Jun 04, 2020
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Imagine having a personal cupid an actual winged being pop into your life and offer to make your dreams come true The catch is he can help you in only one way artistically, academically, or romantically That s what happens to aspiring photographer Allison Jean AJ McCreary Young Adult.

  • Title: Thwonk
  • Author: Joan Bauer
  • ISBN: 9780399237515
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thwonk by Joan Bauer The author of Thwonk Joan Bauer is my favorite author, I like her books because she makes the novels interesting and has a problem but it gets solved with happiness at the end I like how the author made the story with cupids that became real and made a persons wish come true. Thwonk by Joan Bauer, Paperback Barnes Noble Jun , From the Newbery Honor author of Hope Was Here, Thwonk is a delightful story overflowing with funny, stylish writing Imagine having a personal cupid an actual winged being pop into your life and offer to make your dreams come true The catch is he can help you in only one way artistically, academically, or romantically. Thwonk Bauer, Joan Books Jun , Thwonk will have great appeal with most starry eyed th th grade girls who are hoping for that perfect guy to come sweep them off their feet And fortunately, like most novels by Joan Bauer, this one goes a little deeper than the initial fluff and stuff. What does thwonk mean definitions Definition of thwonk in the Definitions dictionary Meaning of thwonk What does thwonk mean Information and translations of thwonk in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions Joan Bauer Thwonk Joan Bauer Thwonk It s not that A.J McCreary is ignoring the real cupid who flits into her life, she just wants him to focus and do his job get Peter Terris, the best guy in school, to fall in love with her This wacky ride through affairs of the heart never grows predictable Kirkus Reviews, pointer Thwonk eBook Bauer, Joan Kindle Store About the Author Joan Bauer joanbauer is the author of numerous books for young readers She received a NewberyHonor Medal for Hope Was Here, and the L.A Times Book

    Thwonk Imagine having a personal cupid an actual winged being pop into your life and offer to make your dreams come true The catch is he can help you in only one way artistically academically or romantical


    Actually a 3.5 This is a funny book and I liked the message A.J main character really annoyed me at how much she obsessed over Peter She reminded me of those middle school girls who are sure their crush are their soul mate Even though I seriously doubt there are many people who have meet their soul mate by age 12 sorry if I sound cynical Oddly enough, the reason I actually kinda liked this book was because A.J was so wrong about everything A lot of times you see movies and read books that show [...]


    I actually wasn t expecting much from this book because I had seen so many bad reviews on it One of the things I did see as irritating was that A.J the main character can seem a bit too dramactic, but I loved the way the author depicted cupid The author also did an excellent job of desribing the the photos that A.J would take she s a photographer If they really existed I suspect I would like them very much Now for a quick summary A.J is infatuated with Peter Terris aka very popular guy and can t [...]

    Maria Soares

    Read this a long time ago Typical teenager flick, but entertaining enough


    Para empezar, esa portada es lo contrario a esta novela Esa portada indica que el libro es MUY infantil Y no es asi Es un libro juvenil, a secas Con muchos cliches, malentendidos, malas elecciones y un final infeliz No es un cuento para ni os, por mucho que el secundario principal sea Cupido y vaya vestido ridiculamente.Para continuar, hace muchos a os que lei este libro, y no, no me planteo releerlo, porque me decepcion tanto que vend mi ejemplar Fue un libro aburrido e ins pido con el que no c [...]




    Spoiler Alert Have you ever talked to a cupid before Well in this fairy tale fiction A.J main character finds a fake stuffed cupid what turns out to be a real cupid to grant her a wish with consequences I liked reading this book because I like reading love stories I really like how the author created the cupid s personality The author of Thwonk Joan Bauer is my favorite author, I like her books because she makes the novels interesting and has a problem but it gets solved with happiness at the en [...]


    I struggled to finish through the second half of the book It was too detail y and got boring I pretty much skimmed the last quarter of the book never reading this author again.I was assigned to write a book review so here is a detailed review Thwonk was probably exactly what I had expected from it The better, popular books are always checked out, and I usually end up borrowing manga, so I have to pick up some novels for good measure Since I m in a rush and none of the books I am looking for ar [...]


    Fun take on the be careful what you wish for theme When avid photographer and aspiring art student Allison Jean AJ McCreary is told she has one wish from a magical cupid figure she must choose between getting into the art school of her dreams, rescuing a sinking GPA, or having the the hunk that she s currently crushing on Against the advice of her miniature mentor AJ opts for romance and suddenly THWONK she s got the hottest guy at Benjamin Franklin High in loony tunes love with her But have you [...]


    I saw this through a post here on and checked it out from the library expecting a cute teen romance It wasn t, not for me The main caracter, A.J McCreary stumbles on a stuffed cupid toy which then turns into the real deal She s infatuated w a popular boy and thwonk , she gets what she wants despite the cupid s advice I prefer female charactes with a bit self assurance than A.J The story was not seamless enough for me to be a cute story Giving the cupid an actual name made me think it was perhap [...]


    So, I liked it, it s definitely worth reading I also love love it when a teenage heroine or any heroine doesn t need a man at the ending to make her something Although I really like the overall premise, my problems are these too much shrieking, shouting, and shrillness yet another one child family with self involved parents is it that hard to write a story about someone with a sibling jumpy narrative, I had to keep flipping pages to make sure I hadn t missed anything ridiculously expensive hobby [...]


    The main reason I read this is because I just wanted an easy YA read But I also figured I could count on Joan Bauer to serve up something intelligent than the general fare.I think this is Joan Bauer s only book that has a magical element, but I ended up really liking how she did it Jonathan the Cupid was the best character, really A.J s obsession with a boy obviously not worth it made me want to bang my head against a wall I was incredibly grateful that Joan Bauer didn t offer up another male c [...]


    So the book I read was all pink with a candy heart on the front I was unashamedly looking for a romantic summer read I usually shy away from purely chick lit fare but bucking the trend I grabbed this from the library cart shelf because it was pink and thought, it s just what I need And crossed my fingers it was clean It was very clean and surprisingly delightful It is the antidote for all these love crossed teenagers I know who have unrealistic crushes on boys they don t even know I have had th [...]


    Sweet I m liking Bauer than the Cabot books, so I might have to modify my rating of thoseor maybe not, but still, Bauer is pretty good I learned all kinds of things For example, I didn t know Cupids gave you a choice of three kinds of success, and we were just usually stupid enough to pick romance See teen love lit can change your world view.


    If your teenager hasn t found the author, Joan Bauer, I would rush out and get the first book for her or him As an older reader, I totally enjoy the two I have read so far, now to get another one.


    I started this book this morning and finished it around 1 30 ish and it is heart braking and just THE BEST BOOK EVER

    Melanie Dulaney

    I can t believe that I gave a Joan Bauer book less than 4 stars In my understanding of the stars, that means that the book is still pretty good, but I usually finish a Bauer book feeling deeply satisfied, determined to inspire many to read it, and often needing than 5 stars Thwonk will have great appeal with most starry eyed 7th 9th grade girls who are hoping for that perfect guy to come sweep them off their feet And fortunately, like most novels by Joan Bauer, this one goes a little deeper tha [...]

    Joanne Roberts

    This book was full of surprises It is similar to other Joan Bauer books in that it follows a well fleshed out character with a passion for her trade in this case, her hobby The first person voice is distinctive, the supporting characters are interesting, and there is a definite emphasis on people who love and pursue their quirky jobs The surprises come with the introduction of fantasy elements and the choppy writing This was the second of Bauer s books and feels experimental It is inferior to he [...]


    The main character A.J is really good at photography as people have told her but she finds a cupid doll and he asked her is she would choose her profession, love or photography She chose love over her favorite, photography A.J is one of those third wheel type of people, but she says in the book that she is popular as people have told her before But she wasn t supposed to be popular What made her popular was the cupid with to have love The most popular boy in school fell in love with her and ever [...]


    This was a fun read about a cupid doll that comes to life to help teenager A J s dreams come true A J has been infatuated with Peter Terris, Mr Popular of the high school, and she wants Cupid to help her She goes through several mishaps, missteps, and mistakes before she realizes what really matters the most.

    Nicole Zylka

    it was amazing


    Cutesy quick read, with some substance.

    Becky B

    A.J is a photographer A photographer who seems destined to suffer broken relationships for her art Well, that s what she says Her parents say it is like she falls in love too easily and doesn t really look beyond the surface of the guys she dates But this is A.J s senior year, and she is desperate to finally make it to the Valentine s Day dance with a boyfriend She has struck out all 3 previous years And she doesn t want just any boyfriend She wants Peter Terris, school heartthrob Of course, th [...]

    Riya A.

    A.J is a lovestruck teenager who has her eyes on a boy, Peter, who couldn t care less about where or what she is doing She is obsessed with him, to the point its creepy Valentine s day is around the corner, and she will do anything to have Peter One day A.J comes across a cupid, Jonathan, who can help her artistically, academically, or romantically, and without even thinking she immediately chooses to have Peter fall in love with She takes this decision without considering that magic comes with [...]


    This book is awesome I read some time ago and read it again It s still so awesome I loved how Joan Bauer described everything and how it felt like you could actually see the pictures that A.J Allison Jean McCreary took When I was reading the book, and it got to the part about what Jonathan the cupid could help her with, I just knew what it was going to be Artistic Maybe Academic Probably Romantic Of course No matter how studious a girl is, she would jump at the chance for someone to help her wit [...]


    A.J is a funny, self deprecating narrator She has a crush on Peter, the most popular boy at school, who takes absolutely no notice of her at all A.J is the photographer for the school newspaper, and when she s given an assignment to provide a cover photo for the Valentine s Day issue, she goes searching for the perfect picture Cupids are everywhere, but she wants something artisitc Then she finds a stuffed cupid doll in the street and takes it home The next day, it s come to life Of the three w [...]


    In this cautionary tale, Allison Jean AJ McCreary learns to the importance of being careful what you wish for When her parents go out of town, aspiring photographer AJ gets a surprise visit from her own personal cupid Soon Allison learns that her cupid Jonathan can give her the one thing she has been wanting forever, her dream date to the King of Hearts dance When Johnathan makes the most popular guy in school fall in love or scary obsession with AJ, she soon begins seeing things in a whole new [...]


    This is a light, humorous read that I very much enjoyed With all the YA high school books out there, I m wary of how accurate the authors choose to portray that life there that I had to endure once and would never repeat again no matter how much I grew from the experience Bauer nailed certain aspects without being too uncomfortably detailed and still making you laugh about how pathetic teenagers and high school can be My second book to read by Bauer, and I loved it Perfectly along the lines of f [...]


    A quick lighthearted book perfect to read after a book hangover and with a good message.A.J is a bit annoying with her high school crush and her tormented soul, but she s still relatable She s passionate about her art photography but is approaching it the wrong angle Then comes along a Cupid Jonathan is his name and he s here to help A.J.The thing I liked the most about this book was its message and how A.J was so wrong about so much and learned with her mistakes She s wrong about her love on Pe [...]


    A.J McCreary is a teen photographer desperately in love with the unattainable Peter Terris One day she is visited by a real life cupid who offers to make her dreams come true Because she is a teen girl and without stupid decisions we wouldn t have a story, she immediately asks for Peter to fall in love with her The whole thing pans out about as well as you d expect it to, but the really interesting thing about this book is the photography angle My favorite parts were A.J s experiences snapping p [...]


    Listening to this book on audio did not detract at all from the enjoyment of reading it It was a fun story with a plot that was easy to follow, perfectly developed and perfectly resolved which makes for a satisfying read The romance was light and comedic, centered around the delightful absurdity of having your very own cupid to make cute boys fall in love with you A.J is an average high school girl, pretty but not very popular, the best photographer in the school, with allergies and an incredibl [...]

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