Aug 05, 2020
With Love
Posted by Liz Lovelock

Dear Captor,Do you find pleasure in my tortured screams My darkened cell is my own living nightmare.Why do you continue to play this game Why don t you just kill me You ve almost broken me all over again but I ve held firm I ve pushed through the pain you ve inflicted And now I m seeing a side of you I never knew could exist A side I connect with A side I could grow tDear Captor,Do you find pleasure in my tortured screams My darkened cell is my own living nightmare.Why do you continue to play this game Why don t you just kill me You ve almost broken me all over again but I ve held firm I ve pushed through the pain you ve inflicted And now I m seeing a side of you I never knew could exist A side I connect with A side I could grow to like.Your touch on my skin it ignites a fire within.Only time will tell what will come of it.With love,Elenore.

  • Title: With Love
  • Author: Liz Lovelock
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    With Love Dear Captor Do you find pleasure in my tortured screams My darkened cell is my own living nightmare Why do you continue to play this game Why don t you just kill me You ve almost broken me all over ag


    Review to come.

    Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)

    Cover revel coming soon I ll save my thoughts until then.Book two picks up right where the author left us at the end of book one Elenore is still being held captive and vowing to stay alive Captor is struggling though Elinore should already be dead like all the previous girls but there is just something about her that calls to him, and he can t seem to end her life much to his annoyance This was another great installment We get some twists and turns Secrets are revealed, and are hinted at Elino [...]


    With Love, the second opus of the psychological thriller trilogy Letters In Blood, starts right where it ended in Dear Captor.The mystery is in full play, it played and messed with my mind, making me doubt, my head spinning with the different hypothesis coming and going Told from three point of view, Elenore s, the captor s and Roman s the story progresses, always gruesome as revelations upon revelations are unveiled letting the parts of the bigger picture little by little appear We don t know [...]

    Beneath The Covers Blog

    With Love will have you guessing and wondering what will happen nextWith Love starts off right where Dear Captor had stopped This is a short read and I wasn t ready for it to end It will have you trying to figure out the pieces to the puzzle and there are things you did not see coming The suspense in this book was killing me in a good way.As I sat there trying to figure out who the captor could be I also was falling for him and rooting for him, yes, I know I have issues, but that is besides the [...]

    ✰ D r i ✰

    2 stars

    Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    Make sure you read Dear Captor first as this is a continuation of the Letters in Blood series Dear Captor ends in a cliffhanger and this starts where the previous book ends As I got into this story I couldn t put it down I needed to know what was going to happen next This is one of those books that s hard to review as I don t wanna spoil it for anyone It has a fabulous storyline with gripping twists and turns I m so looking forward to reading of this story.


    You know how every now and again you get a series and you want to shout out to the world about how awesome it is Liz Lovelock s series Letters in Blood is that series for me lately If you love Edgy and Dark Fiction with Mystery elements and lots of twists, then you will fit right at home with her Letters in Blood series Book 2 started from the cliffhanger that we had in Book 1 and Eleanore is still alive and fighting for her life with the serial killer As we know, Eleanore is a fighter, and I th [...]

    Viridiana Dimas

    And the twists get even twisted in book 2 of the Letters in Blood trilogy Definitely one hell of an emotional roller coaster With Love has left me speechless and with a thickness in my throat that s hard to swallow Not to mention how bad my nails are right now with the constant anxiety especially with that ending The I read this trilogy, the I love Eleanor s character She s even tougher and will do whatever it takes to survive In this book secrets start to arise as the investigation and the s [...]

    Richelle Robinson

    This story picks up right where left off and it didn t disappoint me at all This story had me captivated from the beginning and I couldn t put it down until the very last page The writing, the pacing, everything about this book was just perfect Novella s are usually hit or miss for me and this short story packed a powerful punch In this installment we are given pieces to the puzzles and I had all of these theories when I read the first part and now the author has me second guessing myself as I [...]

    Kim BookJunkie

    This is not a separate, individual book but actually a continuation of the first book and the start of the third This is one of those instances where the author either divided one large book into the three in hopes of making money or because the 1 book was so long that she didn t want to deter people from reading buying it Whatever Lovelock s reasoning was, this is not complete, book Regardless of that, this portion was extremely exciting Unlike the first installment, this one is action packed, [...]


    Shocking and compelling.d so the rabbit hole becomes deeper, and tortuous this is such a dark, menacing and fascinating series I am not sure I could in fairness describe it as enjoyable but it is most certainly compellingThis second in the series follows immediately on from the dramatic cliffhanger ending of the first bookonce again there are three perspectives providing the narrative Elinore is growing stronger, her resilience is astonishing considering her dire situation, then there is Roman [...]

    Book LoversDown Under

    Cliffhanger don t leave it there Very quick read 40 mins It drags you in Now really need next book Thanks.

    Tongan Book Lover (Ofa Tafa)

    I was so lucky to meet Liz at the Riveting Reads Author signing in Brisbane, and extra lucky to get paperbacks before the rest of the series was released Once I finished Dear Captor, I was hooked I couldn t stop reading Make sure you do read Dear Captor first because then none of this will make sense And trust me, you NEED this to make sense so you experience the same spine chillingly shoot of adrenaline the same way I did These are one of those books that cannot be properly reviewed because eve [...]


    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie s Book Reports With Love is the second book in Liz Lovelock s Letters in Blood Series You need to read Dear Captor before diving in to With Love With Love picks up exactly where With Love left off We find Elenore still in the clutches of a madman trying to survive and Roman still searching for her I will tell you that I thought I might have figured out who the Captor was but I m wrong I know that I am now Holy cow I di [...]

    KnottyGirl Reviews

    This book has totally made me want to bang my fists on the nearest hard surface I ll tell you why Cliffhanger If you know me, you ll know I really don t like them, especially when I ve really gotten into the story Now, I m of a romance fan myself, because I happen to like happy endings and all the resultant mush and crazy sex involved The kinkier the better, but not this book This is about a woman who has had a pretty horrific childhood, and now she s been taken by a man who has starved, tortur [...]

    Kathy Rouchelle

    Books made to be made into a movie This series is turning into something that you just want to see on the big screen if they don t mess with it like they do with all other books It is perfect as it is and once you finish one you cannot wait to get your hands on the next one This book, just as the first leaves you breathless and on edge with the fear that Eleanor is feeling This storyline is not only dark but it is also intriguing as the police search for the missing Eleanor, stumble upon a coupl [...]

    Alicia Huxtable

    Liz Lovelock pulls you even further into the web that is Elenore and her Captor We see of Elenore s strength and learn a bit about what drives her fight, we also get a bit of an insight into the Captorbut who is it

    Bloggers From Down Under

    Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under WHAT THE HELL Liz Lovelock s second installment in her Letters In Blood Series, With Love has left me speechless I don t know what to say The struggle is real people.We know that Elenore has been taken.Being held captive by a monster.Reasons still unknown And it just got a whole lot of complicated.What secrets does Elenore have Will her captor seek the truth Can Elenore break down her captors wall [...]

    Rhonda Tactor

    With Love is the 2nd book in the series Letters in Blood by the amazing author Liz Lovelock.What can I say about this incredible book series without giving anything away.We pick up the story from where Liz left us from book one we continue on the journey of trying to figure out who the Captor is.I have my own theories, but by the end of With Love I think my mind is way off base Liz again has left us wanting so many questions needing answers.So until November the release of the final book, do y [...]


    My review has been posted in Shelly s Book Corner review show 2154258654

    Louise Hallett

    The story continues straight from where Dear Captor finished What will Captor do with Elenore Will Roman get any closer to finding her What secrets are Captor and Elenore hiding and who is the woman in Elenore s dreams Some of these are answered, with hints and a reveal towards the end that I had suspected for a while I m sure I was meant to as the author had implied it in both books There was also suggested suspicion and doubt about a character in the book Is he going to turn out to be Captor I [...]


    Holy hell, how can we be left hanging like this There are so many questions to be answered and it has just kept me glued to the pages I haven t read many books where I can go, is it this person, is it him, oh no it could be that person so many guesses and i just want to know.I love the way Liz Lovelock is writing this series we are getting every important point of view which I find exciting.You have Eleanor s who is so strong and is fighting against her captor and she will do anything to survive [...]


    Short story book 2 in a trilogy.So this is just a tad over 100 pages and it seemed much shorter.t in a bad way at all, but it just had me hooked that I felt like it was over so fast We pick up where Dear Captor left off There is definitely some mystery going on We don t know who Captor is, but I have a suspicion that we truly do Unfortunately for me this had a bit of middle book syndrome Nothing was resolved, but just crumbs were revealed and so I don t feel satisfied by this instalment Turns o [...]

    Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)

    My name is Eleanore My time came, and I was told to run.So that s what I didNothing would stop me.Well,except maybe one thing.A bullet A serial killer with a routine that is broken by her One week, seven days to weaken his captive and make them sing a song of pain and despair Then they run as if their lives depend on it because it does yet Elenore is a woman with an inner strength Her letter ignited his fascination and her words hold him rapt Enticing him to feel something than the desire to ca [...]

    Sassy Southern

    4.5 stars This is the second book in the series and book one, Dear Captor, needs to be read first.Eleanor Burrows is being held captive by a serial killer and she has no idea how or why she is still alive Her hope remains with Police Detective Roman Blackwood, whom she just began dating before she was grabbed.Detective Roman Blackwood won t give up trying to find Eleanor but soon he discovers secrets that she kept and some that were kept from her that is about to open this case right up but he n [...]


    This book is part two in the letters in blood series Elenor s situation darkens and answers are needed I have been eager to read this book since finishing the first book I read this book in one sitting and was left wanting I really liked this instalment The danger in this book kept me on the edge of my seat As Elenor s situation got darker, I was on the edge of my seat I liked that Elenor stood up to her capturer She didn t back down despite being hurt As for the capturer, I think I have figure [...]

    Beyond The Covers Blog

    With Love is the continuation of Dear Captor book 1 of the Letters in blood series It s a raw and emotional story, filled with violence, secrets, abuse both past and present It highlights Eleanor s strength to free herself from her captor and the lengths she s willing to go to to obtain her freedom, but it also has me wondering whether Eleanor is indeed falling for her captord he her.Both come from similar backgrounds, both chose different pathsuld they possibly save each other from there tormen [...]


    Let the battle of wills commence It will either end in her survival or death Dear Liz Lovelock,You ve kept me waiting, but I am patient I ve been following you Even stalking you I ve been playing the long game, and now I ve been rewarded Book Two.He told her to run, and she did She got further than the others, and he missed his shot.You ve made Elenor strong, and helped her hide her secrets, but Captor still has her Now the battle of wills commences, It will either end in her survival or death Y [...]

    BCD Book Review - Rachel & Jen

    Amount of sex 0.5 5How explicit 2 5Story 4.5 5Overall 4.5 5OMG With Love is the second book in the Letters in Blood series and I am completely captivated with this twisted thriller Just a note of reminder, this is not a standalone book and you must read Dear Captor first before beginning With Love The third and final book in the series, Forever Yours, will be released on November 15th So yes be prepared for another cliffhanger I got to tell you, I devoured this book I sat and read it in one sitt [...]

    Clara Atkinson

    Be still my heart it s beating a 100 miles a hour This is the second installment of the Letters in Blood series and it picks up where it left off with a bullet In this you continue to see the unwavering fight of Elenore as she forced to endure terrible atrocities The letters are continuing between her and her capture which is throwing the capture off his game This story is told from three perspectives that of Elenore,The Captor, and Roman Roman has discovered some things in Elenore apartment tha [...]

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