Oct 01, 2020
The Devil's Footsteps
Posted by E.E. Richardson

YA Horror It was just a game, a test of bravery the devil s footsteps, thirteen stepping stones and whichever one you stepped on would tell you how you would die Yes, just a game like a skipping rhyme, and nobody ever died from a skipping rhyme But it s not a game to Bryan He knows the truth He s seen the Dark Man, because the Dark Man took his brother five years agYA Horror It was just a game, a test of bravery the devil s footsteps, thirteen stepping stones and whichever one you stepped on would tell you how you would die Yes, just a game like a skipping rhyme, and nobody ever died from a skipping rhyme But it s not a game to Bryan He knows the truth He s seen the Dark Man, because the Dark Man took his brother five years ago He s tried to tell himself again and again that it was his imagination, that the Devil s footsteps are just stones and the Dark Man didn t take Adam when he reached the thirteenth step But what does it matter if people believe in the legend or not Adam s still gone and now it s time Bryan proved how 11 yrs

  • Title: The Devil's Footsteps
  • Author: E.E. Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780370328584
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Devil s Footsteps by E.E Richardson Mar , It Devil s Footsteps The characters were different but they went through the same emotional turmoil and even the monster was similar The fact that no one cared about the missing kids showed up in both books. The Devil s Footsteps Feb , DEVIL S FOOTSTEPS is definitely creepy, twisting a skipping rhyme into something sinister, something than a school yard plaything and something that could potentially call up the devil Like Bloody Mary, you re fearless if you want to try and dispel the myth, however you may just end up disappearing in your effort. Devil s Footprints The Devil s Footsteps by John Frederick Burke The Devil s Footsteps From out of the bog alongside the ancient track to the fenland village of Hexney, a line of deep freshly made footprints runs, trodden into the dry surface of the abandoned droveway Are these footprints, or hoofprints, or what The Devil s Footsteps A Dr Caspian Novel of Horror Jul , The Devil s Footsteps A Dr Caspian Novel of Horror Paperback July , by John Burke Author See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions The Devil s Footsteps by E E Richardson Fantastic Fiction It was just a game, a test of bravery the devil s footsteps, thirteen stepping stones and whichever one you stepped on would tell you how you would die Yes, just a game like a skipping rhyme, and nobody ever died from a skipping rhyme But it s not a game to Bryan He knows the truth.

    The Devil s Footsteps YA Horror It was just a game a test of bravery the devil s footsteps thirteen stepping stones and whichever one you stepped on would tell you how you would die Yes just a game like a skipping rhyme

    Kathy Jackson

    This is a YA book that sounded intriguing I really liked Anna Dressed in Blood so figured I d read another YA book instead of moving on to something deeper This story is about Bryan who feels so guilty over what happened to his brother, Adam, that he can t move on with his life His parents are lost in their own misery so are no longer interested in life or the son that lived through the terror that day.Bryan meets up with a couple of other boys who have also seen the Dark Man and together they t [...]


    I know what y all are thinking also, I realize I say y all a lot in my reviews guys, I m not a hick ok, I may live in Florida but I don t redneckanize like Honey Boo Boo does, I just reach into the over religious southern lady inside me whenever I m writing a review weeks neglecting to write reviews and Bernardo picks this stupid book no one has ever heard of to write one about.Well tough shit for y all GET OVER IT as my geometry teacher yells whenever she reasserts her laziness.This book had li [...]

    Nina (Death, Books, and Tea)

    It s just a game, isn t it Like one of those skipping rhymes, chants for little kids A rhyme that predicts how you ll die But anyway It s just a rhyme But not for Bryan His brother went missing, when playing this game, and Bryan saw the Dark Man who took Adam away Then Bryan finds two boys who lost someone, apparently to The Dark Man Somehow the children of the town are going missing and the Devil s Footsteps chant is somehow tying it all together.An original idea Creepy chants aren t common in [...]


    Bryan was only ten years old when older brother Adam dissapeared The police questioned him for hours afterward, trying to get him to give details on the Dark Man who he said had taken Adam, but Bryan knew even then that the Dark Man was far than a single human man he was the embodiment of all nightmares, and he had stolen away his brother.Now, five years later, Bryan has been reliving the moment when Adam was stolen away in his dreams He is friendless and alone, with parents who have drifted a [...]


    My first impression of this book was that it was surprisingly and conveniently easy to get into I was hooked from the start That s a huge plus for me It s exceedingly easy to become lost in the portrayed world, and take you from reality Also a huge plus for me I appreciated how strongly the boys felt against the Dark Man and their town How passionately they wanted people to stop turning a blind eye to the fact that children are disappearing, and their bravery for doing something about it.The Dev [...]


    I have been wanting to read this book for who knows how many years, and I finally did I was not disappointed This is a horror story but it is not gory, or slashery It is the kind of horror that creeps up on you, like flicking off a light at one end of the hallway and feeling the need to run when you are halfway to the other side, like the moment you consciously realize that you are home alone in a house that is almost always full of people there is a sense of wrongness You don t notice how scare [...]


    Darkness Wolves The Forest Buried secrets Death Impalement on a meat hook Abandoned houses Isolation Seeing loved ones tortured Being chased Threatening strangers Parental abandonment Limbs bursting from the earth to drag you under Clowns Okay, the clown only gets a passing mention, and there were no snakes or spiders But this book still felt a bit like a laundry list of fears, most touched on too briefly to really instill any terror in the reader And the denouement with the steps was pretty pre [...]


    This book definitely captured my attention It was a very quick read with a fairly good adrenaline rush Kind of scary, kind of not, I thought the storyline was very good, and I was pleased with the ending.

    Arybo ✨

    Mi era venuta una fissa cos allucinante con questo libro che, per mesi, sono andata in giro canticchiando la poesia su cui si fonda tutta la trama E credendoci anche S , macabro, lo so.

    Faye Hope

    Book was a quick read I really enjoyed it A good book to read around Halloween It was like reading a scary movie.

    Hollow May

    Was good, not great The story automatically took off on first page, no build up Think of the movie IT because it s basically like thatbut something else sinister than Penny Wise the clown


    This book was great, one of my favourite books I ve ever read


    i really loved the poem But over all it was a good book, i liked it

    Nick Halliwell

    1 I chose this book for a few reasons, one being that I enjoy scary books Another reason is that I needed one IR book, and this book and its cover stood out to me in the library.2 This book is about a boy named Bryan, who loses his brother at a young age His brother s name was Adam, and he suddenly disappeared with the evil Dark Man one day while they were playing in the forest Five years after Adam s disappearance, Bryan meets up with two other boys who have lost people to the Dark Man, and th [...]

    Sugar Free

    C un pedofilo che rapisce e uccide piccole vittime innocenti ma gli adulti del paese, coloro che dovrebbero vegliare sui bambini, fingono di non vedere Chiudono gli occhi e si voltano dall altra parte, lasciando che l Uomo Nero porti le sue prede nel bosco.Bryan, il protagonista, decide di mettere fine a tutto questo e inizia con gli amici un avventura che cambier per sempre le loro vite.Questo libro non un libro per bambini, un romanzo che d i brividi, fa riflettere e mette a nudo la fanciullez [...]

    Giulia Gubellini

    Una lettura veloce in cui si ha per l impressione che l autore sia rimasto troppo in superficie Il lettore viene catapultato fin da subito dentro il contesto spaventoso di Redford, ma per spaventare davvero ci vuole lentezza il senso di inquietudine deve svilupparsi pagina dopo pagina, dettaglio dopo dettaglio In compenso il finale mi piaciuto.


    This books is Stephen King s IT basically completely copied but for children.


    Bryan was 10 when his brother, Adam, just disappeared That was five years ago, and now Bryan is the only one who seems to remember what happened Until he meets two others with their own unsolved mysteries It seems that Adam isn t the first to disappear Someone or something is after the kids in their neighborhood The adults can t hear it, and they can t see it or feel it but the kids can And it all comes back to the skipping rhyme that every child in town knows by heart and the Dark Man who hau [...]


    I liked this book because it was never boring, it was always full of activity.

    Paola Bado

    chi ha paura dell uomo nero Per vincere la paura,bisogna affrontarla Buono


    PaperBackSwap is a wonderful website and it s where I was able to get this book I tend to pile the whole of my Want list onto that website just in case one may pop up It s a good place for horror and I have to say I was pleased with what I read in DEVIL S FOOTSTEPS.Bryan is having a really hard time with life seeing how he still hasn t coped with his older brother s disappearance five years previous His parents aren t helping since they re locked in their own world of melancholia and pay him lit [...]


    Even now reading it so many years after it came out it gives me heebie jeebies I dont know why but the simplicity of the story and the ease in the cause of power is just too close to real life.

    Maia Moore

    Original review posted hereThis is a book I picked up at Astley Book Farm a couple of weeks ago It s one I read many years back borrowed from a friend, I think but I couldn t remember what I thought about ot.When I started the creepy rhyme, a lot of it came flooding back in fire, two in blood, three in storm and four in flood, five in anger, six in hate, seven fear and evil eight,nine in sorrow, ten in pain,eleven death, twelve life again,thirteen steps to the dark man s door,won t be turning ba [...]

    Michelle Dorantes

    It all happened five years ago Bryan has been living the same nightmare for five years Every night is the same he sleeps and dreams He is running in the woods, but he is running away from the Dark Man he doesn t want to get caught by him It s Bryan first day in a high school He hopes it s different than it was in middle school where he doesn t feel like just another shadow As days pass it s a normal routine he would go in the library until the bell rang signaling first period has started But one [...]


    Bryan is a 15 year old teen who s life had changed dramatically and nothing will ever be the same for him and his family At the age of 10 his older brother,Adam ,just disappeared Bryan is the only one who seems to remember what actually happened That is until he meets two others with there own mysteries that haven t been solved Realizing Adam wasn t the first or last to disappear Someone or something is after the children in their neighborhood, some nightmares don t end even when awake, the life [...]


    This book was good, but I think it could have been better It needed suspense,I thought it was really predictable It s about a boy named Bryan Bryan s older brother Adam disappears on the devils footsteps in the woods, right in front of Bryan, and 5 years later Bryan is still convinced that the Dark Man took Adam The dark man is a legend in Bryan s town After one of his classmates sees something strange in the woods the dark man Bryan and his classmate Stephen team up and try to find the dark ma [...]


    Five years ago Bryan s brother, Adam, vanished and nothing has ever been the same.In Bryan s town there is the legend of the Dark Man Though no one ever speaks of it, the Dark Man is there and Bryan knows it He saw the Dark Man that day his brother disappeared and he knows it was the Dark Man that took him.Now it s five years later, Bryan is 15 and kids are still going missing It needs to stop, but how can he stop the Dark Man I was browsing my library and found this Thought it sounded interesti [...]


    Five years ago, Bryan s older brother Adam disappeared Bryan was in the woods with his brother when the disappearance occurred and Byran is convinced his brother was taken and killed by the Dark Man The Dark Man is a legend in Bryan s hometown, but Bryan is convinced he is real and has been taking and murdering the town s children for many years Bryan teams up with his classmates Stephen and Jake, who have both had their own run ins with the Dark Man, to finally figure out who the Dark Man is an [...]


    Que decepci n he tenido mas grande con este libro No es que esperara que fuera el libro de mi vida pero esperaba un poquito de miedo Durante todo el libro solo he visto la misma historia repetida y repetida y repetida La historia era la misma, tenemos que buscar una forma de derrotarlo, vamos a enfrentarnos, nos metemos en l os y casi casi morimos pero al final salimos airosos Ahora eso si con algunos rasgu os Me he encari ado tan poco de los personajes que conforme le a a veces tenia que pensar [...]

    Caitlin Thorpe

    Title Devil s FootstepsAuthor E.E RichardsonLexile Doesn t sayStar Rating 4 5Paragraph 1 I loved the book I loved the book because it is a really interesting story line.Paragraph 2 My favorite part was when Bryan braved the stones and went across and The Dark Man brought him under ground and he told the children who died in the orphanage fire to move on My least favorite part was when Bryan and his two friends Staphen and Jake went to the haunted house on the King s Hill and they saw red liquid [...]

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