Feb 29, 2020
Passion for the Game
Posted by Sylvia Day

MATCH POINT Infamous for satisfying his limitless wants and desires, Christopher is a free man again And this time he s on a mission to engage, deceive and seduce the one woman as ruthless as he is when it comes to dangerous games of passion Far from innocent in the ways of men, Maria is one step ahead of Christopher s every move It doesn t mean she isn t enjoyingMATCH POINT Infamous for satisfying his limitless wants and desires, Christopher is a free man again And this time he s on a mission to engage, deceive and seduce the one woman as ruthless as he is when it comes to dangerous games of passion Far from innocent in the ways of men, Maria is one step ahead of Christopher s every move It doesn t mean she isn t enjoying every delicious look, every unbridled kiss, every moment of abandon Neither of them could have imagined the moment when they would meet their match or that they would surrender to each other again and again Praise for Sylvia Day and her novels Bared to You obliterates the competition unique and unforgettable Joyfully Reviewed Day pulls out all the stops, juggling sizzling romance with high suspense and intrigue RT Book Reviews on Passion for the Game Plenty of sexy intrigue and potent chemistry Booklist on Passion for the Game

  • Title: Passion for the Game
  • Author: Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: 9780758217608
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Passion for the Game MATCH POINT Infamous for satisfying his limitless wants and desires Christopher is a free man again And this time he s on a mission to engage deceive and seduce the one woman as ruthless as he is wh

    Blacky *Romance Addict*

    Grrrr I hate writing three star reviews I am too lazy to write a long one because I simply don t have much to say about this.The beginning was great and I loved the constant fighting between them.The sex was pretty hot, especially the first one.But then around the middle I just lost interest and skimmed it to the end So there, I can t give any than three stars to a book which I skimmed half of.Btw I don t know what exactly was the problem for me, maybe it was the writing style, because I ve rea [...]

    Sammy Loves Books

    Hot Damn Sylvia Day.I Need a Cold Shower If all angels of death were as lovely as you, men would line up to die.Maria is the Wintry Widow She is rud to have murdered her first two husbands And both of them were agents of the Crown The law wants her to pay for her crimes but they are lacking evidence Christopher St JohnChristopher St John is an infamous pirate He has been arrested and in order to secure his freedom, he must find evidence against Maria Proving that she was behind the deaths of her [...]


    Oh Good Lord I just have a word to summarize this I m not going to talk about the story which was amazing or characters who are all great BUT I ll tell you, guys, that I was like this and a lot of this BECAUSE CHRISTOPHER PLEASE and at 99% I wasthe epilogueMy favourite part view spoiler Maria set the tip in the Aubusson rug and rested her hand casual y atop the hilt Do you love me Christopher s brow arched Gads How unsporting of you to solicit a declaration of love under duress Her foot tapped i [...]


    This was a 4 1 2 read, when I rounded it down to a four that seemed somehow wrong hence the 5.I really loved the hot romance between Maria and Christopher in my second read by Sylvia Day first one was Ask for It which was equally as hot ,coupled with the plot which involved Christopher and Maria being initially set up to betray each other by third parties it made for a nice read Maria has earned herself the dubious title of The Wintery Widow because of the cold hearted way in which she disposes [...]


    Oh my gosh was this book all kinds of hot, hot, hot,hot, hot And no am not referring to the sex parts, okay those were really awesome too, but the actual plot was so unbelievably fascinating that half way through I already decided this one gets onto my auto to re read list PhotoThe read tells of Christopher he is infamous for satisfying his limitless wants and desires, don t you just love him already Now that he is once again a free man he devotes his time to engage, deceive and seduce the one w [...]


    I thoroughly enjoyed Maria and Christopher s adventures Maria is the type of heroine I really like, sophisticated and smart She was really the star of this story I highly recommend this one.

    Ana Fernandes


    Vanessa Martins

    Como sempre a Sylvia Day n o me desilude Eu j era doida pelo pirata St John, mas neste livro perdi me de as do in cio ao fim.Que homem, meu deus, at me faz suspirar.Quente, sexy, provocador, selvagem, mas acima de tudo ador vel.Lady Winter, que mulher de armas, nunca vi tanta coragem e determina o junta.Nunca desistiu do sonho de encontrar a sua irm Amelia.Agora quero o terceiro desta s rie.Ansiosa por saber a hist ria de Amelia e Colin.Adorei o papel deste dois neste livro.


    De toda la serie este es el libro que m s me ha gustado Ha sido el mejor elaborado en trama, en personajes, en escenas gui o, gui o Amo la novela hist rica rom ntica y me gusta mucho que Sylvia Day mezcle este g nero con espionaje, secretos, intrigas y una protagonista femenina fuerte y decidida, y un apuesto pirata ingenioso, perpicaz y a la vez tierno, compasivo.


    Debating on 4 5 stars The plot and characters were good, but it lacked something.


    karamelasepetiii.Belki daha nce belirtmemi imdir ama Sylvia Day benim en sevdi im yazarlardand r, bir ok ki inin aksine ben Judith le veya Julie Garwood la ya da Julia Quinn le historical okumaya ba lamad m Historical okuma maceram Sylvia Day in Yata mdaki Yabanc kitab ile ba lad O y zden Pegasus un bu kitab karmas n aylarca bekledim Fakat Pegasus a tepkili oldu um i in sahaflara d ene kadar bekleme karar ald m Ge en hafta Akmar da bir kitap da 6 TL gibi c zzi bir miktara kitab m ald m ve okumay [...]


    Sylvia Day can be a hit or miss author, in which sometimes she relies too heavily on sex to get her story across With her latest, she has hit her stride and to date I believe this is her best novel written This story has everything a romance enthusiast would want Of course there are Day s trademark sex scenes but what the hero and heroine have is something intense and passionate, than I have seen in a long time from other authors who try and don t succeed Here, Day does and I applaud her Maria [...]


    Forget about Christian Gray Give me Christopher St John Oh my This book is sizzling Christopher and Maria are both bad characters that you can t help but like Things look pretty dismal in the beginning making you wonder how it can all work out in the end Especially when the plot really thickens towards the middle of the book I will admit that for a short time, when characters and complications were added in to the mix, I was very confused, but, it actually was easy to understand in the exciting [...]


    I enjoyed reading the book but there wasn t really anything wonderful about it I think that Day did an ok job with the romance and the background stories probably better than she did in some of her earlier books I feel like there is too much going on sometimes too many characters she is trying to introduce and shed light on for future books That would be fine but the main characters don t get enough development in my opinion or at least enough for me to think it has the necessary spark I didn t [...]


    Lady Winter is a widow with 2 husbands deaths that are suspicious Her father is holding her baby sister Amelia captive and is using her to blackmail her with, but she and her friend Simon Quinn are trying to find her Christopher St John is a pirate and in prison, but he is released in order to learn Lady Winter s secrets He falls in love with her and doesn t want to see her hang.Lady Winter is also made to do the same thing regarding St John Only she falls in love with him and doesn t want to se [...]


    Maria, Lady Winter, is thought to have killed her husbands Christopher St John is a much wanted pirate The agency turns them against each other in exchange for their necks, but neither is aware Maria is trying to get her sister back Her stepfather is responsible for her husbands deaths, not her But while she secretly looks for her sister, she must give her money to her stepfather and do his bidding For now He wants her to find out about St John and why the agency released him So, the two hook u [...]


    I read this for a challenge, a book from my tbr pile within the first 3 months of joining GR I picked this one because, for some reason, I have read the 1st, 3rd and 4th of the series with mixed reviews but skipped this one the 2nd of a series A tbr book from 2012 checked off and as I believe this will complete the series for me yay, double the satisfaction I really enjoyed this book Christopher and Maria s chemistry was off the charts Their stories drew me in I loved the secondary characters an [...]


    Not as hot as Ask for It or Bad Boys Ahoy I was really interested in reading about Christopher s story And let me tell you, it s not as engaging as the aforementioned books Since it s in the erotica category, the erotic moments are off the charts hot Flaming hot But I felt like Day let me down in the end It didn t leave any favourable impressions with me 2.5 5 stars.

    S.P. Aruna

    Very good read Ms Day captures the period with tailor crafted prose, a must for historical romance but difficult to pull off For readers like me who appreciate that, they won t be disappointed.And the sexual tension between Christopher and Maria is awesomely delicious


    4.50 Stars Historical Romance

    Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]

    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI am so disappointed in Christopher s story It started out quite promising but went downhill after a few chapters I didn t really feel the plot, skipped quite a bit And then, it just had many eww factors awkward situations than I care to read I tried but just couldn t really like or connect with either Maria or Christopher I ll try to point out the problems I had in this book in my review.I wasn t sure when this st [...]


    Cu ntas veces tengo que decirte que no te toques la ropa lo ri Christopher Es un signo de debilidad y te delata, as que alguien podr a explotarlo Lo siento El joven se puso bien las gafas y tosi No hace falta que te disculpes, lim tate a corregirlo Ponte recto, nada de encoger los hombros, y m rame a los ojos de igual a igual El respeto hay que ganarlo, aqu y en todas partes Nadie te respetar nicamente por ser amable y educado De hecho, hay muchos idiotas que han triunfado s lo porque han actuad [...]


    Sylvia Day regency Georgian novels are unapologetically lusty and sparkling They offer a refreshing change from the simpering innocent heroines that dominate the genre, but give me the domineering heroes that I love I read this novel in one sitting, enjoying the simplicity of the story and the development of the characters.Both Marie and Christopher were likable and I enjoyed that their relationship went from lust to love They were both unapologetic about their attraction, and this was refreshin [...]

    Jamie Casey

    Love a good time piece Sylvia doesn t disappoint This was a well written story and very enjoyable to read I fell in love with Lady Winter from the very beginning and kept falling in love as the book went on I loved her spice and sass especially in a time when neither was commonplace Most especially for a woman I love the man that is outside of the suitable suitors I like the underdog How could I not love a pirate At first I wasn t so sure but it wasn t long until we knew they would be together [...]

    Pamela Fernandes

    This is a hot read and very interesting for the first half This is no sport But its a romanced between widowed Maria and Christopher I really forward to St Josh s story in the series He would definitely need a feisty partner Throughout this book Maria kept blowing hot and cold and it dampened some of the romance since she couldn t make up her mind Her step sister is her prime concern and she wants to do everything to protect her The chemistry is sizzling but the book is not as good as the first. [...]


    I actually really enjoyed this book I typically don t read this historical genre type of books I forgot how much I like Sylvia Day s writing The writing in this book was clever and witty 4.5 Stars the plot was sometimes too much and the transitions of going back and forth between all the different characters was a little erratic Still, great story and Maria and Christopher were actually likable.

    Mylaine L

    Admittedly I am not a reader who likes romantic or historical books My poor rating may reflect this taste but I did enjoy other novels by this author and was expecting the same amount of passion and skilled writing I almost quit on this book after the first 80 pages but I remained optimistic that something would happen to capture my attention but I was horribly wrong.


    Hot But with an entertaining and fairly gripping storyline Both characters were strong willed, but flexed to accommodate each other.I knew everything would work out in the end HEAs all around, except for the villains.On to the other installments


    Sooo much better than the first book I liked the slightly unusual love triangle, the main characters, and the dual love story Some decent sex scenes in this one too Best of all, I love me a happy ending

    Debra Lavoie

    I loved it The twists and turns made me afraid to turn the next page while being unable to stop The female character was a match for her pirate in every way Seeing the two square off against each other was a delight.

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