Apr 08, 2020
Running Hot
Posted by J.L. Sheppard

Thomas Cuss Layne has never wanted for anything, except the beautiful girl he saved so long ago But she s a rich girl, and he s a biker For years, he hasn t had a glimpse of her Still, he s never been able to get her out of his mind When her life s in danger, he rides to her rescue once again This time, he s determined to do what he should ve done long ago make herThomas Cuss Layne has never wanted for anything, except the beautiful girl he saved so long ago But she s a rich girl, and he s a biker For years, he hasn t had a glimpse of her Still, he s never been able to get her out of his mind When her life s in danger, he rides to her rescue once again This time, he s determined to do what he should ve done long ago make her his, in every possible way Tiffany Hamilton has never gotten over the bad boy with the sapphire eyes and midnight hair, the boy who once saved her She wants him a touch, a taste but he s never wanted anything to do with her It s past time to move on When the sexy biker barges back into her life, saving her yet again and making demands, he makes it impossible to say no to his raw magnetism She ll finally have everything she s dreamed of but will it be enough

  • Title: Running Hot
  • Author: J.L. Sheppard
  • ISBN: 9781509214945
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
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    Running Hot Thomas Cuss Layne has never wanted for anything except the beautiful girl he saved so long ago But she s a rich girl and he s a biker For years he hasn t had a glimpse of her Still he s never been


    Whilst Running Hot is the second book in the Hell Ryders MC series, it can easily be enjoyed as a standalone novel It gives you information that will spoil some of the details of the first book, yet such a thing did not diminish my desire to now go and grab book one After all, I loved this one so much, and I really need to find out how the story of other characters played out.Like many romance fans, I enjoyed a good motorcycle club read The bikes, the leather, and the tattoos there s something a [...]

    The TBR Pile *Book review site*

    Their story is epic and thrilling They face so many obstacles getting to where they want to be, but in the end it is all worth it FULL REVIEW and GIVEAWAY thetbrpile.weebly reviews


    I loved Thomas He s everything I look for in a book hero totally alpha, he gets shit DONE, and he goes above and beyond to protect take care of his woman Plus he s hot af, and the sex scenes were delicious It was a friends to lovers trope and the slow burn was oh so good I ve devoured both books in this new MC series New to me author, I will definitely be looking out for the next in series Did I mention I love Thomas

    Books, Coffee & Passion

    3.5 starsRunning Hot is the second book in the Hell Ryders MC series, not exactly a second chance romance Cuss and Tiff weren t romantically involved in the past and not exactly a friends to lovers story too, J L Sheppard managed to create a beautiful mix between this two tropes and it worked for me.Cuss has been in love with Tiffany since high school, one look was all it took but she was a rich classy girl and Cuss knew they were worlds apart He never acted on his feelings because he thought hi [...]


    Running Hot is book two in J.L Sheppard s Hell Ryders MC series Thomas Cuss Layne has done his best to forget his high school crush, Tiffany She only sees him as the guy who saved her a few times in the past That changes when he s tasked with dealing with Tiffany s stalker He decides that it s time to finally claim Tiffany as his Tiffany Hamilton has had it bad for bad boy Thomas Layne since high school, but he made his disinterest known And yet, she finds him outside her door, saving her once a [...]


    Running Hot is the second book in the Hell Ryders MC series, it can easily be enjoyed as a standalone novel Thomas Cuss Layne has been in love with Tiffany for evert it seems She needs help and always told him she would call him if needed but she couldn t do it Her father does instead and Cuss knows if her father is calling she is in some deep trouble.The story is great as the two are trying their best to let the other know how much they care but at times Cuss couldn t say the words and she coul [...]


    Strong and slow building storyline, Running Hot was a great MC read.As soon as Tiffany stumbled into Thomas life in school, he knew she was special He s always had a sweet spot for her and always came to her rescue when she needed it, but he never thought he was good enough for her Or at least let her live her life, until her rich daddy tries to hire Thomas Cuss to take care Tiffany s stalker Now he s decided to never let her go.No man has ever lived up to her high school crush, Thomas Recently [...]

    Tanya Santiago

    3.5 Stars This story was good in its own way, but not as good as the first book in my opinion There was a lot of miscommunication between the two main characters and the maturity level was juvenile my opinion only.Thomas Cuss Layne and Tiffany Hamilton have been wanting each other for seven years Thomas was biding his time and Tiffany truly believed that Thomas only wanted to be friends There was a lot of going back and forth between the two and thank God when they finally hook up There was so m [...]


    In Running Hot we finally get the story of what we got to see glimpses of in the first book, Running Wild Cuss and Tiffany A friends to lovers story Cuss the bad boy biker thinking he s not good enough for the rich girl For me there was a bit too much unnecessary drama because of miscommunication and Tiffany being completely blind to what was happening But after a long bumpy road they finally got there in the end Overall a great MC read and if you enjoyed the first book you definitely should rea [...]


    Perfect Thomas and his baby girl Completely swept away by Thomas Not gonna lie, I loved him hard and his obsessive overprotective attentive way he has always taken care of looked out for Tiffany Friends to lovers was a great premise for these two, i loved every frisson page between them I definitely will read again Thomas and Tiffany

    Rebecca Austin

    Thomas Cuss Layne has been in love with Tiffany Hamilton for years But as part of the Hell Ryders MC he s not exactly who Robert Hamilton would pick out for Tiffany.But when Robert comes to Thomas looking for help dealing with a stalker for Tiffany he agrees right away Only he s not planning on walking away like Robert wants him to.As Thomas and Tiffany try to figure out what their relationship is they face pressures from her family and Thomas is worried about Tiffany s safety due to an issue wi [...]


    This is what I love about new authors new for me , how then male you feel and live through the pages in a book And after this story My blood is running hot I loved the story of Thomas and Tiffany, I must say that I didn t read the first book but I ll definitely read.I m a lover of MC novels, they are one of my favorite stories A dirty and strong talker and his lady.I m so excited to read about this author, she gave me drama, a very good plot I loved and the twists.It was so good to read this bo [...]

    Momma Hellmouth

    My Review of Running Hot Hell Ryders MC 2 by J.L SheppardMy Rating 3.5 StarsFriends to lover s kind of story Except someone needs to let Tiff in on what s going on, as she is a bit na ve to why Thomas Cuss Layne is going all out for her Cuss and Tiff, have a push pull relationship that is really all about how they really feel towards one another I enjoyed their banter, and there were times where, honestly I wanted to whack Tiffany upside the head and tell her to clue in This is also why the auth [...]

    Denise Van plew

    First off this is a new to me author that after reading this one I now adore her writing style She gives a story in the genre that with the characters doing the pulling, they weave their web around you This centered around Thomas and Tiffany There were others in this too but these two are the ones who capture you When you see Thomas and he has his soul barred so to speak before the father comes along with his request you know he is too hard on himself for starters Now that he also owns you the r [...]

    Judy Miracle

    Running Hot is book 2 in the Hell Ryders MC Series and can be read as a standalone But if you are anything like me when it comes to the MC s you will want to read book 1 Running Wild first Like Running Wild, JL Sheppard had me hooked from the very beginning of Running Hot I devoured this book in only a handful of hours.The storyline is a strong one that builds and builds as the book keeps on going Thomas has loved Tiffany a lifetime, while he comes from the wrong side of the track and is a rough [...]

    Lisa books

    ARC provided by the book tour Book 2 of this Hot MC Romance Cuss Thomas is the kid from the wrong side of the track and now MC Member He s always been in love with his baby girl Tiffany Now years later once again Cuss gets to save Tiff and when she comes home for good all beats are off A hot book with great alpha bikers who are protective as they are tough Cuss never thought he was the right guy for the rich girl Tiff but hes perfect strong and protective These two may have there problems but th [...]


    Eight years later all it took was the word that she was in trouble and that it was bad and he was there again to protect her There was no question it was his job to protect her, she was His This story is a slow burn It isn t an instant gratification romance and I love it The communication between these two had me pulling out my hair but the story was well done with plenty of suspense and tense moments that made me hold my breath other times loose it completely.I love this author and what she bri [...]

    United Indie Book Blog

    First thing you should know I m not much of a MC fan, I can read them but they don t hold much interest With that being said I enjoyed reading Tiffany and Thomas story Thomas the tough biker has always loved Tiffany, but didn t think he was good enough Tiffany the rich girl who seems to always need rescuing, doesn t the Thomas sees her as than a friend When they finally let go they create a wonderful story It has all the MC drama but very tender romance Nicely written and the dual POVs flow gre [...]

    Meg Trashy

    I enjoyed this book I really enjoyed the first one, so I couldn t wait to get my hands on this one For me, it was a little slow going in the beginning, but I do enjoy an intense build up of a relationship, it makes it that much better when the main characters finally get their act together Thomas Cuss was swoon worthy and Tiffany was a little annoying with how blind she was Normally I d understand a heroine and her hesitation but Cuss actions spoke louder than words and she just refused to see I [...]

    Mandy Honea

    Cuss has waited seven years for his baby girl Thought he would never have his girl,but when the father of his girl comes to him to for help,he wasted no time to get her Tiff thought she could move on and go to college and forget it about about the boy that took heart all those years ago But she found out it wouldn t work,because she would love only him When she got into a bad situation he was there to take care of her,like always he was her hero That would bring them back together and she would [...]


    Good StoryThis is a very good book The way the author writes these stories is amazing The characters are well written and very believable I m looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    Reckless Readers

    One of my favorite things about this novel is you finally get the back story of Thomas Cuss and Tiffany In the first book you get to see the longing for each other but you don t realize it s been going on for close to 8 years Another one of my favorite things is how Thomas basically worships her but she is completely oblivious to everything he does You can obviously tell that they love each other but they are both too scared to admit It s a slow build up for these two Thomas tries his best to wi [...]

    Lisa Bartok

    Great readLoved, loved, loved this book I had a hard time putting the kindle down Enjoyed reading Cuss and Tiffany s story Can t wait for the next one.


    Love Cuss This is a great MC story about finally taking what you want Tiff came off a little naive at times, and I just wanted to say if you can t see what s in front of you I ll take him Great book for anyone who loves MC reads I love how badass these men are Also not gonna lie but I love, love, LOVE that cover Definitely check this one out

    Deanna Wiley

    I loved this book so much I love JL Sheppard style of writing I can t wait for the next book I feel in love with these characters right away.


    4.5 hot biker starsMe every time Thomas called Tiffany babygirl I loved that biker and his epic consuming love for Tiffany The way he went above and beyond to protect her Their growing friendship was lovely to see and this was my kind of MC story where it s character driven Really great, my fave in this series so far Can t wait for And I wouldn t mind a second book for thomas.

    InD"tale Magazine

    4.5 5.0 Running Hot is impossible to put down Read full review in the 2017 September issue of InD tale Magazine.

    Victoria Tortelini

    What happens when all you ve ever dreamed of gets snatched away And then it miraculously lands on your door step again years later This is where Cuss is Back in his younger years, he fell in love the only way a biker knows how, with both hands on the throttle and all the way in Tiffany was his girl from that moment on, even if her rich father hated him and made sure he would never have a chance with his daughter But Cuss never forgot his girl Years later, Tiffany s father comes looking for Cuss [...]

    Melissa Ann

    The story of Thomas Cuss Layne is one alpha male Him and Tiffany you are constantly cheer on and at times I wanted to shake Tiffany to make her realize that what her and Thomas has it much deeper than a brother sister relationship Every girl needs a guy like Cuss who is super protective and loves hard After going through so much and proving to her once and for all that what they have is on a much deeper level, the ending couldn t have been any better I loved seeing bits and pieces of Jace and A [...]


    I ve loved both books in this series and will happily read I was right when I said in my first review that it has serious legs to grow with other characters from the MC world I like the story was character driven, it gets me to know them that much rather than be swamped in story I think so far this one is my favorite, Thomas, the lead character was extremely likable, bossy, endearing and totally devoted to his woman It was hot as fuck and I want from him New to me author, but now I want to re [...]

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