Feb 28, 2020
A Line Made by Walking
Posted by Sara Baume

The author of the award winning Spill Simmer Falter Wither returns with a stunning new novel about a young artist s search for meaning and healing in rural Ireland.Struggling to cope with urban life and life in general Frankie, a twenty something artist, retreats to her family s rural house on turbine hill, vacant since her grandmother s death three years earlier It isThe author of the award winning Spill Simmer Falter Wither returns with a stunning new novel about a young artist s search for meaning and healing in rural Ireland.Struggling to cope with urban life and life in general Frankie, a twenty something artist, retreats to her family s rural house on turbine hill, vacant since her grandmother s death three years earlier It is in this space, surrounded by countryside and wild creatures, that she can finally grapple with the chain of events that led her here her shaky mental health, her difficult time in art school and maybe, just maybe, regain her footing in art and life As Frankie picks up photography once , closely examining the natural world around her, she reconsiders seminal works of art and their relevance With prose that makes sure we look and listen, Sara Baume has written an elegant novel that is as much an exploration of wildness, the art world, mental illness, and community as it is a profoundly beautiful and powerful meditation on life.

  • Title: A Line Made by Walking
  • Author: Sara Baume
  • ISBN: 9780544716957
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Line Made by Walking The author of the award winning Spill Simmer Falter Wither returns with a stunning new novel about a young artist s search for meaning and healing in rural Ireland Struggling to cope with urban life a


    Update great deal This is a Kindle special today for 2.99Charles Bukowski once said Being alone never felt right Sometimes it felt good, but it never felt right In A Line Made by Walking , 25 year old Frankie, an artist, spends a lot of time being alone Seeking relief from inner pain she associates with city life in Dublinher art, job, friends, and a general sense of her failed self, she retreats to her deceased grandmother s Bungalow Frankie has lost her sense of self , and purpose She isn t su [...]


    Intensely personal and hauntingly memorable, this is a strong contender for the Goldsmiths Prize and one of the best books I have read so far this year.This is not a plot driven novel it is of an extended meditation and an exploration of the fragile psyche of Frankie, a lonely former art student in her mid twenties suffering an existential crisis that causes her to flee her Dublin bedsit, initially to return to the famine hospital her parents house Frankie persuades her parents to allow her to [...]


    The world is wrong It took me twenty five years to realize and now I don t think I can bear it any .Frankie recites the works of artists, a compulsion that seems to calm her, checking to make sure she remembers an artist, a work that correspond to her thoughts at that moment Cleaning her bedsit, her thoughts take her to Works about Bed, I thought of another one Felix Gonzalez Torres, Untitled,1991 In 1992, the same gigantic image appeared on twenty four different billboards around the city of Ne [...]


    When I read Sara Baume s first novel, Spill Simmer Falter Wither, last year I was mesmerised by it Completely taken in by the beauty of the story and it became one of my favourite books of the year This spring has brought the release of her second novel, A Line Made by Walking And I am yet again utterly mesmerised by its haunting beauty The honesty of the story The lyrical quality of the prose.I am less fearful of being alone than I am of not being able to be aloneIt s a very quiet read and is [...]

    Peter Boyle

    This is a story for anyone who is lost It s for anybody whose dreams of brilliance have been dashed, about coming to terms with being average It s not a self help manual and it offers no easy answers, but it might help someone in a similar situation feel less alone.Things are not going well for poor Frankie A 25 year old art student living in a poky Dublin bedsit, she finds herself lying on the musty carpet, crying her eyes out Abandoning her course and part time gallery job, she is whisked home [...]


    Just finished Sara Baume s incredible A Line Made By Walking A novel that tells of a woman s delayed reaction resistance to adulthood and the time when everything changes after the death of her grandmother, with art, death and nature guiding her way sometimes obviously sometimes subconsciously Quirky Brilliant I am pretty sure will be one of my books of the year.


    It can t be easy to write a 300 page book that almost totally eschews plot in favor of a contemplative and despairing narrator who lives a near solitary life, obsessed with just about every part of it In fact, it would seem like a recipe for disaster.And yet And yet Sara Baume pulls it off, creating a masterwork that focuses on the very essence of life and weaves the reader into the world of her 25 year old artist narrator, Frankie At the same time, she enlightens the reader on some of recent hi [...]

    Canadian Reader

    The world is wrong It took me twenty five years to realize and now I don t think I can bear it any The world is wrong, and I am too small to fix it, too self absorbed In her second novel, Baume explores the plight of twenty five year old Frankie, an art school graduate, who retreats to her grandmother s house in the country to heal after she begins to crack up in the city Before the dangerous psychological descent that spurs her to break her bedsit lease and summon her mother to collect her and [...]

    Paul Fulcher

    My parents did not want me to come here to stay They are, like everybody, fearful of being completely alone and suspicious of people who choose to be They hesitate, like everybody, to understand how it could heal me, as I believe it can I believe I am less fearful of being alone than I am of not being able to be alone UPDATE Now deservedly this novel has been shortlisted for the 2017 Goldsmiths Prize.Tramp Press is a small independent press from Ireland, whose aim is to find, nurture and publish [...]

    Roger Brunyate

    Art TherapyWorks about Birds, again, I test myself Wheatfield with Crows, 1890 Popularly believed to be the last painting Vincent van Gogh completed An angry, churning sky, tall yellow stalks, a grass green and mud brown path cutting through the stalks, tapering into the distance a line made by walking And a murder of crows between the stalks and sky as though they are departing or arriving or have just been disturbed Departing or arriving or just disturbed The first person protagonist of Sara B [...]

    switterbug (Betsey)

    The title of Baume s second elegiac and exquisite novel is also the title of a photograph by photographer Richard Long, where he walked backwards and forwards in a Wiltshire field until the turf caught the sunlight and became visible as a line What does it mean Like Baume s unusual novel, it demonstrates the ideas of impermanence, motion, and relativity Throughout this novel, the protagonist, twenty six year old Frankie a woman , an unsuccessful artist suffering from depression and inability to [...]

    Eric Anderson

    What place does art hold in our day to day lives That s one of the questions at the centre of Sara Baume s second novel Frankie is a twenty five year old woman who has left her rented apartment in Dublin after studying art and working in a gallery Finding it impossible to integrate into a working and social life as her uni friends have and concluding that The world is wrong, and I am too small to fix it, too self absorbed , she retreats to her late grandmother s rural bungalow She endeavours to [...]

    Britta Böhler

    Quiet, yet unsettling account of a young woman struggeling with her depression and with the question what it means to be alive.4.5

    Jaclyn Crupi

    We need to talk about how good this book is I don t know what s going on over there but young Irish writers are blowing my mind.

    Thomas Harte

    Possibly my favourite author at the moment I love the way she describes the Irish countryside, the way she weaves her story around animals and art, or art and sadness as she says at the very end Good literature does not emerge from contentment and there is a dark side to this book and indeed her amazing first book The dark side of Ireland Nevertheless Sara Baume an exciting talent and this is an extraordinary novel.


    4.5, rounded up To my mind, this is the perfect Goldsmiths Prize nominee, since it very much stretches the boundaries of what a novel can be It took me a while to get into it, and it initially drove me crazy that I had to keep rushing to the computer to check out the 76 examples of conceptual and or performance art referenced throughout this is ONE time when I wish I had read the Kindle version, so I could have quickly found such citations If you do decide to take the plunge, I would strongly su [...]


    The film is almost over when Herzog conducts an interview with an ornithologist alongside footage of a colony migrating towards their feeding grounds The camera zooms in on a single penguin that has broken away from the group and set off in the opposite direction, towards the mountains The ornithologist explains how it often happens that there is one member of the colony who becomes deranged How, even if he fetched the misdirected penguin back, reunited it with its fellows and pointed it the rig [...]

    Gumble"s Yard

    Now shortlisted for the Goldsmith Prize Works about Lower, Slower Views I test myself Richard Long A Line Made by Walking , 1967 A short, straight track worn by footsteps back and forth through an expense of glass Long doesn t like to interfere with the landscapes through which he walks, but sometimes builds sculptures from materials supplied by chance Then he leaves them behind to fall apart Pieces which takes up as little space in the world as possible And which do little damage.In this loosel [...]

    Kasa Cotugno

    A year ago, Sara Baume knocked me off my feet with her debut novel, Spill Simmer Falter Wither It was such an original idea so beautifully and unconventionally told In June, I was privileged to see her participation in a panel of Irish writers which also included Colum McCann, so it is no surprise that he expresses his admiration for this, her second novel, equally mesmerizing and original Frankie, an artist working in a Dublin gallery, upon finding herself in the throes of a breakdown, gets per [...]


    I go in the back door to the kitchen Open a cupboard, click Take out a tin of tuna chunks and close the cupboard, thunk Pull the ring on the can, click, again a smaller, sharper click Open the cutlery drawer, jangle, and select a fork, clink Pick an ant off my sleeve and flick it down the sink I breathe I breathe I breathe.And all of this time, I am trembling.A Line Made by Walking is apparently semi autobiographical like the main character, Frankie, author Sara Baume attended art school in Dubl [...]

    Jonathan Pool

    This was my final read of the six Goldsmiths nominated books for 2017 Books that break the literary mould.First person, narrator led, books are often introspective, and strangely maudlin, tales of lives less well lived Sara Baume s is the story of Frankie, a young woman exhibiting classical signs of depression Her mother commentsYou re depressed It s nothing to be ashamed of It s basically a happiness deficiency 108.The stark inevitability of a person s decline into reclusiveness, of morbid thou [...]


    Frankie is a fine art graduate struggling with anxiety and life away from home She feels such a failure that she can t even do mental illness properly It is all because of nothing because there s nothing right with me Because I cannot fucking help it Diagnosed with depression, she refuses medication, retreating instead to her dead grandmother s bungalow in the Irish countryside, which is awaiting sale There she hopes to come to terms with the complexities of adult life and her perceived artistic [...]


    After reading by GR friend Hugh s review of this book, I decided I needed to read it Luckily, for me, it was a Kindle special that day and I was able to get it for 2.99 I had hoped to finish it in October, so as to turn my attention in November to non fiction for as long as I can last , but I did not quite make it, finishing the book this afternoon I understand that the Goldsmiths prize, for which this book is a nominee in 2017, is for experimental fiction I do not know what the official definit [...]

    Mary Lins

    This is a VERY unique novel, in both story and structure, and to get the most out of what Sara Baume is trying to accomplish, you ll need to commit some time and internet researching skills It s worth it.In A Line Made by Walking , by Sara Baume, we meet first person narrator, Frankie Frankie is a 25 year old artist who is, by her own admission, not mentally stable After the death of her beloved grandmother, she returns home to live in her grandmother s old house a rickety bungalow on a hill in [...]

    Jim Elkins

    The interesting potential of formulas inserted in fictionI read this alongside three other young Irish authors in fall 2017 Eimear McBride, Mike McCormack, and the English woman living in Ireland Claire Louise Bennett They re quite different, except that McCormack and McBride are very promisingly reviving the modernist crafted, agrammatical sentence.Baume s book raises different issues Critics didn t like the fact that every couple of pages the narrator inserts a paragraph that begins like this [...]


    This is beautiful, book about the encroaching wilderness Messiness and death lurk at the corners of Frankie s life And they are getting closer The prose is gorgeous, and the characterisation is strong and beautiful Frankie is real, and numb, and desperate for a refuge, but of her own choosing The photographs of dead animals that begin each chapter contribute to the sense of beauty and numbness that permeate the world This book will stay with you, in imagery, but also in feeling.


    4.5 Reading this book reminded me of one of the reasons I read to see myself on the page and to realise that I am not alone Other people have felt exactly the same things I have experienced and have expressed them so beautifully in written form This is not so much a novel but a collage of thoughts, interpretations of strange modern art pieces, and memories There is not much structure here other than the photos of dead animals, one for each chapter, a reminder that for all our trials, death is th [...]


    Jeezzzz I lost my review when I changed editions Oh well I am not going to do it all over again Just will say I usually don t like reading books about characters with mental health problems, especially depression They can be, understandably, depressing This book however didn t do that There are some great reviews on GR and the Guardian theguardian books 201The NY Times didn t like it Full of gorgeous language and beautiful images


    I just could not get into this story Frankie is a young woman with mental or emotional issues She is living in her grandmothers home in Ireland when she leaves Dublin Her grandmother died 3 years ago and and she s been a bit unstable ever since I did like the aspect that Frankie uses her art education to think and name paintings about subjects she thinks about and I did look up some of the paintings she mentions.


    A Line Made by Walking is a very good exploration of nature, mental illness, and art Sara Baume captures all three topics equally well I really loved this novel for much of the book I do think some of its power dwindled in the final third, and that perhaps it s a little long for this kind of book But it redeems itself by having a fitting ending, with a perfect last line that encapsulates the spirit of the novel.Frankie is a twenty something artist who has moved to her deceased grandmother s bung [...]

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