Apr 05, 2020
Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live
Posted by Sacha Lamb

Avi Cantor Has Six Months To LiveAvi comes across these foreboding words scrawled on the bathroom mirror, but what do they mean Is this a curse, a prediction, or a threat from Avi s emboldened bullies And how to they know his real name when he hasn t even told his mother yet Then there is Ian the cool new guy at school, who is suddenly paying attention to Avi Ian is jusAvi Cantor Has Six Months To LiveAvi comes across these foreboding words scrawled on the bathroom mirror, but what do they mean Is this a curse, a prediction, or a threat from Avi s emboldened bullies And how to they know his real name when he hasn t even told his mother yet Then there is Ian the cool new guy at school, who is suddenly paying attention to Avi Ian is just like Avi, but he is also all sunshine, optimism, and magic All the things that Avi doesn t know how to deal witht.A romantic, ownvoices fairy tale for trans boys.

  • Title: Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live
  • Author: Sacha Lamb
  • ISBN: 9781942302612
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook
  • Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live Avi Cantor Has Six Months To LiveAvi comes across these foreboding words scrawled on the bathroom mirror but what do they mean Is this a curse a prediction or a threat from Avi s emboldened bullies

    Nina ✿ Looseleaf Reviews ✿

    How was such a short story such a trip Cause let me tell you, in 70 pages, I had feelings.Avi Cantor is a quasi magical story of a high schooler mid transition While he has told no one his name Avi the words, Avi Cantor has six months to live appear on the bathroom mirror at school What Avi assumes is an uncanny new bullying technique turns out to be a lot complicated.Without spoiling this beautiful story, let me tell you, that summary, while accurate, is not what the story is about It s not ab [...]

    Shira Glassman

    Trans author Sacha Lamb shows us a love story between two trans teenage boys, with elements of magical realism The main character is Jewish, depressed, and not out to school or mom yet, and speaks to us through a series of highly relatable confessions that feel like he s snuck inside your head and saying what you d say if you were in his place I ll let Avi s narrative voice provide their own testimony to the prose s strength This paragraph made my heart do somersaults through so many emotions Lo [...]


    Avi Cantor Has Six Months to Live words written on a bathroom mirror using a name no one is supposed to know Avi hasn t come out yet and is still living his life as April, but people seem to know the message is about him Depressed, a bit strange and a loner with problems at home, it s easy to believe But then Avi meets Ian, another trans teenager and his wonderful and magical family But despite the brightness that he brings into Avi s life there s still a countdown.Two trans boys falling in love [...]

    Xan West

    The publisher gave me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved this so much I don t know how its possible that a book centering a trans boy getting bullied feeling suicidal can actually feel appropriately light and warm hopeful but this book totally manages it There are so many good people on Avi s side, caring about him and wanting him to survive and seeing him for who he is, throughout the story, that even with the difficult content, it still felt so hopeful and warm to rea [...]


    The latest and final novelette in our Gods and Monsters season This is Gay YA, about a Jewish trans boy who is struggling with depression and bullying, finding acceptance and love with another trans boy it features awesome lesbian moms, a super great friendly demon, hilarious kisses and a happy ending reviewers who want a review copy, send me a message


    I wrote this and I think it s pretty good Maybe you will like it too

    Dov Zeller

    Something about this book The tensions between controlled and careful prose and storytelling and absolute conversational ease and a poetry that comes not from one or the other, but from the places they meet and the places they wrestle I couldn t put Avi Cantordown and though it hurt a bit too much in moments, because of all the emotional intelligence, and a touch of cruelty between people who care for each other, the vivid portrayal of a relationship in which there is a great need for treading c [...]


    This lovely short story is free here I d highly recommend giving it a read


    It s very sweet, pity that the magic stuff isn t as well done as the teenage stuff.

    anna (readingpeaches)

    this was so sweet soft quite possibly introduced the gayest family i have ever known


    I loved this so much I almost made myself late for work reading it I loved it so much I immediately went and bought a copy for Kindle so I could have it on my phone for whenever I want to reread I loved it A LOT.

    Delta Goolsby

    I read this book between the hours of midnight and 3 in the morning, and absolutely loved it Then I read it again the next day when I d had than two hours of sleep in three days, and I loved it even Avi is a well written character who I liked at the start of the story and loved by the end of it I will say I had a fondness for Avi already as I d been able to see the author post about him online some, but the story itself and being able to see Avi in action really solidified that.And Ian Oh my g [...]


    This is an optimistic story about trans boys, a demon, and so many fantastic moms Read it It s free You have no excuses And you don t even have to worry about thanking me for it It s worth an hour of your time 3You can read my review here.

    Lulu (the library leopard)

    Excellent voice and wonderful balance between heartbreaking and uplifting


    This was absolutely lovely Read for free here.I loved this for a couple of reasons The biggest was the very strong emotional connection that I felt with Avi, almost from the very first sentence of the story He s a very wounded character, and for me, that always make me want to wrap that character up in a blanket and soothe them Since I can t actually do that, I am left with simply reading obsessively The second big draw for me ended up being the romance I thought it was incredibly sweet, and it [...]


    TW suicidal thoughts and depression Avi the main character has suicidal thoughts and depression throughout the novella Also, there is a small scene where a teacher and a classmate misgenders Avi own voices novella for trans boys.Both mcs are trans boys Avi is Jewish and there are scenes that reference it In one scene, he mentions Teshuvah which means repenting for a sin in the Jewish religion and other Jewish holidays.Ian has two moms One of his moms is a transwoman Ian being the best boyfriend [...]


    There is nothing unnecessary in this book Every single word is where it should be.It is the first time in my entire life I read fiction containing characters that are so much like me They feel extremely real Avi is real It was a very painful story to read, and I will probably read it again soon in order to fully realise it ends well I will also have to make a better review next time.Thank you for this book It is important.


    Estaba buscando esto para mi lista de YA trans ownvoices y resulta que lo he encontrado online y me lo he terminado leyendo Es un poquito raro en t rminos de narraci n y de plot, una de esas historias cortas que habr an dado mucho m s juego como libro completo, pero tambi n es super triste y bonito y tiene unos toques raros de fantas a muy guays


    this was v v v cute and I teared up a littleavailable to read here thebooksmugglers 2017 08 a


    This was such a good story.




    delightful, very worth your time and definitely your money.


    Everybody s trans and or gay, and it turns out demons are actually pretty nice A quick, slight read I enjoyed it all right but it didn t really make much impression on me I expect it resonates with trans people.Free online at thebooksmugglers 2017 08 a


    Cute little story about two trans boys who fall in love and dabble in magic It felt very rushed and much too short though Like, I totally missed the moment where they become boyfriends A lot of potential but it needs to be drawn out .

    Joe ST

    a cute, but fast tale with inexplicable and unexplored magical elements I don t remember six months passing so fast in my childhood, so it felt like all the people were just introduced.


    Bigger better review to come when it s not 2 in the morning, I hope, but my basic impressions were WHY IS THIS NOT A FULL LENGTH YA NOVEL So many YA novels don t even exist to me they re so bad, but this short story deserves thousands words that aren t there.Kind of needs thousands words, really, because right now it feels like it moves too fast Avi gets to know the other characters too well too fast to be believable but they do feel like real people, so I am invested , and it feels like there [...]


    I really enjoyed the magical surrealism threaded through this short story It made it read like a fairy tale, almost Avi Cantor deals with so many weighty issues but is rendered with a lightness and a path toward light Avi is darkness, and Ian is his beacon This doesn t mean one is stronger or better than the other they just look at the world in different ways And they work together to balance each other.What I enjoyed almost as much as the story are the author notes at the end the inspirations [...]

    Kai Forrest

    I absolutely loved this Even though I d love a multi novel epic about these characters, the shorter format works fantastically well a story about a depressed trans kid could easily get bogged down in being maudlin and overwrought, but this neatly avoids that while drawing a deep, resonant picture of Avi s world and mental state.The essential Jewishness of the story was also great although goyim would have no trouble reading it, it doesn t go into unrealistic infodump level detail about Jewish ho [...]

    Claire P

    Sadly, this book didn t satisfy me as much as I d hoped It is well written and deals with immensely important topics, going way beyond a cliche trans story is that even a thing yet However, perhaps due to it s shortness, I felt that each excellent individual element didn t get enough time I would have loved to have of Avi s Jewishness explored, of his new relationship with his mother, time for all the magic to be incorporated I especially liked the ending, but it was all just a little too rus [...]


    I read an earlier draft and then bought it the day it came out I synced my kindle to wifi for the first time in three years so that I could buy this I would honestly buy it twice.Were you a sad gay trans teen Are you Do you know someone who is Do you have a little magic in you but you don t know how to use it Would you trade your inner organs to the devil for one corn chip Are you a Jew who doesn t know when the next holiday is, but your goy boyfriend does because he loves you that much Are you [...]

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