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In a forgotten age of darkness a magnificent king arose to light the world.They called him unfit to rule a lowborn, callow boy, Uther s bastard But his coming had been foretold in the songs of the bard Taliesin He had learned the uses of power from his guide and protector, Merlin He was Arthur, Pendragon of the Island of the Mighty who would rise to legendary greatnessIn a forgotten age of darkness a magnificent king arose to light the world.They called him unfit to rule a lowborn, callow boy, Uther s bastard But his coming had been foretold in the songs of the bard Taliesin He had learned the uses of power from his guide and protector, Merlin He was Arthur, Pendragon of the Island of the Mighty who would rise to legendary greatness in a Britain torn by violence, greed and war the Lord of Summer who would usher in a glorious reign of peace and prosperity and whose noble, trusting heart would be broken by treachery.

  • Title: Arthur
  • Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
  • ISBN: 9780380708901
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • ARTHUR Home PBS KIDS The ARTHUR Web site is produced by WGBH Boston The ARTHUR television series is produced by WGBH Boston and Oasis Animation, Inc Funding for the ARTHUR Web site is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and public television viewers Funding for the ARTHUR television series is provided by public television viewers. Arthur Jul , Directed by Steve Gordon With Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Gielgud, Geraldine Fitzgerald Arthur spends his time with booze and whores His dad has a wife lined up for him that he keeps rejecting until it s her or being cut off from ,, Then he goes shopping where he falls in love with a shoplifter. Arthur TV Series Oct , With J.T Turner, Melissa Altro, Daniel Brochu, Arthur Holden Based on the books by Marc Brown, these are the adventures of Arthur, an year old aardvark, and his family and friends as they grow up and learn how to be good neighbors to one another. Arthur TV series Arthur Rotten Tomatoes The ads for Arthur suggested that this was an obnoxious film about an obnoxious man, an eternally drunken millionaire indulging his every whim Instead, Arthur Dudley Moore is a sweet, somewhat King Arthur Story History Britannica May , King Arthur, legendary British king who appears in a cycle of medieval romances as the sovereign of a knightly fellowship of the Round Table It is not certain how these legends originated or whether the figure of Arthur was based on a historical person. Arthur Arthur Apr , Directed by Jason Winer With Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig A drunken playboy stands to lose a wealthy inheritance Arthur Opening Theme YouTube Jan , Intro for Arthur The Little Mermaid Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid Official Video Duration DisneyMusicVEVO Recommended for you King Arthur King Arthur Welsh Brenin Arthur, Cornish Arthur Gernow, Breton Roue Arzhur was a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late th and early th centuries The details of Arthur s story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and modern historians generally agree that he is

    Arthur In a forgotten age of darkness a magnificent king arose to light the world They called him unfit to rule a lowborn callow boy Uther s bastard But his coming had been foretold in the songs of the bar

    Richard Derus

    Rating 2 of fiveThe Publisher Says In a forgotten age of darkness a magnificent king arose to light the world.They called him unfit to rule a lowborn, callow boy, Uther s bastard But his coming had been foretold in the songs of the bard Taliesin He had learned the uses of power from his guide and protector, Merlin He was Arthur, Pendragon of the Island of the Mighty who would rise to legendary greatness in a Britain torn by violence, greed and war the Lord of Summer who would usher in a glorious [...]

    Jane Maree

    A really cool and epic Arthurian retelling The best I ve ever read It s all so real and I can totally see every single part happening in real life.The characters are all very real and 3 D, not really relatable in the sense of the word, but there are certainly things to connect with The story tellers each have a unique voice and cadence and I really love how it doesn t switch POVs except in each book part so I can get stuck nice and comfortably inside one person s head.The writing style is often [...]


    I read this book in high school I m sure I read it before the year I graduated, but since I can t remember the specific year, I ll just put 96 This book was fantastic when I read it in High School It was truly a different perspective to the story of King Arthur than in books that I originally read on Arthur It s interesting that in many depictions of Arthur, the version of Christianity that he is depicted of following differs from story to story, and in this version, Arthur s Christianity probab [...]


    I need to read this one again, but I remember Arthur and loving this book.


    Then, upon waking one morning, it came into my mind that Morgian, Queen of Air and Darkness, was fear driven It is so simple Why did she act now after all these years Because something drove her to act and the something was fear Morgian was afraid.I m so glad I got around to re reading this book It s such a brilliant book about the Arthurian legend It shows Arthur becoming a great and strong king to rule over Britain but also focus on the other people that helped get him there, with a huge focus [...]


    Lawhead s continues his Pendragon series with Arthur Like the first two books, I also enjoyed reading this book In this story, we see Arthur become the foretold high king ruler of the Isle of the Mighty We are taken through the arduous process Arthur must undertake to create the Kingdom of Summer Arthur and Myrddin must combat treasonous kings as well as multiple invasions of Britain by barbarians The battle sequences are epic and very well told I m glad Lawhead chose to use the first person acc [...]

    Toby Brennen

    Just finished the 3rd in Stephen Lawheads Pendragon Cycle , Arthur While it took me longer to get through than the previous two books, it was no less entertaining Lawhead continues to weave wonder fiction around history and myth While the depth of character was maintained in this book, the storyline was not nearly as detailed as the earlier ones To portray Arthur as a master strategist, the story is filled with the history and detail of many battles The unfortunate thing is that the story betwee [...]

    Jodi Woody

    Continuing on in the Pendragon series, Arthur is a great read I love this series and having a thing for Arthurian Legend, I have read a lot of these This is now my favorite Arthurian series I love the rich language, the writing reminds me of J.R Tolkien Lawhead is a great storyteller and his characters come alive This series is written with Arthur and Merlin as followers of Jehu Jesus and is full of honor and bravery Some of they typical Arthurian characters are missing and some have come in a n [...]


    Good story I have been re reading the five book series of King Author by Stenphen R Lawhead The books begin at the tail end of the Roman heydays and the implosion of Atlantis They take the reader through the few people who escaped to Britain and establish a community there Heir to these people if Merlin and King Author The stories are greatly embellished and provide believable tale of Authur, his round table, knights, many battles and the search for the holy grail Good reading These books are on [...]


    The archetypical Western Canon hero can be quite boring Having a stiff upper lip, square jaw, abjuring preemptive action and being achingly pious can result in a distinct lack of dramatic tension for the reader Lawhead s Arthur overcomes all of the above disadvantages and and coming across as a genuinely interesting and inspiring character Lawhead also adopts a multiple first person narrative to good effect in this book Highly recommended, but be sure to read the first two books in the sequence [...]


    Great ending to a fun series This was probably my favorite book in this series as most of the characters were quite familiar to me from King Arther and Queen Gwenhwyvar to Merlin of course The book is a tale of Arthur uniting the British Summer Kingdom together and so there is a lot of battles and war All the same, I quite enjoyed the story and was very impressed overall with Stephen Lawhead s ability to tell this story and his knowledge of the British legends I plan to read from him.


    Seguimos con otro gran libro dentro de esta saga Si en el anterior ten amos a Merlin, aqu vamos con Arturo, el otro gran personaje que da nombre a todas las sagas art ricas, el h roe y leal caballero por excelencia.Lawhead sigue manteniendo el tono narrativo que hace que no puedas parar de leer p gina tras p gina.Arturo deber luchar y lo hace, acompa ado por Merl n y su magia, s mbolo de la uni n de celtas y atlantes

    Gwenhwyfar McIntyre

    Lawhead is a brilliant writer in many aspects but also not so brilliant in others, his lengthy scenes and descriptions can drag on too long and be completely unrelated to the story But a lot of the time I do enjoy his writing and how he portrays each character, I especially like how Arthur is portrayed as a strong and yet vulnerable young king.Overall I really enjoyed this book.

    Douglas Hayes

    Lawhead is a Christian writer that has the ability to weave Christianity into the fabric of a story even historical fiction without cheapening the faith or ruining the story This is what he has accomplished in his telling of Arthur story Imagine beginning with the destruction of Atlantis, the conversion of the Druids and Christianization of the British Isles A fantastic story


    Este libro hace homenaje a los dos mejores personajes de las leyendas Art ricas Muy pico y con mucha acci n, est muy bien escrito y logro que olvidara mis prevenciones con esta saga debido al amor que le tengo a la vulgata escrita en el medioevo.


    Just as good the second time around D


    Another worthy viewpoint on this legend


    I m a fan of Arthurian legend, but Lawhead s treatment is distant and a little impersonal There are far better versions of the tale of King Arthur I recommend Mary Stewart s Merlin trilogy.


    Artur o terceiro livro do Ciclo Pendragon, de Stephen Lawhead Foi bom grande gosto que entrei nesta hist ria Comecei por Taliesin, passei por Merlim e agora terminei com Artur Existem mais tr s livros do autor com as personagens, mas s o como que parte ou derivados A lenda do Rei Artur, de Merlim, Morgana e todos os que a ela est o associados Cavaleiros da T vola Redonda sempre foram elementos da minha curiosidade e do meu interesse J vi s ries e filmes um tema que me agrada e fascina e de onde [...]


    A beautiful, epic treatment of the Arthurian legends, with several interesting twists that diverge from what I was expecting The Celtic or Old English interpretations of several names made each new character a mysterious revelation, and the multiple narrators made the story a fascinating shift of perspectives Yet through it all was a sense of nobility and heroism that I deeply appreciated Most surprising was the esteem in which the Christian faith has been upheld through the books so far As big [...]


    Finally finished it I ve been so busy lately that this book took me way longer to finish than it should have But I m done now I didn t like this book quite as well as the first two, although it was still great I felt like too much time was covered in it It starts out in the beginning with teenaged Arthur pulling the sword from the stone and goes all the way until the tragic end to his reign with the occasional flashback to Arthur s childhood It felt like Mr Lawhead was simply trying to cover eve [...]

    Brad McKenna

    I m a wee bit disappointed by this series Taliesin was pretty dang incredible Merlin was pretty dang good, with only a lull in the middle of the book Arthur was pretty dang ok The first two books were at least partly narrated by the titular character This book didn t give Arthur s point of view even once It was broken down into three parts, with three different narrators The first was Pellas, Merlin s right man The second was Bedwyr, Arthur s right hand man The third was Aneirin, Merlin s last l [...]

    Sedna Dragon

    Very well written and I cannot believe that it has not a popular adaptation My favourite character is still Merlin.

    Jeannie Lee

    OH.GOSH This is my absolute, most favorite book about King Arthur EVER written It s not the magical, golden, dripping with gems story that you might be thinking This is a soldier s story, a man who could discern the ebb and flow of a battle better than anyone every had Arthur was a hero of battles, a great leader even though he was young I was enchanted with this version of Arthur The battle at Hadrian s wall had me breathless The description of the land, the smell of the horses and the fear ema [...]


    Although it was a good book, Arthur was an unsatisfactory ending to the original Pendragon Cycle Although there are three books I am pretty sure they will not be able to fix this ending I guess I shouldn t judge them before I read them but Arthur ends with Arthur disappearing along with the last of the Atlantians Everyone else just moves on with their lives Basically everyone dies sad because the Kingdom of Summer didn t have all the glorious years that they had envisioned Frankly I don t blame [...]

    Gabor Nyiro

    Finally end I m a little bit sad to say it This book is too much for me Basically the book itself, the story, the characters are fine But too long The story divided into 3 parts 1st narrated by Pelleas, 2nd narrated by Bedwyr and 3rd narrated by Aneirin In my opinion the 1st and 2nd parts are very very long, and boring There are too many battles There are too many religious events There are too many preachy speech by Arthur and Merlin Unfortunately 3rd part is the shortest, however this is the m [...]


    A very good read The tale is told by different characters but still flows well Arthur s rise to become High King is difficult as he works to gain the support of all the kings in the kingdom Battle after battle must be engaged to free the kingdom of invaders and to prove to these kings that he is the leader they need Even when he attains the crown his support among some is tenuous The impact of Morgian, her father, and her son Medraut takes its toll on Arthur s supporters When Arthur and his knig [...]


    I continued my Arthurian travails with The Pendragon Cycle series This is a modern sci fi fantasy take on the Arthurian legends The first book started off as an interesting fantasy take on Arthur with some Atlantis thrown in I thought it was pretty original and easy reading at first However, the characters were pretty weak and didn t keep me totally engaged As the series progressed, it dragged and became a lot preachy and the characters were just too shallow The prose was overly flowery The pl [...]


    Tr s bon livres, meilleur que le tome deux, qui avait un rythme un peu lent Pour celui ci, un rythme un peu plus rapides, beaucoup d actions et l histoire d Arthur et de la table ronde commence prendre forme mesure o l on avance dans l histoire Les personnages des livres pr c dents poursuivent lors volutions et de nouveaux personnages bien cr s font leur apparition L.histoire est solide et j aime bien que le livre soit s par en trois parties, chacune racont e par un personnage diff rent Cela bri [...]


    was quite disappointed to see the pagan and druid religion regarded so badly in these books when i had thought that merlin was very much a druid and the fact that he and all the others are portrayed as catholics and so fervent at that was very disappointing I love the pagan and druid beliefs and hate that they were so disparaged and given such a bad name also this book in particular is very much all about wars and i am not so much into wars but i suppose that was the reality of life in those ti [...]

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