I heard my husband cracking up, literally bringing himself to tears he was laughing so hard, I checked out what he was reading It was then I knew that Josh Berk was going to be my key to the mind of the teenage boy.The Dark [...]


    3.5 stars Will Halpin is not only deaf but also overweight, so he knows that the transfer from his all deaf school to a public high school won t be easy and he s right Luckily, Will is a keen observer with a funny internal monologue When the most popular and powerful guy in school dies under suspicious circumstances during a school field trip, Will and Devon, his single friend at his new school, decide to get to the bottom of the mystery, Hardy Boys style.The mystery part doesn t kick in until [...]


    I had high hopes for this teen mystery with a deaf main protagonist, but it never really took off as I read it Will Halpin is the best thing about this book he s a likable, affable narrator who chronicles his transition from a deaf school to public school The mystery aspect is not very rewarding, though it does allow author Berk to showcase some funny exchanges between Hardy boys Halpin and fellow outcast Smiley I also liked how Berk brought in the aspect of deaf culture and pride Ultimately, th [...]

    Shaun Hutchinson

    Just the right mix of comedy and sincerity I knew kids like Devon Smiley in HS Sadly, I m pretty sure I spent most of my time mocking them Nobody s perfect , but DDHH is pretty close.


    A little growing up A little mystery But not gripping or thought provoking.

    Paula Gallagher

    Finally, another authentically voiced guy book to recommend And it s funny, in a laugh out loud and share a line funny.

    Miles Greening

    I chose to read The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin by Josh Berk because I knew that for my independent reading project I wanted to do it on a book that involves mystery I expected this to be a better book because the title gives you the thought that something terrible has happened to Hamburger Haplin Instead this book bored me as the entire plot of the book was repeated multiple times Instead the book was slow and took its time up until the end where things were just starting to happen Now, I hav [...]

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