Sep 26, 2020
Where the River Splits
Posted by Jeffrey Penn May

When Susan agrees to a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness with her estranged husband, she doesn t expect to paddle through moonlit white water while escaping a raging forest fire Nor could she foresee the canoe capsizing, stranding her on the opposite side of the river How will she survive Her husband, David Brooks, thinks his wife has drowned but when he sees her alWhen Susan agrees to a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness with her estranged husband, she doesn t expect to paddle through moonlit white water while escaping a raging forest fire Nor could she foresee the canoe capsizing, stranding her on the opposite side of the river How will she survive Her husband, David Brooks, thinks his wife has drowned but when he sees her alive he turns and runs in the opposite directionwhy Susan and David will struggle with nature and at times with each other and their memories Two distinct viewpoints converging to a surprising climax.

  • Title: Where the River Splits
  • Author: Jeffrey Penn May
  • ISBN: 9781905988716
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where the River Ends A Novel Martin, Charles Where a River Ends is a heartbreaking love story that takes place in a canoe on a river that borders Georgia and Florida The main characters are a river guide artist and an intelligent well bread Charleston woman. Collective Soul Where the River Flows YouTube Feb , The song featured in this video is Where the River Flows by Collective Soul All rights belong to Collective Soul, and their respective business partners I River Where the Rivers Flow North Mar , Directed by Jay Craven With Rip Torn, Tantoo Cardinal, Bill Raymond, Mark Margolis In , in Kingdom County, Vermont, a large dam is to be built, however, Noel Lord, a logger and cedar oil harvester, won t give up his lifetime lease on land that will be flooded The dam company increases its offer of cash, but Noel refuses He asks for a trade a stand of United States Geography Rivers Where the River Ends Charles Martin The result is my new novel, Where the River Ends, and yes, parts of this story are painful, but I ve found the beauty outweighs the pain Readers often ask me whey I write the stories I do Why these themes As I get older I m and life dings me , I wake up to find that hard places, sort of like fish scales, have calloused my STP Where The River Goes YouTube Last song of this album Presenter Stone Temple Pilots STP Album Core Lyrics Yeah, I could hide in the calm of the eye of the storm And never blow awa Where The River Goes Critical Role Wiki Fandom Where Does The Missouri River Start And End WorldAtlas Nov , The river is located within the United States and flows through seven states Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri Navigation along the river is hindered by the presence of natural and artificial obstacles such as waterfalls and dams, respectively. Ezekiel Wherever the river flows, there will be Wherever the river flows, there will be swarms of living creatures and a great number of fish, because it flows there and makes the waters fresh so wherever the river flows, everything will flourish New American Standard Bible It will come about that every living creature which swarms in every place where the river goes, will live.

    Where the River Splits When Susan agrees to a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness with her estranged husband she doesn t expect to paddle through moonlit white water while escaping a raging forest fire Nor could she fore

    Jeffrey May

    Apparently authors are allowed to rate and review their own books, so why not I m doing this to counteract the following one star review which I believe has little to no merit I admit I didn t read much of this book I didn t like the writer s style so gave up on it Can we or should we rate books on that basis At any rate, Where the River Splits got a great review in the St Louis Post Dispatch, and from many others Obviously, I hope you enjoy it.Jeffrey Penn May, author of Where the River Splits, [...]

    Dana Caldarone

    I found this book to be, overall, a good work of fiction But I had two major issues with this book The first was that the author never adequately convinced me that it was likely or even probable that a man, failing marriage or not, would choose to abandon his injured wife to a guy he was too afraid of to confront, would conclude that his best option was to fake his death, and would then strike out on a new life for a very long time, only to end up back with his wife Without the stage properly se [...]

    Susan Cronk

    I found the story intriguing and well written It takes a great many twists and turns and readers have the sense of being on a white water journey with the couple There are two characters that add a certain creepiness factor to the overall story, and other minor characters that enter and leave the story without adding much All in all, for readers of secular mainstream fiction it s a decent read Christian readers may wish to know that there are a couple of places where intimate details of the two [...]


    Jeffrey Penn May s novel is a compelling and well written work of fiction The story begins as Susan and David, a long married couple, set out on a canoe vacation in the Canadian wilderness It isn t long before one begins to see the cracks in their marriage, and when a forest fire and rough waters actually separate them, David decides to disappear What happens after that becomes a fascinating look into the psyches of the main characters as an internal adventure begins No psychological treatise, h [...]

    Terry Crawford Palardy

    Jeffrey Penn May has written an award winning book which he has shared with all of us It is filled with beautiful descriptions of the wilderness in Canada, the Midwest, the West, and in Mexico The reader can see the surrounding vegetation, feel the spray of the river rapids, and sense the scent of the foliage and trees But than that, Jeffrey has given us a view of two lives, their inner conflicts, their shared struggles, and their solitary quests The balance of power between Susan and David shi [...]


    According to the agreement with I am to notify you that the author publisher and through cooperation and with gave me this book to read and review With that said I don t review books I do not like I like this novel It kept me reading from first page to last I didn t skip skim or jump to the end And you won t want to either as you ll miss the good stuff and the twists I wanted to slap Susan, won t tell you why, spoiler I wanted to take a baseball bat to David AND that is the angst of the book It [...]


    I was lucky enough to have won this book through first reads on.This book is filled with beautiful descriptions of the wilderness in Canada, the Midwest, the West, and in Mexico I love to travel and hike, and this book has many passages describing the beauty of nature It is much than that though As I was reading, I found myself wondering where the book was going Just when I thought I knew, I learned that I did not really I was not too pleased with the ending, but I guess, I was surprised by it [...]


    MISSOURI AUTHOR May s first book is a page turner, one of those novels I look for, but rarely find You don t just read it, you inhabit it the characters, the locales, the marriage that is both complex and fragile It s a mystery, compelling you to press on, suspense building all the while thanks to May s fluid writing and rich, generous descriptions Go there.


    A well crafted debut novel Where the River Splits from Jeffrey Penn May, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride as May skilfully describes the paths of the principal players in the story You can cut the tension with a knife Just one question when is Where the River Splits going to win a justly deserved award It can only be a matter of time.

    Hannah Rae

    This was a great read I loved how the characters stories were separate but intertwined Definitely did not deserve that one star.

    Heather Bridson

    I won this book in a giveawayquite a while ago now, but I just got around to it yesterday Sorry for the late review I was not paid for my review, and the opinions here are my own This book surprised me, it is not really what I thought it would be The theme you can feel from the start of the book David has always pushed himself in life, and tries to do that with his wife Susan Susan never got over the loss of her father, and has become emotionally distant These two both want to talk it out, but n [...]


    This book was a little slow at the start but once you got into the tempo of the story it was captivating I found myself continuously wondering what was going to happen next and wanting to read and There were definitely some oddities in the story, but overall I found the general message of running from or into, depending on your perspective our fears and the consequences of those actions to be extremely compelling I really engaged with each of the characters and felt their struggles and thought [...]


    This story had an interesting premise that drew me to read the book A married couple experiences a traumatizing escape from a forest fire, forced to jump into their canoe and run rapids in the dark They are injured and separated when the canoe capsizes and each is forced in a different direction The husband, after finding the wife and making sure she is safe, decides to disappear The plot was involved and kept me reading However, I found the entire read depressing It was difficult to look past t [...]


    The author did a great job in describing the details of this story I could easily visualize all that was happening A woman and her husband are separated while on a hiking trip He comes up missing and is believed to be dead but she is not so sure I could have happily kept on reading if the story would have continued I did, however, feel that the author should have kept us better apprised of how much time was passing between the different events during the entire story I still don t know how much [...]

    LLona Cunningham

    The premise of this story really intrigued me a failing marriage, a husband who fakes his death when an accident presents a perfect opportunity, the struggle his wife endures as the survivor, interference from outsiders including an insurance investigator and the mentally off balance good Samaritan who rescued her, and finally the inevitable meeting that puts husband and wife within eyesight of each other after a few years apart.


    A friend of mine recommended this book to me, and I m glad he did If you like novels with twists and turns, surprises, and even a little nervous heart racing, you ll be glad you picked up May s book.

    Sylvia Ney

    Interesting tale, but it lags in a few places The author provided some great tension between the characters, but some of the description and emotional turmoil could have been trimmed down to provide a better flow Overall, a unique concept and an ending I did not expect.


    Drama filled pages, thrills around every corner This aurthor makes the reader fill like your in the twist and turns.I would give this book 5 stars.Read this book if you like books that make you think about your life situations.


    A beautiful story about a couple who get separated from each other during an accident, and how their lives develop thereafter


    What a great story Wonderful descriptions of outdoor activities rafting, climbing I had to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the tale instead of speed reading to find out how it ends.

    Pauline J

    Interesting read I did enjoy reading this story It was believable and kept my interest New author for me, and will read his other books.

    Donna Riegel

    Good story about the relationship between Susan and David The book ended the way I thought it would.

    John Zavgren

    I couldn t put it down Amazing book.


    This book was so good loved it


    Great story line with beautiful imagery Worth the read

    Susan Walker

    I truly enjoyed this thriller There is lots of action and drama The husband wife relationship will certainy keep a reader interested.


    I tried to like this book It started out promising, but the characters were unlikable Making terrible decisions and treating each other abominably The victim, the wife, acted just as bad as the husband who left her I could not even feel sorry for her The stalker and the insurance sales person were unrealistic also I was glad when it was over.


    I found this book very intriguing and hard to put down I really liked the two different view points I had never read anything by Jeffrey May before but I found that I really did like his writing style.


    One of the worst books that I ve ever read Great idea for the plot but that was where it ended Style of writing seemed very amateur and I m amazed that so many people have given this book 4 5 stars The author s friends maybe

    Jane Brewer

    2.5 Well this book was okay but lacked character development I didn t understand the motivation of so many of the characters, so for that reason, I couldn t track with the plot I won this on a giveaway.

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