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  • Title: Heat
  • Author: Mike Lupica
  • ISBN: 9780439024181
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heat Dec , Directed by Michael Mann With Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight A group of professional bank robbers start to feel the heat from police when they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest heist. Heat Miami HEAT Miami HEAT Team News Oct , The Miami HEAT of the National Basketball Association are a professional basketball based in Miami, Florida that competes in the Southeast Division of heat Definition Facts Britannica Heat, energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature If two bodies at different temperatures are brought together, energy is transferred i.e heat flows from the hotter body to the colder.

    Heat TRADE PB


    This book was my absolute favorite book of fourth grade At the time, I was really into sports books and this book fit the billing But what is beautiful about Heat is that it s not just about sports Mike Lupica deals with friendship, family, and coping with loss in a way that seamlessly integrates into the baseball theme.The characters and their relationships are beautifully developed I especially loved seeing how Michael and his brother interacted, trying to make a family after losing their dad [...]


    Heat is a fiction book Michael Arroyo is a twelve year old Cuban immigrant His father, his brother, and he live happily in New York till the father poops Carlos, Michael s brother, and Michael try and keep it a secret till Carlos turns eighteen and can take custody of Michael Michael is extremely talented at baseball pitching and has a dream of playing to the Little League World Series Michael s fantasies look promising until one challenging opponent asks for Michael s birth certificate which, u [...]

    Bryce Rhone

    This book is really good, I rated it 5 stars It is about a Cuban boy, Michael, who can throw serious heat when pitching for his Little League baseball team His bestfriend and catcher, Manny, believes he even can hit 80 mph, which is a magic number like 100 is for major league players.I felt that this book had a lot of action and really gripped your attention The only part that could have been improved was how fast the plot changed from bad to good He was just sitting on the bench thinking about [...]

    Josiah Gulbro

    Michael Arroyo is a star, he can throw 80mph and is only 12 years old people think his future is up But nobody knows that he and his 17 year old are alone no parents, nobody There plan was to wait until his brother turned 18 But this plan got blown open when he beats a team that questions his age, with nothing to prove his age he is not allowed to play baseball.When this leads to them to his dad s death he drowning in a sea of worry.

    Cole Hudziak

    Personal response I read the book Heat by Mike Lupica I thought it was a great book because I like to read about sports This book happened to be about the sport that I am participating in right now, baseball I liked how it showed the other side of living, without privileges, and how the characters overcame their struggles.Plot This book is about a 12 year old named Michael and his 17 year old brother, Carlos They live in the South Bronx, New York, right by Yankee stadium.The two of them are Cuba [...]

    Hector Bustos

    Imagine a boy with no parents, no family, except his seventeen year old brother living in the U.S by themselves, ALONE This book s genre is a Sports Novel I really liked this book because it is the perfect story for any kid who dream of meeting the favorite sportstar or being just like their favorite sports star Spoiler Alert The protagonist of Heat by Mike Lupica is 12 year old Cuban immigrant Miguel Michael Arroyo He is a Little League player with a pitching arm so good that rival Little Leagu [...]

    Marika Gillis

    Michael and Carlos Arroyo are brothers keeping an important secret When that secret is blown wide open, Michael s promising future in baseball is threatened and his life with his brother may change forever.Heat is a book about baseball, family, and survival.But, mostly, it s a book about baseball And I might be the only person to ever read this book about baseball who knows so little about the sport that I actually had to look on to find out what a grounder is The characters in this book are won [...]

    Shane Ridge

    Heat by Mike Lupica is a great book It really grabs your attention If you love baseball or books about baseball, this is the book for you Heat is about a 12 year old boy with a booming pitching arm He is a Cuban immigrant He now lives in the Bronx growing up all his life watching the Yankees play Other teams don t believe this 12 year old boy named Michael is young enough to play because he is so good The problem is, he doesn t have a birth certificate to prove it and he can not get one Both of [...]

    Max Gilliam

    Heat by Mike Lupica was, in my opinion a good book this is a story of a young boy 12 years old who is an extremely gifted baseball player he lives with his brother who is only 17 in the Bronx away from his family in Cuba obviously this is a problem because he is not 18 yet and that is illegal they must try to hide their secret while Michael Arroyo is focused on baseball and about to enter the playoffs for his baseball team whose dream is to reach the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania th [...]


    If you like baseball this is a book for you It s the exact feeling of a kid living in the bronx growing up watching the Yankess, but there s He is stranded with no parents just his brother and no proof of age or identity, so through out the book he is living in fear and might have to give up the biggest part of his life that he is really good at just so he doesn t get caught.


    it was really good i thought it would be all totally sports but it wasnt

    Steven Munn

    What do you think it would be like to lose your father and have to hide it for months, while also being the center of attention Well that is what Michael Arroyo had to experience in Heat by the New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica The story is set in NYC during the late 1900 s and is about a young boy named Michael Michael has a predilection for baseball, and that is why he is one of the best pitchers in the little league Michael and his brother Carlos traveled with their father from Cu [...]

    Ryan C

    Heat is a book about a kid Michael Arroyo who has a pitching arm that has the chance to take his team to the little league world series Michael throws some major heat but its not enough compared to the heat Michael faces daily Michael was newly orphaned after his Dad led their family escape from Cuba and his only family is his 17 year old brother Carlos Although if social services find out about the situation they will be split up into a foster care system, or worse Sent back to Cuba Together hi [...]


    This book was very good What kept me reading was knowing that Michael and his brother Carlos were living on their own and Michael nor Carlos are 18 yet so it s illegal for them to be living without a guardian Because they lost both their Papi about 3 month ago Michael is a star pitcher on the Clippers, he is one of the best in the Little League, his brother Carlos has multiple jobs trying to have enough money to pay the bills But since Michael is so good one of the parents on the other team comp [...]

    Emma Lauren

    Heat by Mike Lupica is the story of a young and orphaned Cuban boy, looking to make it as a big league or, for this book, little league pitcher He wants to do his very best in order to make his dead father proud, and hopefully not get caught by child services for living alone with his underage brother The story goes on about baseball and heroes and bullies both child and adult , and blah blah, happy ending with girl and hero and birth certificate and friendship All I really have to say is that t [...]

    Lukas DiGeronimo

    This novel shows the endurance of hardships some kids face when there aren t parental figures in their lives It s very tough to grow up without your actual parents, let alone any parents In this book, the two brother s overcome obstacles trying to keep them from succeeding in life They had to endure hardships throughout the book With the help of sports and friends they were able to overcome all the obstacles.The life lessons both friends and sports provided shows the irreplaceable qualities that [...]

    Logan Wejnert

    This book was very good.


    I Thought That The Book Was Good And It Explained In Lots Of Details I Was Definitely A One Of The Better Books I ve Read

    Ryan Johnston

    i recommend the book to people who like baseball It was a really good book i gave it 5 stars because i can relate to some of the stuff he does on the baseball diamond

    Michael Hickey

    Personal Response I read the book, Heat, by Mike Lupica This book was one of the best books I have read in a long time I do not normally read sports books, but this one had an amazing story I always looked forward to reading the book, and I even read some of it in my personal time because I liked it so much I thought this was a very good book.Plot The book starts out with the main character, Michael Arroyo, stopping a robber by hitting him with a baseball Michael is very good at throwing a baseb [...]

    Cam T

    This was a great book I love baseball and this is a great baseball book I really got into it, Mike Lupica is a great writer and he did a great job with this book If you like baseball give this book a try.

    Trevor Flease

    Personal ResponseI really enjoyed reading this book For having a love for a game like Michael, even though it is different, I could not imagine going through what Michael had to go through For not being a fan of baseball, it still kept me very interested in the book.PlotMichael has fallen in love with baseball since the first day he stepped foot in the Bronx He is also a big fan of the Yankees, especially El Grande Michael becomes the star pitcher for the Clippers, a Little League team from the [...]

    Andy Bork

    The plot of Heat shortened up is a kid moves to New York City from Havana, Cuba to be free and to play baseball Michael, the main characters, father dies from a heart attack trying to help a woman from her boyfriend who s mad at her The only people that know about are Carlos, Michaels brother, and Mrs C their neighbor.During the summer Michael is playing baseball for the Clippers, a local baseball teams in the Bronx As the season goes on they keep winning and Michael can pitch around 80 miles pe [...]


    Heat By Mike LupicaHeat is mostly a book about a young 12 year old boy named Miguel or what he likes to go by is Michael Arroyo He is a only a little leaguer but the arm of an 18 year old, and the coaches want a birth certificate I think that heat is an outstanding book to read, just because it has an inspirational and powerful meaning behind it I think this book could honestly be read at any age level as you wish, so go get a copy of it today

    Patrick Roche

    This book was appealing to me because I like baseball, and I am a fan of Mike Lupica s work The book is based on two brothers living together with no legal guardian in the Bronx, New York The younger of the two brothers, Michael, is an extremely talented baseball player, and is a die hard New York Yankees fan Michael s older brother, Carlos, is 17 years old and he has to work to support him and his brother The boys face difficulty when Michael is invited to play in a baseball tournament that wou [...]

    Desmond King

    I really enjoyed this book I knew I would like this book because in a way it s similar to one of my favorite authors styles of writing Ta Nehisi Coates writes about childhood struggles and growing up in a lifestyle that s difficult and proposes a lot of conflict and adversity within your life, which sometimes seems unfair but that s just how it is sometimes An in The heat by Mike Lupica you see this with Michael arroyo because he s here from Cuba with his brother illegally because they re father [...]

    Jeremy Hull

    This book was very good with drawing you in and making you curious The fact that Michael and his brother are fighting to hide the fact that their dad died and Michael isn t legally living with his brother who is 17 The way the author incorporates sports with all the problems is very good The author is very good at making what you think wouldn t be a very interesting topic super interesting But at time the book was a bit boring.

    Giuseppe Mattera

    Hello my name is Giuseppe Mattera, I think that the author wrote this book for many reasons, one of the reasons is to get people to work for their dreams Because in the book the author tells us that Michael, his father, and brother sneak into the United States to look for new opportunities The family moves to New York city in search for jobs A few months after they move to the big city Michael s father dies They face many problems in the United States Michael s brother works many jobs just to pr [...]

    Morgan Folk

    Personal Response I read the bookHeatby Mike Lupica I thought this was a great book, because I could relate to it very easily The reason I could relate so easily was that the book was about baseball and I love baseball Also I was stuck to reading it because Heat had some hardships in the book that made it even interesting Another reason I liked this book was because I love how Mike Lupica writes his books Plot The bookHeatwas about a kid named Michael Arroyo who was from Cuba Michael was a die [...]

    Brian Hanrahan

    Brian Hanrahan Period 3Mrs NagelHeat by Mike Lupica Twelve year old Michael Arroyo and his seventeen year old brother, Carlos, live in the South Bronx of New York by the all famous Yankee s stadium The Cuban immigrant had a gift for baseball, blessed with a pitching arm He s a very passionate Little League player, he listens to every Yankees game on the radio at his neighbor s house, Mrs Cora After his father s death, Michael s dad carefully tells Mrs Cora to call over a priest, and tells the pr [...]

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