Jun 05, 2020
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl
Posted by Fannie Flagg

Publisher Chatto WindusDate of Publication 1999Binding hard backEdition Condition Fine Near FineDescription 0701168781

  • Title: Welcome to the World, Baby Girl
  • Author: Fannie Flagg
  • ISBN: 9780701168780
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Welcome to the World Baby Girl Publisher Chatto WindusDate of Publication Binding hard backEdition Condition Fine Near FineDescription


    Fannie Flagg books the one you read when you feel that you are at your lowest point, when you feel that the world cannot get any worse, when you feel so over burdened that you are ready to go to piecesif you can stop for a moment and pick up book, read anything written by Fannie Flagg and I PROMISE you that you will feel betteryou will laugh and you will cryyou will do both at the same timee is by far one of the best fiction humor writers since Damon Runyon walked into Mindy s and asked if they [...]


    For years my mother has been suggesting that I read Fannie Flagg s writing and I just never got around to it Then one day I was watching some old episodes of Match Game on the Game Show Network and I realized there she was Fannie Flagg herself I remembered watching her on that show as a child in the 1970s but I never connected her with the renowned author of today So this is when I decided to pick up the copy of Welcome to the World, Baby Girl that my mom had lent me several years ago And Mom wa [...]

    Linda Rowland

    Sometimes I think I might be too generous with my fives Found myself liking this better and better until I did not want it to end She made me laugh and she made me cry.Again I have to say that the number of stars represent how much I enjoy a book and not what great literature I believe it to be.


    I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this one The whole mysetery of the book turned out to be shallow and really disturbed me I would ve been happier if Dena s mom was actually a Nazi It would ve made the book a lot interesting to find out that she was actually a bad guy Not just a black person And not even someone who once upon a time had one black relative What is the big deal Not enough to warrent all the running around and stuff that made Dena s childhood was so upheaveled a wor [...]

    Ruth Soz

    Another great book by Fannie Flagg My dad actually suggested I read this since he had enjoyed it and one of the main characters is involved in the broadcasting industrybut really, that s only a small part of what it s all about A good read for those who like fiction about small town America set earlier in the 20th century If you enjoy this book, don t miss Fannie Flagg s Standing in the Rainbow, which is set in the same town and gives a lot of background on some of the characters.

    Ron Charles

    Fannie Flagg is the most shamelessly sentimental writer in America She s also the most entertaining.You d have to be a stone to read Welcome to the World, Baby Girl without laughing and crying The clichs in this novel are deep fat fried not particularly nutritious, but entirely delicious.Wandering back and forth through 40 years of history as though it were backyard gossip, Flagg tells the life story of Dena Nordstrom, America s most popular female newscaster.Though she tries hard to forget it, [...]

    Katie Gee

    The novel tells a story of a high flying gorgeous tv interviewer, Dena Nordstrom, and how she struggles to leave behind her cancerous lifestyle job she loves it because its fast pace enables her not focus on her problems mysterious mom disappearing, lack of family, inability of love, etc and to not form real attachments commitments relationships to people Like Nick Carraway in the Great Gatsby, she s caught up in glitter of NY, rich, powerful men, but eventually finds her safe haven back out wes [...]

    Carol Brill

    Baby Girl is Dena Nordstrom, who left her small town roots to become a respected TV star The business is cutthroat and to rise, she learns to blindside the people she interviews, doing whatever it takes to get the story But she never learns to like it, and comes to a point where she just can t bring herself to destroy a good person, just for a story She is haunted by her childhood, when her mother mysteriously left her, and decides it s time to learn what happened I read Fried Green Tomatoes yea [...]


    I don t have much experience with Flagg, but I know she is a rather celebrated writer who captures Southern flavor with a charm that is most effective I ve read a short story or two and know her style to be quietly ironic and wonderfully colorful In this full length work, however, I kept wishing she would keep her day job The novel starts off promising Flagg is in her element, piecing together a patchwork quilt of Southern personalities as inviting as the warmth they exude, painting detailed pic [...]


    This book was a bit disappointing to me considering the title and the homespun appeal of it s author I started it over Christmas break and didn t finish it until Feb break and then I was bound and determined to be done with it I enjoyed the characters in the small town in Missouri, as well as the sorority sister in Alabama even thought they were such stereotypes The main character, Dena Norstrom, I found unspympathetic even though she is not unlikable I found it unrealistic that her psychiatrist [...]


    I joined a bookclub at my place of work in order to force myself to read books outside of my favorite genres I typically find myself with my nose in horror and crime stories published in the 40 s to early 80 s and the usual array of classics from Twain to Kerouac, so joining the club would force me to get my eyeballs focused on something new me at least After reading this book, I realized I m much better suited sitting with a beer and a collection of Richard Matheson s short stories than poking [...]


    This book is so heartwarming, so eye opening, so cozy, so wonderful.I laughed and I cried.Dena Nordstrom is a famous television newscaster in the 1970 s She appears to have it all looks, money, and a great career Yet, something is clearly missing That something is her mother and answers to many questions that have plagued Dena since she was 15 years old.I did not expect the answers to the questions about her mother s past to be what they were that s all I can say without giving the story away Ye [...]


    This was an an enjoyable read At the start of the book the description of Elmwood Springs and Neighbor Dorothy s house immediately made me nostalgic for a romanticized version of small town life, and made me want my own farmhouse with a front porch and swing The story of Dena is fun although I realized I resent like people like her in real life, with looks and personality that draw people to her without any effort her past is sad but the story is neatly tied up with a happy ending My main qualm [...]


    LOVED this book Fannie Flagg has such wonderful stories and tells them so well At first I thought it would be so predictable, but she takes twists and turns and it makes for a delightful light read Baby Girl is what folks in Elmwood Springs, MO call Dena Nordstrom This is a story of Dena s life in the newscast business, and then her learning about her roots It was very interesting and disgusting to imagine the decline and fall of honest news, as the reader will learn the truth about paparazzi ne [...]


    I just realized last week that although I thought I had read everything that Fannie Flagg had written, I somehow had completely missed this one I m so glad that I still had this one to read, as it s a gem How fun it was to be back in Elmwood Springs again with sweet and wise Aunt Elner, along with lovable cousin Norma and her husband Mackie I wish everyone had relatives as kind and welcoming as they are And Dena s old college roommate Sookie is an absolute hoot You never met a loyal friend Or o [...]


    I just re read this for a book group discussion this coming week Fannie Flagg is such a fabulous writer I like to believe she truly captures the heart of Americana and human nature Dena, the main character of the book is on the verge of success as a television celebrity, but for some reason she finds herself undergoing dramatic change As we learn about Dena, we learn she has to hide, but even she does not know why The characters are all quirky, yet likable although Norma Warren is a little ann [...]

    Liesl Johnson

    Yuck I hated everything about this book I made the mistake of taking this as my only reading material on a 12 hour flight to Japan and regretted it I should have known that Fannie Flagg s writing style would not jibe well with me It contains characters that are unappealing and a predictable romantic element Yawn I ve learned my lesson No Fannie Flagg I m marking this as read even though I couldn t force myself to finish it I even skipped to the end because I was marginally curious about the out [...]


    This is my kind of book She wrote Fried Green Tomstoes which caught My eye I love the movie even though I had not read the book This book jumps around frequent way between the past and the present which I happen to like flash back books It is also the kind of ending I like which leaves you happy and adds a little bit of Count of Monte Christo feel to it which I also like I would recommend this book I will be reading of her books


    Just as you should never judge a book by its cover, so you should never make assumptions about an author from their name Fannie Flagg Now that to me does not sound like a serious literary author To me that conjures up someone who is writing fairly lightweight fiction, perhaps a comic writer, someone who perhaps writes romance or gentle tales of simple folk.And up to a point that s exactly what Fannie Flagg does Her books are certainly gentle, her characters are sometimes simple folk, and there i [...]


    Eventually, success comes to mean different things to different people The only constant is that we all want to be happy I loved following Dena s journey to happiness She was such a conflicted, fascinating protagonist, and I was impressed with the many layers to her character I absolutely loved the exposition that described Elmwood Springs and the Neighbor Dorothy show in such detail It was such a great start to the southern charm I have come to love expect from Fannie Flagg All of the character [...]

    Supriya Garg

    A nice to read simple written book with a story which is neither thriller nor romantic but just a story of a girl and her journey to discover her past and future This book will take you emotionally to places and is a good read especially for women who want to lighten up their evenings by a simple yet a glued story I particularly loved the climax, where it seemed like the author completed a circle It ended to where it started from Well written and a happy to read book.


    My favorite book by Fannie Flagg This work of fiction attacks tabloid journalism, the dog eat dog office politics, workaholics, and racism, while introducing us to the small town of Elmwood Springs The characters are great, but also believable, as is the plot and happy ending.

    Kristi Na

    warm, vivid, inspiring book about a self made woman, about cosiness of American south and craziness of a modern corporate life and beautiful healing power of love


    Too sugary sweet for me Characters were mostly stereotypes southern sorority girl, long suffering but amused husband, old school news reporter with integrity.


    3.5 Good book Kind of long, but I like how Fannie Flagg writes so it was ok.


    Fannie Flagg s tragicomic novel defies categorization into a genre unless that genre is Fannie Flagg In brief segments ranging through the mid 20th Century from the 1930s to the 1980s in settings ranging from Rockefeller Center to rural Elmwood, MO, Flagg tells the story of Dena, a girl gifted with extraordinary beauty who is discovered by producers and set on the path to becoming the first female hard hitting network news anchor, only to be haunted by her childhood abandonment and her mother s [...]


    My first Fannie Flagg book and it is fantastic the townspeople are great When you come to understand the importance of Baby Girl Dena Nordstorm to the town, it just makes perfect sense, why they love her so much All her issues are explained, but in a gradual way that keeps the story moving I don t want to give spoilers so I better stop, but I didn t see what was coming at all Ms Flagg has moved to the the top of my TBR pile.


    I found the beginning of this novel slow and somewhat tedious In retrospect, the author was providing a detailed framework of life in a small town in the heart of America, which was key to the story Among Fannie Flagg s novels, I found this one both thought provoking and entertaining The thought provoking aspects had to do with race relations in America in the 1940 s 1950 s There was also an important contrast of city life vs country life in America, historically with implications for today Also [...]


    Io alla gente voglio bene Ogni giorno sui quotidiani e in televisione non si sentiva parlare d altro che di omicidi, scandali, trame oscure, tragedie e brutte cose E ogni giorno dal Pacifico all Atlantico c erano milioni di brave persone contente e soddisfatte che, facendosene pi o meno un baffo dei media, vivevano tranquillamente la loro vita.Non mi aspettavo assolutamente un romanzo cos bello L ho trovato profondo e, soprattutto sul finale, ho pianto come una fontana mi sono anche chiesta che [...]

    Serena.. Sery-ously?

    Un libro che stato delusione e sofferenza in egual misura Finito per orgoglio e forza della disperazione, CHE NOIA Sono un po amareggiata perch a questo punto, dopo il secondo fallimento con la Flagg mi viene da pensare che Pomodori verdi fritti al caff di Whistle Stop che ho amato da morire e mi ha fatto emozionare sia stato un po una meteora e che tutto sommato io e la Flagg non siamo fatte per una relazione duratura In realt i capitoli ambientati a Elmwood Springs mi sono parecchio piaciuti e [...]

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