May 27, 2020
Posted by Jessica Gadziala

Lenny I have one mission in life Revenge I didn t have time for anything else Let alone the mysterious, unfairly good looking member of a local outlaw biker gang But Edison is not the kind of man to be easily ignored, and the closer he gets, the I seem to sway from my mission Until the unthinkable happens Edison She s special That has always been my type, womenLenny I have one mission in life Revenge I didn t have time for anything else Let alone the mysterious, unfairly good looking member of a local outlaw biker gang But Edison is not the kind of man to be easily ignored, and the closer he gets, the I seem to sway from my mission Until the unthinkable happens Edison She s special That has always been my type, women with that something that you can t quite put your finger on And Lenny with her knife sharp tongue, stubbornness, and guards thicker than almost any I had ever seen, yeah, she had that thing And I wanted to put my finger on it Finger Mouth Tongue everything on her But Lenny is hiding things And it wasn t until her world shatters around her that I finally get to see what was beneath them all along And it is than I could have ever hoped for It s something I want to hold onto I guess the only thing left is to get that through her stubborn head as well

  • Title: Edison
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Edison Lenny I have one mission in life Revenge I didn t have time for anything else Let alone the mysterious unfairly good looking member of a local outlaw biker gang But Edison is not the kind of man to b


    Edison met his match with Lenny She is feisty and determined, with a tough exterior and a hidden vulnerability This story really hits you in the feels The plot is centered around Lenny and her motivations for training as hard as she does She was unapproachable for the most part but after reading her story, it really matches her background Though she is not my favorite heroine, she is a good addition to the expanding girls club I loved Edison s supportive without pushing personality He handled hi [...]

    Alex ♈

    Very raw and sad book.As always deep and well written Likable MCs, strong heroine, caring hero.It deals with many hard issues as child abuse, loss, grief, revenge and justice It made me sad, I wished her sister didn t die Maybe I wished for a bit romance , but heroine s character didn t allow And I liked, that the author didn t sugarcoat anything No lala land miraculous transformations, great epilogue though Safe Fortunately not a manho hero But the next one hmm


    Oh no, you did not, did not.Every author has their gift and for Jessica Gadziala, it seems to be tying my heart and soul up in knots as her characters burrow under my skin and bring out my I wanna smack some faces or worse side.Lenny may have a razor sharp tongue, a bad attitude and come across as less than loveable, but this young woman has the heart of a warrior, beaten down one too many times, too proud to lean on anyone It s not that many are brave enough to get that close anyway [...]

    Jessica Gadziala

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    ⭐ Emerson ⭐

    An Emotional Powerhouse Edison is my new FAVORITE Henchmen Sexy, mysterious, compassionate, intuitive, protective, lethal Absolutely delicious.He eclipsed Renny That s no small feat AndLenore A complex character beautifully written.I loved her sarcasm, wit, strength vulnerability.Jessica Gadziala delivers a tightly written story that ticks all the right boxes.Dark, soulful hero Badass heroine Compelling plot Rich backstory Intriguing secondary characters Emotional depth Hot sex Humor Once you st [...]



    Nikki ღ Navareus

    FIVE STARS Wow, What a truly amazing story this was And even though I thoroughly adored Edison s character, this story could have easily been named Lenore Lenny stole this story for me In fact, she just became my very most favorite JG heroine Her background was so rich with detail, and it wrung every emotion out of me up to the point of heartbreak, and leaving me gutted and in tears for Lenny view spoiler and her sister Letha hide spoiler , Outwardly, Lenny had wrapped herself in this hard shell [...]


    Hell yes Edison stands right next to Pagan.By far, these two are the best ones in the Henchmen bunch I don t need to say , if I can read it being the MC trope, in question LOL , than anyone can wink


    Lenny was great, Edison was awesome and it is another great outing to Navesink Bank Addler is peaking my interest too.

    Elisa Griffin

    Edison is finally here I feel like I have waited so long to finally get his story I fell in love with Edison when Reign brought him back to the compound cuffed The first time he drank Vodka like it was water I wanted to have a drink with him Even the way he spoke really just did it for me I got to see little bits and pieces of him as a side character and I just fell hard I knew whatever his history Jessica would not disappoint This is my absolute favorite book to date from Jessica Gadziala I hav [...]


    3.5 stars Ok so this wasn t my favorite of the series and it was probably due to Lenny I just didn t relate to her I get how terrible her childhood was and I felt for her losing what she did but she was just too brash for me I loved Edison He definitely made the book for me.

    Teresa Verhoestra

    Wow Jessica you did it again Edison and Lenny what a story I laughed so hard I couldn t catch my breath at the quirky lunch meat comment, and a few pages later you made me cry I loved that we had visits with most of the Henchman and girls club, and Adler oh how I m going to love his story I loved it and I m sad I m finished

    Dusti Hanrahan

    Finally I am out of my own head enough to get back to the Henchmen


    Edison Edison Edison I m not even sure where to start with this review.Let me just say, I am not an emotional person, but this book made my soul explode like a supernova It touched me in ways no other book ever has, I am a hard nut to crack and this story just blew me away I had ALL THE FEELS every single range of emotion possible When it was finished I was so happy, it s almost hard to explain how much I loved this story Seriously, you HAVE to read this book Jessica blew it out of the park as a [...]


    Yep Another good one


    Wow just wow I am speechless Jessica Gadziala you rocked I dont even know where to start Well I have been waiting for this book like forever as always after you finished 1 henchmen you can t wait for the next So Edison my Romanian hero is badass and so is Leny who is a bitch and not sorry about it We just wanna be Lenny when we grow up She is badass and as the Pres said it she is trouble and Edison likes woman who got something in them that you cant easily predict He doesnt want easy and well sh [...]


    Another knock out Edison has been a favorite among Jessica s reader ever since he was introduced to the Henchmen We ve all been chomping at the bit for his story I can honestly say I was not disappointed Edison has always been a mystery to us, only getting bits and pieces of who he was How he became who he is was a sad story but it turned him into our wonderful Edison.Lenny was amazing I just got to say I was not expecting her problem to be what it was it absolutely broke my heart I loved Edison [...]


    5 Teacup Stars Where do I start Jessica has blown it out of the park with Edison From the first chapter I just couldn t put it down Lenny stole the show for me, she is sassy, strong and opinionated and you can t help but love her for it She takes no prisoners I love a good kick as leading lady Edison comes along and breaks down her walls to the real Lenny I love him, not only is her perfect for Lenny in every way, he help s free Lenny from her past and the ghosts that haunt her Edison is a great [...]

    M M

    Loved it The heroine was a little rough around the edges, but to read her story, I could understand why I love how once they see each other, there is no one else Don t have to read about them with anyone else either Great read.

    Krystyn Mace

    Received an ARC for an honest review After reading Edison I had to take some time to reflect on my thoughts and it left me with a massive book hangover I m not gonna give away but know you NEED to read this book I LOVED this book Not only does it have a strong, independent, sarcastic heroine Lenny and a Romanian, mysterious, hot as sin hero it also has so much heart I warn you if you are a crier then grab some tissues and be ready for your heart strings to be pulled.


    Henchmen MC series because there was maybe 2 mentions of a motorcycle Not much of a storyline, not much of a MC This series has turned into boy meets girl, very slight drama, the end Boring Where are the interesting characters like JStorm, Shooter, and Lo Where are the secondary storylines, the MC Slow down author You are capable of so much than releasing a filler book every 8 weeks on Kindle Unlimited.


    I was hugely lucky and honored to receive and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book When the Henchmen found Edison imprisoned when they raided the Abruzzo compound, they weren t entirely sure what to think of the taciturn, tough Romanian Since then, he has than proven his worth to the MC, but particularly with his fighting skills and burning drive to right wrongs to abused women In the Henchmen world, we are not surprised by tough women Seriously badass women Like Lo Like Maze Like JStorm An [...]

    Cheryl Norris

    This book was another 5 star book from Jessica Jessica warned us that Lenny was a bit prickly and she is in the beginning It took me a while to warm up to get, but by 50% in I was rooting for her I was hoping she would let her guard down enough to let Edison in And what can I say about Edison His back story was a mystery to us until the very end But what a story he had to tell After Lenny has grown up with men consistently leaving her, she is very untrusting of men But after Edison spots her and [...]


    Good read but felt choppyThe format to me made the story seem choppy Don t get me wrong it was a good emotional heart wrenching story Edison is a hero in my eyes and I have no problem with his actions at all Lenny was so complex and hard to like at times, but her heart was true.The only drawback was the format.

    ~ Cariad ~

    Brilliant I really loved this one.I d love for Adler s story to be next please Jessica


    3.5 stars Is a great story sad, raw, emotional But i think it lack development, interaction between them half time they where together, she was grieving sobbing, sleeping, spaced out For me the book needed 20 30 pages edit What was his name after all


    DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain spoilers, quotes, rants and swearing.32 year old Lenore Lenny lives on the wrong side of Navesink Bank in a run down apartment building She works at an equally run down liquor store that is part bar with a boss that barely tolerated her presence Lenny is unapologetically brash, stubborn and resilient For the last 6 months, she has been preparing The day she will right the wrong Lenny did not anticipate him getti [...]

    Cindy ~ SnS Reviews

    Another home run for the series I love how the author can take two people that are hard on the outside with minds full of anger, vengeance and despair and mold them into the perfect couple for each other that heal each others hearts and soul Lenny Lenore was raised with no love and affection She dealt with this by becoming hardhearted, strong and sarcastic at a very young age When her mother bore another child Lenny vowed that child would not go through what she did so all through her childhood [...]

    Ramona St.

    This is the tenth book in the henchmen series Some people may think that ten books in one series is way too much.Me I think it s great and I love the fact that there are going to be many books.Edison just catapulted himself to the top of my favourite list of all henchmen bikers I just loved the way he treated Lenny He was so caring and patient with her way than I would be For me he is the light of the book I gotta admit that while I absolutely admire Lenny for her independence and her determin [...]

    Christina Sweeney

    i loved this book i have wanted to get Edison s story since he was brought to henchmen clubhouse and i was not disappointed i loved lennys snarky attitude and she is a total badass perfect for Edison she is so tough and rough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside that only edison gets to see loved loved loved it

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