Apr 04, 2020
Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll
Posted by Sawyer Bennett

From New York Times Bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, comes a SEXY new stand alone romance When you re a rock god, fame and fortune are your two best friends, but they can be fickle bed mates It seems everyone wants a piece of me I m being sued, pressured to sign contracts, and fending off rabid women who want to steal my virtue Just kidding on that one We all knoFrom New York Times Bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, comes a SEXY new stand alone romance When you re a rock god, fame and fortune are your two best friends, but they can be fickle bed mates It seems everyone wants a piece of me I m being sued, pressured to sign contracts, and fending off rabid women who want to steal my virtue Just kidding on that one We all know I don t have much virtue left That s why I need Emma Peterson The sharp as a tack and sexy as sin lawyer saved my ass before and I know she can do it again The only problem is that sweet, prim and totally straight laced Emma doesn t want anything to do with me Not professionally, and certainly not personally But c mon Everyone wants me, and even though it would take a crow bar of epic proportions to get her to spread those sexy legs for me, all I want is her mind I swear Her beautiful, brilliant mind to make sense of my crazy world Good thing I have something up my sleeve to get her to say yes Some might call it blackmail I call it something else Looks like Emma Peterson just became my biggest defender If only I can resist wanting to screw my attorney six ways to Sunday Sexy Lies and Rock Roll is a hot, romantic comedy stand alone.

  • Title: Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll
  • Author: Sawyer Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781940883519
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sexy Lies and Rock Roll From New York Times Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett comes a SEXY new stand alone romance When you re a rock god fame and fortune are your two best friends but they can be fickle bed mates It see


    3 3.5 Stars If you are looking for a sweet and sexy opposites attract story, look no further, because Sawyer Bennett delivered exactly that with this enjoyable read Sexy Lies and RockRoll was an enjoyable read overall and even if I found the story line to be a little predictable, I had fun reading these characters story I had no idea what a conceited, egotistical jerk your are Better than the prissy, straight laced wanna be lawyer You asshole Evan Scott is a rock god who loves what he does for a [...]

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    NOW AVAILABLE FULL REVIEW 5 ROCKSTAR ROYALTY CROWNSSawyer Bennett has done it again Sexy Lies Rock and Roll is absolutely everything readers have come to love about her stories With its highly entertaining plot, lovable characters, and fantastic writing, this book sits among my favorite Sawyer Bennett novels.With the exception of the antagonist of the book, there is not one character in this book that I didn t love Every single person, even Emma s dog is just simply fabulous and provided endless [...]

    Alba and Her Secrets..♥

    4 Rock Adventures Stars ARC kindly provided by the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.If you ve been following me for the past year, you may know that I fell in love with Sawyer Bennett s writing when I read her Sugar Bowl series Well, I got so excited when she announced a new standalone novel featuring a sexy rock star And it was a pretty good read, I have to say Sexy Lies and Rock Roll is, as I said, a standalone story introducing Evan Scott a playboy and new rock star that [...]


    3.5 Still Waters Run Deep Stars 1 2Spoiler Free It s Live We know all the cliches about not judging a book by its cover, etcWell, that is also true when we meet people for the first time They may seem a particular way dress a button down styled think they are very controlledbut if the circumstances are right and the situation taps into a hidden part of the personality exposing all the passion and fight this person has been holding back.Then watch oute it will throw all the assumptions out the wi [...]


    Another fantabulously fun and sexy read by Sawyer Bennett All Emma Peterson ever wanted after graduating law school and passing the bar was to hide behind a stack of boring contracts In order to get her dream job though, she must first help out with a lawsuit and a few music contracts pertaining the Evan Scott Rock God and general pain in her derriere Can she survive going on tour with him long enough to get the job she always thought she wanted or the rock star change her outlook I had no idea [...]


    3.5 StarsSawyer Bennett is one of those authors that can do it all Romantic suspense, contemporary, erotica, you name it she can do it And she does it all amazingly well so that s just a bonus It s one of the reasons I m a huge fan of hers and will read anything she writes In Sexy Lies and Rock Roll she delivers the same brilliance that is in all of her other books, this time in the form of a sexy and free spirited musician and his prim and proper lawyer Evan isn t used to people telling him no, [...]

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    4 rock star starsAnother great book by Sawyer Bennet I haven t read a lot of books by this author but each time I read a new one I enjoy it Sexy Lies Rock Roll is fast paced, sexy and sweet story If you are a fan of rock stars this is perfect I loved the story Evan was the perfect rock star He wasn t bad, he was cocky, funny, super hot and protective Emma was an ok character for me Evan showed her how to live her life and having fun Together they were perfect Hot and passionate They could unders [...]

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    Two adjectives that describe Sawyer Bennett s books versatile and seductive She does romantic suspense, romantic comedy, and erotica equally well Sexy Lies and Rock Roll is another feather in her talented cap.This is an entertaining opposites attracts romance Emma is a bookworm attorney who is prim, proper, and boring right down to her granny panties Evan is a panty melting breakthrough indie rock star facing a variety of lawsuits Everyone wants a piece of his billion dollar pie, and Emma is ass [...]

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    4.5 Rock and Roll and Abs StarsI always one click Sawyer Bennett reads I ve recently discovered this author and ever since then I ve been making my way to read all of her books Her books are mostly funny, light and always steamy I ll admit, I m not a huge rock and roll fan, but I really enjoyed this one It has everything I look for in a rock star book I like that the main character went on tour and he s adorn by fans, especially the female ones Emma is a plain Jane She s a lawyer and she is bori [...]

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    Stand alone HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Trigger view spoiler None hide spoiler Sawyer Bennett I love you Voil I said it How do you manage to write so many books and yet I m still here waiting for I never get bored with your books I don t love them all, there are some better than others but I truly enjoyed all of what you give us All your stories are different All have an underlying message and as always I can wait to read and readers, in case you di [...]


    1.5 DNF First Sawyer Bennet novel that I actually don t like.I expected so much from her, she s written decent stuff so far Maybe this one gets better too at one point but the characters are idiots and I just can t seem to convince myself to go on.Maybe my rating is based on the author too, not only on the novel but ah well I am disappointed.

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    IT S LIVE EARLY After being a famous self made rock star for just over a year now, Evan is in huge trouble.One of his former band members has been killed and the cops think he did it Because the band wasn t all that happy with him going out on his own.He calls his lawyer aunt to help him, but what does she do She sends the most green little lawyer she has on staff Emma A beautiful, sweet, innocent girl.Emma is working at the firm where her dad is a partner, but it s not her dream job She doesn t [...]


    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Got to luv a Rock star Emma works in a top law company she as worked very hard to get where she is but her job isn t really doin it for at the minute but when one of the top people call her into there office an gave her a chance to take on a big case she is shocked and maybe a lil scared and when she finds out its Rock star Evan Scott she is even shocked she tries to keep her cool even though Evan is really sexy and th [...]

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    4 STARSReading is definitively an escape for me and my mood varies I can read rom com, mafia, mystery romance, NAwell, you get the idea Sawyer is one of those authors that gives you an easy read And I don t mean this in that it s not engaging or good, but in that, you can get lost and enjoy.I didn t know it, but I was in the mood for some rock and roll and this delivered Emma and Evan are an opposites attract kinda story although in true Sawyer fashion, it s never that cut and dry For all that E [...]


    4 starsRock star books have always held a high priority for me Maybe it s the mix of stardom, sex, drugs, hot guys everywhere, and groupies The entire idea is just so deliciously scandalizing Sexy Lies and Rock Roll took a down to earth approach, which I absolutely adored Evan Scott was a newly made rockstar He had a healthy approach to fame and stardom His priorities were straight forward Control Creativity Autonomy Quality, I really liked that about him The sensibility to go for what he wante [...]

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    Whenever I hear there is a new Sawyer Bennett book I drop everything This author can write the phone book and I will read it She ALWAYS writes strong characters, amazing banter, steamy sexy times, and always has you clutching your heartstrings as the movie ahem I mean story plays out right in front of your eyes She is solid gold and continues to live up to those expectations in this book and then some I love that right away we have an awkward heroine Emma isn t confident and a sex goddess She is [...]


    Let me start off by saying, if Sawyer Bennett writes itI m going to read it Whether it s about a hot hockey stud, a sexy lawyer, or a gorgeous rock godI ll be first in line to devour that baby SEXY LIES AND ROCK ROLL was just everything I thought it was going to be Sexy, funny, passionate, and emotional Like all of Bennett s romances, I found myself falling for the main characters almost instantly, no matter how much I wanted to take a few swings at our hero every now and again The sarcastic, wi [...]


    3.5 starsSexy Lies and Rock Roll was another entertaining read by Sawyer Bennett.The characters Evan and Emma were likable, passionate, funny and I loved watching these two opposites come together and fall in love.Once again this talented author has written a story that kept me turning the pages late into the night.I highly recommend Sexy Lies and Rock Roll Get SEXY LIES AND ROCK ROLL now amzn 2fMV8ut Paperback amzn 2eABX72BN bit 2fgWKAw iBooks apple 2b05O6U Google Play bit 2ecbsnW Kobo bit 2dJw [...]

    Jessica Alcazar

    le sigh.n I find myself not of the popular consensus with a book I can t really put my finger on exactly why this book was just meh for me, but I can definitely say one thing Evan s infatuation for Emma was totally lost on me Maybe its because it was just kinda thrown at us, but I didn t feel his infatuation It wasn t written into the story in a way that allowed me to believe in his attraction for Emma Honestly, the whole thing was bizarre LOL But the story was cute And Emma was really endearing [...]

    Meredith Wild

    A perfect balance of sweet and sexy There s simply nothing hotter than a gorgeous rock god with a heart.

    Alex ♈

    My heart is bleeding now that I rate a book by one of my favorite authors with only 2 stars Because Sawyer Bennett can write Holy moly, the woman can really write like a champ I must confess I like her old books better and I didn t read her last 2 series, because not my cup of tea, so I just didn t read them And I highly anticipate her next book about hot hockey player, which I heard must be really good So I picked this book and now I wish I didn t.What do we have here A shy weak hesitant heroin [...]


    3.5 Hoity, toity starsI m always grasping for anything new from Sawyer Bennett What I like about her stories is the diversity and how she tackles the different genres she chooses She even has a different voice for them IMO.What I have noticed is that some of the stories resound better with me than others But I m not saying that to be negative, just that because I have appreciated her differing publications, she is still a must read author for me.Evan Smith is a worldwide rockstar that has just l [...]

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    Oy, not sure what happened here 0 This is not a fave Sawyer read for me, which sucks, being a Sawyer fan and all But other Sawyer fans, don t fret, because it looks like it s just me who feels this way.I ll just cut to the chase and say my biggest challenge is the h yikes, I don t even remember her name as I m typing this I couldn t connect with her Her insecurities just bugged me and she s the opposite of the h s I can usually appreciate i guess she was too mousy for me, and I just couldn t fin [...]

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    3 1 2 StarsReview by Trinette DungeeEvan Smith is living the dream of being a rock star, but along with the dream comes all kinds of other shit Disgruntle ex band members, dead ex band members, shady best friends, lawsuits you name it, he has to deal with it and to deal with all of this Evan needs a person on his team he can trust Insert Emma Peterson She s a bit of a bookworm, kind of stiff, prim and proper but oh, when she get riled up tal turn on and Evan has decided she d not only be good fo [...]


    1,5 StarsI love Saywer Bennett s hockey series Cold Fury Hockey and book 3 Zack was one of my best reads 2016 Sexy Lies and Rock Roll isdifferent I really want to give this than two stars but this book is not good Not good at all The heroine is an annoying, insecure brat and I had a very hard time finishing this one because of her She s so unlikable and acts like a selfish teenager There s no way for me to understand why the hero jup, I already forgot his name that s the huge impression he made [...]

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    I should write a song about it Being a self proclaimed rockstar romance addict, you can imagine my excitement when one of my favorite authors decided to write one I can t lie, I loved it Yes, it was different from what I m used to Usually there s a full band and each member gets their own book in a series However Sexy Lies and Rock Roll is about a solo artist I m disappointed it s not a series, but I turned the last page with a smile, so I guess I ll forgive her and wait for her next masterpiece [...]


    BOOK REVIEW Sexy Lies and Rock RollBOOK SERIES Stand AloneAUTHOR Sawyer BennettGENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLICATION DATE November 14, 2016CLIFF HANGER No4 Stars This story is for mature audiences only Contains explicit scenes intended for adults 18 SYNOPSIS From New York Times Bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, comes a SEXY new stand alone romance When you re a rock god, fame and fortune are your two best friends, but they can be fickle bed mates It seems everyone wants a piece of me I m being [...]


    Emma Evan, loved these two Evan is a overnight stardom rock star about to embark on his first tour.Emma is new out of school studying law and working at the same law firm as her dad Emma is a person who hates her job and Evans excited career is just taking off Two opposites right there at the very beginning but you know what they say about opposites The story begins with Evan displaying the typical man whore rock star stereotype ways, girl in his bed after a party and he doesn t know her name, a [...]


    Review closer to release day.I am a Sawyer Bennett addict, she is one of my go to authors each and every time She writes stories that keep you entertained and hook you from the first chapter Emma is plain and boring, she s an attorney Her ambition is to read contracts and deal with only contracts in the legal department, she dresses like a matronly older woman She works for a law firm that is not your conservative firm and she is very unhappy there, but she gets her first case and a chance of a [...]

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