Apr 04, 2020
Sur la route
Posted by Jack Kerouac Jacques Houbart

Un gars de l Ouest, de la race solaire, tel tait Dean.Ma tante avait beau me mettre en garde contre les histoires que j aurais avec lui, j allais entendre l appel d une vie neuve, voir un horizon neuf, me fier tout a en pleine jeunesse et si je devais avoir quelques ennuis, si m me Dean devait ne plus vouloir de moi pour copain et me laisser tomber, comme il le feraiUn gars de l Ouest, de la race solaire, tel tait Dean.Ma tante avait beau me mettre en garde contre les histoires que j aurais avec lui, j allais entendre l appel d une vie neuve, voir un horizon neuf, me fier tout a en pleine jeunesse et si je devais avoir quelques ennuis, si m me Dean devait ne plus vouloir de moi pour copain et me laisser tomber, comme il le ferait plus tard, crevant de faim sur un trottoir ou sur un lit d h pital, qu est ce que cela pouvait me foutre Quelque part sur le chemin je savais qu il y aurait des filles, des visions, tout, quoi quelque part sur le chemin on me tendrait la perle rare.

  • Title: Sur la route
  • Author: Jack Kerouac Jacques Houbart
  • ISBN: 9782070367665
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sur la route Un gars de l Ouest de la race solaire tel tait Dean Ma tante avait beau me mettre en garde contre les histoires que j aurais avec lui j allais entendre l appel d une vie neuve voir un horizon neuf


    This is probably the worst book I have ever finished, and I m forever indebted to the deeply personality disordered college professor who assigned it, because if it hadn t been for that class I never would ve gotten through, and I gotta tell you, this is the book I love to hate.I deeply cherish but don t know that I fully agree with Truman Capote s assessment that _On the Road_ is not writing at all it s typing Lovely, Turman, but let s be clear typing by itself is fairly innocuous this book is [...]


    I m supposed to like On the Road, right Well, I don t I hate it and I always have There are a lot of reasons why I hate it I find Kerouac s attitude toward the world pathetically limited and paternalistic In On the Road he actually muses about how much he wishes that he could have been born a Negro in the antebellum South, living a simple life free from worry, and does so seemingly without any sense of irony On every page, the book is about how Kerouac a young, white, middle class, solipsistic a [...]

    Ian "Marvin" Graye

    A View from the CouchOTR has received some negative reviews lately, so I thought I would try to explain my rating.This novel deserves to lounge around in a five star hotel rather than languish in a lone star saloon.DisclaimerPlease forgive my review It is early morning and I have just woken up with a sore head, an empty bed and a full bladder.ConfesssionLet me begin with a confession that dearly wants to become an assertion.I probably read this book before most of you were born.So there Wouldn t [...]


    This is the book which has given me anxiety attacks on sleepless nights.This is the book which has glared at me from its high pedestal of classical importance in an effort to browbeat me into finally finishing it And this is that book which has shamed me into feigning an air of ignorance every time I browsed any of the countless 1001 books to read before you die lists.Yes Jack Kerouac, you have tormented me for the past 3 years and every day I couldn t summon the strength to open another page of [...]

    Jahn Sood

    I ve been thinking about this book a lot lately, so I figured that I d go back and write something about it When I first read this book, I loved it as a piece of art, but its effect on me was different than I expected So many people hail Kerouac as the artist who made them quit their jobs and go to the road, become a hippie or a beat and give up the rest When I read it though, I had been completely obsessed with hippie culture for a long time, and it caused me to steer away from it for a while W [...]


    I read On The Road when I was 16 When I was 16, I was so depressed I went to a high school that had a moat around it and a seige mentality On The Road made me not depressed In fact it made me want to hitchhike, hop freight trains, and importantly to write If I were still 16 I would give On The Road 5 stars I would say, go Go Read this book and be mad for life, delirious, exploding outward into the big uncovered road Consume vanilla ice cream and apple pie Drink black coffee Fuck a million times [...]

    Michael Finocchiaro

    Kerouac s masterpiece breathes youth and vigor for the duration and created the American bohemian beat lifestyle which has been the subject of innumerable subsequent books, songs, and movies I have read this at least two or three times and always feel a bit breathless and invigorated because of the restlessness of the text and the vibrance of the characters There was an extraordinary exhibit at the Pompidou Center earlier this year where the original draft in Kerouac s handwriting was laid out e [...]


    Although the ideas hold a certain appeal, this book is ultimately just a half assed justification of some pretty stupid, self destructive, irresponsible, and juvenile tendencies and attitudes, the end result of which is a validation of being a deadbeat loser, a perpetual child This validation is dressed up as a celebration of freedom etc As literary art, stylistically, the book is pretty bad The analogies to bebop or even free jazz are misguided That improvisation was by talented musicians, or a [...]


    Herein lies that gnarly root of the all American Sense of Entitlement Coupling this with Huck Finn as THE quintessential American Novel is One Enormous mistake Twain at least entertains, at least follows through with his intention, with his American take on the Quixotean legend Kerouac might just be the biggest literary quack of the 20th century The book is awkward, structured not as ONE single trip, but composed of a few coast to coast coastings, all having to do with this now overused motif.I [...]


    Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road I am not really into classics.I always preferred the fantasy genre, due to an innate escapism, a vivid imagination and a constant longing for magic But as you may tell, I didn t cast spells while reading On the Road I didn t climb the dark wizard s tower, nor heard prophecies whispered in the dark I set my sword aside for a while, and hushed my heart s desire to experience passionate romances After a dear friend s raving about [...]

    Meredith Holley

    The other day I was talking to someone and he said, Well, I m no pie expert Wait No I am a pie expert I am an expert at pie Another person asked, How did you become a pie expert One time I ate only pie for an entire week I was driving across the country with my buddies, and we decided to eat only pie Like Jack Kerouac in On the Road I said Yes Exactly That s exactly what we were doing We were reading On the Road, and we decided he was so smart when he realized pie is the best solution when you [...]

    Mike Puma

    I tried I really tried Everything was telling me I was telling me this is one I m going to like Instead, I got Pablum for the Young Rebel Soul I suspect I approached this novel with the same myopic nostalgia that, occasionally, contributes to the delusion that young people who are just getting their driver s licenses and I are roughly the same age More random thoughts to follow.So you want to write a novel, huh But, dammit, you just don t know how to start No problem, man it s cool, daddy o Just [...]


    in september, this book will turn sixty years old while i do not care for it personally, and the celebration of a couple of self satisfied pseudo intellectual doofuses and their buffet style spirituality traveling across the country, leaving a number of pregnancies in their wake and exploiting underage mexican prostitutes makes me wonder why this book endures, endure it does so i have made a road trip booklist with less ickiness and cannibalism enjoy rifflebooks list 237494

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    484 On the Road, Jack Kerouac Based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across the United States 2015 1394 388 9789643625245 1395 20 1394 540 9786008211242 1957


    This was a 4 star book based on what it represents, the history of the genre, and my enjoyment of travel From the get go, this is a stream of consciousness romp through North America It seems like almost every city in the United States is mentioned at least once as Sal Paradise tells of his travels, the people he meets, those who join him, and his wild vagabond companion Dean Moriarity I don t feel like the style of this book will appeal to everyone and I can easily see many losing interest part [...]


    I personally can t stand the characters They cover up irresponsibility and real hurt to people in the guise of being artists However, I do think there is to this story.Sure, they are jerks and they are bums and they are full of a lot of BS but as the book progresses, it becomes clear that they know it These guys are also WW2 vets, and very dissimilar to the hippies who follow them, they do not have any anti American or anti establishment feelings Also, they show a deep remorse and guilt over th [...]


    Pardon me while I write a scathing review for this book in the style of Kerouac, the Rambler.I really don t understand why this book is considered a classic I think of it as nothing than a diary written by a man who was soused all of the time and whose brain could not understand structure and the unwritten rules of writing It s incoherent, rambles on for days, and the style is distracting and annoying enough that reading even a page makes me yearn to kick somebody s puppy And I like puppies But [...]

    Jason Koivu

    They re just good ol boys never meaning no harm, making their way the only way they know how, but that s just a bit than the law will allowThe characters of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac s On the Road are 20th Century equivalents of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer boys having joyous American adventures Sal and Dean trip in ways than one back and forth from the east coast to the west, and down south even as far as Mexico, always looking to get their kicks It s a free flowing good time [...]


    I decided to re read this recently, having originally read it too long ago as a 15 year old with a head full of clouds, fluffy ideas and idealism Happy to report that the clouds and other fluff were replaced with an iron clad lump of cynicism which grows daily This time round than fifteen years on I enjoyed it for the colourful style of writing and use of language which marked it as a book that defined a generation I also realised that despite his skill as a writer, Kerouac and chums were lazy [...]

    Paul Bryant

    You couldn t pay me enough to re read this baby now Well, okay, I d probably do it for 200 Alright, 100 Cash Kerouac took over from Steinbeck as the guy I had to read everything by when I was a young person Steinbeck himself took over from Ray Bradbury All three American males with a sentimental streak as wide as the Rio Grande Whole thing nearly turned me into a weepy hitchhiker who plays saxophone while he waits for a ride, then gets abducted by aliens who are these very kind blue globes, I kn [...]

    Nikos Tsentemeidis

    18 , , roadtrip .


    The author William Kirn, in a piece for Slate magazine debating the merits of On The Road, wrote, It s hard for me to summon any critical distance toward On the Road than I can toward the shape of my own face or the smell of my own sweat I feel much the same way For me, On the Road is inextricable from the time and place that I read it I was, literally, on the road, looking at colleges in New England during my junior year of high school I d borrowed the book from my brand new girlfriend Dina up [...]

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    This book takes me back to that once in a lifetime summer when you sit with your friends and say we should just hit the road and let it take us anywhere Over the years you look back and wonder can you say that you took the road I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference But that difference is already faded the road is covered over with the autumnal leafs of memory and it is lost Jack took that road and I traveled with him in the spirit of that summer long ago.

    Maclain Rigdon

    I was in school at the Merchant Marine Academy I was nineteen years old a Georgia boy I had no business being there The deal at the academy is that you do six months of your Sopho year and six months of your Junior years at sea At least that s how it used to be I hear they are on trimesters now Who knows Anyway, it was this sea year that attracted me to the school in the first place.So I m nineteen, heavy boozer, balls to the walls so to speak I was coming unhinged having to deal with the life o [...]

    Jonathan Ashleigh

    This was an interesting description of a lifestyle but it was not a story Because I live in Denver, the book has many aspects that hit close to home and I still could not care less.


    I discovered Kerouac in tenth grade, right when all the kicks seem most dazzling, and I thought yes This is the crazy bohemian life And I spent the next ten years trying to be a Beatnik I hitchhiked from Atlanta to Philadelphia just because according to this book that s the sort of thing one does No one really hitchhiked, already, in those days old hippies would pick me up looking bewildered Well, and racist truckers, too, so some things never change I would have given my left nut for some benze [...]


    There are people, I m quite prepared to admit, that I am than happy to spend time with even an entire week if needs be as long, that is, as they agree to remain within proper and predictable boundaries And often those boundaries are pretty well fixed by the covers of the book that I find them in Look, I don t mind if you don t wash or you get so drunk or stoned or both that you find yourself fast asleep hanging onto a toilet to make sure you don t fall off the world I don t care if you wake up [...]

    Kevin Quinley

    A few months back I read Stephen Ambrose s Undaunted Courage , a harrowing account of cross country exploration made poignant by the character studies of adventurers Lewis Clark Undeterred in their mission to map the uncharted territories, the account of their expedition reminds readers of the vast wonders encompassed within America s borders Equally awe inspiring from the scope of their accomplishment and the natural beauty encountered, I felt compelled to perhaps make my own pilgrimage west, a [...]


    They re like conquerors without a wilderness to claim, cowboys with no cattle to brand.So much has been written about Jack Kerouac s On the Road, that I am not really going to write a review I will pose my thoughts I think that for that half dozen of people who know nothing about On the Road, I will say this It s Jack Kerouac s most famous novel Kerouac being the King of the Beats and the author who gave impetus to the Beat Generation along with the careers of Allan Ginsburg and William Burrough [...]


    Yikes, where to begin As the film was released to such an iconic novel it seemed important to read the novel first iconic enough to consider seeing a movie with Kristen Stewart in Not only that, but the novel also appears on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list So, Marketplace to the rescue and a near mint copy of the novel arrived in my pigeon hole at work the next day If only I d known what it was going to be like I joined the library the same week and should have saved myself the [...]

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