Sep 30, 2020
La Reine Margot
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LA REINE MARGOT 1845 is a novel of suspense and drama which recreates the violent world of intrigue, murder, and duplicity of the French Renaissance This revised edition of the classic translation of 1846 is richly annotated An Introduction sets Dumas and his works in their literary, historical, and cultural context 432 pp.

  • Title: La Reine Margot
  • Author: Alexandre Dumas
  • ISBN: 9782877141888
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • La Reine Margot film La Reine Margot novel La reine Margot Nov , Directed by Jean Drville With Jeanne Moreau, Armando Francioli, Robert Porte, Henri Gns Two riders ride to Paris carrying a message for their respective lords One is a faithful servant of Henry of Navarre, the other of the Duke of Guise. Queen Margot La Reine Margot Rotten Tomatoes Aug , Margot is an heiress to the throne during the late th century reign of the neurotic, hypochondriac King Charles IX Jean Hugues Anglade , a time Queen Margot, or Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas Whilst the novel is titled La Reine Margot, the story is mainly about the ruthlessness of Catherine de Medici, Margot s mother It is the time of the religious wars, the French protestants the Huguenots , versus the French catholics. An Appreciation of La Reine Margot on its th May , For starters, La Reine Margot is the kind of screen epic that was on its last legs twenty years ago and is almost totally non existent these days It tells a complex story, dealing with historical and religious issues without dumbing things down or making everything black and white, and fills it with characters who are three dimensional and realistic than the norm.

    La Reine Margot LA REINE MARGOT is a novel of suspense and drama which recreates the violent world of intrigue murder and duplicity of the French Renaissance This revised edition of the classic translation of


    If you re one of those people who lick their finger before turning over the page, I strongly recommend that you don t read this book Particularly if you re on the paranoid side.


    SO much better than I expected it to be The book is long, but the story moves at such a fast pace and so much happens that you don t even notice All the characters are fascinating, and my personal favorite was Catherine d Medici, who wins the award for Worst Mother in Law Ever I swear, she spends all her time trying to poison just about everybody in the book She kills one person with poisoned gloves, then fills somebody s lamp with poisoned oil so the vapors smother them, and then she poisons th [...]

    Simona Bartolotta

    Vedremo se della regina Margot sar tanto facile fare una monaca We shall see if they can make Queen Margot into a nun so easily Betrayals Broken hearts Conspiracies A marriage sealed by ambition instead of love Queens with too big a heart and queens with no heart at all True sentiments that require to be muffled and false ones who aim to look deeper than they are Poison, swords and blood Hunting parties where those who chase the game are game themselves Ambushes in the dark Not so secret lovers [...]


    By turns highly unlikely and highly hilarious, Dumas La Reine Margot is a wildly uneven, careening tale that knows perfectly well what it is and wants your gasps, sighs, and unbidden, unstoppable, Oh no he didn t s Or perhaps I should say Oh no she didn t as the most shocking, ridiculously amazingly evil and awful moments are reserved for the truly unbelievable Satan of the piece, Catherine de Medici She spends most of the book figuring out new ways to poison, arrest and assassinate anyone she d [...]


    Set against the backdrop of the ghastly wars of religion, and in particular the infamous St Bartholomew s Day massacre, Alexandre Dumas presents an action packed plot written with much wit, subtlety and irony.


    Est ce que c est une mode, lorsqu on est un personnage f minin de la litt rature du XIX me, de se promener dans des cal ches avec des t tes d capit es sur les genoux Je me le demande Je ne vais pas noter a, parce que ce serait injuste Je suis visiblement pass e c t de ce livre, ou alors ce n est pas du tout ma tasse de th Mais c tait ma pire lecture de l ann e Un mois et demi le finir, j ai pers v r , mais je ne sais pas pourquoi Si j tais enthousiaste, aux premi res pages, l id e de me manger u [...]


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    Empec con muchas expectativas a leer La Reina Margot y creo que las colm ampliamente.La historia narra uno de los temas m s recordados en Francia, las Guerras de Religi n entre protestantes y cat licos.Reina en Francia Carlos IX quien a su vez es manipulado por su corte, principalmente por su temible madre Catalina de M dicis, quien es la que realmente gobierna est n con l sus ambiciosos hermanos Enrique, Duque de Anjou y Francisco, duque de Alencon Por otro lado tenemos a los hugonotes o protes [...]


    Buddy read with Cari 33.5First I love Dumas It s not just one book, even though it s clear to me that The Count of Montecristo is my favourite, but the author And it rarely happens with classics to me, because I usually read one author s most famous work and then stop Even if I loved it I don t know why to be honest, it just happens Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby, Oscar Wilde and The Picture of Dorian Gray I loved those books, but I haven t picked up anything else by these authors and truthfull [...]


    It s 1572 and in an effort to ease tensions between the Catholics and the Huguenots Henry III King of Navarre is married to Marguerite de Valois Margot Shortly after the marriage the Huguenots are slaughtered at the order of Charles IX and his mother Catherine de Medicis on Saint Bartholomew s Day Catherine is also bent on destroying Henry as her astrologer has foretold that her three sons will die and Henry of Navarre will rule France through the Bourbon line Margot s dashing lover La Mole and [...]

    Renee M

    My favorite Dumas This book has everything History, Adventure, Intrigue, Romance, Religion, Battles, Poison, Incest, Pathos, Humor EVERYTHING Catherine D Medici is the scariest, creepiest, most terrifying villainess But she is absolutely fabulous to read.Reread 2017 Still an amazing story I can t believe that in the age of George RR Martin, this novel hasn t awakened interest There s just so much blood and intrigue


    1.5 stars I didn t like it Being a huge fan of Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo, made this one all the disappointing as it suffers horribly in comparison It s hard to imagine that he wrote them only one year apart as the writing style is drastically different I found this one to be a slog with forgettable characters that never fully grasped the reader s attention My trusted reviewer friends make this one sound so promising but at 300 pages in, I m crying Uncle Favorite Quote Women are never so s [...]

    Michael Finocchiaro

    I read this one hoping to find another series as engaging as the d Artagnon romances but even if I enjoyed this story, its characters did not engage my imagination as much d Artagnon, Porthos, Athos, and Aramis or Dant s from Monte Cristo This story is the beginning of a cycle based on the life of Henry IV Margot who starts out as a haughty bitch eventually mellows out and gets a bit real that is essentially the plot It is interesting and in that Dumas cliff hanger way exciting but most of it w [...]


    The first few pages filled me with literary foreboding Lots of confusing names declaimed at length The book promised dull worthiness from turgid word to florid phrase On page 22 of my edition the King of Navarre and his new wife the sister of the king France agree that while they will always have different lovers they will always be allies From then on I was treated to riotous carnival of oh no she did not just do that with a lot of he did the dastardly scoundrel, I never It is beyond stupid and [...]


    This is an example of why some books are considered classics It could have been written at any time, there is nothing to date it or make it seem plodding and musty Wraps you up in the story.


    Apparently, Queen Margot was originally published serially in several newspapers and magazines of the day, and I imagine that it was basically the 19th century French equivalent of a soap opera It certainly reads like one But guess how many fucks I give None Not a single fuck.Don t get me wrong I m really not the kind of girl who enjoys that sort of thing Space operas, yes Soap operas and generally similar things Not so much But come on, how can I not love this book Courtly intrigues Dastardly p [...]


    I picked this book up from the library a few years ago and was so impressed with it that I later bought a copy at my local bookstore Of course, I did receive strange looks from the store clerk, but that was most likely because she was jealous that I had such an amazing book and she didn t know a good book if it hit her in the face The way she was going on about Alexandre Dumas and the people that read his workI am a huge Dumas fan Always have been since I was a young child and I was introduced t [...]


    I LOVE the first 3 4 of this book It s full of action, humor, wit, and a little romance Also, Queen Margot herself gorgeous, smart, and clear headed yet passionate I love Dumas use of suspense through implication in this book as when he describes the events leading up to a poisoning at great length but without ever explicitly saying what is happening until after it s over Lots of very funny French irony my favorite bits were dialogue in which the various royal folks were pretending they didn t k [...]

    An Badagadze

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    3,5 stars.


    Everything I need to know about French history, I learned from Dumas


    Dumase u jsem ne etla v ky, vlastn ho ani nem m moc r da T i mu ket ry jsem nikdy nedo etla a to jsme m li doma to kr sn velkoform tov vyd n od Albatrosu a jedin , co se mi od n j opravdu l bilo, byl Hrab Monte Christo toho jsem etla n kolikr t a te m m z lusk na tu bornovskou edici.Kr lovna Margot je prvn d l trilogie Posledn Valois nebo tak Hugenoti a by se v prvn polovin v nuje Bartolom jsk noci a jej m dozvuk m, tak ve fin le je to klasick Dumas dvorn intriky, z m ny postav, romantick l ska, [...]


    Ho iniziato questo libro circa un anno fa ed ahim se ci ho messo tanto per terminarlo L ho interrotto e ripreso innumerevoli volte Purtroppo non sono riuscita ad instaurare un rapporto d a immediato con questo testo come per tutti gli altri testi di Dumas, che a mio avviso uno dei pi grandi scrittori mai esistiti.Penso che il problema sia stato sostanzialmente uno Conoscevo gi la storia Essendo un amante della storia, in particolar modo della storia moderna, conoscevo ogni minimo dettaglio della [...]


    Dumas, the Rossini of literature, churned out an impressive amount of his time s pop historical novels He wrote about most, if not all, time periods this side of year 1000 But boy are they fun much like Rossini s silly but terribly convoluted yet always lighthearted operas, his books never let deep thoughts issues get in the way of proper fun I got into Dumas when I was very young the books were all over the place at my parents , my aunt s and my grandparents and THIS, a battered, cover less cop [...]


    I found this book on a books market and bought it for like 1 euro or so, and it was an euro very well spent It s about the war between the Catholics and the Hugenots, I think it even tops Three Musketeers in my personal opinion It has the same amount of adventure and sword fighting, but even royal intrigues and humor note to self Kotzbombenelement the word Cocconas is using for like everything he s amazed by I would certainly recommend this book to everyone who likes great stories


    Tu hai perduto or ora un caro amico, lo so Ma guardami, Margot io non ho forse perduto tutti i miei amici, e per di pi mia madre Tu hai sempre potuto piangere liberamente come fai in questo momento io, anche nell ora dei pi atroci tormenti, sono sempre stato costretto a sorridere Tu soffri, ma guardami io muoio Dunque, Margot, ti prego, fatti un po di coraggio

    Natalie Rose

    Hands down, my favorite book of all time Hot sex, political intrigue, beautiful language, battles surrounding religion and all within the context of true history It just doesn t get better I just read it for the fourth timegh.


    update, 11 June 2017 just saw the movie I ll keep my review of it under a spoiler cut, to keep this review focussed on the book view spoiler so the movie is very much a Darkier and Edgier adaptation of the novel, and while these kinds of adaptations can be hit or miss, on the whole I enjoyed it a lot I think for sure Ch reau got some things wrong, which include the characterization of Marguerite unwilling to be married to Henri and unwilling to be queen of Navarre I actually liked that in the b [...]


    Enrique, haciendo un violento esfuerzo y dominando todos sus tes, cogi el pergamino de manos del rey Luego dirigi a Catalina y a Francisco una mirada llena de altivez que quer a decir Tened cuidado soy vuestro se or Catalina comprendi lo que quer a decir con aquella mirada No, no, jam s dijo jam s mi familia se someter a una dinast a extranjera jam s reinar en Francia un Borb n mientras exista un Valois


    Romance, political intrigue, humour, swashbuckling action all masterfully put held together by Dumas 4 Star really, but looooong and only book 1 I realise this was the style in the mid 19th century cos readers loved to chug along reading a few chapters at a time and not caring if it never ended but my 20th 21st century ss is marking this down to 3 Star.

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