May 26, 2020
A Changed Life
Posted by Mary A. Wasowski

Nothing is the same A new life, but will it be a better one Change is never easy, but it seems that nothing in Nicolette Vanelle s life is like what she once knew.A new house, but will it ever feel like home A new school, but will she ever fit in New friends, but can she really trust them And an undeniable connection to handsome surfer Simon Paulson that leads to a new roNothing is the same A new life, but will it be a better one Change is never easy, but it seems that nothing in Nicolette Vanelle s life is like what she once knew.A new house, but will it ever feel like home A new school, but will she ever fit in New friends, but can she really trust them And an undeniable connection to handsome surfer Simon Paulson that leads to a new romance.But when tragedy strikes, will her newfound happiness be short lived Or will Nicolette forever lead A Changed Life Note to readers This is a new release of an edition previously released by Mary A Wasowski Enjoy reading Nicolette Simon s love story.

  • Title: A Changed Life
  • Author: Mary A. Wasowski
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  • Page: 141
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  • Lesson The Changed Life Ephesians Bible A Changed Life Kindle edition by Wasowski, Mary, Hansen A Changed Life really is the mostappropriate and fitting title for Ms Wasowski s debut novel It s aheart wrenching story of obsession, tragedy, and finding the strength courage within yourself to change The Changed Life My Utmost For His Highest The Changed Life By Oswald Chambers If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation old things have passed away behold, all things have become new Corinthians Living a Changed Life My Recipe Collection Hi I am Jen and God has used my weight loss journey to change my life Please click here to read about how God can change your life too Feel free to read, comment, and share your own weight loss story with me.I would love to hear from you To contact me, click here. Things You Can Do Now to Change Your Life Forever A Game Changed My Life snholastic Mar , It changed my life completely, Tani says Tani wound up with than just a trophy His story made the news Soon people donated than , to help the Adewumis But the family didn t keep the money Instead, they used it to help other refugees like them. Living a Changed Life As a result of the Covid pandemic, life has changed drastically.This must be so hard for those of you who are at home crisis schooling right now The homeschool community is here to help you in anyway we can during this time. My Story How My Life Changed Cru The people in your life play a big part in your story MissionHub is a simple tool to help you take the next step with those you care about, making it easy to organize and build relationships all in one place.

    A Changed Life Nothing is the same A new life but will it be a better one Change is never easy but it seems that nothing in Nicolette Vanelle s life is like what she once knew A new house but will it ever feel li

    Henry Wasowski

    Great job by this new Indie Author Which happens to be my wife I don t generally read books, especially of this genre But how could I not read my wife s first book Started yesterday morning and completed it today No spoilers allowed, my wife says But all I can say is that it s a great love story of a couple that goes through it till the end.

    Secretly Adorkable Readers

    A Changed Life was not what I was expecting at all This was a gut wrenching tragic story with a HEA.This book amazed me from beginning to end I didn t know what to expect especially seeing multiple POV s through out the whole story I see why the author did that and it made sense because at first I was a little confused Simon Paulson has became one of my 1 book boyfriend He was there for Nickel and never left her side I kept some of my book marks out so I wouldn t give away too much spoilers Thi [...]

    Chris- Bookaddict

    3.5 stars I had a hard time connecting with the characters in this book I don t know why honestly It was a great story with love, tragedy, friendships, love and happiness in the end.Nicolette who is seventeen years old finds her life changing when her parents decide to move from Chicago to California to better their careers Nicolette is left with starting her senior year in a new school, having to make new friends and starting all over Nicolette Meets Michael the son to a mutual friend of her pa [...]


    3.5 StarsThere was not a dull moment in the story It took me awhile to get used to the writing style and some of conversations between the characters felt forced awkward This made it hard for me to connect to Nicholette The story was interesting, but I felt the characters feelings were forced I understood where the author was going and trying to show Nicholette was independent and adjusting to her new home and life in California Sometimes, I just want to feel what the characters feelings and not [...]

    Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)

    After finishing this book, I felt completely exhausted There are many strong emotions and situations floating around with this book It is an amazing love story with plenty of moments that pulled at my heartstrings.Nicolette and Simon experience an instant connection that grows stronger over time, despite all the horrible circumstances they face Nicolette is a compassionate girl who puts the feelings of others before her own and Simon is sweet, loving, and protective of Nicolette Their family and [...]

    Once Upon a Twilight

    Blog tour stop with excerpt and giveaway onceuponatwilight 2013I loved loved this book from the beginning to the very end It was based off real life and those are the kind of books that I love to read Sometimes when you read a book and you connect with the character because you feel like you have been through it also Well with Nicolette the main character in the book I could relate to so much.Nicholette is a high school girl that just moved from Chicago to California First off she hates the move [...]


    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review The main reason for the 3 star review is that I felt blindsided by a few of the events, and even though I ended up being okay with them and read to the end, I felt it was needed to say that if you have triggers to sensitive material will note in the spoilers , please don t read this It hurts my heart to say it, as it is a good book, but it may not be the book for you Another small reason I couldn t give this a higher rating, was that although t [...]


    Beautiful story very well written by this amazing woman I love the way she write and with this Forever , sve exceed herself This story is very intricate full of the strongest emotions you can experience in your whole life.i ve adored Reese a very strong girl that is forced to do painful things, i love this character but i was scared how the story was going My heart was broken , happy , in love , passionate and fearful Walker is my myth i love all of him But my heart skip than one bit with their [...]

    Hailey Miller

    This book was sad but inspiring I can not even imagine what that was like, being raped by someone It was amazing how Nicolette pushed through her hard times and how she became stronger from this experience It really shows how hard it can be to experience something like being raped and how with time and love you can get through it The past may never go away but it will still make you a better person There is a saying I heard and that is Forgive and forget what has hurt you in the past, but never [...]


    This book truly surprised me I still can t get over the story itself It is a beautifully written and well told story of love, survival and self discovery There were so many twist and turns to this story that just keeps you captivated The emotions that you go through while reading and taking this story in are at times overwhelming but in a good way The characters fit perfectly together and made the story even emotional I look forward to reading from this author.Oh yeaSimon, Simon, Simon


    Life can change in an instant and switch up the path you are on in life Nicolette s life did just that How can a girl not love Simon, a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve At times I knew where things were going to go making the story predictable, but sometimes I like a read that I don t need to think, is sweet and makes you believe in love It was a sweet love story and a decent read.

    Susini Barrera

    what a great storyi love this kind of stories i cannot believe i read this book in one day.i can t wait for your new series

    Roni Guzman

    A Changed Life definitely is an amazing story Nicolette moves to California at the beginning of her senior year which is a very hard change for any teenager She had to move from a place where she grew up her whole life and leave all her friends she had known her whole life just to leave them and be uprooted to a new place where she knew absolutely nobody One day at a party her parents forced her to go to she met two guys that are both unique in their own ways Michael is the first guy she meets a [...]


    I was intrigued by the synopsis of this book and eager to start reading Initially, I had some difficulty getting into the story The writing was somewhat choppy and Nicolette was a bit too wishy washy for me It seemed to me on several occasions that she felt or said one thing and then quickly did the opposite or backed down without much prompting This seemed especially true when it came to Michael, who I immediately disliked I m sure that was the point, but I wanted her to be stronger in the face [...]

    A. Freya

    Given by the author for an honest review for her Blog TourIt was not what I expected it to beThe story had a nice flow and it was written remarkably.So, the writing is very goodI also consider it to be a quality readHowever, there was too much going onThere were too many POVs that were leaving me confused,especially when the transition from one POV to another wasn t done properlyI just felt like everything was too muchWhen things were good,they were too goodWhen things got ugly,they were too ugl [...]

    Maria"s Book Blog

    I was debating between rating this a 3 or 4 star read, but the over all message feel of the book pushed it to a solid 4 for me A Changed Life really is the most appropriate and fitting title for Ms Wasowski s debut novel It s a heart wrenching story of obsession, tragedy, and finding the strength courage within yourself to change and move on I was immediately impressed with this cast of characters They are definitely much older wiser than their mere 18 years would lead you to believe Defying the [...]

    Feisty Girls

    J s Review This book was a than just a story about finding love and getting your happily ever after This book was a journey Nicolette and her family moved to California to pursue her parents dream At first she was very angry to have been forced away from her home in Chicago so close to her eighteenth birthday and leaving her family and friends behind Starting a new school at the beginning of her senior year wasn t something she wanted to do While attending a party with her parents she meets Mic [...]

    B.A. Wolfe

    This was a wonderful 4.5 Star read for me You think you understand the title of the story, but until you read it, you can t even begin to realize its powerful meaning A Changed Life indeed I read the sample on and after 2 pages I was hooked and 1 clicked like faster than I can even say 1 click I had moments where I was ready for some angst and when I was, it was like Mary was in my head and boy oh boy does she deliver You will get into a percentage of the story where she just plows you with on [...]

    Trudie Campbell

    I had this book read in three days Three days If it wasn t for work, my son and husband along with errands, cooking, cleaning, etc this book would have been finished in two days I thoroughly enjoyed reading this I honestly didn t know what to expect and was def surprised and caught off guard in a very good way A little back ground on me, I typically don t read these young contemporary love stories But found myself caught up in this book quickly Right from the start, your pulled into the characte [...]

    Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri

    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Spoiler free review HEA which makes me happy Seventeen year old Nicolette s life is turned upside down when her parents decide to move from Chicago to Californian She has to start all over again her senior year of high school New friends, school and a changed life I want to remain spoiler free so will top line Nicolette attends her first Hollywood party meets two guys Michael and Simon Michael is a bad boy dbag She manages to ditch him and mee [...]


    My first thought upon completion of this book was how exhausted my emotions were This book deals with some harsh things but is also has an exceptional love story There were definitely plenty of moments that pulled at my heartstrings.There are lots of fantastic characters in this book Nicolette and Simon have an instant connection that despite all they go through, only grows stronger over time They were both wonderful characters to read about Nicolette is kind and compassionate and always puts th [...]

    Rumpled Sheets Blog

    Nicholette has moved with her parents to LA She wasn t happy about it.Her parents are song writers They ve been invited to the Fourth of July party hosted by Clayton St Clair.At that party, she met Simon and Michael Both Simon and Michael like her and wanted her They fought for her.But Michael did something tragic, something that will leave a mark on her forever Something that changed her life.Simon is so sweet, caring He never gave up on her He was all the way there for her.Nicholette tried to [...]


    Honestly I am not a big fan of books that the characters are high school kids With that said I did feel like these kids were mature beyond their year s maybe it s because they live in Hollywood and have rich families This book is about making new friends, finding love dealing with tragedy and how your life can change in a second and that is exactly what happened to Nicolette Michael is the son of a business partner with her parents and she decides she doesn t like him from the beginning and the [...]


    I won this book from Love Between The Sheets, and didn t know what to expect I was pleasantly surprised I loved the story and it didn t take long for me to be hooked A Changed Life will tug at your heartstrings, taking you for an emotional ride Tears of hurt sadness and tears of happiness what a roller coaster I m looking forward to reading Mary A Wasowski s next book I wanted to give this 5 stars, but couldn t In my opinion, additional editing is needed The placement of quotation marks and some [...]

    Kristie Amann

    The beginning was hard to get through, but once you hit 40% it s a quick read, I loved the ending and how everything worked out but some of the stuff in the beginning was harder to believe, I know it s not real but the way some of the characters acted and the way the characters talked at times was awkward But I wanted to give this book a chance and once I finished it I liked the rest of the book a lot The kindle edition definitely needs editing, lots of spelling, grammatical and other errors, w [...]


    Nicolette and her Patents moved from Chicago to CA for her patents career Attending a party her parents want her to make friends she meets the son Micheal of a business associate she gets bored so she goes to the Beach where she meets Simon they hit it off right away Micheal and Simon have a history which isn t good So this is where the story takes off, there is Trauma that Nicolette goes through Can Simon Nicolette s love be enough to get them through this You will enjoy this book Mary did a wo [...]

    Joanne Hope

    I was recommended this book by a friend All I can say is WOW This book has you hooked from the start.You can feel every emotion in it.I d love to hear from nickel and simon.I would recommend everyone read this book x


    Amazing story that touches your heart To see the struggles people go through daily is a real eye opener Loved the main characters ere story touched my heart


    Ugh Another DNF for me Awful writing made this book SUPER hard to get into I didn t make it past 10% Not for me.

    Nancy Metsch

    I ugky cried through most of this book I know this is Mary s first bookI cannot wait for her next one

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