Jun 01, 2020
Love's Strategy
Posted by Samantha Kane

Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers, and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt Now they re back from the war and intent on beginning the future they dreamed of together, one that includes a quiet country estate, horses, dogs, children, and each other Their plan, however, alsoValentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers, and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt Now they re back from the war and intent on beginning the future they dreamed of together, one that includes a quiet country estate, horses, dogs, children, and each other Their plan, however, also requires a wife At the suggestion of a mutual friend, Valentine and Kurt believe the financial security they can offer to impoverished widow Leah Marleston will help her accept the unusual sexual relationship they are suggesting.Leah is at her wit s end, creditors having taken everything she owns to pay off her late husband s gambling debts She must find a way to support herself and her two children, or be forced to marry her abusive and obsessive brother in law In Valentine s and Kurt s arms, Leah discovers a passion she never knew existed Brought together by necessity, bonded by desire, these three lonely people find themselves fighting against all odds for a love that was never part of their plans.

  • Title: Love's Strategy
  • Author: Samantha Kane
  • ISBN: 9781419911606
  • Page: 187
  • Format: ebook
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    Love s Strategy Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt Now they re back from the


    This was a short novella 56 ebook pages , so my review will be on the short side For a short story, though, this is still one hot book It follows in the tradition of the previous two Brothers in Arms books with a bisexual m f m menage HEA.Valentine and Kurt have been lovers since they turned to each other for comfort during the Peninsular War Now they are looking toward their future and what is lacking in their liveswhich is a wife to complete them, give them children, and just be a part of thei [...]

    Julie (jjmachshev)

    Love s Strategy is Samantha Kane s 3rd story from her Brothers in Arms series and is currently only available in e book It s a short story at only a little over 50 pages but contains all the heat I ve come to expect from Kane s menage series.Leah is a widow and at her wits end After the suspicious death of her husband, her abusive brother in law stated she would be his wife and he would help train her to his standards She s managed to hold him off for three years, but the situation is becoming g [...]

    Jamie C

    I love this series I only wish it could ve been longer


    Why is this only a novella This should have been much longer with much Kurt Much Far too short I m not impressed What I am most enjoying about this series is that I really like all the characters Leah was particularly level headed and didn t have a shit fit like I d imagine 99% of other women would have if propositioned the way she was Lord the boys were really not into sugar coating Just right out with it Have I mentioned that this series is ridiculous Because it is But I am absolutely addict [...]

    Aղցela W.

    Although this book was shorter than the rest it was good Leah Marleston is widowed with two kids and a lot of debt due to her late husbands gambling problem Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers, and looking for a wife, at a suggestion of from a friend they are led to Leah This was a short quick read that I wished was longer it was well written like the rest of the books in this series Leah has a lot of baggage with her husbands debt she has an overbearing abusive brother in law who w [...]


    2.75 StarsOh Novellas I can never seem to give them great ratings because they almost always leave me wanting I actually quite enjoyed this one but at the same time I wish the story had been further developed And it s stories like these where I do think there is room to round out characters and add a little meat to the story, that I ask why an author decides to only give you what felt like at times to be the Coles Notes version of the story Book 3 of the Brothers in Arms series a regency m nage [...]

    Katrina Passick Lumsden

    Valentine and Kurt are so cool together I mean, just suave and adorable, Throw in beautiful, practical Leah and you ve got a recipe for a heartwarming menage scenario, which hardly seems possible I liked all three characters, especially Leah, who d been through enough to not faint at the idea of two men being lovers, and who actually recognized the advantages of the situation Valentine and Kurt were presenting to her This isn t Pulitzer Prize winning stuff This is erotic fiction So if you re in [...]


    The author took a sidestep and leaned deeper into her characters in this 3rd in the series The characters as just as great, but she taught us there is in these relationships she s building than just the hot sex Love, companionship, trust and family all come to play here The vileness of someone who thought they deserved shows up, and again, love will conquer, and this family will become stronger for it.

    Ivy Deluca

    Histo erotica MMF menage series This is what happens when I m stuck in the house for a week because of snowstorms.The Bottom Line


    Loved Leah, Kurt and Valentine On top of the really hot sex scenes, the story was lovely and you fall instantly in love with the 3 protagonists.


    Wow, quite frankly one of the best romances I ve read of this length While I d love if it was longer, it was also very welled developed for a book of this length It had great characters, a plot that was interesting and in the context of the m nage storyline believable It is not necessary to have read the other books in the series first to be able to enjoy it but I d recommend the other books as well though personally book 2 was my least favorite.


    Best relationship set up of the series, decent MMF sizzle, but quick short shrifted romance relationship plot3.5 stars read for the MMF heat and or the interesting but too quick two heroes to the polyamorous rescue storyAll of the books in this series about two male lovers pursuing polyamorous, threeway marriage in Regency England have plenty of very heated MMF sizzle, heightened by Regency romance settings, characters, and plots This third installment has perhaps the most interesting setting an [...]

    Oleta Blaylock

    August 10, 2012This is the first book in this series that the men are already lovers I liked the way they approached Leah, telling her the truth about what they wanted and how they loved each other I also liked seeing the other characters that showed up in previous books I also like how much Freddie seems to have grown up For a short story Ms Kane packs in a very good story, with lots of characters and a vile evil brother in law that should have been taken out and hung from the nearest tree limb [...]

    Maureen Feeney

    Taken from book descriptionValentine Westridge and Kurt Schillig are lovers, and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt Now they re back from the war and intent on beginning the future they dreamed of together, one that includes a quiet country estate, horses, dogs, children, and each other Their plan, however, also requires a wife At the suggestion of a mutual friend, Valentine and Kurt believe the financial secur [...]


    It is fascinating to be reminded, as a contemporary woman, that women and their children were often pawns in the hands of unprincipled men Leah was just such a woman who was constantly beaten and threatened by her brother in law, even while still married to her husband, a man who was far to self absorbed and totally unfeeling about the abuse heaped on his loyal wife Now as a widow she is being blackmailed into marriage with this same brother in law until she is presented with a proposal by Westr [...]


    A short story for the third installation of this series of Brother in Arms Valentine and Kurt have been lovers since the war now it is time for them to take a wife A mutual friend has suggested Leah a widow who has two children and the men decide to offer marriage to her not knowing what her answer would be.Leah has had a tough time with creditors and a abusive brother in law who also wants to marry her Leah s mother has been living with her and the children doing her best to keep Leah out of th [...]


    4 Stars This one is shorter in length than the previous two stories, and thus I found the characters didn t seem as developed Leah is desperate when Valentine and Kurt make their proposal, and yet, it s not just her dire situation that prompts her to accept she is truly enchanted with the men I liked how Leah embraces her sensuality In this one, the villain is Leah s former brother in law who had lusted after her even while she was married to his brother Valentine and Kurt prove to be wonderful [...]


    This is a novella and it just didn t deliver The story felt rushed, the romantic connection between the 3 lacked substance The two men were very much in love and for them to instantaneously become emotionally attached to a woman they new nothing about was unbelievable And with her very sheltered life, I also couldn t accept that she was so readily comfortable with the sexual relationship between the two men especially knowing that it was a hanging offense Since the menage is really the meat and [...]

    Lil" Grogan

    Bought on a lark, the narrator has such a dry, uppity tone, thought it would be hilarious to listen to erotica The writing is pretty bad But, I wasn t expecting any different Ending was pretty abrupt Audio Thoroughly enjoyed listening Just the way he reads things made the sex hysterical and the strangeness of erotica is so apparent when it s read to you Narrator does a German accent which had me howling At times, he sounds like National Geographic, at times he s leering and threatening, all duri [...]


    This is a 4 Star read for me An extra 1 star for its scorching hot sex Valentine and Kurt have good chemistry Add Leah to the mix, it gets better i guess I was not happy about adding leah personally, but whom am i to say No when kurt and valentine wanted it The emotions between the two H s real and i believe they were in love But Leah not so much I still doubt they really loved her Its a short story The reason i rated it 5 stars is because i thoroughly enjoyed reading this hot sexy book.

    Billi Jean

    I read the first three of the Brother s in Arms stories one after another on a wintery weekend last year and became an immediate fan and admirer of Kane s story telling abilities She can really tell a story, so much that you loose yourself in the book and can t put it down I wished, when I was done with this one, that there had been MORE And I am still waiting for from this series Might have to stalk her for some soon


    Serinin nc kitab olan Love s Strategy bir novella Daha nceki kitaplarda kar m za kmayan ama Jason ve Tony nin arkada lar ndan olan Valentine ve Kurt un hikayesiDi erlerinden farkl olarak Valentine ve Kurt sava tan beri sevgililer Birbirlerine kar hissettiklerini saklamam lar nc leri ise Leah isimli, ocuklar olan bir dulVee tabi ki tan d k isimler de vard Freddy ve Brett gibi Freddy i gitgide daha ok seviyor ve hikayesini merak ediyorum


    This seemed to be about half the length of the others in the series Consequently the plot was pretty basic It had a lot of promise it was nice to have a story that included children but underdeveloped.Well written, as usual from Ms Kane, but the villain was too much of a 2D stereotype A pleasant couple off hours relaxing read though.


    Valentine and Kurt seduce Leah because they want a family together My least favorite story in the series It felt like it wasn t quite complete It could be because it was so short This is a guilty pleasure I found this author and particular genre by accident because of time period and it was free and I bought 2 7 What can I say


    2.5 stars, the entire book was an afterthought it seems,I did not care too much for this story has been a while since I have visited this world of Samantha Kane and I remember the rest of the books being of so much better quality Even though the erotic romance makes up a large part of these book, SK was able to draw me in, not with this one though, it was a disappointment.


    Loved it, just a bit short and a few jumps but overall its still the blood pumping steamy war lovers looking for a wife and children Freddy and Bret make an appearance to help out a few of this old friends to get their happy ever after while doing what he has to do.

    Blackravens Reviews

    4.5 Ravens I have to say I was squealing with delight over Valentine and Kurt s story Leah is perfect for them To view this review in its entirety, please visit blackravensreviews p



    Katherine W.

    I swear these books get shorter with each release.


    Trop court

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