Jun 04, 2020
The Man Who Could Be King
Posted by John Ripin Miller

When young Josiah Penn Stockbridge accepts the position as aide de camp to George Washington at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he thinks only of the glory and romance of battle He is unprepared for the reality of America s bloody fight for independence The Continental Army is starving, underpaid, and dangerously close to mutiny, and Washington fights not just toWhen young Josiah Penn Stockbridge accepts the position as aide de camp to George Washington at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he thinks only of the glory and romance of battle He is unprepared for the reality of America s bloody fight for independence The Continental Army is starving, underpaid, and dangerously close to mutiny, and Washington fights not just to defeat the British but to maintain order and morale among his own men.As anonymous letters by officers calling for revolt circulate through camp in Newburgh, New York, Washington must make a choice preserve the young republic by keeping civilian control of the military, or reshape the new government by standing in solidarity with his troops and assuming greater power for himself.During one fateful week in American history, Josiah will watch a conflicted general become a legend and will discover for himself that the greatest struggles of war are those within the hearts and minds of fallible men.

  • Title: The Man Who Could Be King
  • Author: John Ripin Miller
  • ISBN: 9781477820193
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Man Who Could Be King When young Josiah Penn Stockbridge accepts the position as aide de camp to George Washington at the beginning of the Revolutionary War he thinks only of the glory and romance of battle He is unprepar


    I m on a roll since reading John Adams , ebook , I ve started listening to the audiobook Truman , by David McCullough Given that it s 54 hours long I ve yet to make a dent and may at some point switch to the ebook but I m enjoying the audiobook so far early farming background days of Truman so far I ve also started the ebook, Destiny of the Republic A Tale of Madness, Medince, and Murder of a President but then I stumbled across a freebie novel about George Washington June Kindle monthly Free Pi [...]

    Dee Arr

    This is not your run of the mill historical novel While the story is based upon the events of the Revolutionary War, much of the action is a retelling of history through the eyes of Washington s aide, Josiah who is a compilation of all the aides assigned to Washington during the war Thus the book takes on of the feel one might experience when reading Bruce Catton or Thomas Fleming This is history in an entertaining form.Undoubtedly, there might be some who will state that the portrayal of Washi [...]


    2.5 StarsI generally enjoy history, historical fiction, biography, etc but the writing style here just didn t appeal to me Josiah Penn Stockbridge was an aide de camp to George Washington during the Revolutionary War Stockbridge is a composite of Washington s many aides during the war The book opens in 1843 with Stockbridge reflecting back on his days as Washington s aide and in particular events that took place during one week in March, 1783 His great grandchildren are about to study Washington [...]

    Sarah (Presto agitato)

    This novel takes place during the events of the Newburgh Conspiracy, a lesser known event in American history In 1783, during the waning days of the Revolutionary War, before a treaty had been signed but after most fighting was over, a group of American officers plotted what would have amounted to a military coup to convince Congress to pay them A crisis was averted when George Washington intervened with the officers and persuaded them to adopt a moderate approach This story had promise The his [...]

    Lewis Weinstein

    I found this book remarkable and vibrant in some aspects and disappointing in others The central story concerning Washington s response to a potential mutiny against Congress, not him in 1783 after Yorktown was interesting but not well portrayed and in the end not at all dramatic Many other scenes, going back in time to cover major points in Washington s history, were brilliant and moving, although some seemed overlong Overall, it was well worth reading.The relevance of this book, and Washington [...]


    Actually, I m not finished But I ve decided to quit This was a Kindle first book for June and I thought I d give it a try It s just not my cup of tea I like historical fiction, but this reads like a term paper albeit with a fictional narrator Where s the plot Where s the character development Why does Josiah speak like a modern day guy His language clashes from with the texts from the day and it s kind of jarring.I did enjoy the little notes about life in 18th century America There was some goo [...]

    Marietta Slater

    This is Miller s first novel I m giving it 5 stars because of the accuracy of the book While a novel, it still reads in places like a history book I didn t mind that, but others might.Setting is one week in March, 1783 known as the Newburgh Conspiracy Although it is an entire week of Washington s life, Miller sheds light on other events of the Revolutionary War While Washington wanted praise and loyalty from men, he did not want to be king Some were chanting exchanging one George king of England [...]

    Brian Bigelow

    Really good book on an interesting bit of history One of my ancestors was actually part of one of mutinies mentioned later I never knew it until I did some very in depth genealogy research.Yes, things could have gone a different way pretty easily.Great read


    This is primarily well researched history, with the use of a fictional aide to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War to carry the story The climactic event is a threatened mutiny at Newburgh, New York Many highly respected leaders had begged GW to take power and straighten out all the political nonsense of the Congress The author s thesis is that GW had to have been tempted to become King, but resisted the temptation and inspired the troops with his own love of freedom and integ [...]

    Lori Greenlee

    The book sparked my interest It had some dry moments but the point of view it was told was from one of Washington s aids It was a fictional aid It backed up from other research Washington was a man that could have easily been made King but he was also a man that wanted for a simplistic life He was a paradox

    Natalie Shockley

    Good ReadI did not know the story that this book told It is a very easy read I had finished it before I realized it Note, the actually book is only 1 2 of the book The last half is pictures and copies of actual documents that the author used If you enjoy reading history, this book is for you.


    This is a very informative book However, take your time to read it It s a LOT to take in I always thought of Washington as a great President simply because the school textbooks implied so I still believe he was a great President, but I think this book makes him human Through the eyes of his aides, we are able to see Washington as The General and Washington as a man.General Washington tried very hard to get Congress to pay attention to the needs of his troops In my opinion, Congress did not take [...]

    Bob Cooling

    King George Washington This novel, regarding an opportunity for our first elected President, prior to ascending to that high office, had opportunity and righteous justification to name himself king of the United States Thankfully, he declined that opportunity and enabled the new nation of the United States to be free of the tyranny that was the standard for Europe in the late 17th and early 18th centuries A must read for anyone wanting to have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of ou [...]


    Anyone interested in learning about George Washington and about the revolutionary war will find this a very readable yet factually based novel about the General and the war.


    Leaves nothing to the readerThe story is told by Washington s fictional aide, Josiah, who conveniently has access to all GW s correspondence Josiah relates the story as a recollection and uses frequent references to what he will get to later to foreshadow events The two literary techniques are too transparent and get in the way of the story Much effort was made to present the time period in a politically correct manner The presentation is didactic and nothing is left to the reader to decide rega [...]


    An interesting topic, but it reads like a novel that really wanted to be nonfiction Lots of notes included, which makes me wonder why the author did not simply write a nonfiction account of events instead of telling it through the eyes of a fictional tag along.

    Arthur O"dell

    Okay, let me get the big problem out of the way before I describe what this book does well and it does a lot well But the big problem is why I knocked it down to three stars The big problem is this the book is NOT an historical novel It is a narrative history written using the device of a fictional narrator It is a great example of the latter, and a terrible example of the former Apoarently the publishers, the editors, and the author assumed that since a fictional narrator was being used, the bo [...]


    Best book I ve read in ages Was on the fence about reading this book as I m not truly a history buff I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was drawn into the the story and have recommended it to many friends and family.

    Laura Green

    reads like a history book.


    Full of facts, but I found myself tiring of it after a few chapters Still, I gleaned some insights about our first president and his military leadership style.

    Lisa Neal

    Not the best written book I have ever read but an interesting re telling of an important event in the founding of our country and Gen George Washington.


    Not badInformation was direct and the narration at a decent speed I liked that it center around Newburgh but gave information regarding Yorktown and New York


    An interesting testament to our first President I actually learned a few things from this book Enjoyed it enough that I will end up re reading in the future

    Charleen Hird

    As others have mentioned, this book read like a history book written by the narrator it did not read like an historical fiction novel But this was okay I learned about a time in history, complete with motivations and character sketches, that shaped our nation today This novel also painted a picture of George Washington, the man, and why he was so highly regarded.I am so intrigued by Washington s RULES OF CIVILITY that he lived by, and wish our head politicians in Washington, DC would read them [...]


    Inspiring I m a Revolutionary War reenactor in my spare time, and I m usually pretty cautious about historical fiction set in that era However, the author has a solid grasp of the history, and the narrative is absorbing Told as a retrospective from 1843, the tone seems a little too modern in some places, but for the most part this is hard to put down The story itself needs little embellishment, and the author did a good job presenting it.

    Kayla Tornello

    I appreciate that this book was well researched and told a part of George Washington s story that largely goes unheard There are plenty of resources listed in the back of this book if you are interested in George Washington and want to learn about him However, this book just didn t quite grab my attention It s written from the viewpoint of a fictitious aide to General Washington who just wasn t an impressive character I received this book as a giveaway Yay


    I really wanted to like this book being a history buff, and it sound so interesting, a retelling of the events leading up what could have been a military coup d etat with the military and General Washington taking over the government, had Washington been a different kind of man the meeting ended up being General Washington brilliantly dismantling the potential mutiny But this book was SO BORING I could not finish it The pace is almost glacial The author obviously knows his stuff and had done ext [...]


    This was a mixed bag I understood exactly what the author was trying to get across, a historical novel to set the truth, or rather, create a truth, to speak against the varying personas and charactarizations imposed on Washington through the centuries.I wasn t surprised so much by what I read, but it was interesting One significant problem I had was during chapter three, is pretty much a long laundry list of people during the American Revolution, how George Washington felt about them, how they f [...]


    I wasn t sure about this one, but it was on sale and had a picture of Washington and the title just sold me because I certainly don t know much enough about the Revolutionary War I mean, I had this notion that the rebellion started at some point, was wrapped up by 1776, Constitution, Amendments, Democracy, the end right So WRONG This story paints a very small picture of that time Picture this, it s 1780 something, the Revolutionary War is still very much on Rebel soldier only sign up for 6 month [...]


    The Man Who Could Be King by John Miller is a story about a tumultuous week in the life of George Washington as he deals with the crisis of Newburgh, an attempt at mutiny by the Continental Army Miller attempts to draw the reader into the story through the use of a fictional aide, Josiah, who has a front row seat for the trials and tribulations of Washington While the introduction of fictional characters into historical narratives is literary technique not entirely without merit, it doesn t achi [...]

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