May 26, 2020
The White Song
Posted by Phil Tucker

The Empire is on the verge of collapse The kragh invasion has broken upon the rising tide of demons Tens of thousands have died, yet that is as nothing compared to the coming apocalypse Desperate, beleaguered, and without recourse, Asho and his friends will have to make common cause with their enemies if they are to confront the rising tide of evil Yet even that may prThe Empire is on the verge of collapse The kragh invasion has broken upon the rising tide of demons Tens of thousands have died, yet that is as nothing compared to the coming apocalypse Desperate, beleaguered, and without recourse, Asho and his friends will have to make common cause with their enemies if they are to confront the rising tide of evil Yet even that may prove insufficient The forces unleashed by the Iron Circlet are overwhelmingly powerful, and have but a single goal the conquering of the Black Gate.

  • Title: The White Song
  • Author: Phil Tucker
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  • Page: 205
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  • white song YouTube Jan , Harry Kindergarten Music ,, views Tones and I Dance Monkey Lyrics Duration clouds Recommended for you The Little Mermaid Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid Official The White Song Chronicles of the Black Gate The White Song Chronicles of the Black Gate Book Kindle edition by Tucker, Phil Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The White Song Chronicles of the Black Gate Book . The WHITE Song HeidiSongs Sing Spell Colors YouTube Dec , Published on Dec , Learn how to recognize and spell your favorite colors with HeidiSongs The White Song includes fun and colorful animation to engage kids of all ages, and it s one of many The Witcher The Song of The White Wolf YouTube Dec , The Song of The White Wolf Music Composed Produced by Sonya Belousova Giona Ostinelli Lyrics by Declan de Barra Performed by Declan de Barra. white color word song YouTube Nov , The Apple is Red Full Teach Colors, Learn Colours, Baby Toddler Preshcool Kids Songs Duration Busy Beavers Kids Learn ABCs s More ,, views Every Song On The Beatles White Album Stereogum Z FLO The White People Song Lyrics Genius Lyrics May , The White People Song Lyrics This song is dedicated to a certain kind of people, which just so happens to be my other favorite kind of people

    The White Song The Empire is on the verge of collapse The kragh invasion has broken upon the rising tide of demons Tens of thousands have died yet that is as nothing compared to the coming apocalypse Desperate bel

    Phil Tucker

    Those who are familiar with me know I don t review my own books, but I do use this space as of a kind of a placeholder to let people keep up to date on it s status.You can mark The White Song as to read here 10 3 2017The White Song is live A huge day for me Marks the end of both the Chronicles and a phase in my life that saw me go from part time writer to a full time professional A bittersweet moment, to see this series end, and say goodbye to characters that have become as familiar and close as [...]


    It s coming out in October 3rd I suggest that every single one of you who s reading this review to profit of the time left and get caught up with the series before the grand finale arrives The action will hook you from the beginning, the plot will take your mind on a breathtaking ride and the characters will grip your heart and never let it go What a thrilling conclusion to a fantastic series I received an ARC of this book internal screaming , I literally dropped everything so I can spend some q [...]


    Full review is here on my blog.I have been waiting for this one Oh yes Very patiently, I might add But waiting, nonetheless.I was so lucky to read this book really early I can tell you, though, that even that early on, by the time it ended up in my hands, it didn t really need anything corrected It was amazing right out of the gate if you ll ah pardon the phrasing, lol.Guys It was glorious It was motherfucking GLORIOUS What I m saying is that you better hold onto your butts for some seeeeerious [...]

    Esmerelda Weatherwax

    Path of Flames, the first book in this series came in second place in the 2016 SPFBO contest and man did I have a hell of a ride with this series It s not over yet, but the audiobooks are over for me so I m going to wait until the next audiobook releases to continue on to book 6 I audiobooked all of this so my spelling may be off Overall Plotting and Pacing These books can easily be described as fast paced and action packed, I read through these so quickly it s not funny I did slow down a bit wi [...]

    Jaibir Sethi

    First, apologies for a somewhat rambling review I ll start with a TL DR for those like me who would rather read a book than a review Second, I received an ARC from the author TL DR great conclusion to the series very satisfying end to most of the threads Before reading the book, I had three main concerns a will all the complex, intertwined stories come to a satisfactory conclusion b will it be a fun read and c how will my favourite characters evolve Starting the book, I was a bit worried about t [...]


    I was privileged to receive an ARC of The White Song in exchange for a review I ll make this brief if you ve already read the first four books, it s very likely that you ll be reading The White Song as soon as humanly possible, so I ll save the sales pitch.Does it end well There are so many threads, so many factions and characters with their own motivations, all coming to a head does the series do justice for all parties involved Does the resolution make sense What is next for this shattered emp [...]


    A good ending to a great fantasy series.Maybe without some of the surprises from the precedent volumes, but still, solid stuff, with a lot of high volumes action.The writing it s in the same tones with the one from the other books, the characters were well played and attractive, as usual, the ending all together satisfactory.Like I said, this is one of the best series of fantasy books out there I know, a hard stuff to achieve.That a fantasy novel to be fresh and imaginative in the same time, wit [...]

    Ryan Mueller

    This was a great conclusion to one of the best epic fantasy series I ve ever read The action in this one is almost nonstop, and Tucker really makes you feel for the struggles his characters are going through After five books, I know these characters so well they could be real people.If you re looking for high octane epic fantasy with amazing worldbuilding and characters you ll love to root for, you need to read this series right now.The only complaint I have about this one was that the ending wa [...]

    Kells Next Read

    Actual Ratings 4.75


    A pretty good conclusion As with the last two books, great and bad moments mixed together And while possibly this happens in different degrees to every book out there, amazing parts can easily make bad ones irrelevant, and vice versa, depending on the degree it happens.Here I thought they were evenly balanced Every time it seemed the story was about to soar high, something happened or lacked that brought it crashing down to earth again.Let s start with the characters Asho Usually I made the list [...]


    The White Song is the final book of the series, The Chronicles of the Black Gate When I was provided with an ARC to review I approached it with excitement and trepidation both.The regional strife and personal struggles introduced in the first books take on larger and larger significance until the rotting foundation of the dominate Ascendant Empire is laid bare A massive war between the humans and the orc like kraghs, morphs into something greater when a third enemy attacks Long standing foes bec [...]

    Matthew Hunt

    If you haven t yet read the Chronicles of the black gate you are really missing out Fantasy doesn t get much exciting and dynamic than this, and Tucker has created some great characters that ACT rather than wallowing in self pity when things get rough I love the world he has built and the way he reveals why things are the way they are, often to surprising effect Do yourself a favor and read this series, capped off by this excellent final chapter


    I have discovered this series through a friend s recommendation and have been binging on the first four books last week, only to discover that the fifth and final one was coming out this week.I ve read it in one sitting, in one day And I am in love, and bereft it s over It s hard to be unspoilery, so I am just going to say that, like the rest of the series, think beautiful world building, characters driven by extraordinary strength of purpose, epic battles battle descriptions are one of the book [...]

    Jonathan Lin

    Everyone shoots fire, and only fire Except twice, but in one instance it felt like fire just culminating into lightning a la Last Airbender The word ameliorate was significantly overused The Ascendant as a character needed to decide to be reasonable or not I would have liked to have had a character explore a line of thinking where the Gates exist in a theological setting without the reincarnation aspect Too often the characters questioned the validity of this Ascendant religion but nothing ever [...]

    Steve jolly

    Excellent conclusion to a thoroughly enjoyable series.


    4.5 rounded up to 5 Very satisfying conclusion to a superb fantasy quintet The whole series gave me a sword sorcery vibe with complex characters.Recommended

    kartik narayanan

    Read the full review at my site Digital AmritThe demons were a thousand flickering lights around him, the ur destraas above a raging bonfire.The author sent me an ARC for an honest review The final version of the book has minor changes.Introduction The White Song is written by Phil Tucker It is the fifth and last book in The Chronicles of the Black Gate series The earlier book The Iron Circlet read the review here left us at a cliff hanger, with Starkadr falling and this is the point The White S [...]

    Bonnie Keck

    Should be kindle unlimited, pretty sure, the rest are I got this as one of my they give me a book early no strings attached but hope I review itE ORDER OFFER grab a copy of The White Song ebook before Oct 3rd and submit your receipt to receive an exclusive digital gift pack Details at authorphiltucker white song preorderThe hour of reckoning is at hand The skies darken with the forces of the enemy while the hopes of the armies of the light dwindle to but a candle flame Morals, compunctions, oath [...]


    Man, like all the other books in this series, I was amazed I love, love, love all the main characters, and the rollercoaster ride of plot twists I will probably be buying the hardcover version of each of the books for my personal library That being said I have couple critiques This last book wrapped up loose ends neatly and logically, BUT it ended so quickly And then I was all wait What the hell happened to Asho All his internal organs had hemmorhaged and he was basically a walking dead man, and [...]

    Ross Thompson

    The final book in the Chronicles of the Black Gate sees all the previous forces unite to try and defeat the horde of demons that has taken over much of the Empire The book gets straight into the action from the off with battles against the demons taking place as the forces of good are gradually driven back and forced to flee to regroup Meanwhile Audsley is doing what he does best snooping around, working out people s motives and discovering things In so doing, he may just have sided with someone [...]

    Shahnaz Radjy

    Perfect end to an epic series, a must readIf this is the first Phil Tucker book you re picking up, stop and start at the beginning of the series you won t regret it.The Chronicles of the Black Gate is an epic tale with characters you get to know and love over the course of the story There are unexpected plot twists, great battles both physical and mental , and even some laugh out loud moments.To those of you who have read the first books and are ready for the grand finale In a nutshell, I loved [...]


    This series as a whole is pretty incredible I recommend it to pretty much everyone I know even if I know they don t read This book picks up right where book 4 left off and is packed full of action right form the very beginning and it never really slows down It is full of fantastic creatures,incredible magic and amazing battles It has pretty much everything I want from a book For the most part I was happy with how everything ended I would have liked to learn about how they reshaped ascendancy and [...]

    Wendy Larson

    I read all 5 straight through The fantasy epic with swords is my thing I really liked the mode of transportation in this series Just slip through a hole in the wall and bam, you get where you need to be There are some strong female characters in the cast Kethe and Ishka in particular The battles seemed recycled after the 3rd book While I got the caste struggles and good vs evil storylinesI don t think I will reflect upon them as anything but standard in 6 months Modern cursing in a fantasy is ja [...]


    I also got an ARC with no strings attached I was so happy because I could not wait to learn how the story ends I picked the series up quite late, so that I got the ARC after I finished the 4th book I do not want to spoil and I am also not a good writer therefore I keep it brief For me it brought the story to a conclusive end but with a potential for stories It was a good, fast paced read and I could not put the book down I loved the whole story and the development of the characters and this boo [...]

    Oy Geeringh

    This was by far one of the Best Chronicles Series I ve read this year I was totally blown away by the action I criedI feel every word that was written in this book So much I wanted to say, oh just read the Chronicles You will understand and fall in love with each character The Ending was just


    Epic storyThis was a huge story I ve read the whole series and it was great The action was tremendous and the characters were believable I enjoyed the story, at times I couldn t put it down.

    Phillip Olive

    Good finish This series was pretty entertaining There are things I could nit pick at, but overall I enjoyed reading them and am glad Mr Tucker could bring it to a successful conclusion.


    The whole book felt a bit rushed, so much happened so fast and think it could ve been better spread out over two books or with a few hundred extra pages.It was a decent ending to the series but think it could ve been better.Still a very solid series.


    So worth it Absolutely amazing I rarely write reviews, but this series deserves it World building, chatracters, all of it I hesitated for awhile, the cover put me off for some reason, but was intrigued by the sample Just finished book 5, utterly epic and satisfying

    Johnny Wendt

    Simply wowOh my What a journey and an utterly satisfying conclusion So many deep, thoughtful undertones and examination of the impact of faith, religion, and love Thank you for writing this series and I encourage all to read it and enjoy like I have.

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