Jul 06, 2020
This is Devin Jones
Posted by Kristen Conrad

Beverly Hills Police Detective Devin Jones has a problem no, it s not the dead body that turned up on the lawn of a washed up drunk Hollywood legend, and it s not even that she s been having an affair with the biggest actresses in the world who s now marrying her male co star, it s that Devin has been set up on a blind date to the glamorous Hollywood Screen Awards andBeverly Hills Police Detective Devin Jones has a problem no, it s not the dead body that turned up on the lawn of a washed up drunk Hollywood legend, and it s not even that she s been having an affair with the biggest actresses in the world who s now marrying her male co star, it s that Devin has been set up on a blind date to the glamorous Hollywood Screen Awards and not only is her date a dud, but when Devin comes back from a bathroom break during the show, the theater is eerily empty and a madman has taken 25 of the world s biggest movie and TV stars hostage Suddenly Hollywood s biggest night becomes Hollywood s biggest nightmare Alone and unarmed, Devin Jones has to get them out Or die trying.

  • Title: This is Devin Jones
  • Author: Kristen Conrad
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  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is Devin Jones Beverly Hills Police Detective Devin Jones has a problem no it s not the dead body that turned up on the lawn of a washed up drunk Hollywood legend and it s not even that she s been having an affair


    wow first time reading this author and i was so impressgood writing and editing,lots of action,intense,well developed characters,plot twists and an interesting storyline.commend

    Lexxi Kitty

    Wow, this one had it all Humor, action, thrills, suspense, romance, did I mention humor Oh, and a few scenes of graphic sex here and there.Keeping the lesbian and gay part Devin s best friend is a gay man , this would make one great movie Removing that part and this still would make a great film, though it would lose a little something if it did do that, strip that part out the LGBT part.So, this really was a female Die Hard a lesbian Die Hard A cop in a terrorist situation, in a building, with [...]


    Wow, wow, wow Devin Jones is the fucking boss in a Prada dress and high heels Unreal, but very entertaining.


    Impressive Couldn t stop reading and I didn t even know the book was coming to an end until the last few pages The plot is really clever.Wow This is the author s first book, looking forward to her next already.Please make this a series Okay, I ve rooted for the wrong couple although I already know they re not going to end up together but I just can t help it They have so much history, maybe that s why I ve connected with them and they also have scenes together.Everette is selfish and goes by t [...]


    Really good action packed story This is definitely an action story A police kind of narrative Very fast paced There is some romance,unbelievably even some sex It s smart, funny and very well written I read in one sitting because I couldn t bring myself to stop Different from most other books out there Devin is bad ass Loved it


    Oh man did this book drag on or what I really thought I d picked up a real good story up until three quarters the way through and all I was thinking was is there a flipping end to this I found it too far out there that two people would even think about sex during a life and death situation let alone actually have sex and do I even want to get started on the end, oh my life, how do you walk up to a women in the street and just start snogging her face off haha laughable not to mention she didn t e [...]


    Surprisingly Fun Action Packed Read 4.5starsCan I start by saying I love kindle Unlimited Allows me to give books and author s a chance I probably wouldn t That being said, this book was fun to read Suspend reality a bit and just enjoy this rollercoaster ride of Diehard mixed with another movie I can t think of right now Devin Jones is a badass cop who finds herself in a situation with a crazy man and about 25 hostage celebrities Now, not everything is fully answered and the ending is a bit abru [...]

    Lexxi Kitty

    For better or worse most of the humor, not all but most, leaked out of this story when you do a reread Still a fun book, but it s one of those books that are better experienced fresh.


    If an action packed blockbuster movie staring a lesbian character were ever made, this could be the book it was based on This is Devin Jones has all the traits an action movie usually has, the good and the bad.Starting with its premise, a cop that gets accidentally caught in the middle of a hostage situation and needs to take down the big group of kidnappers on her own which makes one automatically reminiscent of Die Hard and save than 30 movie superstars, while the security forces on the outsi [...]

    Leslie J Holbrook

    Great story First time reading this author, story was full of action and suspense Can t wait to read books by this author.

    Margaret L. Hedman

    Enjoyed this book.This was a great book It does push just to the limit of believable But you have a beautiful, smart, resourceful heroine So what else do you need.


    While I liked the premise, it was just not a believable story A model turned cop gets a date to a Hollywood award show, where out of revenge a big attack on the stars is orchistrated.Too many coincidences, too many handy finds, and one sex scene in the middle of the trying to rescue everybody operation, because the ex is really too hard to resist.Well written, and a page turner but overall it s just too But fans of McGyver and the A team, who also like hot lesbians, will love this story.

    Mack Lane

    probably recommended it because I ve read 10 books so far by Skye Knizley I typically avoid books where the viewpoint switches often like in this book Still, something intrigued me about this book Since it was on Kindle Unlimited, I downloaded a copy of Devin Jones and eventually got around to reading it I enjoyed the characters, the writing style and the fast pace of the narrative If you like this book, check out the Shadlowland books by Knizley or her urban fantasy series The Storm Chronicles. [...]

    Simon Wood

    Read this because from the sample I downloaded, while it was obviously gonna be light stuff, it seemed like it had good characters, and believable and often funny clever dialogue.Once things get going though its lightness truly shines through The plot and action are both paper thin, with our lead doing things like happening to stumble onto the bad guys secret escape hatch, and descriptions of action like Devin skillfully shot the man twiceh


    Oh man, this is such a great story The thrilling, actions, humors, and romance I was eeally hooked and couldnt stop until it finished view spoiler though i wish Devin would ended up with Everatt Idk maybe because she has action in the story that the walking dog girl Caitlyn is still good though Hmmm hide spoiler still i really enjoyed this book Thank you very much for a great storyz


    Loved it This novel was so entertaining that I just couldn t stop reading I loved everything about it, although, I would ve liked to know what happened to good ol Lori, and what was Bennet s plan in the end I was expecting him to try and ruin Devin s exit.Is there a sequel Because that would be amazing


    Great actionEverything I wanted in a book Wonderful story Lovely characters This was a feel good book Devin Jones needs her own series.

    Kym Richardson

    This was a great read I liked Devin from the get go and was on the edge of my seat has i read about her saving the day Through the entire book I was rooting for a reunion with Everett and Devin and was disappointed with their ending Saying that I would love to read a sequel to this book.


    Review orginally published to the LesbraryOh, hey Were you looking for a book about a lesbian badass MacGuyver ing herself out of tight situations while taking out the bad guys and saving the world Then you should read This is Devin Jones by Kristen Conrad.Former model and actress turned Beverly Hills Police Detective Devin Jones is on the blind date from hell Hoping to escape the emotional aftermath of a newly ended relationship, she agrees to a date to the Hollywood Screen Awards While the dat [...]


    This is Devin Jones Kristen ConradThis was a story that was appropriately named What I mean there was no lesbian this or that in the title Anyone, of any sexual preference, can enjoy this A little sexy, yes But it was minimal and could easily be skipped if that doesn t do it for you There is pretty much something for everyone in here However, if f f action bothers you to the extreme you, I d skip this book For me it was BONUS The thing is Devin Jones really is likable The character was written t [...]


    I m really on the fence with this one, so have no choice but to give This Is Devin Jones 2 stars.I decided to read This Is Devin Jones based purely on the blurb and I must admit, I was a little disappointed I read this to be quite tongue in cheek, not too serious and reminded me of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich because of this.The title was simple and fit with the main theme of Hollywood celebrity culture as you could imagine This is Devin Jones being announced over a tannoy Also [...]

    D Rasmussen

    Wow What an amazing story Fast paced, action packed, tough as nails Detective Devin Jones I can t imaging the author outdoing this story of Hollywood celebrities in a fight for their lives at tha Academy Awards with terrorists, but if she can, Wow, we coukd certainty use stories of Devin Jones

    Cara Lia-Beech

    GrippingSensational writing, you re drawn in from the first paragraph and can t put the book down Brilliant writing, if not a series already it should be, would love to see whAt happens with Devin next.

    Mariah Lebron

    For my taste it was ok It had action and had suspense but just not as suspenseful and thrilling as I thought But I m different so you guys read and judge it for yourself.

    Sascha Broich

    Die Hard female version from someone with a Hollywood grudge.


    Great, fast paced storyOne of the better books I ve read in a while Really fast paced and well written dialogue I had a hard time putting it down.

    Cath Hampson

    Very good So good couldn t put it down is this the start of a series I do hope so can t wait to read another

    Heather Henkel

    Great bookThis was a really fun book to read I liked all the complexities and characters I highly recommend this book.


    This book was everything I love about reading It had a cop, lots of action and lesbians Great read


    Trashtacular but entertaining Really needed an editor.

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