May 27, 2020
Gifted To The Bear
Posted by Amira Rain

THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL, NO CLIFFHANGERS Avery Clarke always assumed she was just a normal girl living in a normal world but she had no idea that she was one of the GIFTED This was a select few people that had been blessed with special supernatural powers and Avery was one of them However, the Gifted are also the HUNTED.FBI agents, government officials and other evil f THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL, NO CLIFFHANGERS Avery Clarke always assumed she was just a normal girl living in a normal world but she had no idea that she was one of the GIFTED This was a select few people that had been blessed with special supernatural powers and Avery was one of them However, the Gifted are also the HUNTED.FBI agents, government officials and other evil forces all want a piece of her gift and they will not stop until they get it So now Avery Clarke has TWO choices Run and hide, or trust in a mysterious shapeshifting WereBear named Jim Duncan who promises that he can keep her safe and help her uncover the truth about just how important her gift really is This is an epic paranormal romance with elements of adventure, mystery, excitement and some thrilling sensual scenes If you are looking for a paranormal romance that has a bit of everything then this is it Scroll up and start reading right away

  • Title: Gifted To The Bear
  • Author: Amira Rain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Gifted To The Bear THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS Avery Clarke always assumed she was just a normal girl living in a normal world but she had no idea that she was one of the GIFTED This was a select few peopl


    DNF the little girl was just too annoying and distracting I gave up Whatever her purpose in the story might be it made the clich I hate the hunk for no logical reason story even worse Today I m not in the mood to read about a childish woman.


    can t listen to the audiobook

    Jasmine Slaton

    Avery was ABOVE and BEYOND annoying as hell I almost didn t finish the book because of her.

    Layla Shabazz

    this is the first book by this Author that I ve read listened to The narrator is extremely bad I think the feeling that I get that I m listening to a young 15yr olds diary has a lot to do with the Narrator Although there is Some steam to the main characters coupling with her love interest, Even that felt wrong with the childish narration That being said, the main Character has very little in redeeming qualities which hurts even I am going to finish it despite the pain it causes my soul The bigg [...]


    Despite some of the reviews on this book, I enjoyed it The chemistry between Avery and Jim is great and Jen adds a sweet and funny twist to the story.

    John Piper

    Great series


    Setting Michigan Genre paranormal Shifter romanceAvery Clark is a whiny, irritating, cowardly bitch Through a supernatural event, she has been gifted with the ability to levitate things She hides the ability because she has no intention of joining the fight to protect the country from the evil group that caused the supernatural event When she inadvertently saves a little boy from getting hit by a car, the government comes for her She can take up her post or go to prison She is unemployed, has no [...]

    Kimberly Walden

    No cliffhanger bear shifter book Kindle unlimited standalone read When an evil man played mind control games on tv, some became shifters, some received powers, and some became pure evil When she is forced to use her leveraging skills, she s taken away and put into a town of bear shifters so she can help fight the evil forces who keep attaching The alpha is the hottest man she has ever seen Why doesn t he have a mate Why can she not stop thinking about him Loved the characters in his book

    Olya Dimitrova

    So dumb heroine As far as the hero was described and behaved i am ok with him But 20 something woman behaving like stubborn child She does not want to do ok with me , but her solving the problem is to run from room or throw the person from room Extremely annoying and dumb book.


    EnjoyableI enjoyed this book It had a really good story just not enough of it Too much attention was paid to details and not enough left to the imagination Other than that it was very good

    Dena Ellis

    AwesomeAbout a gifted female San by government agents to a community where she s to fight against Angels Terrified to fight and meets a bear shifter who she falls in love with and makes Friend s with a younger girl who is immature but a sweetheart

    Lela Daniels

    Unusual but great This a new way of starting the shifter store This book was really good and fun to read You get a book that s different from most Would tell anyone to read it Thank you loved the book

    Julie D

    probably one of the worst narrators i ve tried to listen to for audio i managed to make it about an hour and a half in and then couldn t differentiate between the child and the supposed heroine and had to turn it off.

    Erin Brooks

    LoveAvery is a girl who .Jim is a guy who .When they meet, she s not happy with the choice But then there s really no choice because of her .Will she stay or will she take choice 2 Enjoy

    Tracy Zullo

    Storyline was good But it felt like Avery was telling me the story rather than me living it Avery also seemed shallow almost treating the fights like they were just a game She never seemed worried or nervous about anyone getting hurt except herself.


    Horrible.mply horrible.ybe it s because I am listening to the audiobook and the narrator is the absolute worst I ve ever heard but it is painful to get through this book.


    The relationships are okay but I personally did not really like how shifter s came to be in this imagining of this world.


    Loved it What a crazy story I absolutely loved this one Marbles and Jen sure make quite the team I loved the twist on how shifters came to be.


    It was ok

    Pepsy’s reading station

    An awesome read.


    I loved this book It has everything you want in a book, it has comedy, drama, sex and a good plot to the story I recommend this book to all my friends

    Carol Everson

    Never give upThis was a great storyline Great read gives you a since of being part of something Ups and downs for one of the heroines.


    AwsomeI really enjoyed this story I cried, laughed and cried again but this time happy crying I could not stop reading.

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