Mar 31, 2020
Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present
Posted by Alison Matthews David

From insidious murder weapons to blaze igniting crinolines, clothing has been the cause of death, disease and madness throughout history, by accident and design Clothing is designed to protect, shield and comfort us, yet lurking amongst seemingly innocuous garments we find hats laced with mercury, frocks laden with arsenic and literally drop dead gorgeous gowns.FabulousFrom insidious murder weapons to blaze igniting crinolines, clothing has been the cause of death, disease and madness throughout history, by accident and design Clothing is designed to protect, shield and comfort us, yet lurking amongst seemingly innocuous garments we find hats laced with mercury, frocks laden with arsenic and literally drop dead gorgeous gowns.Fabulously gory and gruesome, Fashion Victims takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the lethal history of women s, men s and children s dress, in myth and reality Drawing upon surviving fashion objects and numerous visual and textual sources, encompassing louse ridden military uniforms, accounts of the fiery deaths of Oscar Wilde s half sisters and dancer Isadora Duncan s accidental strangulation by entangled scarf the book explores how garments have tormented those who made and wore them, and harmed animals and the environment in the process Vividly chronicling evidence from Greek mythology to the present day, Matthews David puts everyday apparel under the microscope and unpicks the dark side of fashion.Fashion Victims is lavishly illustrated with over 125 images and is a remarkable resource for everyone from scholars and students to fashion enthusiasts.

  • Title: Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present
  • Author: Alison Matthews David
  • ISBN: 9781845204495
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fashion Victims The Dangers of Dress Past and Present From insidious murder weapons to blaze igniting crinolines clothing has been the cause of death disease and madness throughout history by accident and design Clothing is designed to protect shield


    Fashion Victims , The Dangers of Dress Past and Present, is fascinating, frightening, and thought provoking It s eye opening with gorgeous photos Author Allison Matthews David s book focuses on the 19th and early 20th centuries in France,and the United Kingdom, and North America, a period which fashionable clothingmechanically alter the natural silhouette of the body Elegant people put their appearances above their health, with women tottering about in high heels, wide hoop skirts, and constrict [...]


    There is a television show called Naked and Afraid, which I have not seen, and won t see, but have gathered from its advertisements that it features individuals risking deadly wilderness situations leapfrogging over scorpions, gulping slugs for sustenance, etc to which they are made all the vulnerable because they are completely nude Now I guess that s scary and all, but know what s Really scary Getting poisoned to death by your socks and underwear when you re just trying to get respectably eno [...]

    Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~

    This book was filled with baffling, numerous, weird and down right scary tid bits of past present wardrobe malfunctions I now have even useless information stored in my brain for trivia night.

    Lauren Albert

    A frightening look at the dangers of fashion and not just in the past David shows the indifference of society to the health of workers but also sometimes its indifference to the health of those with money to pay She shows the poisons we have drenched our clothes in, the flammable materials we have worn and, ironically, the poisons we have sometimes drenched our clothes in to save ourselves from those flames The most frightening thing is that the problem continues and though we may be beastily in [...]


    Wow, this book was eye opening It is written in the style of a textbook, and I suppose it is one, though not one that would be found in any class I ever took Guess I wasn t taking the interesting classes.It s easy to look back into the past and laugh at what people once did that we see as insane today Modern Medicine is a good example ie, leaches, letting blood, stuffing who knows what in open wounds, etc But fashion is an equally interesting one Matthews David covers so many different varieties [...]


    4 stars Yeah I m a geek too Don t play trivia with me.I found this book to be very interesting and informative I found out a lot of things that I did not know Some things I was aware of and some not It is silly when you think back over the years and some of the fashion trends that have been around And, it s really sad to find out that for the past 25 years I have been putting poison into my body by dying my hair However, with the alternative being gray roots, you won t see me changing that routi [...]

    Nostalgia Reader

    4.5 starsA fascinating, if sometimes disturbing, look at the deadliness of fashion from the mid 18th century through the mid 20th century I was drawn to this book for its chapters on mercuric hats and arsenic greens, but all of the fashions highlighted here were fascinating to read about, from the hobble skirts WHY to the combustible crinolines, the combustible artificial plastics and silks, the combustible tulle, the fire prone flannel Pretty much everything was either combustible or poisonous [...]

    Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum

    Fashion Victims The Dangers of Dress Past and Present by Alison Matthews David takes a detailed look at fashion items responsible for death, disease and accidents throughout history.The book is meticulously researched and cleverly broken down into separate chapters, each one denoted by colour coded page edges which make for an attractive hardback edition.Some of the chapters include Poisonous Pigments Chapter 3 Entangled and Strangled Chapter 5 Inflammatory Fabrics Chapter 6 Great chapter headin [...]


    Although perhaps it shouldn t have surprised me, I found the tone of Fashion Victims disconcerting It s a curious mixture of academic textbook specificity and ghoulishness Although I learned some interesting facts, they were all unpleasant and depressing The title mentions past and present , but the focus is firmly on the 19th century and how industrialisation introduced exciting new hazards into clothing Most of these revolved around poisons and flammability I found the section on ballerinas da [...]


    Documentatissima fonte di incubi assortiti, Fashion victims mostra il lato oscuro dei colori che battutona , dei tessuti, dei materiali che per due secoli hanno fatto la moda, arsenico e plastiche esplosive, mercurio e piombo, delicate ballerine che si incendiavano come falene sul palco e povere operaie che morivano fra le convulsioni niente sfuggito allo sguardo attento dell autrice e alle sue ricerche non un tentativo di colpevolizzare la moda, ma un demistificarne gli aspetti peggiori, induce [...]

    Rachel Pollock

    In short, get your hands on a copy It s fantastic.I m not sure which came first, he book or the eponymous exhibit which ran at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto recently the book is much than an exhibit catalogue, though it does contain a substantial number of illustrations 129 full color ones So perhaps the book begat the exhibit Regardless, it s an imminently readable volume, hardcover, full color, a coffeetable book of sorts, well worth the 40 retail price I ll defer to a quote from the press [...]

    Mrs. Palmer

    A FANTASTIC and supremely engaging scholarly work on the history of fashion and the dangers it created through time It ends on a somewhat somber note we never really know what goes into the making of our clothes, and I guess I m never going to wear green again, but overall, I learned so much The author takes care to talk about the misogyny inherent in a lot of discussions about fashion, and the differences between the practical formalwear of men, vs the frivolity of women s wear The book was als [...]


    Would you like a lovely arsenic green dress with matching hair ornaments How about a pair of shiny benzene black boots Or perhaps an elegant top hat treated with mercury Deadly, lethal, pestilent What an excellent topic for a museum exhibition and book this is Poison hats off to Alison Matthews David for an excellent overview of killingly fashionable horrors The illustrations alone are worth the book s price, but the author demonstrates impeccable scholarship plus an easy writing style A winner [...]


    Fascinating and horrifying I have a weird fascination with arsenic green.had I been a Victorian, I d surely have died from it as I adore green colors Also fascinating though is the toxicity of some of the newly developed aniline dyes of the era the vivid shades were sometimes toxic in their preparations or even as dangerous as some of the arsenical shades.or were even arsenic tainted themselves Also laid out in terrifying details lead based makeups, the dangers of hoopskirts in getting snagged o [...]

    LynnDee (The Library Lush)

    This was a really interesting look at the history of fashion and how lethal it used to be and still is in some sorts for the producers consumers of it I m giving this 3 stars because the writing was very dry textbook look the author is a professor Fascinating book though, and would recommend to those interested in fashion history buffs.


    Ho aggiunto anche Fashion Victims alla wishlist per colpa di questo articolo vanillamagazine fashion


    This is one of the best books on fashion, I ve ever read It gives us an honest view of the fashion industry and the sometimes alarming consequences of trends Even if you can in all honesty say you are no fashion victim that does not mean fashion can t affect your health because toxic chemicals have been found in the good oldfashion jeans and t shirt So if they aren t safe then what piece of clothing is The answer to that is very simple, every element of fashion in infected That calming sensible [...]

    Rebecca Rosenberg

    Really enjoyed this non fiction about how clothing has maimed and killed people throughout the ages Great resource book for my upcoming novel

    Elspeth G. Perkin

    A head to toe historical tour of the deadly allure of beauty, propriety and Dame Fashion This may be one of those, careful what you wish for instances I have been looking for a book just like this for some time but after reading all the case studies presented in this fascinating work, I may just avoid standing too close to a yard sale table under a hot sun or exploring dusty attics or antique shops No, I still plan on doing those things but because of Fashion Victims The Dangers of Dress Past an [...]


    The book is eye wateringly expensive and I would normally have never purchased it After receiving a free copy in exchange for a fair review, I purchased a Kindle copy so that I could make notes to share As a history buff, the book s premise appealed to me After reading it, I was simply alarmed I took for granted that my makeup and clothing were safe We worry about mercury in fish or lead in paint or arsenic in rat poison No one ever thinks about wearing or ingesting those same materials every da [...]


    Fashion Victims is a fashion history about some health dangers associated with clothing It mainly focused on the 1800 s to early 1900 s, but it also talked about some older and some current dangers The book was full of interesting photographs of the clothing under discussion It also had drawings from the time showing the work conditions of those making the items and illustrating the dangers to the wearer.The author discussed how clothing could pass diseases between people, the toxic process of m [...]

    Ms. Please Pass The Books

    From poisonous pigments to mercury in hats, accidents as a result of fashion hobble skirts no , combustible fabrics, and a host of other seriously dangerous fads Alison Matthews David has rounded up the most disturbing and disturbingly entertaining collection of mishaps and tragedies in Fashion Victims.Laden with colorful pictures, artwork, articles, newspaper clippings, and ads, Fashion Victims puts it all on the table in its artful and intelligent layout Sometimes the details become overwhelmi [...]

    Eileen Hall

    Who d have thought that ordinary articles of clothing could have such detrimental effects on the human body.Hats containing mercury slowly poisoning the wearer, material containing fleas that brought plague.Even the men and women making these items of clothing were not immune.Hatters driven mad from injesting mercury, tailors becoming deformed from sitting in one position all day, even seamstresses turning to prostitution to fund their business.An altogether fascinating account of the darker sid [...]


    Fashion Victims by Alison Matthews David is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading in late September When I first set eyes on this book s listing, I was taken in by its pastel cover and Victorian appeal, but, once I pulled up the copy in Adobe Digital Editionss cover is skeletons Beautiful ones, but it s a little startling At any rate, the chapters unfold with focuses on specific dangerous fads and garments Matthews David s wording is both biographical and cautionary with adages about prese [...]


    Fascinating and meticulously researched exploration of the dangers inherent in what we have worn over the centuries Dyes, constrictive clothing, chemicals and fire risks simply getting dressed has sometimes turned out to be bad news Beautifully illustrated, this is a book to savour and refer to again and again A must for anyone interested in clothes and fashion, or simply in social history Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Joshua Eli

    What a great, fun read The anecdotes and researched facts are very interesting It is crazy to think of the CRAZY things people do to express themselves or to have others notice them Our clothes are just as much a part of us as our skin They have been part of human civilization long enough that it is silly to say you can ignore fashion You can, however, choose NOT to be a victim of it and a slave to it.


    I m going to cite this book as the reason I wear jeans and t shirts, because fashion is, literally, a killer throughout history Extensively researched and never boring, this book is filled with tales not just of those who perished for their fashionable taste but also includes those who died creating those fashions Terrible and tragic, but a brilliant read.

    Mary Rose

    A fantastic book Great pictures and absolutely informative The author takes an interesting approach to the fashion of the past, combining elements of Marxist criticism and Gendered analysis and I loved how it was done I was really glad to be able to read this one longer review going up on my blog soon.


    Fantastic, detailed history of the dangers of clothing throughout history, full of striking and at times humorous illustrations At times I actually exclaimed out loud while reading Very surprising and enlightening A great accomplishment very well done Extremely enjoyable read eARC netgalley


    I loved this book An intriguing, morbid, academic look at the dangers of fashion mostly trends and styles of the 1700 early 1900 s Beautiful photographs of archived pieces and tons of satirical artwork and illustrations corresponding with their respective historical periods An absolute must for history lovers with a flare for the macabre.

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