Oct 01, 2020
Full of Briars
Posted by Seanan McGuire

Meet Quentin Sollys Squire Hockey fan Canadian And Crown Prince to the entire continent of North America, known as the Westlands to the fae, currently ruled by his parents, High King Aethlin and High Queen Maida Not that most people know that, since he s a blind foster squired to a changeling not exactly something that screams hidden royalty But with a new Queen oMeet Quentin Sollys Squire Hockey fan Canadian And Crown Prince to the entire continent of North America, known as the Westlands to the fae, currently ruled by his parents, High King Aethlin and High Queen Maida Not that most people know that, since he s a blind foster squired to a changeling not exactly something that screams hidden royalty But with a new Queen on the throne in the Mists, his parents have finally come to town to see how he s doing and to take him home with them That s going to be a problem, since Quentin doesn t particularly want to leave, and his knight, Sir October Daye, doesn t particularly want to let him go.Set after Chimes at Midnight and before The Winter Long, it s finally time to meet the parents in our first ever story narrated by Quentin himself.

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  • Author: Seanan McGuire
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  • Full of Briars October Daye, . by Seanan McGuire Full of Briars October Daye, . by Seanan McGuire helps you keep track of books you want to read Start by marking Full of Briars October Daye, . as Want to Read Want to Read saving. Full of Briars by Seanan McGuire About Full of Briars New York Times bestselling October Daye series Hugo Award winning author Seanan McGuire Top of my urban paranormal series Full of Briars An October Daye Novelette Aug , The true conflict in Full of Briars is one of oath breaking and parents not ready for their child to grow up Only to find that he has indeed grown Quentin s assessment of what he was like before being fostered and now is quite insightful I ll be hopin that McGuire plans to keep the story going with some action when Quentin becomes king. Full of Briars October Daye Wiki Fandom Full of Briarsis a short story written by Seanan McGuire It takes place on September , , immediately after Chimes at Midnight It is available as an ebook exclusive on Kindle and Overdrive William Shakespeare, As You Like It Author s Summary Plot Date see Timeline Characters . Full of Briars by McGuire, Seanan ebook Full of Briars October Daye series by Seanan McGuire biNew York Times i bestselling October Daye series Hugo Award winning author Seanan McGuire Top of my urban paranormal series list Felicia Day bbrbrMeet Quentin Sollys. Full of Briars October Daye, book . by Seanan McGuire Full of Briars Book . in the October Daye series A Novella by Seanan McGuire Full of Briars Bookshare Full of Briars An October Daye Novelette View larger image By Seanan McGuire Sign Up Now Already a Member Log In You must be logged into Bookshare to access this title Learn about membership options, or view our freely available titles Synopsis Briars definition of briars by The Free Dictionary briar a very prickly woody vine of the eastern United States growing in tangled masses having tough round stems with shiny leathery leaves and small greenish flowers followed by clusters of inedible shiny black berries bullbrier, catbrier, greenbrier, horse brier, horse brier, Smilax rotundifolia, brier. Full of Briars An October Daye Novelette Kindle Single . out of stars Full of Briars Reviewed in Canada on December Verified Purchase I love this series It was nice to get the story of what happens when Quentins parents first meet October and the cast of extremely colourful characters that How to Kill Off Briar Home Guides SF Gate Oct , Sweet briar Rosa rubiginosa is an invasive wild rose that grows in U.S Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones through , and other briars include dewberry Rubus flagellaris , which

    Full of Briars Meet Quentin Sollys Squire Hockey fan Canadian And Crown Prince to the entire continent of North America known as the Westlands to the fae currently ruled by his parents High King Aethlin and High


    Normally I don t write reviews for short stories, but a lot happened although most of it isn t essential to the overarching plot in the series Finally I got to read about when Toby met the high king and queen I felt short changed when it didn t happen at the end of Chimes at Midnight Anyway better late than never This was the first and hopefully the last story from Quentin s POV The glimpse inside his head made me like him less Toby clearly has had a positive influence on him over the years, but [...]


    3.5 starsNote to self Please re read the whole seriesWhat can I say My memory kind of sucks, so I really should have re read the previous book before going into this new short story.But even so, it isn t as if I don t know the characters and their peculiar traits.As such it was funny I must share Mae s sense of humour to see Quentin s fretting about Toby meeting his parents As always, Tybalt s nonchalance to everything no cat and Toby related was a pleasure to read.As for Tybalt s nephew, that k [...]

    Amy (Other Amy)

    9 27 16 Review to come Still thinking it over 5 2 16 comes out of hiding QUENTIN SOLLYS HAS A COVER AND IT IS PERFECT YES This is going to be such an awkward story goes back into hiding 12 30 15 Look what I found today


    Oh how I have missed this fantastic world Reading this amazing novella has reminded me why this series is one of my favorite UF series The characters are as amazing as always, and I loved that we got to see things from Quentin s POV Toby is good at complicating things That s why she s been such a good teacher for me By the time I m High King, I m going to be completely unflappable Toby s squire has grown so much since their paths have crossed, and seeing how much better both of them are because [...]

    Maria Dimitrova

    I ve been waiting for this moment ever since my friends and I figured out who Quentin really is And it was just as hilarious as I expected Though I always thought that it ll be Toby that goes on the offensive if Quentin s parents decide to try and take him away Instead we got to see one possessive cat D And we all know that what a cat want it gets All my favourite side characters aside from the Luidaeg showed up and it was so damn good to be back in their company I missed them so much I can t wa [...]


    Nice little short story novella from Quentin s perspective We get to meet his parents and see how he interacts with them, see his perspective of Tybalt and Toby and their relationship, and we get an opportunity to learn a bit about Quentin as an individual where he s been, how much he s grown since he s been with Toby, and a very good indication of the man he is becoming.


    Fluff piece from Quentin s POV, exactly as magnificently fluffy as I hoped it d be.

    Pippa DaCosta

    Not on UK Oh, Why must you taunt me so


    I didn t like this quite as much as I expected The later books pretty much cover everything that happened here, plus GoodReads calls it 9.3, but really it takes place after book 7, so I was confused about what had and hadn t happened.BUT I was really glad view spoiler this explained why Quinten and Raj aren t haven t dated Politics, basically I WAS wondering hide spoiler


    This was a really cute snapshot of Quentin s perspective as he struggles to remain in service to Toby as her squire You know when you ship something and then the author writes something that sinks your ship in a way that your brain can t find any good way around, and then to make matters worse you also like the other ship too because you re a multishipper and it s ADORABLE, so then you feel BAD for being super bummed out And to double down on that there s a great scene with the characters you DO [...]


    QUENTIN MY HEART FOREVER I thought I caught that subtext in the previous book, but I went NAH, that s wrong I never pick up subtext That s my mistake I WAS RIGHT.


    Quentin is adorable He s well adjusted, an excellent squire, and such a teenager This is a wonderfully sweet story and it s nice to take a break from this usually blood soaked series for a few high stakes conversations I definitely recommend this short story for fans of the series, though people unfamiliar with the characters probably wouldn t get much out of it To you, I recommend the series as a whole.

    Coyora Dokusho

    And then there was squee It was great reading from Quentin s point of view, there were alternating overlapping moments of poignancy and humor and then there was squee.That is all.


    This short story fits into the series timeline between Chimes at Midnight and The Winter Long so please don t read it before that point or you ll end up with spoilers It s the first but hopefully not the last Quentin POV story though and it s definitely well worth reading.If you were disappointed that you didn t get to see Toby meeting Quentin s parents at the end of Chimes of Midnight then this story is for you I really enjoyed getting the chance to see the High King and Queen, especially becau [...]


    Ivy s Review of Full of Briars5 starsNice to have a story from Quentin s POV Also nice to see him interact with his parents Glad to see Toby, Tybalt, and the others again as well.Would recommend to fans of October Daye series Also to fans of fae and shapeshifters.Can t wait to read October Daye books


    I have very mixed feelings about this short story There were things I hated and there were things I loved Unfortunately, there was of the first ones I was looking forward to meeting Quentin s parents and I expected them to be either awesome or terrible They were neither At times, they were nice, at times, I wanted them to go away, but they didn t leave lasting impression on me.Although it was interesting to see other characters from Quentin s POV, I mostly disliked how everyone acted The only o [...]

    Harald Koch

    Please don t let Quentin narrate any I don t like the inside of his head either see other reviews Also, the constant view spoiler whose dick is bigger contest between the Cats and the purebloods, hide spoiler all the way through the story, is annoying and distracting We know move on already.The whole thing just felt like it was rushed to print There is a lot of duplication everywhere.This is analogous to a deleted scene that was deleted for a good reason It doesn t advance the story, and the eve [...]

    Raven Black

    I thought this was an OK book but I much prefer reading Toby s point of view There were times that I wanted to hit Quentin, his mom and dad The relationship between him and Dean came out of nowhere, it would have made sense with Raj Those two are already close And there was the fact I felt that novella was too short Any ways it was still a good read for me.


    You can never get enough of Tobi and the gang.


    4.5 Stars I was so annoyed by Raj s petulant manner in this story Though it was amusing to see Toby and Tybalt through Quentin s eyes Loved the backstory on Dean and Quentin s relationship.


    One word awwwwwwww


    Um this was an interesting read and we got to see how Quentin see s things I really don t feel like doing a full review, but Raj really made me laugh in this.

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    Full of Briars October Daye 9.2 , Seanan McGuire

    Danielle (Danniegurl)

    Very short Read after book 9 which had alluded to Dean and Quentin I m sort of surprised since I didn t know that Quentin was view spoiler interested romantically with men as well as women hide spoiler I find this an interesting plot development what with him being who he is.Anyways this book centers around Quentin s parents coming to town, but they suddenly want to take him home for some reason I like the interactions and getting to know Quentin s way of thinking Apparently back then he didn t [...]

    Terrell Brown

    Not the ship I was hoping for, but still 100% approve.

    Maeggan Grove

    Loved it It s short and sweet Shows another perspective of Toby s life world I really loved it and I honestly would love to read on his point of view


    Good short story nothing ground breaking in the story world of this series, but interesting to see the world from Quentin s point of view and get some intimate knowledge of his parents.

    Erin (PT)

    I d been trying to read the shorts in the order they fell between novels, but I apparently started going through the novels too fast, because I knew I d missed something when I got into Red Rose Chain and it mentioned Quentin and Dean It s hard to say a lot about short stories, but I do tend to read my friends reviews before I write my own and it seemed that two things commonly shook out they didn t like Quentin or not as much when the story is from his own POV, and confusion about whether there [...]


    I really do like Quentin In the main series I think he s great I just didn t so much like him in this short I m hemming and hawing about this because I m not quite sure what my problem is His characterization felt weird to me, sort of unbalanced Inconsistent, maybe Which, sure, could be because he s a seventeen year old kid under some stress But the text didn t back that up for me Half the time it seemed his lines were being delivered by Tobey, which, again, could be him imitating her, but I did [...]

    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Full of Briars isn t the strongest novella, which is a bit unfortunate given how it s the only one that DAW actually sold It s good, and you definitely shouldn t skip it if you re reading this series, but it s not the best of the October Daye novellas, that s for sure Also, FYI, the GR numbering is publication order, but chronologically, this story is what happens immediately after Chimes at Midnight ends.The problem with this one is the first person narration Quentin s narration is bland If thi [...]

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