Oct 01, 2020
The Dragon Scale Lute
Posted by J.C. Kang

Princess Kaiya s voice could charm a dragon.Had she lived when the power of music could still summon typhoons and rout armies, perhaps Cathay s imperial court would see her as than a singing fool With alliances to build and ambitious lords to placate, they care about her marriage prospects than her voice.Only the handsome Prince Hardeep, a foreign martial mysticPrincess Kaiya s voice could charm a dragon.Had she lived when the power of music could still summon typhoons and rout armies, perhaps Cathay s imperial court would see her as than a singing fool With alliances to build and ambitious lords to placate, they care about her marriage prospects than her voice.Only the handsome Prince Hardeep, a foreign martial mystic, recognizes her potential Convinced Kaiya will rediscover the legendary but perilous art of invoking magic through music, he suggests her voice, not her marriage, might better serve the realm.When members of the emperor s elite spy clan Kaiya s childhood friend Tian and his half elf sidekick or maybe he s her sidekick discover mere discontent boiling over into full scale rebellion, Kaiya must choose Obediently wedding the depraved ringleader means giving up her music Confronting him with the growing power of her voice could kill herEASE VOTE FOR DSL ON THESE LISTS list show 1 list show 7 list show 7 list show 1

  • Title: The Dragon Scale Lute
  • Author: J.C. Kang
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    The Dragon Scale Lute Princess Kaiya s voice could charm a dragon Had she lived when the power of music could still summon typhoons and rout armies perhaps Cathay s imperial court would see her as than a singing fool With


    There is beauty in song There is also magic and strength if the right songs are sung by the right voice The realm of Cathay will need that magic to survive, but the art of the Dragon Songs has been left unsung forever, until finally, a voice of unparalleled beauty has been born and she dreams of the past and the lost songs.Kaiya dreams of the magic of music and the powers it can hold If she could unleash the magic, perhaps her heartbreaking existence as the forgettable princess would end forever [...]

    Hannah West

    This book follows the journey of Kiaya, an awkward sixteen year old princess who is trying to find her place in the world Groomed from birth to be everything her culture perceives as the Perfect Princess , Kaiya struggles to meet that ideal Especially when everyone around her is waiting with baited breath for her to blossom into womanhood Then she will be eligible to marry one of the hand picked suitors her father has chosen for her.She is merely a political tool in a land where power means ever [...]

    Hibah Shabkhez

    The Dragon Scale Lute is one of the most engaging novels I have read so far and seems likely to be the first of a great series Kaiya s exploration of music and her budding understanding of her own strength has the potential to become really fascinating It was refreshingly unusual to come across a fantasy in an Asian setting, and the characters especially Jie, Tian and Kai Long with his shocking transformation at the end of the book are genuinely interesting people it should be fun to see how the [...]


    What attracted me to the fantasy Dragon Scale Lute by J.C Kang was the word lute I was drawn to the musical aspect of the novel I was also interested in the fact that the book takes place in an alternate version of China I received a free copy from the author in return for this review Based on the cover you d think this was a romance The female character is carrying a musical instrument, but she looks insipid and is dressed in faded pastels which implies timidity I m delighted to say that the pr [...]

    Bonmedo Tambunan

    I received free copy of this book for an honest review of mine.First, I would like to congratulate JC Kang for the fabulous story It is epic, fast pace, and is narrated is such beautiful way that it grips me from the very start It combine magic with Chinese art and literature, that made it a very interesting read The type of magic that the author bring forth in his story are also the one that I don t find very often in fantasy books Magic through music and calligraphy, and the way the magic is b [...]

    The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears

    Everything about this heady fantasy pushed my happy fangirl buttons It was diverse, with a refreshingly predominately Asian cast There was plenty of political power plays and immersion in Chinese culture There were spies, elves, magic, danger and yesmance Hence lies the BIG problem By all rights and means this should have easily rated the full five stars Unfortunately, the heroine, Princess Kaiya violated one of The Fountain Pen Diva s cardinal rules thou must like the heroine as much as I do th [...]

    Ian Miller

    A fantasy story, written in Chinese style The Chinese culture comes up with somewhat unusual to westerner s eyes approaches, and in this case a major weapon is the ability to sing, which, if done properly, might put the audience to sleep, or might have them running around in a totally disoriented state Another unusual aspect of this book is that while JC Kang is a man, the two major characters are girls, one of which is approaching womanhood It is a little difficult to be sure, but I felt the ch [...]

    Denae Christine

    DNF at 12%I tried several times, but I just didn t care There were stakes that kingdom is at war, these people are spies, the princess can sing but nobody cares , but they didn t feel personal The princess traipses around the palace to different royal archives, hoping her schedule manager doesn t catch up to her before she can find a magical song to sing And she doesn t want to marry the old general guy and finds this visiting prince rather handsome yeah, but what s new.The titles and many many [...]


    received free copy from the author in exchange for honest review3.5 mixed feelings about this one enjoyed it enough to want to continue the series, though.Liked worldbuildingpolitical intriguemusic as magic2 3 leads viewpoint characters were womenDisliked gender essentialism alloscisheteronormativityromance felt really forced cornyfull review to come on my blog

    Bard Constantine

    Songs of Insurrection attracted my attention by it s beautiful cover, and the fact that I ve been looking for fantasy story devoid of Western medieval tropes for a change SOI is a pretty good book I enjoyed the main characters and the mix of action and intrigue The main character is an emperor s daughter named Kaiya, who is an unattractive teen girl That in itself is something of a novelty You just don t come across that too often in novels, especially in main characters She has a remarkable gif [...]

    Alex Gates

    Dragon Scale Lute didn t grab my attention from the start, BUT as the plot and characters developed, it became very engaging JC Kang uses steady, consistent writing to draw readers into his well crafted world.As I read, I was reminded of Star Wars a few times The guards were described as robotic, hulking, and unintelligent, much like Storm Troopers might at first be perceived Prince Hardeep, a foreigner prince, has trained in an ancient fighting style that utilizes magic, and he uses the power o [...]

    Robin Chambers

    J.C Kang has presented us with a beautifully written and intricately detailed account of a fascinating fantasy world with its roots in a culture in some ways very different from our own, and in other ways chillingly similar This is a world with three moons and kinds of magic you may never have come across before The political intrigues and Machiavellian machinations are all too familiar, however, as we get deeper into the struggles either to acquire absolute power or to free oneself from its tyr [...]


    3.5 4 starsI really enjoyed this story the culture and history details incorporated into the narrative were fantastic I love all things culture and history related, so I think the author does a great job immersing the reader into this feudal like era while the story simultaneously unfolds through the perspective of the three main characters Jie half elf spy for the black lotus clan and my favorite of the three , Tian Kaiya childhood friend and black lotus spy , and Kaiya Princess of Hua or Catha [...]

    Ernie Jr.

    As my list indicates, I ve read well than a thousand books and that s not even a complete listjust the ones I could remember when I signed up for I ve had opportunity to read some amazing novels and series by both well known authors and complete noobs to the writing arena as I myself am Few novels or series are able to draw me in and make me hunger for , to ache when the series is over, to feel kinship to characters as if walking with old friends and family.John has done this with the Legends o [...]


    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.I will be honest the first thing which caught my attention was the book cover It s impacting and so colourful that it draws the eye instantly Then the title gave a hint of what the book is about Finally the blurb caught me in its web and reeled me in to read it.It isn t often that I find and read non Western based fantasy novels The double surprises of having an alternate China as the base place and music based magic are what made me pick u [...]

    K. Bird Lincoln

    There is a fine line to draw when writing fantasy in English based on Asian history you can either bombard the reader with historical detail and names and such and risk being pedantic or confusing, or you can give just enough historical detail to the fantasy story that it makes everything ring true and also be slighly educational.In this start to the Dragons Songs Sage, Kang actually manages to walk that line fairly well throughout his epic fantasy esque story about political machinations, assas [...]

    Mary Jones

    The Dragon Scale Lute by JC Kang is fantasy set in an ancient Cathay of dragons and living magic Princess Kaiya struggles with the outward facade of an Imperial Princess she must constantly maintain, versus the living music and the magic that she discovers within her Only a foreign Prince recognises the power of her music and promises to help her fulfil its promise Alongside this, an old childhood friend since banished has become a member of the secretive Moquaan clan, serving as a spy and secur [...]


    This book was pretty good The writing and transitions were phenomenal to me Me, being the culture lover that I am, was really attracted to how the author artfully interwove influences of different Asian cultures within the story The background set up of the story was done nicely It almost made me feel as if it was leaning towards historical fiction than with a little fantasy, than the other way around Kang changed perspectives between three different Characters Princess Kaiya, a gangly girl wit [...]

    Jane Sleight

    As a first book, it is great to have a fresh take on what I felt was a love story bathed in a fantasy world There is opulence in the way the setting is described with much imagery throughout It tells the story of Kaiya, a wayward princess who rebels against the wishes of her father who wants to marry her off for his own imperial gains She meets Prince Hardeep and falls in love and their story of adversity is the main thread of the novel Music features heavily for both the prince and princess and [...]

    Shantal Oliver

    I am a big fan of fantasy novels so i jumped at the chance to readThe Dragon Scale Lute It started off with a great story telling you about princess Kaiya and her impending nuptials and it sounds like a romance at first but, i was pleasantly surprised to find out that she is in fact a heroine ready to do what ever it takes to be independent and do what is right But unfortunately for me by the eighth chapter i found myself getting confused with the characters, and often lost in the plot By the m [...]


    Full review here bibliotropic 2016 08 17 s While the overall combination of political intrigue and magic and a non western setting definitely made this book stand out to me, I think its real weakness is the utter lack of character in Kaiya, who is ostensibly the main character of the whole story The writing was decent, but it wasn t enough to really keep me going through sections in which nothing related to either plot or character building actually happened, and that spoiled what could otherwis [...]


    I had the pleasure of reading the Dragon Scale Lute on Wattpad It s the first in a high fantasy series and terribly good to say the least The multiple points of view keep the narrative upbeat and intriguing My favorite part was the world building, specifically the use of music as a system of magic I encourage anyone who loves diverse epic fantasy to give this book a read You won t be disappointed


    It s middle earth, only with lots of different races and cultures This is an epic fantasy story where the center nation is like Japan, only rife with political intrigue Everyone and everything is out to get everyone else.And there s the dragon scale lute, an instrument capable of great magic in the hands of the right person.


    DNF at 17%This one just wasn t for me I could not get interested in the story.It started off promisingly but seemed disjointed with three different POVs that read very similar to each other.I received a copy of this for free for review.


    Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature Songs of Insurrection is a beautiful Asian inspired fantasy that brings together innovative ideas, a vast amount of culture, and great story telling I was consistently impressed by the worldbuilding and creativity in this start to a new epic fantasy series by J.C Kang.Songs of Insurrection centers on Kaiya, a princess who doesn t particularly want to be a princess Kaiya instead desires her to use her gift of singing to rediscover an ancient magic of [...]

    Linnea Tanner

    Songs of Insurrection A Legends of Tivara Story The Dragon Songs Saga 1 is an epic fantasy with elements of romance and political intrigue The story is told primarily from the points of view of Kaiya, an awkward teenage princess of Cathay Tian, a banished childhood confidante of Kaiya and elite spy and Jie, Tian s half elf partner and spy Princess Kaiya is swept into Imperial political intrigue when she meets and is instantly attracted to the foreign Prince Hardeep He entreats Kaiya to convince [...]

    K. Orion Fray

    Full disclosure I do know the author, but I purchased the book on my own and was not asked to review it in fact, he told me he was afraid for me to read it This is my honest review This is not the first time this book has been on the market First sold as THE DRAGON SCALE LUTE, I know fellow reviewers who have seen the originals, and have hard copies of what it used to be When I approached the author to read and review myself, he urged me to wait until he had the new versions done and uploaded Si [...]

    J.F. Mehentee

    Songs of Insurrection is my kind of fantasy Its setting is Hau China and is filled with the mythology and culture of this region, well rounded characters and great storytelling.The main characters include Kaiya, a young, na ve, clumsy princess of Hau with the nascent ability to control others through music Her love interest, Prince Hardeep of Ankira, is a musician and a trained paladin Ankira needs Hau s help After her father, the Emperor, refuses, Hardeep looks to Kaiya for assistance.My favour [...]

    D.N. Frost

    In a magical world inspired by ancient imperial China, JC Kang presents a heavily male dominant society, leveraging this stark backdrop for a powerful free spirited princess to embark on a clandestine adventure to resurrect the ancient practice of wielding magic through music The romantic subplot is elegantly crafted Kang contrasts the lofty and well clad dangers of court intrigue with the immediacy of espionage agents in the line of duty, and he deftly brings these two worlds to collide in an e [...]

    Samantha Burnell

    A fantasy novel, and while this isn t my usual type of fiction I enjoyed the read It sets a good pace, and the characters are interesting enough to keep you wanting to find out what happens next I found that I wanted to know what would happen to Kaiya and kept on turning the pages The action is also excellent, with plenty of magic and battles and plot twists to keep the reader entertained Kaiya, the Princess with her passion for music sits are the heart of the novel I found this link to music an [...]

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