Jun 04, 2020
Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker
Posted by George Lucas

Luke Skywalker challenged the stormtroopers of a distant galaxy on a daring mission where a force of life became the power of death Luke Skywalker was a twenty year old who lived and worked on his uncle s farm on the remote planet of Tatooine and he was bored beyond belief He yearned for adventures out among the stars adventures that would take him beyond the fartLuke Skywalker challenged the stormtroopers of a distant galaxy on a daring mission where a force of life became the power of death Luke Skywalker was a twenty year old who lived and worked on his uncle s farm on the remote planet of Tatooine and he was bored beyond belief He yearned for adventures out among the stars adventures that would take him beyond the farthest galaxies to distant and alien worlds.But Luke got than he bargained for when he intercepted a cryptic message from a beautiful princess held captive by a dark and powerful warlord Luke didn t know who she was, but he knew he had to save her and soon, because time was running out.Armed only with courage and with the light saber that had been his father s, Luke was catapulted into the middle of the most savage space war ever and he was headed straight for a desperate encounter on the enemy battle station known as the Death Star

  • Title: Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker
  • Author: George Lucas
  • ISBN: 9780345260611
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Star Wars From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker Star Wars List of Star Wars films Where Does the Star Wars Galaxy Go From Here WIRED Fans were divided on Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Courtesy of Lucasfilm Dave Rubin, host of the talk show The Rubin Report, is a lifelong science fiction fan whose favorite films include Star Wars movie viewing order the definitive chronology Star Wars Backgrounds for Video Calls Meetings Apr , Choose from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back s Hoth wampa free, thankfully , the ruins of the Death Star, and many, many Whether you dress as a Star Wars character is

    Star Wars From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker challenged the stormtroopers of a distant galaxy on a daring mission where a force of life became the power of death Luke Skywalker was a twenty year old who lived and worked on his unc


    RISING UNEMPLOYMENT The DARK SIDE of the Rebel Victory at Yavin The following is just one story of the economic devastation that resulted from the brutal and senseless attack by the so called rebels called domestic terrorists by many on the newly completed pork barrel government works project known as the Imperial Death Starere are many, many To Major Bigga AsshatianChief of Coruscant Internal Security From Chips O TooleDirector FISEPRA Former Imperial Stormtrooper Employment Placement and Relo [...]


    A winter viewing marathon beginsDescription The Imperial Forces, under orders from cruel Darth Vader, hold Princess Leia hostage in their efforts to quell the rebellion against the Galactic Empire Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, work together with the companionable droid duo R2 D2 and C 3PO to rescue the beautiful princess, help the Rebel Alliance and restore freedom and justice to the Galaxy Written by Jwelch5742Jeepers, that was grrrreat Does anyone else remember [...]


    I didn t really like the way it was written, but it was a fun read Yay Star Wars

    Jonathan Maas

    Became a project of mine to read the Star Wars books and this was a great start Loved it, and it really made me see Star Wars from a new perspective Great and honest intro by George Lucas about how he approached the ghostwriter Alan Dean Foster, and it is great to see both of their talents on the page.Reading the next two currently Love them as well, but man Alan Dean Foster really started things off right

    Michael Finocchiaro

    I read this just after the movie came out when I was 7 or 8 years old I remember loving it but preferring the wonders of the silver screen I curiously never went back to read it again Perhaps I will someday

    Mark Oppenlander

    It has been a long while since I revisited this, the very first Star Wars novelization Having recently read one of the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels, a couple of things caught my attention, partially in contrast to the Zahn work It s remarkable how the use of high quality language can make such a difference in my perception of a story This book introduced me to words such as lambent and actinic when I was only seven or eight years old I happily devoured these new words because I wanted to know w [...]


    For the record, I read a yellowing 1977 edition complete with 16 pages of full color photos from this spectacular space fantasy motion picture Ah, the nostalgiaSuch a fun read


    While this is a fun novelization of the blockbuster film, purists may have some issues with it Some of the iconic lines Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi you re my only hope are changed, whereas others are added, such as Obi Wan talking about a duck, to which Luke replies, What s a duck Still, fans of space opera will enjoy it, as long as they re not expecting an exact transcript of the movie.


    Actual rating 3.5 stars.I grew up with having four older brothers As a child I remember them watching Star Wars with Mom, but I don t remember the scenes from the films in particular I just remember loving Yoda view spoiler Really, though, who doesn t hide spoiler Fast forward to now, in a galaxy far, far awayStar Wars is one of the most talked about science fiction film franchises in the United States and probably in the rest of Western civilization the space action, the lightsabers, the wonder [...]


    Ar galima vertinti ma iau nei maksimumu Kai u augi su vaig d i kar magija, geriau tik perskaityti j , sijausti kitu kampu, ne tik i r ti k jau ka kas perskait ir suk r film Skaitai ir tiesiog pasineri knyg , viskas taip paprasta, o kartu ir ne, jog ne tik tinai traukia, paperka, vilioja vaig d i kar pasaulis, jog norisi tapti dalimi Sklend iant puslapiais v l ir v l prisimeni, kod l nor jai tampti D edajumi, o gal L ja, ar vis d lto Hanu Solo, galb t net Vukiui ar R2D2 Nepaprastai kosmi kai diev [...]

    Shoma Patnaik

    This is going to be a spectacularly biased review Also, I m listening to the Imperial March while writing this I should do this every time The reason why I am giving this book five whole stars is because it let me have my childhood back, if only for the duration of 200 odd pages Plus, I m criminally low brow So I m writing this review partly out of sentiment and partly out of dedication to my decision to review every book I read this year.So, again, how can I NOT like this book It s Luke And Han [...]


    It s May 4th In honor of Star Wars Day a long time ago December of 1976 , in a galaxy far, far away Bluefield, Virginia I was home from college for winter break and spotted this weird little paperback on the spin rack of the corner drug store I believe it was Goodykoontz Pharmacy, but I m not certain It looked like a nifty little space opera I was familiar with George Lucas from THX 1138 and American Graffitti, though I didn t know him as a novelist I picked it up and enjoyed reading it between [...]

    Laurel Rockefeller

    Back before there were VCRS let alone DVDs , this was one of my favorite books Yes, I know, this dates me I first read this book just as the lights were fading from the original theatrical release of Return of the Jedi in 1983 I never lost my love of the book.As much as people love the films, the books are better and go into much detail.So I continue to revisit my old favorited refuse to call it A New Hope They added that later, after Empire came out To those of us old enough to remember seeing [...]

    Mary JL

    Usually novelizations of movies are not as good as the movies themselves This is certainly true here The Star Wars movie is fantastic but it loses a lot when transferred to print.

    Christopher Rush

    As with the comics adaptation, the novelization by George Alan Dean Foster Lucas differs in quite a few ways from the essentially official version of the story, the movie and again, I refer to the original theatrical release, not the modified not so special editions released in multiple forms in the last 15 years Perhaps the notable differences are the nature of the political system and the ending, though the discrepancies in the political nature of the Empire especially in Darth Vader himself [...]


    This book is based on a movie that has been around for years and has become one of the biggest franchises of our time, and has changed the whole ways of Sci Fi movies Star Wars A New Hope is the movie that started it all The Rebel Alliance has stolen plans to the Death Star, a deadly space station built by the evil Galactic Empire, with enough power to destroy an entire planet Darth Vader has captured Princess Leia, demanding the location of the hidden Rebel Base but not before the Princess inst [...]

    Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*

    We re a couple of shooting stars, and we ll never be stopped Someday you re going to have to learn to separate what seems to be important from what really is important What is there to say about this beloved story that hasn t already been said This story and these characters are timeless Been feeling the Star Wars love lately, so I decided to re read some of the books THere is nothing quite like the moment when you first read about Darth Vader prowling the rebel ship, or when Luke rescues Leia f [...]

    John Yelverton

    A fantastic book from a fantastic movie.

    Matthew Kanoc

    On November 12, 1976, the unsuspecting world was introduced to Star Wars It didn t come in a grand movie, but in the form of a paperback novel published by Ballantine Books, claiming to be written by a man named George Lucas This book was called Star Wars From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker This novel was actually ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster and based on the screenplay for what is now known as Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.It is interesting to read this, understanding that the Star Wars [...]

    Tempo de Ler

    N o exclusivamente, mas especialmente, creio que este livro se destina aos f s de Star Wars Com isto quero dizer que, embora tenha sido lan ado alguns meses antes do primeiro filme, com base no gui o original de George Lucas, os filmes t m mais projec o e os livros funcionam como uma esp cie de b nus para os que apreciam a saga.Atribu do a George Lucas, mas na realidade escrito por Dean Foster, as descri es em A Guerra das Estrelas n o fazem e muito dificilmente fariam justi a diversidade e comp [...]

    Jim Swindells

    I figured it would be a good idea to revisit the original trilogy in their novel forms after seeing the newest chapter in the Star Wars saga In A New Hope , the story pretty much flows as the originally released film does There are pieces of the novel that made their way into the 1997 special edition releases, such as the storyline covering the friendship between Luke and Biggs and the encounter between Han Solo and Jabba The Hutt In the novel form, it is never mentioned whether Jabba is the slu [...]


    Someday you re going to have to learn to separate what seems to be important from what really is important Twenty years after the birth of Luke and Leia, the Empire has risen Darth Vader, being in control, is trying to destroy every last piece of the Rebellion When Luke receives a cryptic message from a beautiful princess held captive by the Dark Lord, he knows he has to save her Together with his father s old master Obi Wan Kenobi and a smuggler named Han Solo they get to the Death Star by acci [...]


    If you re reading this review, I assume you have already read the book or seen the movie To begin with, I love the Star Wars series As a kid, I watched all of the movies multiple times However, I had never read the books up until Christmas of 2012 when I received a hardback edition of the Star Wars Trilogy That, my friends, is nerdy bliss When I first read the books, they immediately soared into my top books list The imagery in this book specifically made me feel like I was experiencing a mental [...]


    What a great time I really liked how I was able to slow down and look at each scene and part It made the story meaningful to me When Obi Wan fought Vader it was much moving to me because I had a deeper connection through the book When his voice came to Luke it gave me thrill chills The robots were like two children, C3PO was the big brother who loved his little R2D2 I loved the dialogue and interaction of those little guys It was adorable I feel that word is an enemy of my masculinity, but hel [...]


    This book is best described as Star Wars A New Hope.If you have never seen the movie you have either been living under a ginormous rock, or have consciously avoided the physical embodiment of awesomeness that is Star Wars, in which case you are not going to be reading this book either.Being written by George Lucas himself, this book doesn t offer any new material or further background information It s nothing than a book edition of the movie It is really fun to read but watching the movie is f [...]


    The old yellow edition I had of this with Pages Of Full Color Stills From The Movie ripped in half right down the spine while I was reading it Bummer I don t really know how to rate this It s pretty much just A New Hope, but with the deleted scenes included and some weird details changed What does stand out is how consistently over the top this book is I saw some reviews praising the sophisticated vocabulary Maybe it s just a change in norms between now and 1976, since I don t know much about ol [...]


    4.5 stars This book was great, and so truthful to the movie I loved how there was an adding scene to Luke s story We also get a new relationship between Luke and another character named Biggs There were actual lines from the movie and I could totally picture the scenes from the movie in my head There were a few spots that dragged on, and I wanted to see a little action However, the action scenes that did occur totally made up for it


    Contains all the magic of the film, just as it did when I first read it in the 70s Great from beginning to end.

    Paulo "paper books always" Carvalho

    This was the only book of all six that the book add something to the story IT was really nice to read this novel The interaction between both C3PO and R2 D2 are excellent.

    Octavia Cade

    Look, the movie is better I don t say that often but in this case it just is By an order of magnitude I mean no disrespect to Foster here, as this is a perfectly serviceable adaptation and I enjoyed reading it, but the visuals of A New Hope are so embedded in my mind that any adaptation of the film was always going to struggle This is particularly the case in the final assault on the Death Star, which was truly exciting in the movie and honestly a bit dull in the book, but the rest of the text i [...]

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