Jul 03, 2020
The Trap
Posted by Melanie Raabe

I know you killed my sister.I wrote this novel for you.Twelve years ago, Linda s sister Anna was murdered Her killer was never caught, but Linda saw him Now, all these years on, she s just seen him again On TV.He has since become a well known reporter, and Linda a famous novelist and infamous recluse knows no one will believe her if she accuses him, so she does theI know you killed my sister.I wrote this novel for you.Twelve years ago, Linda s sister Anna was murdered Her killer was never caught, but Linda saw him Now, all these years on, she s just seen him again On TV.He has since become a well known reporter, and Linda a famous novelist and infamous recluse knows no one will believe her if she accuses him, so she does the only thing she can think of she writes a thriller about a woman who is murdered, her killer never caught When the book is published, she agrees to give just one media interview At home To the one person who knows about the case than she does.He knows what happened that night and she wrote a book about it but, when the doorbell rings, neither of them can be sure how the story will end.

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: Melanie Raabe
  • ISBN: 9781478965497
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Audible Audio
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    The Trap I know you killed my sister I wrote this novel for you Twelve years ago Linda s sister Anna was murdered Her killer was never caught but Linda saw him Now all these years on she s just seen him ag

    Chelsea Humphrey

    Find all my reviews on my blog thesuspenseisthrillingmeDate Read 07 01 16Pub Date 07 05 164 STARSIn this twisted debut thriller, a reclusive author sets the perfect trap for her sister s murderer but is he really the killer For 11 years, the bestselling author Linda Conrads has mystified fans by never setting foot outside her home Haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister who she discovered in a pool of blood and the face of the man she saw fleeing the scene, Linda s hermit existence [...]


    THE TRAP is the debut psychological thriller novel by German author, Melanie Raabe, translated from German and set in Munich Linda Conrads pseudonym for Linda Michaelis is a thirty eight year old successful author, who writes a novel every year She is ill, afflicted by nightmares and hasn t left the house in eleven years She lives as a recluse near Munich with her dog, and is only visited by her staff, her assistant Charlotte, the gardener and her publisher, Norbert Twelve years ago, she discove [...]


    I received a copy of The Trap by Melanie Raabe through Giveaways My thanks to Grand Central Publishing and to Melanie Raabe for the opportunity.Is truth stranger than fiction Maybe, but not always.Linda Conrads is a bestselling novelist Her bounty of stories is far different than what typically meets the eye Linda has become a recluse for the past eleven years after the death of her younger sister, Anna Anna was murdered Linda knows who did it.Just like the scaffolding that takes place in the st [...]


    The Trap by Melanie Raabe is a 2017 Grand Central publication The psychological thriller has really seen a boon the past couple of years, with many debut authors finding immediate success writing books that were inevitably marketed for fans of Gone Girl or Girl on the Train But, by the end of 2016 I was ready to move on to other things, not wanting to burn myself out on one of my favorite genres.But, when this book popped up on my radar, I couldn t resist it This book was originally published in [...]


    Linda Conrads is a best selling author that s become quite a recluse for the last eleven years since the unsolved murder of her younger sister Linda was the one to discover her sister s dead body catching a look at the killer s face as he flees the scene No one was ever convicted Since that day, she hasn t left her home once making her only constant source of company her dog Though occasionally visited by the gardener, her assistant Charlotte, and her publisher Norbert.Linda feels safe as a herm [...]


    This is a tense psychological thriller translated from the German and set in Munich Linda Conrads is a reclusive and fragile writer of bestsellers plagued by nightmares Twelve years ago, she discovered the body of her murdered younger sister, Anna, and caught a glimpse of the killer with his grey eyes No one was convicted of the crime and the killer still walks free Upon watching the news one night, she believes that she sees the killer It is the well known journalist, Victor Lenzen, and Linda w [...]


    3.5 Stars I rounded up because I had a hard time putting it down once it got going EDIT 7 24 16 I changed my mind about rounding after some distance, but 3 stars is still a like for me A solid thriller with a REALLY unreliable narrator The central character s internal conflict and descent into madness is the main point of interest A book must be an axe for the frozen sea within us Franz KafkaBestselling author Linda Conrads hasn t left her home for over a decade, since around the time she found [...]


    A sister is both your mirror and your opposite Elizabeth FishelMelanie Raabe, a German author, has penned a heart stopping and extremely mind boggling psychological thriller in her debut book, The Trap in which the author weaves the story of an elder sister who lives her life in isolation after her younger sister s death, who was murdered and she knows about her sister s killer, but back at time, no one believed her story, and so, eleven years later, when she sees the killer s face on TV, she se [...]


    The premise of this book is an original one Linda Conrads is a thirty eight year old famous author, who lives as a recluse under a pseudonym Twelve years ago, her older sister, Anna, was murdered and Linda caught a glimpse of the killer when she discovered her sisters body Now, Linda lives a safe and controlled life She lives with her dog, visited only by staff her assistant Charlotte, the gardener and her publisher, Norbert Then, suddenly, she sees a news reporter on television and believes she [...]


    Linda Conrads was a famous author well known and with many best sellers to her name She was also a recluse Linda hadn t left her home, hadn t stepped outside the door in eleven years The memory of her sister Anna s murder twelve years prior was fresh in her mind as fresh as if it had happened the day before Linda was the one who had found Anna she had also seen Anna s killer lurking in the darkness of the apartment before he d run away Linda knew the killer hadn t been caught when it had happene [...]

    Phils Osophie

    3,5 SterneIch bin sehr zwiegespalten Es ist ein netter, spannender Thriller mehr aber nicht Der Schreibstil war teilweise sehr gut, die Ideen und Handlung interessant, aber am Ende fehlt dann doch das gewisse Etwas, und vor allem der ganz gro e Knall Definitiv solide Unterhaltung, aber teilweise etwas zu simpel Ich werde mir auch Melanie Raabes zweites Buch mal anschauen Aber der ganz gro e Wurf war Die Falle f r mich irgendwie nicht.

    Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    Note 2 4 17 I ve updated this review from 2016 07 05 with a Swedish review of the book SWEDISH REVIEWMelanie Raabe har verkligen lyckats skriva en bok d r jag var inte s ker p om huvudkarakt ren, Linda Conrad, var helt galen, eller om hon hade r tt om att ha sett hennes systrar m rdare p TV n Jag drogs in i historien redan fr n b rjan och boken h lls mitt intresse upp nda fram till slutet Vi f r f lja Linda historia, men ocks kapitel fr n hennes bok om mordet ing r i ber ttelsen Och genom dessa [...]


    Linda Conrad is the author of many successful novels, she is also a recluse Linda s sister Anna was murdered 12 years ago, she has never gotten over this and to make it worse she was the one who found her sisters body, she also saw the killers face 12 years on and Linda is watching TV when she sees the killers face again, who is now a successful journalist As you can imagine Linda is now totally immersed in finding justice for her sister Many people have asked Linda for interviews over the years [...]


    The Trap is the first novel by German author, Melanie Raabe When reclusive author Linda Conrads sees the man who, twelve years ago, murdered her sister, Anna, on a TV news program, she is shocked and stunned Even though Superintendent Julian Schumer promised her he would find the killer, the case was never solved Now Linda can put a name to the face that has haunted her since that August day in 2002 Victor Lenzen.Lenzen is a well known journalist, respected for his reports from Afghanistan, the [...]

    Heena Rathore P.

    I really tried hard to like this book, but it s not for me.My main problem with the book was that there was so much description The exposition literally killed the plot And the story itself felt very unbelievable and the characters were flat to say the least.I liked the starting of the book and the build up, but around 20% I started to feel distracted and bored, and by that time I finished the quarter mark, I was already not interested in knowing what happened next And that was why I read the re [...]

    Merril Anil

    A very twisted tale of Sisters The book has a very melancholic tone to it so don t expect an adrenaline high thriller ride from the book because i did and i had to cope up with the fact that the book is a bit gloomy and takes time to sit well with its readers Those who love dark and silent thrillers, this is your pick but even if it is not the case, the book promises a good experience but you need to show a bit patience for thatThe trap deals with not events or mystery aspect of the story rather [...]


    Ein wahnsinnig toller rasanter Schreibstil, ich freu mich schon sehr auf das n chste Buch der Autorin

    Judy Collins

    A special thank you to Grand Central and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Originally published in German, the English language translation was one of the hottest titles at London Book Fair, where it generated keen film interest from Hollywood producers Interview with the Author Melanie Raabedelivers an intriguing psychological twisty mystery suspense debut, a book within a book THE TRAP, an author obsessed with bringing her sister s murder to justice, and the mystery behind [...]

    Britta Böhler

    Raabe s novel which I read in the German original started off with a very interesting premise After witnessing her sister s murder, female writer spends the next 12 years in seclusion, never leaving her house By chance she sees the killer on tv and decides to get him to confess setting a trap by publishing a crime novel, recounting the murder.But the book was a disappointment the plot was predictable, the characters stayed bland and, worst of all, the writing style was quite bad, full of clich d [...]

    Jan (lost pages)

    Meinung Die Falle, Die Falle, Die Falle angesprochen hast du mich ja schon von Anfang an, aber gez gert habe ich trotzdem Was bist du , habe ich mich gefragt Thriller oder doch eher Krimi Ersteres mag ich ja doch hin und wieder ganz gerne, Letzteres eher selten Also habe ich dich erst einmal warten lassen, bis mich dein Ruf eines Tages doch noch erreichen konnte Dann wollte ich dich sofort und zwei Tage sp ter warst du auch schon verschlungen Melanie Raabe bleibt in ihrem Buch geradezu minimalis [...]

    Abby (Crime by the Book)

    Freakin addictive read I absolutely devoured this book Not the most complex of thrillers, but totally immersive Highly recommend this one if you re looking for a good summertime binge read Full review to come on CBTB


    Worum geht es Die ber hmte Bestsellerautorin Linda Conrads lebt sehr zur ckgezogen Seit elf Jahren hat sie ihr Haus nicht mehr verlassen Als sie im Fernsehen den Mann zu erkennen glaubt, der vor Jahren ihre Schwester umgebracht hat, versucht sie, ihm eine Falle zu stellen K der ist sie selbst via randomhouse ____________________Wie hat es mir gefallen Ich bin nach wie vor fasziniert davon, dass es Melanie Raabe gelungen ist, aus einem normalen Haus am Starnberger See ein ganzes Universum zu scha [...]


    Eleven years ago, best selling author Linda Conrads entered the front door of her home and hasn t gone through it since She s shut herself off from life on the outside, and her home has become her entire world From it she has written a series of acclaimed novels But there s one story she hasn t written yet that of the murder of her sister, Anna It s been a nightmare that has had no ending, a nameless killer escaping into the darkness Until now Because Linda Conrads has just seen the murderer rep [...]


    Inhalt Linda Conrads ist 38 Jahre alt Eine Bestsellerautorin, doch kaum einer kennt sie wirklich, kaum einer wei wie sie aussieht Sie ist ein Mysterium, ein Geheimnis, ein fl sterndes Ger cht Seit nunmehr elf Jahren lebt Linda in ihrer eigenen kleinen Welt Ein Haus, das sie nie, unter gar keinen Umst nden verl sst und zu dem sie nur wenigen Eintritt gew hrt Die Autorin lebt von einem Tag in den N chsten, doch t glich qu lt sie der Schmerz Ein Schmerz, der sich tief in ihre Seele gebohrt hat und [...]

    Rachel Hall

    A captivating opening and a startlingly original concept are about as good as this meandering and highly protracted thriller gets, sadly after that then it is a rocky and uneven yawn of a read until the final page I presume the term thriller has been used in the euphemistic sense of the word as The Trap runs the risk of leaving readers twiddling their thumbs awaiting a development Whilst this is a debut novel, two fundamental issues hamper the direction of the novel from the off namely that the [...]

    Renita D"Silva

    Wow An amazing thriller with so many shockers I was riveted and scared and did not know what was coming or what to think the best kind of psychological thriller One of my favourites.


    4.5 Sterne f r Spannung pur Genauso muss ein Thriller sein Ungew hnliche Charaktere, viele berraschungen, kuriose Handlung wenn das Gedankenkarusell der Protagonisten sich noch einen Tick weniger oft gedreht h tte, dann w rs ein Highlight gewesen D


    Que dire de ce roman J ai aim les premi res pages puis je me suis ennuy e durant le reste de la premi re moiti du livre Heureusement, la seconde moiti tait mieux.J ai aim la structure du livre consistant int grer un roman dans un roman, et la compl mentarit des deux, mais j ai t agac e par le fait que, dans certains chapitres, l auteure nous raconte des choses comme si elles s taient r ellement pass es ainsi puis nous dire la fin a aurait pu se passer comme a S il elle ne l avait fait qu une foi [...]


    Zu schreiben, dass die Bestsellerautorin Linda Conrads zur ckgezogen lebt, w re untertrieben Denn seit vor 11 Jahren ihre Schwester ermordet wurde, hat sie ihr Haus nicht mehr verlassen Linda schreibt Liebesromane und hat sich ihr Leben in ihrem netten Gef ngnis mit ihrem Hund und einer Haushaltshilfe so nett wie m glich eingerichtet Bis sie dann eines Tages im Fernsehen den Mann sieht, der ihre Schwester ermordet hat Denn in der Tatnacht hatte sie den M rder direkt nach dem Mord in der Wohnung [...]

    Laurie • The Baking Bookworm

    Going into a new book I always read the description so I have a good idea of how things are going to pan out With The Trap I was expecting a standard whodunnit but Raabe, a new German author, switched things up and gave me a very character driven and impressive psychological thriller I ended up with a very different kind of experience than I initially expected and I quite enjoyed it.The premise is that author Linda Conrads found her sister s murdered body 12 years ago and even caught a glimpse o [...]

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