Mar 29, 2020
Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles
Posted by Shari Green

Eleven year old Bailey believes in miracles She has to it will take a miracle to keep her warring parents together This summer they are at a Marriage Counselling camp, leaving Bailey and her little brother Kevin with their estranged grandmother in the island town of Felicity Bay There, an eccentric deposed minister makes a prophecy that a stranger from the sea will chaEleven year old Bailey believes in miracles She has to it will take a miracle to keep her warring parents together This summer they are at a Marriage Counselling camp, leaving Bailey and her little brother Kevin with their estranged grandmother in the island town of Felicity Bay There, an eccentric deposed minister makes a prophecy that a stranger from the sea will change everything When Bailey discovers a mermaid shaped piece of driftwood, she begins to believe that the mermaid is this stranger from the sea Then, when a dolphin becomes stranded on the beach, Bailey forgets her own troubles and rouses the reluctant locals into action Written in light and lyrical free verse, Shari Green s warm and wistful novel brings Bailey face to face with both hard and beautiful truths about growing up and growing into her own ability to shape the world.

  • Title: Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles
  • Author: Shari Green
  • ISBN: 9781772780079
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles Eleven year old Bailey believes in miracles She has to it will take a miracle to keep her warring parents together This summer they are at a Marriage Counselling camp leaving Bailey and her little br


    I received and arc of this book in exchange for an honest review Oh my heart This book.This was a soft spoken treasure of love and loss, finding miracles when miracles seem in short supply, about friendship, and being human, and finding out who you are, and what you are made of I was so touched, I cried which is rare for me in books This book curled up in my lap and sang softly to me I loved it so, and cannot recommend it enough.

    Stefanie Wass

    Written in lovely, lyrical free verse, this book will remind you of the importance of family, belief in something greater than self, and the mysteries that lie in the sea.A lovely novel in verse, perfect for middle grade readers.

    Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm

    How can something so simple, so naive, so innocent put a dent to my heart How can two utterly faultless kids see the world in a whole new light, while I can only see darkness and despair How can miracles come true in the form of a mermaid Or was it really the driftwood mermaid the stranger on the beach This book is tugging at my heartstrings I feel so protective of the main characters, Bailey and Daniel I love Bailey s narration, I see the world in her eyes, I see the driftwood mermaid coming to [...]


    This is a really lovely, poignant MG verse novel So many MGs feature dead parents, when I m not sure how many MG readers relate to that level of loss, and not nearly enough feature parents whose marriage is failing I was really pleased to see that explored so thoughtfully in this book So many MG readers can relate to divorce or separation or parents fighting, and they will find a character they can connect to in this narrator A number of difficult, delicate themes are woven together quite skillf [...]


    Bailey and her little brother Kevin are staying with their grandmother for a month while their parents adding a marriage counseling camp While Bailey is enjoying getting to know her estranged grandmother, she s worried about her parents and unsettled by some of the people in Felicity Bay, who want to run Jasper, a former preacher who was already run out of the church for making prophecies, out of town Bailey actually hopes Jasper s prophecies are real because if a stranger from the sea changes t [...]


    I was given an ARC for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book.I read Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles with my nine year old daughter and she hated when we had to stop for the day The language was not only lyrical but engaging The setting was magical and even my child noted how often the setting crept into the story so well it felt like we were on the beach with the characters The story is heartwarming and charming Dear daughter is asking for Shari Green s next book every [...]

    Amanda Durfee-Spencer

    Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles by Shari Green was a beautiful and moving read I was drawn to this book by the whimsical cover art and I m really glad I judged this book by its cover and requested to read it When I first opened the book and started reading I was a bit apprehensive at first about the free verse style of writing, but only because I had never read a book written in this way After just a couple of pages however I melted into the book and fell in love with Green s story telling.Th [...]


    This is a beautiful story written in easy to understand prose Middle age readers will find it easy to comprehend and older readers will be able to read in between the lines It is the story of a Bailey and her brother who are sent to stay for a month with the grandmother she never really knew Nana Marie lives by the ocean in a sleepy little town Jasper, the town prophet and bicycle cart ice cream vendor makes a prediction that it will come to pass that a stranger from the sea will change everythi [...]

    Amanda Rawson Hill

    This book is everything heartfelt MG is supposed to be lovely, lyrical free verse hard truths, bits of wisdom family I loved it.

    K. Wolf

    Damn.I don t remember the last book that actually made me full on cry Tear up Sure Need some recovery time Oh yeah But I straight up cried because man this just struck an emotional cord with me I smiled and a laughed and I cared so deeply about this book Wow.

    La La

    If I could give this story six stars, I would I don t know if I can gather my thoughts enough right now to even mini review it I have so much love for it LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE It is about friends and family, hope, belief, wishes, LOVE, imperfect adults, ice cream bars, kids who sometimes understand things better from their uncluttered perspectives, LOVE, fractured families, little brothers, big brothers, illness, memories, LOVE, gossip, grudges, pancakes, mementos, LOVE, treehouses, community, [...]


    I won this book through a giveaway Thank you to the author, and to.I am 9 years old and found the reading level a little bit easy, but good I liked the way the book was written, a combination of a poem and a story I liked that Jasper had a bike that was half bike, half ice cream truck I also liked there were root beer candies in the store I also liked that there was a storm every single Tuesday Thank you

    Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    I d actually like to give this 3 1 2 stars This book reminded me of another book I read recently, Kwame Alexander s Booked In both, a young person is faced with the breakup of their family, and is reluctant to face reality In this novel in verse, 11 year old Bailey and her brother Kevin are staying on an island with their Grandmother while their parents are in marriage camp Bailey uses magical thinking to convince herself that everything will be all right She believes that a piece of driftwood o [...]

    Tracie Martin

    I had the deep privilege of receiving an arc of this incredible book A true and deep delight, with the kind of lyricism that leaves a rich, sweet aftertaste you ll savor for months to come Refresh your spirit with Shari Green s moving tale of a love and learning to adapt to change, faith, and the precious hope that miracles will never be in short supply Green s free verse is so flowing and clear, I swear if you hold the book up to your ear, you ll hear the ocean Or your own heartbeat Or both.

    Rosalyn Eves

    This little gem of a middle grade verse novel is like the perfect blanket you just want to wrap yourself up in it I loved the deftness of the relationships Bailey with her new friend Daniel, her grandmother, even the eccentric old ice cream seller who used to be a local preacher The beach setting was so vivid you could almost smell the sea salt I loved the meditation on family and faith, the way belief and magic can sometimes feel like the same thing.

    Heather Truett

    Oh my So beautiful in language and in image It perfectly gets inside the head of a child watching so much fall apart, desperate for magic and miracles The setting was my dream as a kid, and I loved every minute of this book.


    I really enjoyed this story Through the entire thing I was right there with Bailey feeling the highs and lows of her time on the island I could almost smell the sea air I do question the author s choice to write in poetry rather than prose I love poetry, I write it myself, but I didn t feel that having this story told as a series of poems added anything to the narrative If the text were written in paragraph form it would not have changed the story By breaking the lines and having the words appea [...]

    Ms. Yingling

    Novel in verse The cover and description really appealed to me, but the softcover format makes it something that just won t work in my library.


    This is the first time I read a book in verse and I simply loved it Although I no longer read middle grade fiction with my kids they re teens now I will read a middle grade book from time to time if it catches my interest This one did right from the start.With few words and lyrical prose, this richly written tale quickly drew me into 11 year old Bailey s life She and her little brother are spending the summer with a kind grandmother they barely know while her parents go through marriage counsell [...]

    Ben Langhinrichs

    Bailey and her younger brother, Kevin, are staying with their Nana Marie in the small town of Felicity Bay for a month, but it is not quite a vacation Their parents are struggling, and have gone away on a retreat called Marriage Repair Bailey and Kevin barely know Nana Marie, but as they have nowhere else to go, they get to spend a month near the ocean with her Bailey believes in miracles, and hopes for one to make her parents happy again.Meanwhile, Felicity Bay feels like a miracle of its own B [...]

    Wendy MacKnight

    This book, written in free verse, is a glorious portrait painted in words and images Bailey and her younger brother are sent to spend the month with their grandmother at her place in Felicity Bay while their parents work to save their marriage Desperate for things to work out, Bailey begins to search for signs Could Old Jasper, the ice cream man, whose prophesies are making everyone upset, be the signs she s looking for But then nothing seems to be working out the way she wants them toThis is a [...]

    Sandy Brehl

    Unforgettable characters, voices, setting The depth of emotion is authentic and expressed in both entertaining and heartbreaking ways, with a powerful emotional thread that feels to0 delicate to bear the weight of Bailey s worries and whimsy But it carries throughout the story like a lifeline.Divorce has become such an accepted event process among adults that it is all too easy to lose sight go the view from the children in a broken or crumbling family This focuses readers and adults on the very [...]


    I have been meaning to post my review of this book because it is a lovely read I won this book in a giveaway my first time winning Something I didn t realize until I opened the first page is that the book is written in verse I wasn t sure if I would like that at first, but the author s style has a rhythm that I enjoyed It set a nice ambiance for the story The book is a bit whimsical with plenty of reality tossed in The author captured with few words the feelings of love, worry, longing to unders [...]


    Written in prose and very evocative, Root Beer Candy and Other Miracles is a deeply meaningful story Bailey and her younger brother Kevin are staying with Nana Marie, whom they barely know, while their parents are at marriage camp Bailey is very worried about the outcome of this camp and looks for meaning in prophecies and symbols The lovely seaside of Felicity beach is an idyllic place for children yet the underlying tensions between the towns folk adds drama and worry for Bailey The novel is [...]

    Shannon Cooley

    I got to read an ARC of this darling, darling book, and I adored it Adored is the right word here, because it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and made me want to walk on the beach and see miracles in driftwood and love people who are flawed and broken The verse form in this is fantastic, and made for a quick read, but don t underestimate it the amount of emotion and power packed into those few words was super impressive I will definitely be looking for books by this author, and have alr [...]

    Kathryn Zebrowski-Wray

    Shari Green s middle grade novel about an eleven year old girl named Bailey and her brother Kevin who go to visit their grandmother for a month while their parents are at a marriage counseling camp Their grandmother Nana Marie lives in Felicity Bay, a town by the ocean I fell in love with Jasper, and the free verse in this novel was stunning I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley so that I could provide an unbiased review

    Mireille Messier

    A beautiful and gentle story of family with a very strong sense of place Each page turn is like the sound of a wave, sometimes gentle, sometimes crashing Shari Green sets the stage, makes you fall in love with her characters and ties it all up neatly with an ending that is both satisfying and moving A splendid novel in prose.

    Mary Ann Marlowe

    Adorable free verse novel that totally puts you into the mindset of a young girl, watching the mysteries of adults in a gorgeous beach setting The story was charming, leading to a very heart string pulling ending.

    Michelle Kadarusman

    Bring this beauty along on your summer vacation for middle readers and you ll win hearts The lyrical verse will draw them in immediately and hold them throughout the sweet, poignant and immersive journey You can practically feel the sand between your toes Brilliant.

    Rachel Seigel

    A very sweet story about faith, family and healing The religious overtones might raise a few eyebrows, but overall a really enjoyable and quick read.

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