Jun 05, 2020
The Quarry Wood
Posted by Nan Shepherd Roderick Watson

The story of a young woman s journey to maturity and independence, her high ideals, and a slowly growing awareness of her passionate nature.

  • Title: The Quarry Wood
  • Author: Nan Shepherd Roderick Watson
  • ISBN: 9780862411411
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Quarry Wood by Nan Shepherd The Quarry Wood book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers The story of a young woman s journey to maturity and independence, The Quarry Wood by Nan Shepherd A Son of the Rock May , The Quarry Wood is told in English larded with Scots words but, as the phrase quoted in the earliest paragraph above demonstrates, the dialogue presents us with unapologetic, uncompromising North East of Scotland dialect Shepherd s fine descriptions of landscape are entirely at one with the traditions of the Scottish novel. BBC Radio Extra The Quarry Wood Omnibus Mar , The Quarry Wood Omnibus The story of a young woman, Martha, and her journey to maturity and independence in the early th century. Quarry Wood Forestry and Land Scotland Quarry Wood has a permanent orienteering course that offers a great introduction to this fun and adventurous sport The course starts from the Leggat car park and can be downloaded from the Moravian Orienteers website. Nan Shepherd The Quarry Wood The List Jan , The Quarry Wood works wonderfully as a chronicle of youth, before youth was a marketing tag But its real power lies in its vivid sense of nature, in all Quarry Wood Canons Shepherd, Nan Jul , Quarry Wood Canons Paperback July , by Nan Shepherd Author BBC Radio The Quarry Wood, by Nan Shepherd The Quarry Wood, by Nan Shepherd Nan Shepherd s story of a young woman s journey to maturity and independence. Nan Shepherd s The Quarry Wood Vulpes Libris Aug , The Quarry Wood is about the life of Martha, an only child of a bookish disposition in a poor Aberdeenshire farming family in the early th century She is also a step sister to a series of foster children that her mother Jeannie collects to bring up at their ramshackle and messy cottage, partly for the weekly fee from their unmarried mothers, but partly because Jeannie loves babies. The Quarry Wood by Nan Shepherd Canongate Books The Quarry Wood by Nan Shepherd paperback published by Canongate January On its th anniversary, the debut novel one of the most important works of Scottish modernism from Nan Shepherd, author of The Living Mountain and The Weatherhouse The Quarry Wood Canons Shepherd, Nan Jan , In The Quarry Wood, Nan Shepherd s subtle prose is matched with intense and memorable descriptions of the natural world, and a dry sense of humour Special offers and product promotions This item The Quarry Wood Canons by Nan Shepherd Paperback . The Weatherhouse Canons by Nan Shepherd Paperback .

    The Quarry Wood The story of a young woman s journey to maturity and independence her high ideals and a slowly growing awareness of her passionate nature


    A complex novel this both in its sociopolitical themes and in its humanity which may explain some of the negative reviews The prose is wonderful, as is her ear for dialogue, and she offers no easy or trite ways out for her heroine Most impressively done is her rejection of the traditional narrative arc of such a story, and her strongly feminist evocation of poverty and motherhood Imagine a Scottish female Hardy with a willingness to make clear the flaws of men and the patriarchal norms, and you [...]

    Brian Robbins

    Fired up with enthusiasm by her beautiful and lyrical work about the Cairngorms, The Living Mountain , I rapidly made an order through ABE for her trilogy of novels and waited with eager anticipation The result when it arrived was interesting, but a little disappointing The novel is on a small scale, focused on a farming community centring on Martha who we meet at the age of nine, and whose initial appearance in the first sentence is to give her great aunt something of kicking By the end of the [...]


    Interesting story, at times it is beautifully written when the landscape is being described, but it feels lacking the rest of the time.A lot of the conversation in this book has been written with a thick Scottish accent and was fascinating to read, at times I had to get my wife to translate some parts but overall I managed to follow it ok.I only read this book as I wanted to read the living mountain but the library only had this book by Nan Shepherd I am glad I gave it a go as it hints at the li [...]


    This book is marvellous Not a quick read because of the dialect but mote beautiful for that It is one of those books where nothing happens and everything happens A story of knowing you are nothing like your parents because you read books and finding out you are just like them actually



    Jack Deighton

    From a young age Martha Ironside loved books, so much so she kicked her great aunt Josephine for taking her from them Her mother a looker in her youth had married beneath her the aunts said her father for love But Martha is an Ironside and takes after him in looks In Aunt Josephine s words she is as ugly a little sinner as ye d clap e en on in a month o Sabbaths And it is true that, Men have decreed rights to beauty that reason need not approve Not that it matters to Martha as she knows what she [...]


    Possible spoilers Subtle, subtle, subtle Everything about The Quarry Wood suggests a life lived imperceptibly What do I mean Martha Ironside, our heroine, loves, by turns, knowledge, a man and a child and in all cases does so quietly, almost silently She learns a lot about herself but, it would appear, she uses her university education for little she ends up where she started, albeit of independent means She is happier, yes, and clear in her thought that she doesn t need a man to be so, but I ca [...]

    Simon Bailey

    The story of Martha, growing up in a simple and cluttered household, yearning to break free, and glimpsing the opportunity through learning, grasps it with both hands There then follow several district phases, shifts in feeling and identity, she finds herself struggling against the image in which her family makes her, and yet in grasping for the spiritual, and forbidden love of her best friend s husband she is left temporarily ruined, forced to accept the making of women by men, and at war with [...]


    A disappointing read 2015 is getting off to a very bad start for me This book has been compared to Sunset Song, an absolutely perfect and shining classic, but the similarities of location and female protagonist are only superficial In Sunset Song, Chris Guthrie is a strong, solid and self aware character She may be torn between two worlds but she always knows who she is Martha Ironside in this, is barely even a two dimensional character She exists entirely though the eyes of others, even her nam [...]

    Maria Longley

    Martha Ironside lives in a small farming community but manages to carve a different path as a university trained teacher, although one who is travelling 8 miles each way to school while looking after two invalids in the evenings and weekends at one point I found it a fascinating story of a girl growing up to be a woman and how life is strange I only found the glossary of dialect words at the back once I d read the book, so I had to muddle through the words, but that wasn t too much of a barrier [...]


    A touching and subtle book which I could relate to and with descriptions of nature which were beautiful.

    šimon betina

    whats the point of writing the dialogue in some old scottish dialect if you actually want the readerto know what the characters are talking about

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